The Fantasy Weekend Ch. 03

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Dedicated to my Jean-Michel.

This is the third chapter of the Fantasy Weekend. It is recommended that you read chapters 1 and 2 prior to reading this installment.

Sunlight streams in through the windows. I open my eyes and gaze around the room, momentarily disconcerted at not waking in my own bed. Then I realize your arms are still around me, and our legs still entwined. The memories of our activities of the previous evening come rushing back to me. I smile—a very self-satisfied smile I must say. I stretch as I am trying to become fully awake. My movements cause you to arouse. You open your eyes and look into mine and you smile. “Good morning sweetheart.” You say.

“Good morning baby,” I kiss you. “Are you hungry?”

“I really am—after last night, I really need to have some breakfast. Let’s get dressed, and we’ll go out for breakfast.”

“Let me see what’s in the kitchen first. If there are the right things, I’ll make breakfast for us.”


I get up and go out to the kitchen, and check out the fridge. It is well-stocked. There are eggs, bacon (low sodium—we both have to watch our blood pressure), milk, orange juice. There is coffee for the coffee maker. I also find some flour and oil in the cabinets. Just exactly the right things for a good breakfast. I won’t bore you with the details of cooking—just suffice it to say, you end up with eggs over easy, crisp bacon, biscuits and gravy, orange juice and coffee. I must say, it is the first time I have ever cooked in the nude—an interesting experience.

While I’ve been busy in the kitchen, you have fully awakened, and are sitting on the side of the bed when I return with a cup of coffee for you.

“Breakfast is ready, I say,” as I hand you the cup of coffee. You take the coffee and set it on the nightstand, and then look up at me. You have a mischievous look on your face.


“Oh, I don’t know,” you say. “It’s just that I promised you something last night—something to exquisitely tantalize your senses.”

“Hmmm” I say.

You reach out and pull me close until I am standing between your legs. You wrap your arms around me. I lean down, and kiss you deeply. There go those tongues again–always tangled up in a sensuous game. And, while our tongues are engaged in passionate battle, you slide your right hand down my back and over my derriere, lightly, teasingly—evoking those tingling responses in me whenever you touch me anywhere on my body. Slowly, you move your fingers over my hip and across the top of my thigh. You get that spot in my inguinal region that causes me to jump—you pull back and laugh a bit as I jump. “I know your tickle spots—huh.” You get it a couple of more times, before I tell you to stop. You move your fingers a little closer to target as you begin to kiss me deeply again—just teasing the labia. You signal me to open my legs, so I lift my left leg and rest my foot on the bed. You slip your fingers into my love nest—pleased to find me so very wet already. Gently, you move your fingers to my clit and begin to gently massage slowly, up and down, side to side. The sensation I feel is like pleasurable electric shocks. It is as if your fingers are the source, and my clit is the receptacle of the current, and like electricity—the tingle follows the path of least resistance and exits my body thru my nipples–ultimate pleasure, sensation overload, that I want to go on and on. By this time, the pleasure is so intense, that I can’t keep silent. My breathing has become ragged, and I am making those pleasure moans that you so love to hear. I have pulled back from your kisses, and have arched my back in the intense delight of your skillful ministrations. As I have pulled back, you are intensifying the “grand plasir” by providing your lingual attentions to each of my nipples. My breathing becomes more ragged, and my cries of pleasure more extreme. My right knee starts to give way. You hold me more tightly with your left arm, but all strength has slipped out of my leg. I hold on to you tightly as I try to remain standing, but to no avail, I slowly drop to the floor. You try to hold onto me, but can’t as I slip down. Even so, you still maintain your intense, gentle loving of my clit with your fingers, even after I have dropped to the floor. The cum from my love grotto is soaking your hand, and dripping down my thighs. When I am finally lying on the floor, still breathing heavy with heart racing, and with one last indescribably intense, passionate orgasm, you remove your fingers from my clit. The intensity of the sensation of your love massage was so pleasurable, it bahis firmaları was almost painful—the point where I don’t think I can take the sensations any more, but don’t want them to stop—and again, as always, you have taken me to new heights of sensual pleasure—beyond the threshold that I thought I could handle. As I am lying there, on the floor, looking up at you, you smile at me.

