The Farm Ch. 03




Georgie Suxcock has a name to live up to — and a personal trainer all her own to help her practice! Dirk Shattler is one of the Fun Farm’s assessors, working hard (quite literally) to ensure that the Farm’s guests and patrons are fully satisfied.

The door slid back, and I walked out — a little unsteady in my high heels. Dirk wolf whistled when he saw me.

‘Well fuck me sideways, girl!’ he exclaimed, folding his arms and bunching up those massive muscles. He was grinning from ear to ear, chewing on his gum. ‘You certainly seem to be warming to your new body, Georgie.’

I decided not to acknowledge his comment.

‘Are we going to the refectory,’ I asked. ‘I’m a little hungry.’

‘After swallowing down all my spunk I’m surprised you’ve got any room left,’ Dirk chuckled. I blushed, ashamed to be reminded that I had just taken a massive cock in my mouth and sucked on it until I was filled with a man’s cum.

‘Hollow legs,’ I said, trying to make light of what he said.

‘Damn fine legs, Georgie. Ok. Let’s walk.’

The corridor was simple, as plain as my room. The white carpet muffled all sounds, so that it seemed we were the only two people in the place. Occasionally we would pass other doors — other dorms, where Dirk said other girls stayed. Girls who were once guys, who were forced to undergo surgery and made to perform.

‘Are there any girls here who came willingly?’ I asked, curious about this place — trying to get an idea of how large it might be, where it might be: any piece of information that could help me escape.

Dirk shook his head, but it wasn’t a negative response; he was simply surprised that I should ask.

‘Why do you want to know that, Georgie? Do you think there are guys who get off on being turned into beautiful women — into hot, sluttly little femboy traps — and then forced to suck on cock and take it up the ass?’

I was phased by his vivid descriptions. Both Dirk and the manager lady I had met when I first woke up had been sure to provide me with crude and specific imagery.

I shrugged. ‘I just figured that… if a guy really did want to look like a woman, but, you know, he couldn’t afford the surgeries…’

‘That his absolute loss of freedom might be compensation? Ha! Well, for some people I’m sure that really is the case. There are a few women,’ he frowned, ‘who come here voluntarily. But in general, our clients prefer an… unwilling service model.’

‘But why?’ I protested. ‘Why is that? Why do you have to take people off the streets and carve them up, force them to be something they never wanted to be?’

He just grinned, slyly. ‘Hush now Georgie, you’re getting yourself all upset — and we want to make a good impression for the girls in the refectory now, don’t we?’

I had been distracted by what I had been saying, and hadn’t fully realised that we had been approaching a set of double-doors.

Dirk pushed one door open — revealing the refectory.

It was an odd affair.

There were tables, like park benches but made of blue-grey plastic, where some girls sat, eating out of moulded trays. Most of the girls were dressed like whores or hookers — skimpily clad, like I was: skater girls, dancers, S&M girls, surfer girls, emo kids, goths, rock chicks, school girls (“Aren’t you glad you didn’t wear that outfit again,” Dirk chuckled), girls in lingerie, pony girls, cowgirls… Every type of every style of girl you could think of, crammed into this huge bustling room.

Looking at all that female flesh I couldn’t help but feel aroused. There was so much pussy here, I could smell it!

Dirk saw my blush and heard me panting.

‘Want to get your rocks off, eh?’ he asked, chuckling appreciatively. ‘Well these girls are all like you — only they’ve been here a lot longer. Some of them are more dominant — they might want to show you a thing or two.’

He cast a wry look over at me, and I felt my heart pitter-patter as I thought of all the wonderful things I could do with these girls — especially now, in this hot blonde body.

Dirk sighed. ‘It’s amazing to think, isn’t it, that there’s not one vagina in this entire room.’

I did a double-take.

‘Wha—What did you say?’

He shrugged. ‘No vaginas. No labia. No clitorises. None of the other… bits.’

‘But… but…! But they’re all so fucking hot!’

‘Ha! Just like you, Georgie. What, you thought you were the only one? After what we just talked about? Grief you are slow.’ He patted me on the shoulder. ‘Get used to it,’ he said. ‘These girls are going to have a field day with you — I can tell.’

And then he turned about and opened the door, leaving the place.

‘Wait!’ I called out. ‘Where are you going? You can’t leave me in here!’

