The Felt Resort and Spa Ch. 07


Lola was furious sure, but she wasn’t about to charge out after Ted. It’s true she tried every single trick in the book to corner Ted, and now that he was willing to accept her there had to be one but. Pete was generous when it came to pleasing guests and patients alike, but they weren’t together. Pete knew it and Lola knew it.

Lola laid in her bed, once Ellie’s bed, and closed her eyes. Maybe if she slept she’d be clearer on the entire situation. Ted was probably taking his fury out in screwing new guests, all that rage being taken into them, it felt as if Lola was being cheated.

Why couldn’t she have Pete and Ted? Not just separately, but all at once.

Ted was angry, but he didn’t feel like fucking. He felt like swinging. Why couldn’t Lola just ditch Pete, he wasn’t a friend to her. Was he? One thing is all he asked and Lola still refused. Ted was walking down hallways hearing constant sounds of moaning and thumping against the walls.

His anger was still swelling inside. He decided to get out of the resort for a bit, maybe he could call Trent and ask his advice. No. He and Ellie were probably cuddling in bed thinking of baby names or sitting on their porch on the front swing watching the clouds pass by.

Such a romantic, his brother, so considerate and soothing. Ted tried and tried t fight off Lola’s temptations, and now that he wanted to give in, now that he was so close, he couldn’t touch her. He wouldn’t.

Ted decided to take a drive, a small one around the resort, three times before walking back inside. He had calmed a bit, but then there Pete was, talking to Anna Morgan, manager and awesome giver of head. Her short brown locks were being smoothed down by Pete as he leaned in to kiss her forehead.

How many times had he done the exact thing to Lola? Ted had to breathe in to hold his anger, because there he was, a target.

“Oh, hi Ted, I thought you took today off.” Anna smiled serenely.

Pete wrinkled his nose frowning, but he gritted his teeth into the form of a smile “Ted.”

“Hello to you too Anna.” Ted looked up at Pete “I just went for a short drive. I was actually about to visit Lola.”

“Ohhh?” Anna beamed at him, after all the years of Lola trying to get him, Anna was relieved at hearing he was finally ready to accept her affections. They were a cute couple in her mind, even if they didn’t know it yet.

“That’s wonderful, isn’t that wonderful Pete?” All the light from Pete’s face had drained. Anna looked up at him, there was a darkness in Anna’s eyes that scared all staff members, like a never ending void of death and despair. Anna smiled sweetly tapping his arm. “Pete?”

“Sure.” Pete shrugged, his fell away from Anna’s. “I guess…So, short visit?”

“Maybe, I’m hoping to make it a long one. Anna, it’s been a pleasure.” Ted smiled and patted Pete on the shoulder “I’ll see you around, Peter.”

Pete glared at him as he went by, arrogant little prick.

“You two are such little children.” Anna shook her head.

“Anna you don’t-

Anna held a hand out, stopping at Pete’s face “I’ve been working here for ten years, Pete. I’ve known you two for five. I know everything that happens here, between staff and guests.”

Anna narrowed her eyes, they were a steely gray, and she meant business “You two have been competing for the affections of the women of this hotel. Most like it, but when it comes to Lola, she and he have history. So let him go to her. If she decides to leave with him then that’s how it’ll be.”

“And if I hear another complaint from guests and staff about either one of you I’m suspending you without pay for an entire month, do I make myself clear?” Anna waited for a response and Peter sighed.


“Good, because you’d definitely hate for me to have a word with Dr. Grant about how you’ve been taking off sick lately and to my surprise the next day you seem to be here walking around, talking, seeming completely well.”

“I got it, Anna!” Pete snapped.

“Good, now I’m off to do paperwork. You, can fluff the towels Bostancı Escort while the pool boy is away. You know, give a helping hand while you’re on break.” Anna smiled.

Pete walked off towards the pool area. Around this resort and spa, Anna Morgan was the law.

It took Ted a few hours to gain courage to even knock at Lola’s door, it was seven. And he was worried about her shooing him away. Lola slowly opened the door. She stared at him.


“I just need one more thing.” She held the door open for him to come in. She sat on her bed watching him lock the door.

“I’m sorry, I’m jealous of Pete.” Ted raised his hands “He’s like the white knight, all charming and cheerful. So understanding. I don’t rule over you, so I’m sorry.”

Lola nodded “Okay, I accept your sorries.”

“If I were to touch you right now, would you push me away?”

Lola looked at him “Well, are you touching me right?”

Ted smiled kissing her lips, sweet, plushy, tasting of bubblegum lip gloss. He started to kiss down her neck and onto her breasts.

“Come on, impress me.” Lola told him.

“Alright.” Ted started to pull down her panties and laid her back on the bed and he stared at her vagina, it was cute, drippy, and he knew delicious. Ted licked around her pussy lips tasting her warm juices flowing into his mouth. He began to lightly nibble at one of her soft lips while fondling her clit.