“So, my dear—have you had your senses exquisitely tantalized as I promised?” you ask with a mischievous grin on your face.

“Oh yes!” I say between the ragged breaths, as I try to bring my breathing and heart rate back to a normal rate, “More than I ever expected possible!”

You help me to my feet, and onto the bed. “Rest a bit more, baby, because there is much more in store for you today. You’ve got a few more surprises before the day is over.”

“Hmmm,” I say, and sit up to kiss you.

Suffice it to say, our breakfast got cold, while you held me as I recuperated from the intensity of that pleasure.

“I can’t imagine what other surprises you could have in store for me. You’ve given me more pleasure than I could possibly have imagined!”

You laugh and say, “You’ve only just begun to be pleasured baby! So let’s get up and get this day of delicious, delectable debauchery underway!”

We go shower quickly—no play this time—otherwise we won’t get anything done. Still, it’s a pleasurable shower. I wash your back and you wash mine. And, yes we do soul kiss as the water sluices over our bodies.

After getting dried, dressed, and all morning necessities taken care of, we finally eat breakfast—thank goodness for microwave ovens.

“Well, honey, what’s next on the agenda for our delectable, delightful debaucherous day?” I ask.

You smile at me, with a sly glint in your eye. “It’s a very warm autumn day—how about a ride in a hot air balloon?”

“Hmmmm! I’ve always wanted to try that.” I smile.

Well, darlin’, today’s your day,” you grin at me.

We plan on being out until sometime early afternoon—so I quickly put together a picnic lunch from all the food and supplies that you had packed in the car—grapes, cheese, bread, ham, and a couple of bottles of sparkling grape juice—all put in a special picnic backpack designed for just that purpose.

We get in the car and you drive from our secluded house in the woods back out to the highway. We drive for about 20 minutes, and arrive at a big open field. And, what do you suppose is waiting for us out in that field? A hot air balloon just being inflated with all the ground crew getting things prepared. It is beautiful. The colors are red, yellow and black. As we watch it being inflated, we are given lessons in how to handle the flame—how to turn the heat up to go higher, and down to go lower. We are told that with the amount of fuel in the burner mechanism, we will be able to stay up for about 2 hours. There is a radio in the gondola, so we can be in contact with the chase car following us so when it’s time to come down, we won’t be stranded in the middle of no where.

Finally, the balloon is fully inflated, and straining at tethers. The crew has placed a set of steps to help us climb into the gondola. You get in first, and I hand you our picnic pack. My heart is pounding as I step into the gondola with you. It’s a little disconcerting as the gondola shifts under our feet as the balloon is trying to leave the ground. The crew releases the restraining ropes, and we slowly begin to rise.

“This is fantastic!!!” I laugh and hug you in my excitement.

You pull the control on the burner, and slowly we rise even further. The weather couldn’t be more perfect. It’s early fall, still very warm, but the sky is the brilliant, deep azure blue of an October sky. No clouds. Just clear, beautiful sky as far as we can see. We look down, and can see the patchwork of field below us. We can also see the chase vehicles as they follow us as best they can.

“So do you like your surprise sweetheart?” You ask with a very pleased-with-yourself grin.

“Absolutely! Thank you so much! This is amazing!” I respond delightedly.

“Well that isn’t the only surprise I have for you.”

“What more could there possibly be?” I ask puzzled.

You lean in and kiss me. “You are about to find out,” as you put your arms around me and pull me close. You kiss my cheeks, my neck. You flick my earlobe with your tongue. All the while, you are maneuvering me toward the side wall of the gondola. You gently urge me to turn to face the outside of the gondola, and press against my back. Your hands are sensuously moving kaçak iddaa over my body. My breath is catching as you very skillfully touch me in my most sensitive areas—areas that respond to you even through the layers of my clothes.