‘Sure I can! And I am! You have an hour before I come back for you. None of the staff eat with the acquisitions, Georgie. You girls have sex izle your own eating place.’ He smiled, almost sadly. ‘Something tells me though, that with your ass, and those cock-sucking skills of yours… Well, you won’t be having much of a dinner today.’

He winked at me, and then he was gone.

I turned back to the refectory. There were too many girls, they couldn’t all single me out. But there were no unlikely tables I could sit at — no places where I could identify a person and say, ‘Well she doesn’t look like she’d be interested.’ Because all of the girls were so damn fine, and even now I sensed them looking at me; felt their gaze sizing me up — in more ways than one.

I decided I needed to make contact, grab a seat, before I found myself something to eat.

Spotting a table with three other surfer girl types at it I stepped over the bench and sat down.

‘Hey girls,’ I said, in my feminine voice. ‘How’re we doing?’

They looked at me, irritably, but said nothing.

‘What’s the lunch today?’ I asked, trying to start a conversation — desperate for contact.

The food in the trays looked nothing better than milky gruel.

‘Porridge, huh?’ I wasn’t impressed. A place that could afford to keep all of these girls could surely afford decent food. It wasn’t what I had been expecting.

‘Where do I get mine?’

Nobody answered.

As I started to get up, a meaty hand dropped onto my shoulder and pushed me back down again. I turned, looking up — and saw a behemoth of a woman looking back down at me.

‘Name’s Rhonda,’ she said. ‘You and me gonna have some fun.’

I tried to stand up but just the weight of her hand and arm relaxed was too much for me to move.

‘No, um, thanks Rhonda, but I’m here to eat.’

‘Here to eat cock! Hur hur!’ Her laugh was moronic. She looked at me with two big hazel eyes, peering past the sheer mass of her breasts. She wore a huge black corset and tight jeans, both of which bulged with her muscles. Her crotch more or less at my head height, I stole a quick glance, and saw a large bulge in her pants.

‘Turn around,’ she suggested.

I started to protest — but fell silent as those heavy hands grabbed me by my waspish waist, lifted me up, twisted me and dropped me down again.

Now I was sat facing her tight jeans, the bulge in her pants leering at me, leaning forwards—

‘Please!’ I whimpered.

‘What your name?’ Her voice was like gravel; a thick mucosic growl, it lacked intelligence and elegance — was devoid of any degree of femininity.

‘Robert,’ I said, casting my eyes to the floor; determined not to forget who I was.

‘I mean real name!’ she said, and I could hear her grin.

I looked up then, to see if there could be any sense in hoping that she might be using sarcasm; if there was any hope at all that she, with all her muscle and weight, might be able to help me break out of here—

I swallowed, as I looked into those large eyes of hers, seeing nothing there but impatience and lust.

‘Georgie,’ I said, the word catching in my throat. ‘Georgie Suxcock.’ I felt tears prick my eyes but refused to let her — let anybody — see me breaking down.

‘That a gooood name! You going to show all how good a name can be!’

I looked about, and noticed that some of the other ‘girls’ had come over, attracted to the scene this monster of a… of a woman was making.

I watched, scared and mesmerised, sweating, as she reached down with one hand and rubbed her crotch. Her other hand came up behind my head, virtually unnoticed until it was too late, and she drew me roughly into her, so that as I gasped I breathed in the scent of her crotch. She rubbed herself up against my lips, tipping my head back so that she could look me in the eye. She was grinning, wildly.

‘Suck me,’ she said.

‘No! I don’t want to!’

Abruptly she stopped rubbing herself against my lips and grasped my head with both hands.

‘Do it,’ she growled, a low murmur that maybe none of the other girls would hear. ‘Do it, or I break neck. Ok?’

I swallowed, nodding. I had no choice. I had to survive. I had to live long enough to escape, long enough to get help.

‘Ok,’ I said. ‘Ok.’

She released me from her grip, and stood with her hands on her hips, daring me to refuse to unpack her meat.

Hating myself for what I was doing, I reached forwards and unbuttoned her jeans, unzipped the fly and saw the black thong that sat behind it. She was barely concealed; her big black dick was almost as big as Dirk’s before it had hardened, and I balked at the idea of having to suck on something that big again.

Gingerly, my fingers closed around her cock, feeling the semi-erect muscle and the oily skin of her penis. She was circumcised, as I was, as we probably all were — the head of her dick was a paler brown against the ebony of her body.

