The Exhibitionist Pt. 04

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Ever since being watched by the construction crew next door (in Spanish Fly), the show for Curt, Mitch’s best friend (The Exhibitionist) Karen loves showing off her body. Her stage performances (The Exhibitionist 2) made her want more men to watch her. Showing off went to work (The Exhibitionist 3) Karen worried about her family finding out until she got there.

Since they were kids they shared a birthday and often a bath, just two years separated them, so often their mother bathed them together. As teenagers their adventurous Father moved them to the wilds of Idaho, in a cabin with no running water they often bathed in the hot spring up the road. Lenny went from hating her for “stealing” his birthday, to protecting her as she grew, to fantasizing about her from time to time. But that was then, so long ago, this is now and before has almost been forgotten.

Karen was glad to be back at the orchard, her folks purchased the orchard ten years ago as a place to retire too and had never been so busy. Her brother purchase a place bordering theirs and they ran the orchard together. Although she had never lived there, it felt like a home away from home. At least once or twice a year she drove the six hundred miles to spend a week or ten days with them and visit with all her brothers who lived in the area. She had left Mitch at home, someone had to work.

Len always enjoyed having Karen come to stay at the orchard, she stayed in the apartment his folks and he had put together for guests. His little sister always looked good, her life with Mitch was good and she always seemed so happy and she dressed… well sexy. He knew it was wrong to think of his sister that way, but damn, he had to admit she is hot. Karen’s tits always seemed to be ready to fall out of whatever she was wearing and Lenny enjoyed the show. His wife Julie complained a bit, jealous of how Karen dressed, but then Julie would start dressing a bit more revealing and this time when she heard Karen was coming she started going braless a bit more. The day before she was falling out of her tank top as they had worked in the garden while waiting for Karen’s arrival. Yep it was good when Lil’ sis came home.

Leonard was up with the sun pretty much every morning, out checking the trees and the animals of the orchard, after checking the grounds he would head over to the parents’ house to make coffee so it would be ready when they got up, then he was off to work. The apartment Karen stayed in was across the yard, he glanced in the window wondering if she was up. From the bathroom Karen stepped out drying her hair standing in front of the window. Len could hardly believe what he saw, his baby sister standing buck naked in front of the window, towel covering her head as her large breasts bounced together as she worked the towel.

Stopped in mid stride Len’s eyes took in every inch of her from her large pink nipples to her wet bush, the towel suddenly moved and his eyes met hers, Karen smiled and waved at him the towel at her side covering nothing. Len stumbled backwards, embarrassed he was caught looking at her and amazed she didn’t seem to mind.

Karen had woken up early and checked for lights across the yard at her folks, nothing on so she jumped in the shower, she had left the curtains open last night when she went to bed, she could see no reason to close them. She had been getting into exhibition lately, having showed off for a couple of Mitch’s friends and even done a little stripping (see the exhibitionist series by this author). She figured what the heck it’s just the family anyway, giggled to herself about what her mother might say and wondered if her Father might appreciate how she looked. She had forgotten that she might end up flashing Lenny, but there he was looking in the window at her in all her glory. Karen noticed him almost immediately, but acted unaware to see how long he would look, she gave him a fair show then waved at him, poor boy almost fell over, and then she felt bad. He was disappearing around the end of the garage as Karen grabbed her robe and ran out the door of the apartment after him.

“LENNY,” Karen called as she gathered her robe around her, “I’m sorry!”

Len stopped, ‘she’s sorry?’ He thought to himself? Turning towards her as she bounced across the yard trying to keep her robe closed, (with only marginal success). “I’m sorry Sis, I didn’t mean to peep in the window.”

“It’s OK, I left the curtain open, besides we used to bathe together as kids, not like you saw anything new.”

Len blushed, “Not new, but it has improved…” he couldn’t believe he had said the words out loud. “I got to go, I hope I see you later.”

Len turned to leave, it was Karen’s turn to blush, as they turned, she noticed they were out of sight of the house and an evil thought went through her mind. She pulled off the robe throwing it over her shoulder, the tail high enough her ass was completely exposed. Putting in a little extra swing as she watched her and Lenny’s reflection in the window on the door to the apartment. “I hope you enjoyed the show at least,” her voice carried in the crisp morning air.

“I did,” he laughed as he turned back escort gaziantep toward her, once again to be amazed at the view. He stumbled over his own feet as he walked backwards. Karen giggled as she stepped inside, men so typical, even as her brother he couldn’t help but look.

