The Escort Chronicles Ch. 03

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Ava Addams

He’s coming back in town and she called to hire me for oral and anal. It was a little disappointing when she explained what she wanted. We have fucked twice and I don’t know if I have ever had better…personally or professionally. To be with him and not have his cock inside my pussy is a shame. But we agreed last time that we would respect the rules and boundaries that we set forth from the beginning (after failing at that the very first time we were together). So oral and anal it is.

I’m a little surprised that she implied that she isn’t into those things. Partly because I never understand when women say they aren’t into giving head…and in her case, they seem pretty sexual and experimental. A woman that hires a hooker for her boyfriend, but isn’t into oral? I don’t get that.

Not being into anal…okay, I do understand that. It can be painful, there is serious trust required, and it is incredibly intense. I have a standing rule that I reserve the right to refuse anal. Of course, the very first time John fucked me, he ended up fucking my ass.

Still, the rule is always there, because sometimes I may be in the mood for it, and other times, no. Except this time, apparently. Because I just signed on for anal. So I don’t have the safety net of refusal. I don’t know that I could or would deny John anything he wanted, but it is different not to have the option. I’m nervous…but excited.

I’m wearing the dog collar he bought me. I brought the wrist bands in case he decides that bondage is necessary. As always, sexy black lingerie, my blindfold, and my dark red lipstick. I look hot as fuck, and I’m secretly hoping he decides that’s what he really wants to do.

I will respect boundaries, but if he decides to change…well, he is the paying customer, after all. I’m not sure how he wants me given the plan for the evening, so I decide to lay on my back with my legs spread and lightly finger outside my panties. Maybe that image will be enough to tempt him into different events tonight.

I hear the door open and the signature clink of ice on glass that is his way of letting me know he’s here. I exhale with a sigh and tilt my pussy up just the slightest. I hear an exhale that matches my own, and I know he is watching me. I smile slightly to myself. I want him to want me.

I’m expecting him to slide a finger into my panties or cup my pussy, but instead he shocks me when he grabs my hair and shoves his cock against my mouth. My lips open and I start sucking him reflexively, but I whimper a little between the pulling of my hair and John fucking my mouth. He loosens his grip a little and eases up on the thrusting. I manage to get my legs under me, and I take his cock in my hand, stroking him while I suck him.

He starts moaning “you’re so fucking good” and I relax a little. I really am so fucking good, and now that the initial shock has worn off, I am enjoying his hand forcing my head, and his cock fucking my mouth. I slurp and spit on his cock, the way I know he likes it.

He texts me every so often to tell me what he’s thinking about and I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of how to pleasure him (not that I usually have any problem with that). Right now though, he is firmly in control, and I’m secretly turned on by it. His hand on my head and his hips thrusting into my mouth are setting the pace and atakent escort I choke a little when he starts increasing the speed and depth.

I taste precum on my tongue and moan. I can’t help it. Precum drives me wild. My favorite is to watch it form on a hard cock head and then lick up the glistening clear drops, but with the blindfold on, I’m limited to the taste. I manage to pull my head back enough to be able to lap up the droplets as they bubble from his tip.

I remind him that he can’t cum in my mouth, and then take the head of his cock back in my mouth and he moans again. I can tell he’s going to cum, and I start trying to pull away. He continues to hold me in place and I start to whimper and thrash as best I can in his vice like grip. He tells me he’s going to cum and I make whatever sound I can around his cock. He thrusts hard into my mouth and I choke again, then he pulls out at the last second and shoots cum all over my tits.

He lets go of my hair and I let myself lower to the bed, panting. It was a close call, but he didn’t cum in my mouth, and he clearly had made up his mind in advance that he is in control tonight. My fantasies of being able to tempt him into sex are fading. I am here to service him tonight, and I can tell what he wants is for me to suck his cock and to fuck my ass.

The rules are going to be tested, but to be fair, it was set up that way when they hired me for anal and I agreed. I’m going to have to be on guard and prepared for whatever comes next.

I feel his hands working my bra strap and then the release of the clasp. Before he eases it off me, he uses a towel to wipe off my chest. Before he has me fully cleaned up, however, I feel his tongue slide across my chest, and then into my mouth.

I moan against his mouth at the taste of his cum on my tongue. I should be stopping him, that’s toeing the don’t cum in my mouth line. But it’s hot and he’s kissing me, and I haven’t had his cum in my mouth before. My tongue swirls around his and then I suck on his. While he’s kissing me, I feel his hands take hold of my tits and start playing with them. Double bonus with that move…in addition to the amazing feeling, I also am in the free and clear to kiss him the rest of the night based on our rules.

I’m on my back and he is halfway on top of me, kissing me hard and intensely, and I feel him grinding into me. I know he won’t be ready to go again for a little while, so I take the moment to enjoy the making out. I suck on his tongue and scrape my teeth against it softly, pulling the last taste of his cum into my mouth. It occurs to me in that moment, this is the third time we have been together and this is the closest we have gotten to him cumming in my mouth. All the other rules have been broken.

I share my realization with him. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth? You have been pretty adamant against it.” he replies. I admit that I’m unsure and he tells me that’s why he didn’t force it.

I don’t push the subject further, but it gives me something to think about. An opportunity to pleasure him further in the future… I have the don’t cum in my mouth rule, not because I hate it, but because it is part of the total don’t-cum-inside-me package. I also feel like filling my pussy and/or mouth (and definitely akbatı escort swallowing) is something that should be reserved for a lover, not just a fuck. Perhaps that is why I am willing to break my rules with him…

During my musing, he has moved from on top of me, and fastened my wrists to my collar. I feel him start to spread my legs. Before he places my thighs on his shoulders, he slides my wet panties off me, and his tongue licks the trail that they left on my leg. He pauses before his tongue makes contact with my pussy, sucking and nibbling on the inside of my thigh and I groan, my hands fighting against their bonds to try to touch him. I start bucking at the teasing of the sensitive spot, and he grips my legs tightly.