I opened my full lips and began licking her, lapping alt yazılı porno at it, feeling sickly as I tasted her precum. It oozed out, wetting my lips and dribbling onto my chin no matter how much I licked. I began gently rubbing her cock with one hand, the other placed on her jeans — a feeble attempt to try to stop her from thrusting, should she try to.

I quickly realised that I was going to have to sink her dick into my mouth if I was to keep her under control, and slowly wrapped my lips around the head of her, going slow like Dirk had told me.

Soon I was bobbing on her dick, taking as much of her into my mouth as I could, my hands stroking the rest and her balls, trying to get her to come so she would leave me alone. I was vaguely aware of her sounds of pleasure, and of some chatter from the other girls, but put these things out of my mind — simply concentrated on what I was doing.

Before long she had slapped my hands away and was thrusting herself into my obedient mouth. I sat there, my hands on her hips, as she gave me the full length of her cock. My lips were dripping precum and my whole mouth and throat felt as wet and warm as a vagina. There was some deep, deep part of me that was turned on by the association — and I had a brief flicker of imagination, thinking what it would be like if I had a pussy and Rhonda were to be fucking it, filling me with her precum and drenching me—

Suddenly she stopped moving, and I felt her cock twitch and bob as she unloaded spurt after spurt of hot cum into my open mouth. I kept it open as she withdrew, firing cum all over my face. It dripped down my cheeks and onto my big tits; I could feel it cool against my skin as it ran between the cleft and down towards my belly.

Rhonda slapped her cock against my face a couple times, which took me by surprise, and then stepped back, grinning more than before (if that was possible) and tucked herself back into her jeans.

‘You suit name!’ she said, her voice booming — and that’s when I noticed the other girls as well.

About two dozen of them were watching me, some rubbing their crotches, others openly wanking their dicks. They ranged in all sizes, from my own sized penis to monsters like Dirk’s. Hmm, maybe he hadn’t been telling my the truth after all. Maybe the thought of a girl’s dick being bigger than his was some sort of threat; maybe I could use that…

My thoughts were interrupted, as the three bikini girls from the next table approached me. The best word to describe them is ‘candy’ — they were hot blondes, with delicious little tanned bodies I just wanted to fuck and cum all over. But they had cocks, and were stroking them as they strutted towards me.

Already my stomach was beginning to revolt at the thought of having to drink more of their cum, but I had no choice.

‘Hi!’ said one of the girls, brightly. ‘I’m Candice, and I love to get BJs from girls like you. How about it?’

She cocked her hips, pouting at me. I think that, even if I was back home, in my real life, in the real world, I would still have said yes.

Here, at the Farm, I simply nodded.

‘What about—’ I started, almost too afraid to ask. ‘What about your friends?’

‘Oh!’ Candice giggled. ‘Well, you can just wank them off. Ok girls?’

They nodded mutely, apparently less enthusiastic about this than their leader.

I sat there, on the lunchtime bench, waiting for her to come closer.

‘Uh, no,’ she said, sarcastically. ‘Like, for a proper BJ, the bitch kneels.’

I gulped, but got up and stepped towards her. She was a little shorter than me, but I was wearing heels and she was barefoot. Her balls sat in her bikini thong, her cock poking out before her.

I kneeled, resisting a strong urge to run my hands down the length of her sensuously curved body, ignoring the impulse to kiss those pert lips and cup those firm, small breasts. I found myself getting turned on by the very image of her, stood before me, as I kneeled down and gazed at her cock.

It went pretty much the same way as with Rhonda, starting off slow, almost teasing her. Somehow, I wanted to take more time, and when the other two stepped forwards and guided my hands to their stiff shafts I was slow, stroking them gradually.

When I started pushing my lips around the head of her cock Candice gasped, sounding just like a girl, and began thrusting herself deep and long into my mouth.

Her cock was small, maybe 6 inches, but the site of that toned, flat stomach and her small breasts cupped in her bright bikini started to get me thinking again about how good it would be to fuck her. I felt myself start to get aroused as I looked up, past the little mounds on her chest, and saw her blonde, beach bimbo features, her lips puckered, eyes melting in pleasure.

‘Oh yes!’ she said. ‘Suck that dick, you dirty little whore!’

