The Family Photoshoot

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The Young’s were a normal family, living in a boring street in a small town. The dad, Dave (48) worked nine to five in an office selling stationery. The mother, Dawn (47) worked part time in a supermarket. The daughter Jane (19) and the son Chris (18) were both students.

With the parent’s anniversary coming up shortly Jane went looking for Chris to discuss what they could buy them. As this was their Silver Wedding Jane wanted to make this a special present.

‘How about something made out of silver?’ she said.

Chris rolled his eyes up, ‘Boring.’

‘Well how about you thinking of something then.’

‘I don’t know. How about a packet of crisps each?’

‘Useless as always.’

”A picture of me? Like most people I’m sure they’d appreciate that. Their handsome son in a photograph that they could worship.’

‘That’d make them spew!..though that does give me an idea. What about a professional photoshoot of you and me? They’d love that.’

‘As long as you don’t crack the camera, sis!’


Jane spent the next few days investigating photographic studios, speaking to a couple and deciding upon one studio based just off the high street. She arranged a session for that Saturday.


Jane and Chris turned up at the studio at the appointed time. They were met by a pretty woman in her 30’s who took their payment and led them to a room, which they later found out was adjacent to the studio. Inviting them to sit down on the settee, she sat on a chair opposite them.

‘Thanks for choosing Western Studios. My name is Naomi. Now is there a special reason for your photograph today?’

‘We’re Jane and Chris. We just thought that a photo of the two of us together would be a nice gift,’ said Jane.

‘It certainly would be. Now have you thought about what you want to wear or what poses you want, or do you want to leave it to me.’

‘Er no we didn’t. We’ll leave it to you.’

‘Ok. Shall we start then?’. She got up and led them into the next room. ‘You two stand there and let’s start with a few quick snaps to get you comfortable with the camera’. Naomi took a few quick snaps. ‘Ok now Chris stand behind Jane and hold her around the waist.’ A few more snaps with Naomi moving them into different poses. ‘Ok, well done. Now face each other please and look into each others eyes.’ They did so. ‘Now look at me, cheek to cheek please, no smiling’. More photos taken. ‘Now smiling.’

For the next ten minutes more poses and more smiling.

‘Right, let’s move it up a bit then shall we?’ said Naomi. ‘Jane please undo a couple of buttons. Chris take your shirt out of your trousers and remove your shoes and socks please.’

Jane and Chris exchanged glances but did as they were asked.

‘Ok now please trust me in this. Jane I can see your bra and a just want a bit of cleavage, so please would you take it off?’

Jane hesitated so Naomi continued. ‘I just want to make the pictures a bit more sexy but it is up to you.’

Jane decided to go with it so she turned away and removed her bra from under her clothes.

‘That is great.’ Naomi took a few more photos. ‘Arm around her waist please Chris. Jane, please lean into Chris and rest your head on his shoulders.’ More photos. ‘Now look at each other…and kiss.’

Jane turned towards Naomi and said, ‘Not really appropriate to kiss my brother Naomi.’

‘Your brother? I thought you were boyfriend and girlfriend. I’m really sorry. Even though you would make a great couple it isn’t really appropriate is it?’

A few more photos were taken and that was the end of the session. Afterwards they looked at the photos on screen and made their choice.

‘Good choice. I’ll get the print framed and ready for collection on Monday if that helps,’ said Naomi.

‘That’s great. I’ll collect it after 3 o’clock on Monday.’


Jane returned to the studios on Monday to collect the print. Naomi looked pleased to see her and asked her to sit whilst she got the print.

‘Do you like it?’

‘Yes it’s very nice,’ said Jane.

‘I’m sorry for the mix up on Saturday. I’m used to couples wanting a sexy picture.’

‘Not a problem for us.’

‘You’re very pretty Jane. Have you thought about getting your own portfolio?’

‘I’m not pretty enough to become a model, Naomi.’

‘I think you are Jane. I tell you what, as an apology for the mix up on Saturday how about I give you a free photo session. You only pay if you want the portfolio album. What do you say?’

‘I don’t know. I think I’ll be wasting your time.’

‘It’s my time. Give it a go, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.’

‘Well alright then, when?’

‘No time like the present. Now?’

‘Ok then.’

Naomi got up and led her to the studio. ‘You stand there and I’ll go lock the door so we don’t get interrupted.’

A minute later and Naomi was back. The session started as previously with a few quick snaps.