I start begging and whimpering for him to lick me, and the suddenly he thrusts his tongue inside me. I scream at the penetration and we both moan as I cum all over his tongue. He fucks me with his tongue for awhile, thrusting in and out, but also exploring inside me. His tongue works its way around the inside of my pussy before pulling out and focusing on my clit.

My body tries to buck him off again…it is something that happens when I receive oral…I can’t control it. He holds my legs tight and moves from licking my clit to fastening his lips to it and sucking on it. My whole body reacts, twisting and arching, wrists fighting against the collar, while I scream out another orgasm.

I start begging him to fuck me. “Please John! Please, I need your cock! Please fuck me! I want you so bad!” I can’t believe the words that are coming out of my mouth, so unprofessional, but I have lost my control. I need his cock, I need to touch him, I need to feel him inside me. The oral we have shared has been incredible, but it is building my sexual frustration to soaring heights.

I am a woman that needs to be fucked. I need to feel a cock thrusting hard into my pussy to be satisfied, and this man satisfies me like no one else. I want it…I want him…I need him to thrust his hard cock into my dripping pussy until I cum…over and over again.

He flips me over, and I’m thinking that this is going to be the moment, he’s going to slam his cock into my pussy and start pounding away. I’m a little breathless from the sudden movement and trying to get steady with my wrists still fastened. He slaps my ass, leaving the hot imprint of his hand that has become his signature move to mark me. I moan, the unspoken ownership of that mark and the dog collar destroy me, I would sub for him in a heartbeat if he asked me to.

Then digs his hands into my hips, holding me firmly in place. I grind my ass into the air and spread my legs, presenting to him. Then I scream when his tongue licks my ass. It was totally unexpected, so filthy, and feels so fucking good. Add the sexual frustration from needing his cock and I am helpless. He is spreading my cheeks with his hands and I scream out another orgasm as his tongue works on my asshole.

I press my hips back against his face and beg him again to fuck me. My voice is groaning out the words as I struggle to breathe and the orgasms roll over me one after another. His tongue is replaced by his thumb, and the pressure makes me moan. I fucking love having my ass played with, and simple pressure from aksaray escort a thumb drives me crazy. I try not to tense when he eases it inside me. “Your sweet ass is so tight.” His voice is barely above a whisper and the pressure from his thumb is insistent.

I just murmur back “be gentle with me, Baby.” I’m trying not to panic. The right of refusal is gone, and he is definitely preparing me. He responds by easing his thumb out of me and reaching down to unfasten my wrists. I breathe a little easier for a moment.

Apparently, my words sparked something in him, because next I feel him spread my ass cheeks, spit on my asshole, and then the head of his cock pressing against me. He has one hand firmly on my hip and I presume the other is guiding his cock to its mark. Again, I feel that sense that he is completely in control and had a plan for how this night is going to go. I’m his whore, and he’s going to do with me as he wishes…and I agreed to it in advance! I am totally at his mercy, and I shiver lightly when I feel the pop of the head of his cock penetrate my tight little ass.

“Wait for a moment!” I burst out…again, so unprofessional. I handle myself better than this! His ultimate control of the situation has me off my game.

He pauses and I take a deep breath. I remind myself what every pro knows, the key to anal is to stay relaxed. So I slowly exhale, and on my exhale, I feel him pressing deeper until he is fully inside me. Usually I would ask for another pause here, but I know without a doubt that I’m not in control of this situation, so I focus on keeping my muscles relaxed instead. His other hand moves to my shoulder, pulling my back into an arch. Then he starts sliding in and out.

The first orgasm ripped through me and the insanely primal, animalistic, sound poured out of me as I came so hard. I could hear him groan in response. I shake off his hand and drop my chest to the bed, panting…I barely catch my breath before the next one comes. Not as hard and intense this time, but I hear myself screaming “Yes, oh God yes!” And “I love it when you fuck my ass!” I feel like I’m halfway blacked out because I can hear the words, but I don’t realize I’m saying them.

He starts moving faster, and I start to tense because I can feel his cock getting thicker. Suddenly I’m aware that he isn’t wearing a condom and I wonder if we are going to start breaking more rules. As he gets thicker, I know he is closer to cumming, but it makes the thrusting of his cock hurt a little, and instinctively my body tries to pull away.

He grips my hips so tightly that I wonder if I’m going to have marks there too, and then, despite the pain, when he says “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” I cum hard with him, moaning out an orgasm as he shoots a hot load into my ass. There’s another rule broken. He presses deep in me and I feel his cock pulsing as he finishes inside me. Then I start to pull away and he obliges.

I lay face down on the bed, keeping my ass tipped up slightly while he grabs towels. I slip it between my legs, cushioning my ass a little, and roll against him. He puts an arm around me and we lay there for a minute. When my pulse returns to somewhat normal and I’m able to breathe again, I tell him I should go.

He responds by tilting my head to one side and pressing his lips to my throat, working them up to my ear. “You were so fucking hot tonight. That was fucking amazing.” His hand has worked its way to my breast, and he pinches the nipple lightly while his hot breath is against my ear. I moan softly and then he releases me. I press my cheek to his, pausing for a moment before I get up, dressed, say goodnight and slip out of the room.

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