I began tugging on the two cocks either side of me more thoroughly, altyazılı sex izle somehow desperate to have the hot cum of these sexy girls on my body. I knew they weren’t girls — knew that it was a dick I held in either hand, and that I wasn’t fingering their pussies. …but it felt good to have hot girls like that again, after having suffered the ignominy of sucking on Dirk’s hard cock.

The only difference to how things used to roll is that here it was me pleasuring the girls. I’d never really been bothered about that, before.

As Candice thrust herself into me I felt my tits bouncing, felt my knees starting to hurt. My hotpants were tight about my crotch; I knew that my cock was rock hard, but was too preoccupied on serving the cocks laid out before me to worry about it.

Suddenly the girl to my left came in a spray of hot white spunk that burst all over my blonde hair, running down my arm. Seeing her friend cum the girl on my right was only moments behind her, spurting her juices down onto my tits with small girlish shrieks.

I looked up into Candice’s eyes, saw her friends kissing her neck and vying with one another to kiss those beautiful lips—

Then Candice pushed herself as deep into my mouth as she could go and froze, unloading her sperm down my throat. I had no choice but to drink it, swallowing hard. That only created more of a vacuum in my mouth and Candice moaned at the sensation.

She slowly swung her hips back and forth, pumping her softening cock in and out of my mouth. I had let go of the other two cocks, and reached up to cup her buttocks with both hands — determined to get something out of being used.

I felt degraded and ashamed, as I knelt on the refectory floor while the others watched me, sucking thirstily on this hot bikini girl’s cock, running my hands up and down her tight little body.

There were murmurs from the girls that had gathered, and then a klaxon sounded — a harsh, scathing sound that cut right through me.

I realised instantly what it was that I was doing — and the wrongness of it.

Abruptly I backed away, pulling Candice out of my mouth (she gasped a little, still tender) and stood up, looking about.

Some of the girls had sort of bored expressions on their faces, liked they’d missed out on a good thing, but all were turning to the double doors that dotted the refectory walls.

Candice and her friends were moving away from me.

I rushed forward and grabbed her by the arm. She looked at me like what the fuck was I doing, any appreciation for what I’d just done for her had evaporated.

‘What’s happening?’ I asked, as the siren shut off.

She scowled at me and shook her arm out of my grip. ‘End of lunch time,’ she said, turning savagely and strutting off.

‘Oh,’ I said, feeling foolish.

None of the girls had put their trays away — I vaguely wondered who did that — and there were still some scraps of food lying around.

I had the mucosic sensation of having swallowed too much cum and took a long draught from a glass of water. There were bread rolls on one table; I snatched at one, biting into it hungrily. I hadn’t really had much to eat.

The refectory was empty by the time I pushed open the double doors I had came through earlier. Before the humiliating experience of being made into a cock-sucking bitch for Rhonda and Candice.

Dirk was there, leaning against a wall, chewing gum.

‘Howdy!’ he said, always full of cheer; annoyingly so.

‘Phew!’ he said, noticing the cum on my face, in my hair, and on my body. My clothes were sticky, and only now did I notice the smell. ‘Looks like somebody made a few friends.’ He grinned.

I just looked at him and then broke down crying.

I sank to the floor, curling up into myself and sobbing uncontrollably. It was the most disgusting experience, to have been used like that — and worse, to recall that there were moments where I actually enjoyed it. What was wrong with me? I needed to escape, but as Robert Spilman, not Georgie Suxcock!

‘Help me,’ I pleaded. ‘Please, help me.’

Dirk tutted and came over, gently picked me up and stood before me.

‘Now you know I can’t help you,’ and his voice was soft when he spoke. ‘I’m your trainer. I’m here, for you. Understand? You may not think it, but… well, working at the Farm isn’t just about how you look or what sexual acts you perform.’ I grimaced. ‘It’s about what’s in here as well.’ — And he lightly tapped my temple with one finger. I started to get my hopes up — was he telling me to be strong, that if I kept myself from mental breakdown I could still remain me, retaining my personal identity?

He continued: ‘All that this tells me is that you’re not fully conditioned yet. You haven’t been broken in properly, that’s all.’ He smiled, warmly, an expression at odds with the gravity of what it was he was telling me. ‘You need to let go. You need to give up this nonsense about wanting to be helped. Yes, yes, everybody likes a helpless hot girl they can abuse — but that should be the act, Georgie, not the reality. Don’t you see? Now come on, let’s get you back to your room. I think I know just the thing to get you loosened up this afternoon.’