Karen’s call to Mitch was first order of business, he watched her get dressed via Skype as she told him about her trip and “flashing Lenny” this morning. “He’s nearly as big a pervert as you are,” Karen laughed as she slipped her shirt on over her braless 38 Ds. “but then he is a man. MMMmm? Could be fun.” She giggled.

“They say incest is best.” Mitch replied, when Karen showed off for other men got him excited and she had enjoyed showing off and fucking some of his friends, just how far was his slut wife willing to go? “Say Love,”

“Yes?” Karen was brushing her hair.

“Want to play a game?”

She stopped and looked at him on the computer screen, Karen knew that tone and it made her pussy tingle, Mitch always played fun games. “Maybe, what cha got in mind?”

“Naked games involving sex of course.” Mitch tested the water slowly.

“Oh Kay…”

“And the male members of your family?”


“Perhaps a sister in law if I’m lucky,” Mitch was drooling in his mind.

“What? If you’re lucky?” Karen asked?

“I mean if you can.”

“Go on,” the sound of his voice and the heavy innuendo excited her. Karen felt she could do anything she wanted and knew Mitch was there for her and urging her to reach further than she thought possible. Sex play, with her family, naked with Len was one thing, they had been close all their lives. But she had four more brothers in the area not to mention Mom and Dad. Wait! “Mitchell, Mom is out of bounds!”

“Understandable,” Mitch replied, thinking Dad is still in play. “So, you still want to play?”

“I do,” she whispered to him, “what is the dare?”

“Fuck Leonard and Julie, and flash as many members of your family as you can. Extra points for inappropriate touching and time of flash.”

“Let me get this straight, you want me to fuck, Leonard and Julie? Together or separately?”

“Your choice.”

“And flash the other three brothers?”

“Too much?”

“A lot, but I’ll take the challenge.” ‘I really am a slut’ Karen thought to herself, ‘but I like it.’


After her challenge from Mitch, Karen bounced across the yard to have breakfast with her folks. Her Dad’s health had been poorly lately but picked up now that Karen was there. She hugged him good morning and got him some coffee, Mom was busy making breakfast. “What is happening today?” Karen asked.

“The usual, feed the critters, mow the lawn and work the orchard.” Replied Bob, her Dad, “I haven’t felt up to it recently but I think I can handle a bit of work.”

“Now Robert you take it easy, don’t overdo it!” Mom (Toot) called from the kitchen, the words were cross but there was love behind them.

“Oh now I’ll be fine, I’ve got Sis with me and Rob will be along soon.” Their second son lived thirty miles away but came by from time to time.

“Rob is coming? Great!” Karen’s mind shifted into overdrive, “let me go change into some work clothes.”

Karen went back to the apartment through the closet, found an old work shirt of her fathers, western style with snaps and the sleeves cut off, it was of a worn light fabric yet seemed right for a work shirt, she slipped into a pair of denim shorts, checked herself in the mirror, the shirt was a bit thread bare and a little tight in places. Her breasts were covered but they strained the snaps a bit as they crossed her chest. Five snaps, she left the top one undone, show a little cleavage, the bottom ballooned comfortably untucked so she left it that way.

Looking out the window she saw her father in the yard waiting, quickly she joined him. “You make that shirt look better than I ever did,” he chided her. “Mitch is a lucky guy and he better know it.” He gave her a hug and the got into the motorized cart and headed into the orchard. The old golf cart had been refashioned into a small pickup like affair to haul tools and apples as they moved between the rows it seemed to bounce more than usual, causing Karen’s 38 Ds to bounce popping the top snap loose and her nipples to stiffen as they brushed the fabric of the shirt across them. She left it unsnapped since it was just her and Dad, besides she felt she was still covered.

Apple orchards need constant pruning and Karen’s Dad and her brothers were constantly working it, today they were working in the back section on some old golden delicious trees. Bob took the ladder out of the back and set it up under a tree, grabbed some trimmers and looked at Karen. “Do you suppose you could do the trimming if I showed you what needed cutting? Your Mom doesn’t want me on the ladder anymore but this needs done.”

“Sure Dad, I’m here to help.” Karen grabbed the trimmers and started up the ladder.

