The First Try

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Just like many people around me, I do not justify cheating and I never thought I would be finding myself in this situation.

I believe most of us do not think they’ll cheat on their spouse until they find themselves doing it!

Being a passionate person I have always been fierce however it got lost after my marriage.

I found myself browsing through different profiles on this website, after going through many messages, I found someone who was as keen as I was.. hungry as I felt. Let’s call him Richard.

So, Richard and I exchanged numbers on the site chat and we connected on whatsapp.

We were both at work but the hunger kept growing with each fantasy that we shared in our writings, so much so that we decided to meet the same evening.

We figured this halfway point where I reached by train and he drove.

We met past ticket barriers and greeted each other, went to a park nearby where the day light was diminishing with a glimpse of cloudy skies. We walked and found a silent bushy corner with a bench, I bursa escort bayan felt Richard trying to hold my hand and I advanced to his initiations. The next moment we were kissing each other.. a slight peck on lips turning in to a fuller kiss with our lips trying to melt away, as soon as I felt Richard’s tongue trying to find a way to touch mine, I found myself moaning as my spine felt so charged with all the warmth our bodies were emitting.. I took his hand and placed it on my breasts where he needed no more direction. Richard found my erect nipple and started stroking it from outside my lace bra and shirt.

I was running my fingers through his neck looking for a hint.. just that one hint to know that he needed me to rub his growing bulge.

We broke our kiss for a second where Richard said “fuck.. this is hot” that was all I wanted to know and I rushed my hand to his crotch, rubbing and teasing it.. Looking at my face he knew I wanted to fuck him and he wanted the same!

After trying and finally finding a twin bed room, nilüfer escort we didn’t care about pushing the beds together.

Richard put the keycard in grabbing my hair gently kissing me again where I kept rubbing his cock from outside his trousers which was now very hard.

We got undressed before I pushed him to bed and got on top, we started kissing again with me moving to his earlobe biting it before moving down and kissing his inner thighs, teasing his cock by taking my mouth closer but not touching it..hearing Richard say “oh fuck yes!!” propelled me further to lick the length of his shaft followed by my lips kissing the tip of his cock that had his pre cum for me… his fucking shaft that had a massive mushroom head..! it literally made that popping sound as I took it in my little mouth and sucked on it.. working my tongue up on his cock I started blowing it.

Honestly, I have a very bad gag reflex and to take a cock thick as his certainly required some practice which I didn’t have due to lack türbanlı escort of sex and well.. oral sex. Blame the porn for rushing into trying to swallow it all!!

Well I couldn’t so I kept sucking and licking the head of Richard’s cock to which he was groaning and moaning “fuck yes that is it, yes.. mmmmm.. fuck.. your mouth is so warm..”

I moaned in pleasure with my mouthful of his mushroom..

I needed no more encouraging words! I dared and started licking his balls..taking his hand, placing it on his cock, telling him to rub his cock back and forth as I wanted to see him do it.. watching his face, with every lick I tried sucking his balls in my mouth.. one after another.. repeatedly.. He moaned my name telling me how desperate he was to release but all he could moan was “fucking hell..” in different pitches! I wanted to look into eyes licking those balls with all my hunger and force, before moving to that space between his balls and butthole where I started forcing my tongue rubbing my own clit which only made me hornier than I was and there it was… Richard groaned a loud “fuckk fuck yes” and with this he started cumming.

No we did not have sex, no he did not return but this certainly made me realise my love for giving oral pleasure.

Joys of giving!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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