“Mmm, what are you doing?” Lola groaned.

“Enjoying your flesh.” Ted mumbled chewing of her lips. Lola felt the light pain and began to sweat. Ted started pressing his tongue on her clit chewing on it.

“Ahhh.” Ted was enjoying himself, twisting her clit between his teeth made Lola jump.

“Why so antsy?” Ted laughed pulling at her swollen meat with his mouth.

“Shut up.” Lola groaned.

“Okay.” Ted shoved his mouth inside her vagina and swirled his tongue into her hot cove, feeling her walls hit against his rough tongue. She was indeed sweet, most likely from the honey wash she used constantly. He wanted to taste every bit of her.

“Ah.” Lola tried to hold her moaned when she felt Ted began sucking his mouth on the walls of her pussy. If he could work this many wonders with his tongue, what would happen when she sampled his dick?

Once he pulled his mouth out of her, she began pulling his pants down with urgency. His ten inch erection greeted her.

“Now you lay down.” Lola commanded and they switched seats from the bed to the floor.

“Now you have to impress me.” Ted smiled. Lola rubbed her hands up and down his shaft.

“Mhmm.” She trailed her tongue down his steam over his ball sack. She lapped her tongue up and down his cock over and over until it was completely covered in her saliva.

“Mmm.” Ted groaned, her tongue felt like a tiny dancer, flitting up and down, across, right and left, back and forth.

She wiggled her tongue into his opening, feeling it stretch a bit.

“Lola…don’t.” Ted groaned. She couldn’t help but giggle at his plea. She opened her mouth and took his cock head in her mouth, her tongue rolling over the side. She lowered herself up and down as his penis throbbed against her throat. Faster and faster.

Ted groaned as she picked up the pace, her throat felt tight on the inside, how was she not gagging right now? She pushed her head further and further down bringing her down near his balls. She bobbed down his cock longer than when he tasting her.

Right when Ted felt himself about to cum, Lola pulled her mouth off him. Figures, he groaned to himself. Lola started squeezing him balls, pulling at them, teasing them before she started to suck on them.

“Does this mean you’re going to let me cum?” Ted groaned as she pulled his balls into her mouth again.

“Mhmmm.” Lola sucked harder “Cum.” Ted groaned as she pulled at his balls, continuing to squeeze her lips around them again, crushing them constantly.

“I’m cumming..” Ted gave her the heads up, Lola sometimes like to lick it off her tits, or have it in her hair, but at Kadıköy Escort that moment, Lola placed her mouth back on his cock wanting it inside her throat.

Thick white fluff filled inside her throat, Lola had to gulp as the next load would have made her choke. So hot and gooey, she swallowed it all and even licked the rest off of his cock.

Ted was out of breath “Give me a second.”

“Don’t flake out on me now.” Lola grinned leaning over his body. Ted’s hands made it to the back of her bra, unclipping it he took one mound and immediately took it in his moist mouth, sucking her on one as he squeezed the other.

“That’s nice.” Lola groaned as he took about half of her breast and yanked on it with his mouth. He rolled her over so that he was on top of her.

He used his hands to fondles her breasts and smiled “What entrance should I use?”

Lola smirked “Use both, break them if you can.” That sounded like a challenge to Ted, so he lowered himself near her pussy lips aligning his head with her entrance.

“I’m up for the challenge.” Ted groaned pushing his cock inside her, one hard thrust and he was all the way in. Lola liked the roughness, it made her bubble underneath him. Lola wrapped her legs around his waist taking him into her wetness.

“Mmm, give me all you have.” Lola told him. Ted watched his brother teach yoga classes constantly, so he knew how to stretch Lola out well. He took her up in his arms he was on his knees on the bed as he held her up a few inches off the bed and began thrusting.

“Ohh yeah.” Lola groaned feeling his cock finally inside her made her hotter with each thrust, he was shoving up inside her, fast, slapping her cervix each time.

Ted lowered her down onto the bed and began to fuck her from behind.

“Ahhh, more.” Lola groaned even loud when Ted raised one of her legs up letting him crush deeper inside her pressing through her cervix.

“God…” The pressure, the heated pressure of him stretching her cervix had her grasping at the bed, it hurt so good.

Ted pumped harder and faster, feeling his balls slap her ass cheeks each time he penetrated her.

Ted then stood on the bed and held her hips high as they could go, before slamming her pussy with his rod, feeling them boil.

“Yes…yes.” Lola let him move her body any way he saw fit, she just wanted this amazing fuck, her cunt was tightening around him. Lola could feel it, he probably couldn’t move as hard, but it didn’t stop him.

Ted kept thrusting up against the tightness “This just makes me harder.” Ted whispered, he bent her down on all fours onto the bed and pushed harder, into her tightness, stretching her, wanting her to loosen beneath his balls.