“Let me hold it steady for you,” the ladder hadn’t moved much but Bob grabbed it as she climbed up. “You see escort gaziantep bayan that branch up to the left, there, no the one next to it,” Karen stretched out towards the branch and cut it off as her father watched from below. They work that tree and several others, he always seemed to set the ladder to where she seemed to be reaching out over where he was standing to cut off sometimes just the smallest branch. Every time she looked down at him, he was smiling up at her, with a funny little smile. He truly seemed to enjoy working with her. Around noon she heard Mom ringing the old dinner bell, they had been out a while and Bob said “OK Sis, one more branch and we break for lunch.”

“Sure thing Dad,” Karen love being in the orchard and with her Dad. He stepped up close to the ladder and pointed out the branch, as normal it was a reach as she neared the branch with the cutter she felt a light breeze come up, it playfully slipped up the bottom of her shirt cooling her as the shirt fell away from her chest as it had been doing all day. It felt nice fully stretched like this she looked down her cleavage to see her father’s smiling looking back up at her, the knowledge he could look right up her shirt made her nipples go hard. She didn’t know if he was looking, but she reached out a bit farther so that if he was, well he got a good view.

Rob showed up as Karen and Bob pulled into the yard for lunch. “Hey Rob, better come in and grab some lunch.” Bob shouted as the pulled up. Karen jumped out of the cart and ran over to give her big brother a hug.

Second to the oldest Rob was the tallest in the family at 6’4″, but years working behind a computer had given the once slim man quite a beer belly. After the hug she patted his belly and said “When’s it due?”

“Careful Sis,” Rob snarled, then reached out pinching her nipple through the thin shirt, “I still know the secrets of a nipple nubbler.” giving it a sharp twist. Karen’s brothers used to terrorize her when she was small twisting her nipples. This time was much lighter and got an instant reaction.

“OW!” Karen slapped his hand away, her nipple smarting and stiffening against the fabric. “Asshole.” She smacked his shoulder and was glad he still felt comfortable doing that. “Let’s eat.” She rubbed her smarting nipple and lightly pinched the other one so it stood up also.

Lunch was a simple fair, sandwiches and chips, along with a discussion about Rob’s work and what he was up too. What was needed doing around the orchard, “Len won’t be home from work until around 6:00.” Mom had said.

“I’m gonna need a nap,” Bob moaned light heartedly, “Karen worked me too hard this morning.”

“You should take it easy Daddy,” Karen replied, “Rob and I can do some, now that you have me trained up on what to do. Besides he can bring his camera to take some photos, Mitch doesn’t believe I work when I’m out here.” Rob was quite a photographer and had been for many years, he and Mitch were both into it and always trying to get the next best photo of wildlife or mountains or whatever. A friendly competition critiquing the others work and subjects.

Rob grabbed his Cannon and off they went to where Karen and her father left off. They rolled up to the tree and Karen started up the ladder, Rob grabbed a few shots as she showed off a bit. He knew she modeled for Mitch or at least seemed to be his favorite subject and now he knew why, she played the camera well. Her long legs coming out of those shorts were great and she was fine looking. Like a fifties pinup girl, at 5 foot 8 Karen was well rounded from her large breasts to her wide hips and round ass she was a photographers dream. Rob stopped, took the camera from his face and reminded himself this was his sister. Karen went on up the ladder to work, “You want to hold my ladder steady?”

Rob came up taking some shots up at her. “You are as bad as Mitch! Once he has his camera in hand the thing never stops clicking.” Karen laughed at him.

“OK Sis, I got it,” as he snapped a few more from behind the ladder of her ass, Rob watched her lean out to clip a branch, her shirt falling away from her body, he could see right up it to the bottom of her breasts. He pulled the trigger and let the auto shutter fly, she reached farther giving him even a better shot. He practically had the camera shoved into bottom of her shirt.

“Got enough?” She turned toward him catching the lens of his camera on her shirt popping the bottom snap, leaving the two remaining snaps struggling to keep her covered.


“Have you got enough shots of my ass?” Karen giggled as she watched Rob blush.

“Well,” he stumbled over his tongue, “I though Mitch might like them.” Rob though he had gotten away with the up her shirt shots.

“Ok, well you know Mitch does like boob shots too.” Karen grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled. The two buttons parted allowing her breasts out for Rob to see.

“I… Uh… I… Uh” Rob stuttered.

“Untie your tongue and take the pictures already.” Leaving her shirt open she proceeded to go back to trimming with Rob’s camera burning escort gaziantep kızlar up megabytes. He walked around beneath her shooting from all angles as she worked the pruners.