‘Ok Jane, please remove your jumper and lay down on the floor. Head on your arms, now right leg bent and up please.’ escort haberleri Naomi continued to move Jane around and taking photos. ‘Ok, we need a change of clothes I think. Come this way please. Naomi led Jane to the side room. Opening a wardrobe she picked out a satin nightdress. ‘A more sexy vibe I think now. Would you change into that please, nothing else needed.’ Naomi walked back to the studio leaving Jane alone.

Jane was uncertain what to do. She felt that she had been manipulated into agreeing but started to undress all the same. Putting the nightdress on she removed her knickers and walked back into the studio.

‘Very nice Jane, now over here to the bed please.’

Jane laid down whilst Naomi tidied her hair and applied some make up.

A few photos later. ‘Raise the hem a bit Jane and pull down the top please. That’s it, very nice.’

‘Ok Jane, let’s move up another step. How do you fancy removing the nightdress?’

‘You want me naked?’

‘Yes please.’

‘I’m not really comfortable with that.’

‘Have you been abroad Jane? If so have you gone topless at the beach?’

Jane thought about her holiday in Ibiza the previous year. ‘Yes I have been topless at the beach but this is even more.’

‘It is but there’s only me and you here and you don’t have to show the photos to anyone so in fact it’s less than at the beach.’

Jane thought about what Naomi was saying. ‘I’m still not comfortable with showing my, …you know.’

‘Would you feel more comfortable if I was naked as well?’

‘Er I don’t know.’

Naomi started removing her clothes. ‘Come on, you won’t feel uncomfortable if we are both naked.’

Jane watched as Naomi removed the last of her clothes and stood naked in front of her. She had a good body despite her age. Jane reluctantly removed the nightdress and immediately placed her hands in front of her pussy and tits. Naomi took a few photos.

‘Hopefully you’re more comfortable now, so let’s try a few poses shall we? Lock your hands behind your back please and poke your chest out, legs together.’ Photos taken. ‘Same pose but on your knees please. Now legs apart please. You really are lovely Jane.’

Naomi took a number of photos from different angles.

‘Ok a few close ups now.’

Naomi took some arty close ups of Jane’s tits and pussy before standing up and picking up some baby oil. Pouring a handful she rubbed it all over Jane’s body, ensuring that she spent a good deal of time on her pussy and tits. Drying her hands on a towel she took a few more photos.

‘How have you enjoyed your first modelling session, Jane,’ she asked.

‘Well a bit embarrassing but I think I enjoyed it eventually.’

‘Good. There’s a shower over there where you can remove the baby oil.’

Jane walked over to the shower and waited for the water to warm up. Stepping in she started to wash away the baby oil. She then felt hands on the cheeks of her ass.

Naomi had crept up behind Jane and touched her ass before moving her hands up to her breasts.

‘You have made me very horny Jane. I want you.’

Jane turned and despite having no lesbian experience kissed Naomi on the mouth, thrusting her tongue into Naomi whilst groping her body. The water continued to cascade over their bodies as they kissed and groped each others bodies.

‘I need to fuck you and now,’ Naomi said leading Jane to the bed. She gently pushed her down and got on top of her, breast to breast, pussy to pussy. Moving her hips she forced Jane’s rear into the mattress. Jane gasped with excitement as she felt the first signs of her orgasm. Naomi felt it too and stopped her movements, she didn’t want Jane to cum yet. A couple of minutes later and Naomi spun round into a 69 position and started to lick Jane’s pussy. She also felt her own pussy being licked. With more urgency she felt herself cumming. Naomi came in a flood, filling Jane’s mouth with her nectar. Jane came five seconds later.


Minutes later and they were cuddling in the bed.

‘I’ve been bisexual for a few years now. I love the feel of a rock hard cock up me but I also love the feel of a woman,’ Naomi said, her hand between her lovers legs, gently rubbing her clit.

‘I’ve never been with a woman before. I lost my virginity to a much older man a couple of years ago but I could be persuaded to become bi,’ Jane admitted with a smile. She leaned towards Naomi and kissed her full on the lips. She rubbed Naomi’s tits, then moved her hand down and reciprocated the clit rubbing. Both girls were getting heated, their kissing and rubbing becoming more frenzied.

‘Oh god,’ Jane gasped as she came again. She continued rubbing Naomi’s clit and a minute later she came as well.

Both girls were breathing heavily but Naomi got out of bed and said ‘Stay there.’

She returned a few seconds later with her camera. ‘There is nothing sexier than a woman who has just orgasmed, she said snapping away at Jane, who was enjoying the attention. ‘Are you hungry?’


