The First Time

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(with some help from my online friend)


A week’s worth of texts and emails have me in such a state of constant arousal that I’ve arranged to be “working” late at the office this evening! As the last person walks out the door I get a little giddy with excitement that you will soon be here! My heart is beating too fast and my pussy is already wet with just the anticipation of what will happen between us this evening.

I turn off most of the lights in the office and tidy the papers on my desk for the eighth time in 5 minutes, when I hear a knock on the door. I take a deep nervous breath before opening the door to see you standing there with a big smile on your face.

I smile shyly back at you and say a little breathlessly, “Hi, come on in!”

You step into the front porch and I close and lock the door behind you, leaning against it for just a moment to steady myself. I turn towards you and take a step closer, your eyes meet mine and I can feel the chemistry between us ignite. I take another step until our bodies are just barely touching. I place my hand on your upper arm and raise up on my tip toes, whispering in your ear “You are even sexier in person then I imagined.” I gently nip your ear lobe with my teeth and quickly run my tongue along your sensitive skin.

You let out a low groan and pull me towards you until our bodies are pressed hard against each other, then you claim my lips for a fierce kiss. Our first kiss. Our tongues explore and lay claim to each others mouths. My hands grab onto your shoulders as İstanbul Escort my knees start to turn to Jello. You take control and manoeuvre us so that my back is pressed against the wall then run your fingers from my neck down into the cleavage of my top. You move your hands around to cup my breasts and sigh with contentment. I press more firmly into your hands and lean in to rain kisses along your neck and jaw before returning to your oh so sexy lips.

You release my lips, reach down and grab the hem of my shirt to haul it over my head and throw it into the corner. Hungrily you lean down and start trailing kisses from my collar bone to the edge of my bra and back up to my ear. Quickly you turn me around and undo my bra strap, remove it as well and throw it in the corner with my shirt. Once you have my breasts bare you press your chest against my back and grind your pelvis against my ass. You kiss and nibble my ear while your hands explore my ample tits and flick and pinch my nipples until they are puckered and oh so sensitive.

My hips start grinding my ass against your hard cock and my pussy starts to throb. I need to touch you so I turn and run my hands up under your shirt, scraping my nails lightly against your skin. I follow your lead and haul your shirt off and add it to the pile of clothing in the corner. I lick and kiss a trail from your chest down your happy trail until I get to your jeans. Quickly I undo the fly of your jeans and push them and your boxer briefs lower on your hips until your cock springs free. I Anadolu Yakası Escort wrap my hand around you and lightly stroke up and down before I lean in to lick the pre-cum off your tip. I open my mouth and take the head of your dick inside, swirling my tongue around the ridges and dipping it into the tip to taste your excitement. I take more of you into my mouth, grazing you little with my teeth then sucking you deeper into my throat until I can’t take any more. I draw back until I’m barely holding you in my mouth and then suck you back into the hilt. I withdraw my mouth halfway and use my hand to grip the base of your shaft while I work your cock with my mouth over and over until you are groaning and close to cumming.

You don’t want to cum yet so you haul my greedy mouth away from your dick and raise me to my feet again. You kiss me again and say “Show me where your desk is, I want to lay you over it and taste your sweet pussy.”

I lead you to my desk in the corner and lean against it. You waste no time in grabbing my skirt and bunching it up around my waist. You spread my thighs open and kneel between them, running your fingers over the satin of my panties before hauling them to the side and rubbing my clit with your thumb. I flinch slightly as soon as you touch me because I’ve been so aroused for so long that I’m super sensitive. You ease off the pressure of your thumb a little and run your fingers along my slit feeling the dampness that you have caused. You slide a finger into my pussy and feel my muscles instantly Üsküdar Escort contract around you. You add a second finger and piston them in and out of me until my hips are bucking. You remove your thumb from my throbbing clit and replace it with your soft tongue, alternating between circling and flicking your tongue back and forth over my swollen bud.

The moans escaping my mouth tell you how wild you are driving me but it isn’t enough for you. You intend to make me cum with your hot mouth on me! Removing your fingers from my sopping wet pussy you lick my wet folds and lap up my juices. I’m on the brink of cumming when you take my clit into your mouth and suck on it sending me over the edge into an orgasm so intense my breathing stops for a moment and black spots appear before my eyes.

You stand up and your pants aside, position your cock at my entrance and thrust inside me in one smooth stroke. You pull out and start to gently move in and out of my pussy. I need more so I grab your ass and force you to slam into me over and over until we are both panting. You pull out long enough to turn me around on the desk so you can ram me from behind, then start thrusting hard and fast into me again. I reach under and start to flick my clit as I feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming. I feel your cock start to swell and know that you are as close as I am. I grind my ass back against you and send both of us spiralling into a mind blowing orgasm. I can feel your cock shooting your load inside me as my pussy convulses around you.

Finally when breathing slows down and the contractions in my pussy stop you pull out of me. I kneel down in front of you and lick you until you are all cleaned up. Your dick is starting to get hard again already…

I wonder what round two will bring!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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