Karen moved the ladder down the row continuing to prune where heeded as Rob kept a digital record. After two trees she took the shirt off completely and worked topless. Four more trees and she stopped and looked at her brother. “Now no one but you me and Mitch sees these. Right?”

“Of course,” Rob knew it was a white lie, he had a couple friends he might show them to. “Private collection only.”

“OK then,” Karen took off her work gloves and unsnapped her shorts, “we might as well go the full Monte.” She slipped her shorts down slowly as Rob snapped shots, her unshaved mound exposed as she slid the shorts down her legs and stepped out of them. Picking up her gloves she posed, legs slightly spread, hands on her hips. “Alright then back to work.”

Rob was going nuts, if she wasn’t his sister he would…. Yeah he would, right there, he was turned on and taking photos, he could make a mint just selling them to the local growers as a calendar. And the whole time she had the most amazing smile on her face.

Karen was over heated herself, posing nude for her brother what the hell as she thinking? But she loved it her pussy was drenched, her huge nipples hard as a rock, about that time a truck rolled by on the county road. “CRAP” she thought too close to the road… she heard the truck hit the brakes and spin in reverse as she jumped off the ladder. Rob never quit clicking that damn camera, she grabbed her clothes and stepped behind a tree pulling her shorts on and quickly snapping up her shirt.

She heard Rob talking, “Naked, no there are no naked women in the orchard.” Karen stepped out with the ladder in her hands and started up the next row in the opposite direction. “That’s my sister here helping out, but she ain’t naked.” The truck drove off and Rob joined her. “Well now that was interesting.”

They could hear the dinner bell ringing, “Remember, You, Me and Mitch.”

With a wide eyed look of innocence Rob replied, “Of course, Lil sis, I love ya. Oh and Thanks?”

“Did your brother take many pictures?” Toot asked as she and Karen did the dishes after the meal. Rob had scooted out as soon as the meal was over with some excuse about work.

“A few Mom, he promised to send me copies so I’ll get you some copies,” Karen hoped he had gotten some she could show her mother. Mostly we talked and stuff.”

“Your Father sure was acting strange after you two left.”


“He came up to me grabbed my boobs from behind and wanted to have SEX.”

“Really?” Karen blush for two reasons, one her mother talking about the love life and two she figured she was what turned him on. “So did you?”

“Did I what?” Toot turned and looked at her puzzled.

“You know, have sex with him.”

“Heck no, I told him it was too hot and he should just go take his nap.” Toot turned towards the kitchen window. “Ten minutes later he was out the door, didn’t even take a nap, just back to the orchard. I’m surprised you didn’t see him.” She sobbed a little, “He never wants it anymore and I didn’t know what to say.”

Karen walked over and hugged her Mom and said, “Say Yes.”

Len & Julie stopped by after dinner, Julie had been working all day but was getting off early tomorrow, “Why don’t you stop by for lunch then maybe we can open a bottle of wine for some girl talk.” Julie said to Karen.

“Well I was going to help Dad again…” Karen started.

“Oh Hell,” her father said, “You can help me in the morning then I suppose I could give you a break.” He laughed.

The folks went to bed most nights a round 9 so the kids excused themselves and found their way home. Karen got on line when she got back to the apartment, checked her email and sure to his word there was an attachment full of photos of Karen in the orchard with a copy to Mitch. She was stripping down when she got a Skype call from Mitch. Her window still open to let in the cool night air and the curtains fully open, she thought about closing them then decided if Lenny wanted a second look…

“Hi Love,” came over the speakers even before the camera came into focus. “Looks like you had a fun day with Rob.”

They spent the next hour talking about their day, Karen nonchalantly curling her pubic hair and teasing herself as she talked about posing for Rob.

“Sounds like you are having fun,” Mitch remarked as she finished telling him.

“I am, wish you were here,” she answered as she hung up.

Second Challenge

Karen was up early again the next morning, she looked outside for Len and checked the lights next door, no activity. She jumped through the shower then went through the closet again looking for something else to wear working that morning. She found just what she was looking for, an old tee shirt of her brother Steve. Steve had been a river rat years before and wore shirts with the sleeves cut open almost to the waist, he was big back then and the XXXX shirt flowed around her and if she raised her arms you could see the sides of her breasts. Leaning forward gave anyone a good view of her breast, she felt so slutty in it. Looking out the window she saw the lights on next door and Len making coffee. She stepped out the door of the apartment and the cool breeze reminded her to go back and put on pants. “Shit get your head on girl.” She said to no one in particular.

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