You kiss the back of my neck as you move your hands down to the waistband and zipper of the loose casual skirt that I am wearing. You release the button, and undo the zipper. The skirt falls into a pool of fabric at my feet. You hook your thumbs in the waistband of my panties, and slowly pull them down over my hips. As you do so, you bend down close and kiss the skin of my waist at the back, and down over my hips and thighs. My grip tightens on the top of the gondola basket with the sensation of your lips and tongue on my skin heightens my arousal. Finally, my panties are around my ankles, and I step out of them.

You lean in close to my back and begin to caress my buttocks with your right hand, while you reach around to caress my breast with your left. All the while, you are whispering in my ear how much you want to make me cum.

Slowly, you move your right hand in between my legs. “Hmmm,” you say as your fingers reach my love grotto. “Ohh baby! You are soooo wet!” You slide your fingers in and out of my quim and I begin to rock on your fingers. Then you move your fingers up my dew lips and pay digital homage to my clitoris. It is swollen to 3 times its normal size in the arousal that you have caused. As you gently brush your fingertips over it, I gasp in pleasure—responding with ultra sensitivity. You continue to provide the digital attentions. My breathing is becoming ragged, and my oral responses are becoming a little louder—starting out as tiny pleasure squeals. You move your fingers in those delicious small circles, back and forth up and down—just changing the pattern, but never the pressure—to keep the stimulation building as my responses continue to build. I am gripping the top of the gondola basket so hard, my knuckles are white. The intensity of the sensations expanding through my body from the clitoral epicenter is almost more than I can stand—almost to the point that the pleasure is painful—the point where I want it to stop—no I don’t, yes I do—no I don’t. I want to go as far as you can take me. My knees are starting to buckle—my legs are getting weak, but you have pinned me against the side of the basket, with your body, and I can’t fall. Wave upon wave of orgasms wash over me. “Cum for me baby! Give me one more!” You whisper in my ear as you increase the intensity of clitoral attentions.

That slow burn spreads from my clit up over my hips and down the back of my legs as “the big one” begins to erupt. I grip the gondola even tighter, and my hips are bucking on your finger. You hold me tightly as my orgasm peaks, and I call out with pleasure as my cum explodes covering your hand and dripping down my thighs. My heart is racing—I can’t catch my breath. Your embrace tightens around me. You kiss the back of my neck, and say, “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!! I love it when you cum like that!!!!”

I manage to turn around so we are face to face. My legs are still weak, so you are holding me tightly. I put my arms around you and we soul kiss for a long time. As the strength in my legs recovers, we take some time to enjoy the panoramic vistas of the clear sky and the fields and rolling hills below us, the colors of the trees—the greens, golds, reds and browns—just gorgeous.

I turn to you again, and say, “It’s your turn now.” I unbuckle your belt, unbutton and unzip your pants. You step out of them. I pull your silky boxers down to release Michel from his encumbrances. Hmm, he’s already at attention!!! I ask you to lie on the floor of the gondola. I kneel between your legs, and set about giving lusciously languid lingual attentions to your love rod. I take the head in my mouth and gently slide my tongue all around the corona. I take you deep into my throat and gently graze my teeth on the skin as I pull back. At the same time, I’m gently massaging your nutsacs. Michel responds by vibrating against my tongue. I continue in this manner until I am satisfied that Michel is blue steel hard. You moan with pleasure at each flick of my tongue or gentle touch of my teeth.

I give one last deep suck and pull on your shaft, and it makes a “pop” sound as I pull completely away. I move up to straddle you, and you help me guide Michel to my love cavern. You groan as my muscles snugly envelop your shaft. The movement of the air currents against the balloon and gondola causes a gentle swaying motion—it lends itself well to kaçak bahis our activities. I move to better balance myself on my knees, and you hold my hands to help also as I begin to rock on your dick—up and down-side to side, circular motions with my pelvis. Oh it feels so good to have you inside me!!!!