‘Good, gaziantep escort haberleri get dressed and let’s get something to eat.’

They both dressed and hand in hand left to go to a nearby restaurant.

‘This is my favourite place to eat,’ Naomi said. ‘The food is wonderful and it is so discrete.’

The owner saw Naomi and greeted her enthusiastically, motioning them to follow her to a small booth in the corner.

They sat and chose their food. When the waitress had left, Jane looked around and saw that they were un-overlooked.

‘Don’t worry my dear, we cannot be seen so be comfortable.’ Naomi placed her hand on Jane’s leg. ‘Hopefully you’ve accepted your lesbian tendencies so why don’t you raise your skirt so that I can get to your lovely pussy?’

Jane smiled and raised her skirt so that she was no longer sitting on it.

‘It is a shame that you put your panties back on my dear.’

Jane took the hint and reaching down she hooked her thumbs into her panties pushing them off her bottom and down her leg. It felt erotic sitting there with her bare bottom on the seat and her panties around her ankles. She reached down and took her panties off her feet.

Naomi held out her hand and Jane passed her panties over. Naomi moved them to her face and sniffed. ‘You have a glorious aroma Jane.’

The waitress returned with their food and smiled when she saw what was going on. ‘What do you think of this aroma Zoe?’ said Naomi holding Jane’s panties up to the waitress.

Zoe, the waitress sniffed ‘Very nice Naomi. Who is this darling girl?’

‘This is Jane and she has today realised that she is bisexual. And may I tell you that she is a fantastic lay.’

‘I bet she is,’ Zoe said and left.

Jane was a bit embarrassed at the exchange but started eating.

Naomi also started eating but one handed, the other hand rubbing Jane’s soaking wet pussy.

The meal went off well, good conversation, excellent food and mutual masturbation. Before they got up to leave they had to dry their pussies with the panties, before covering their nakedness with their skirts.

As they walked back to the studio Naomi said ‘You must be near your holiday from college soon. Why don’t you help me in the studio? I can’t pay much but I am sure that I can pay you in other ways to make up the shortfall,’ she grinned.

‘Oh yes please,’ Jane grinned back.


Jane returned home that evening absolutely knackered. Naomi and she had fucked like rabbits again for a couple more hours and all she wanted to do was sleep.

‘Hi mum,’ she said.

‘Oh hi Jane love. Where have you been?’

‘Shopping,’ she lied.

‘Get anything nice?’

‘Nope. I’m going for a shower, see you later.’

Jane went upstairs to her room. After her shower she put her pyjamas on and went back downstairs. Her mother and father were in the lounge.

‘There’s some food on the table. Help yourself.’

‘Thanks mum but I had a big lunch. I’ll just get some ice cream.’

Returning to the lounge, she started on the ice cream whilst checking her phone for emails. One email in particular took her attention, it was from ‘Naomi@westernstudios’ and said ‘Hi sexy. Can’t wait to see you again. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Get some rest as you will be totally shagged out after our meeting tomorrow! Love N xxxxx’

Jane smiled.

‘What’s that Jane?’ her mother enquired seeing the smile.

‘Oh nothing mum just one of my friends being silly. I’m going to be out all day tomorrow. I’m seeing a friend.’

‘Who’s that love?’

‘No-one you’d know mum.’

‘Is it a boy?’

‘No mum.’

‘Oh shame.’

Jane checked the rest of her emails.

Dawn pretended to watch the tv but her thoughts were elsewhere. It was her anniversary tomorrow and she was planning. She had already booked a hotel for Dave and herself for tomorrow evening. She didn’t expect to sleep much as she was expecting to be fucked all night by her sexy husband. She had already packed her sexy clothing and had shaved her pussy completely bare. She couldn’t wait.

Dave was oblivious to her thoughts of course. His own thoughts were slightly different, yes he was dreaming of a good fucking but he was thinking about his own daughter. He knew it was wrong but Jane was gorgeous and he wanted to fuck her.


The next day Jane walked to the studio. She had prepared herself well. It was raining so she was wearing a mac but underneath she was naked other than stockings and suspenders, on her feet were trainers but she had a pair of high heels in a bag which she planned to change into when she arrived at the studio.

Outside the studios she changed her shoes and opened her mac before ringing the bell. A minute later the door was opened by Naomi, who was wearing a silk dressing gown. Naomi looked at Jane with a grin and motioned her in. Door closed, they embraced. Jane’s mac was not on her for much longer and it was soon escort gaziantep haberleri puddled on the floor. Their hands were everywhere on each others bodies as they french kissed, Jane was soon feeling an impending orgasm as she rubbed her lovers pussy. Before Jane came, Naomi came over Jane’s hand, which triggered Jane’s orgasm.