“Ahh.” Lola groaned into the covers as he kept thrusting inside her, with how tight she was and his constant pummeling she was feeling sore. She’d be sore in the morning too, but he never relented in his quest to fuck her that’s for sure.

“I’m cumming.” Lola groaned.

“Then cum.” Ted kept thrusting inside her, the thick river started to flow out of her, which gave Ted the hint to pull out, he then swab the cum out of her pussy with his tongue, he didn’t care if she was sore of sensitive, he was thirsty for her. Lola turned around and licked his cock cleaned cleansing it off with her sheets. Once she finished he bent over onto the bed and started fingering her ass.

“Mmmm, no games just put it in already.” Lola told him, she didn’t need any lube or any cum, she wanted his bare cock, hard, rough against her skin. Ted was happy to oblige pressing his cock against her asshole, slowly moving it around until the head started entering her ass.

“Ohh.” Lola smiled widely, something was poking inside her ass too, maybe she should piss Ted off more often. Ted pushed his cock all the way in, pulling out quickly before slamming it back into her.

“Yes!” Lola yelled as he gripped her ass plunging deeper, her ass was starting to leak the more he ravaged inside her. The tightness was amazing though, tighter than Valerie’s Göztepe Escort ass, and Valerie always knew how to keep nice and tight.

“Did you tighten your ass too?” Ted groaned pumping into her slit again.

“Maybe.” Lola smiled into the sheet as he kept pushing into her, what a feeling, her ass was stretching wider and wider. Ted picked her up and started standing, he held her legs wide open, his hands kept her up right as he pushed deeper into her anal cavity. He bounced her up and down her cock, wanting her to feel him beat her walls, tear into her ass. Her slit bounced and stretched, the vibrations he was giving off had her juices spilling onto the floor like a never ending waterfall.

“Ahhh! Ted!” Ted as merciless in his pursuit. Lola groaned wildly for hours.

“I’m cumming.” Ted groaned pumping slower.

“Me too, don’t stop.” Lola urged, he gave her another hard push, then another, the last thrust caused both of them to cum. Lola’s cum sprayed onto her floors like a watering hose, as Ted’s cum pushing the walls of Lola’s ass to spread further open. Both of them, now released from one another laid on the bed breathing heatedly.

“So…” Lola breathed “How bad of an idea was this?”

Ted felt his face flush, from all the heat they gave off “I don’t really care anymore. I have off the morning shift all this week .” Ted rolled over, back onto Lola checking his watch “It’s only one in the morning, I’m ready for more.”

Lola smiled feeling something grow strong against her leg “Well…it won’t kill me.” They rolled back onto the bed again, and on the floor, against the wall, the balcony, on the dresser, and the table…It didn’t matter if it was Lola’s mouth, her ass, her pussy, Ted just wanted to fill her time after time. And she wanted him just as bad, she pushed him down a couple of times during their sex-a-thon.

When it was six, he explored her puffy pink treasure once more in the shower, first with his hand as he fisted her vigorously then with his tongue and teeth, and lastly with his cock. They even fucked on the toilet and sink, and bathroom floor. It was a cum-a-palooza throughout the entire bathroom. Lola had to shower again to wash all the cum off and out of her, agreeing that they should go one at a time.

It was now nine in the morning and Lola and Ted were finally fully dressed looking at one another.

“Okay, you’re pretty great.” Ted admitted.

“You’re not so bad yourself stallion.” Lola giggled “And because of you I need to rest. I’m sore and bruised.”


“Please, I loved it.” Lola smirked. “Now do you still have problems?”

“I’m happy, if you’re happy.”

“And I am, so you can do whatever or whoever, and I can ice the vagina and ass that you ruined.”

“Or I can order you two more tightenings before I’m off to visit Trent and my sister-in-law.”

“Please do, and tell Ellie I say hi. Give Trent a hug for me.”

“Will do.” Ted smiled leaving the room. Outside he leaned against the door. Lola was really above great, above amazing when it came to laying or blowing, fucking, and sucking. Ted quivered at the thought, she was tighter that his most one offs, and she was happy with whatever he gave to her.

Ted checked his watch again, he was visiting his brother soon, it was one of his days off, but his heart was beating too loudly, erratically at the thought of Lola’s touch, her impish grin. Someone help him, he thought as he started down the hallway.

He needed a break today, a break from all the willing women, the sexy, unsatisfied, sex crazed women. Away from Lola, Pete, and Anna who was now bumped down to second for best head giver. Too many thoughts clouding his mind, there would definitely be a storm brewing soon.

He raced to the lobby pulling out his car keys, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead as he passed Zack sitting at the desk.

“Hey man, where a- Ted mumbled something quick about room 286 needing a double tightening, that was about all Zack could make out as Ted zoomed by him.

Ted didn’t stop, passing the pamphlets, the guests and finally through the double doors. He made it to his car and drove, watching as the resort became smaller in his rearview mirror. He need to get away from the Felt Resort and Spa. He needed to get away from Cum As You are.