“Oh baby—ride me! Ride me hard!” you say. “MMmmm!!! You feel good!!!”

As I move up and down on your sabot shaft, I tighten my muscles with those magnificent Kegel contractions.

“Mmmmmmm—oh hon, you’ve got to slow down—I don’t wanna cum yet.”

I slow down, but I don’t stop. Slowly, deliciously, I slide up and down your shaft—up and down—small circles. You have a very satisfied smile on your face.

“Baby,” you say, “let me taste you! Move up here and squat over my face.”

I move up until my pussy is positioned just right for your tongue to reach its goal. I am on my knees, and holding onto the side of the gondola—rocking with the motion of the air currents and in rhythm with your tongue as you tantalize my still-swollen sensitive bud. You are holding my arse with both hands to help steady me. The sensation of your tongue as it teases my clit runs thru my body as if a bolt of sexual lightning. You alternate teasing my clit with teasing my love grotto. You move down and push your tongue in as deeply as you can—you move in and out and small circles of your own. Then you lick up each of my dew lips. My breath is shallow and rapid and with each stroke of your tongue across my clitoris, I release a pleasure squeal. My clit swells even further with the stimulation. You focus all of your attentions on my clit now—circles to the left and to the right, up and down, side to side, over and over again. Then you start your spelling pleasure torture of my clit—and between ragged breaths, I say the letters aloud as you tease my clit—B, A, B, Y, C, U, M, F, O, R, M, E, N, O, W. By the time we have gotten to the W, my cum explodes, and your face is covered with my juice—but you don’t care. You just lick the juices up as if as if they were a delectable dessert that you just can’t get enough of.

There is a crackling noise coming from the radio. “Ok love birds, you are about to land. We need you to take control of the burner to help you down.” We hear some giggling in the background.

We both look at each other, wide-eyed. Apparently, the mic had been keyed open for our entire trip. I don’t know which one of us has the redder face. Ah well, nothing to do but get our clothes on and get ready to disembark. We didn’t even eat the lunch we had brought.

“It’s ok love birds—you are not the first—it happens all the time!” comes an amused voice on the radio.

Ah well, have to make the best of it. We finish dressing and follow the instructions on getting the balloon down. Determined to maintain our composure, we both thank the balloon people for a lovely ride. And, the owner, says with a big grin on his face, “No, THANK YOU! You two obviously enjoy each other!!!!”

With that, we make our way to the car (which was driven by one of the chase crew) and make a hasty getaway. Once in the car, we both start to laugh. It was a little disconcerting to have unwittingly shared our intimacy with others—but in exciting in a way also.

“Well lover—that was a little more excitment than I intended, but I hope you enjoyed yourself,” you smile at me.

“Oh yes baby—I did! But, I’m hungry now—all that effort and adrenalin has burned off breakfast. Let’s find some place to have our lunch.”

We drive along, listening to music, watching the countryside, each enjoying the presence of the other. At the same time, we both spot a little roadside park with picnic tables and lots of shade trees. We stop, and take the time to enjoy the picnic lunch that I packed earlier in the day. The day is still beautiful and warm even though past 3 o’clock. Eating outside in the clean, crisp air somehow makes the food taste even better—well, that and the company and conversation.

After a bit, the air starts to get a little cooler, and we decide it is time to retreat to our secluded cabin in the woods. After getting back, there is a decided chill in the air, so you build a fire in that gorgeous stone fireplace. After you get it blazing, we settle into the big overstuffed couch—you sit on the end and prop your feet up on the matching ottoman, and I settle in next to you curled up with my feet up on the couch and with your arm around me, as we watch the hypnotic dancing flames, and soak in the warmth.

“Thank you honey for a gorgeous, beautiful, exciting day! It was delectably, delightfully debaucherous!!!” I pat your chest with one hand and snuggle in closer—my eyes already drowsing shut.

“You’re welcome baby!” you smile down at me as I fall asleep with my head on your shoulder.

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