Breathing heavily, Naomi broke their kiss and said ‘Well well missy who was a horny beast?’

‘Walking over here wearing practically nothing does that to a girl, you know,’ Jane said.

‘Let’s get that look down on film.’ Naomi led Jane into the studio and took a few photos to be added to her growing stock of Jane’s portfolio.

‘I’m cold. Come upstairs to my flat and let’s warm up a bit.’

As they walked upstairs, Jane said ‘Both my parents loved their anniversary present. Mum even went as far as saying that perhaps they would get their own photo taken.’

‘Send them my way Jane. I’d love to sort them out with a nice pic. If your mum is as sexy as you, I’ll thoroughly enjoy “sorting her out”‘

‘Oy you hands off my mum.’

‘No promises lady. Perhaps I’ll have a threesome with both your parents,’ she teased.

‘No you won’t.’ At the top of the stairs Jane grabbed Naomi around the waist. ‘Now where is it that you are going to warm me up.’


An hour later they were under the sheets in Naomi’s bed, both completely naked.

‘Tell me about your hopes and dreams Jane. What do you want from your life and loves?’

‘Wow what a poser, so soon after cumming. I don’t know really but I would like to make a difference to people in need.’

‘Well you’ve started off well. I was in need of you!’

‘And I needed you as well. I think I need you again and now.’

‘You young lady are insatiable.’ Naomi leant down and nuzzled Jane’s tits and nipples whilst reaching down and rubbing her pussy.

Jane leant back and luxuriated in the feelings.

Naomi’s tongue lapped around Jane’s nipples, both of them hardening with the attention. Her manipulation of Jane’s pussy continuing to excite her. Slowly she moved her mouth further south, gently pushing Jane’s legs wider apart until she was level to her pussy. She started to lick Jane’s pussy, up and down the length of the slit and around her clit. Jane was breathing more heavily with the attention her pussy was receiving. Naomi continued her ministrations of Jane’s pussy until a few minutes later she felt her lover cum again.

‘Oh fucking hell, you are the queen of pussylickers,’ Jane said.

‘Now that you have cum again perhaps you will expand on your answer about your life and loves, particularly tell me what your sexual fantasies are,’ Naomi enquired.

‘Oh I don’t really know. My fantasies were always about men, older men who would be better at making love more than boys my own age. But now I seem to also enjoy the attentions of women. The best of both worlds.’

‘So when you fantasised about older men, did you have anyone in mind in particular, when you fantasised?’

‘Not really. Someone dashing and handsome of course.’

‘Of course!’ During the conversation Naomi was gently sliding her finger along Jane’s pussy lips and Jane was getting wetter. ‘How about your own dad?’

‘What shag my own father? No that never entered my mind,’ although now she started to think about it, Jane did admit to herself that her father fitted into the category of dashing and handsome.


The next day was spent pleasantly until Dawn and Dave left for the hotel early afternoon. This left Jane and Chris alone in the house. Chris decided to play some video games, leaving Jane watching television in the lounge.

With nothing planned, she decided to do the washing so that her mother would come home the next day with no housework to do. Collecting all the dirty washing she went to the utility room and started to sort the clothes into piles. On a whim, she picked up a pair of her fathers boxers and sniffed them. No particular aroma. So she did the same to her brothers, there were some white stains on the insides of his boxers and they smelt more musky. Then her mothers knickers. There was the faint smell of pussy and she continued to inhale the aroma whilst she slid her hand inside her own knickers and started to play with her pussy. As she played with herself she started to dream about a fuckfest with her family, fucking her dad whilst sucking her brother and playing with her mums pussy. She came and flooded her knickers.

Jane allowed herself a few more seconds to come down from her high. Then removing her own knickers and placing these into the washing machine she started the wash cycle and went back to her bedroom, enjoying the air on her naked pussy under her skirt.


When Dawn and Dave returned, the atmosphere was light as they had had a great overnight stay at the hotel. After their evening meal they had fucked all night.

Once she had unpacked, Dawn asked Dave to hang the picture of the children onto the wall in the lounge and ten minutes later she and Jane were looking at the picture sitting proudly above the fire.

‘This is a lovely picture Jane. The photographer must have been really good at what she does.’

‘Trust me mum, she is really good at what she does,’ Jane said with a smile.

‘As I said the other day would really like the four of us to get a nice pic done as well, what do you think?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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