The Fix

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We sit down on the grass and look at the people of Chicago for a while, not gonna lie this is just useless foreplay for the emotional sexual tension. The physical can be handled by some Tahoe. I like that Suzy’s at least smoked before; she’s smoked some good shit before, but not Tahoe. This’ll be fun. I fix up a cross joint and she asks how I did that, I said Pineapple Express inspired me. We smoke only like half of the cross joint, the smaller one is done but there’s half of the whole thing left. High as fucking dickens we are. We’re gonna get hungry in about…10 minutes but fuck it.

Without any forethought or warning she cranes in toward me starts kissing and holding me. I’m on a cloud.

“Is this because of the weed?”

“No but dealing does give this air of coolness about you. I’ve wanted to do this for a while now Harvey.”

“Well aren’t you sweet.”

In Millennium Park. Whoa okay, this is going kinda fast. I usually take 10 minutes of foreplay for those rare instances I do have sex. Must cherish this then. She basically rolled herself onto me after we smoked the joint, I’m pretty fucking baked, so I don’t know if this means it’ll be better or shorter sex…maybe both. She does look really good today…wearing leggings, god bless the man who invented those and yoga pants (if there’s a difference), with some kind of grey-green top, one of those tops where their shoulders are exposed too. I don’t know what girls wear. Her black hair isn’t messy like she got out of bed but kind of around there and giving that look of messiness that’s socially acceptable, the naughty kind of messiness in a girl’s hair…

Where was I? Oh yeah, she basically bahis firmaları rolled on to me and has been kissing me. We progressively evolve to necking, which I like a lot. I’m glad she’s down for it, getting detached and losing myself to the passion drives, love and love-like emotions in me, or maybe I’m just horny, it’s hard to tell. Why am I getting more aroused when she kisses my neck? It’s so sensitive there. I guess that’s why people like it. I like necking. I can say that now. Awesome.

My arms rise and begin holding her back, holding her against like she holds me. Keep moving down her neck and massaging her neck with my mouth, start stroking my hands through her hair. Her hair is so soft and smells pretty like her, but it’s deep in its darkness, it’s like her hair is shadowing over us and shielding us from the prying eyes of the world. I move my hands from her hair and start massaging her back, she moans in delight. Now my hands find their way more south and are rubbing and massaging her cute little butt. She has since moved down my neck but stops at a point to deliver her love bite, now I’m property. Something awakens. The bite is low enough that it can be obscured by outerwear anyway, nobody can see unless they see me in just a shirt. I can actually feel my blood boiling and rising inside there.

Okay, it’s downright getting painful to keep my dick in my pants now. It needs to breathe. Before I can even start she starts undoing my belt for me, is she telepathic? Even the fucking air starts to have a different scent due to the smells of her, me, genitals coming out to play…it’s been a while! She pulls her leggings only partially down, have to have some kaçak iddaa decency, and then swings her thong to the side. I don’t have a condom of course but who gives a flying fuck. She again takes the first initiative by lowering herself onto my dick. She knows what she’s doing up top, she prods my dick with her lower lips first, getting deeper with each plunge she takes until I am completely inside her. She feels like who she is: nice and warm…and wet.

She then starts at a relatively fast pace while I caress her voluptuous boobs that I cant fucking see under her top and I have to use my imagination goddamnit,andwe’re both still going at it ravenously on each other’s necks and faces. What seemed to be an eternity is actually 10 minutes of me ‘being there’ and taking it.

She realizes that in the heat of the moment, that we’ve been in her pussy this whole time without protection on either front. So she opts for trying out the other place, her butt. I admire Suzy’s idea for protection.

Now this makes me borderline cum purely from imagining her asshole stretching to accept my dick. She rubs some of her pussy fluids onto her fingers and reaches behind her butt to start fingering. I can’t see it from this angle but by her facial expressions and smile I think she found the spot.

She grabs my dick from behind her and guides it toward her now wet and cavernous asshole. I push in and feel the greatest type of tightness that can be felt. Why can’t I just live here forever. I would be her little ass slave boy. I would do that for her OH MY GOD where are these thoughts even coming from? Is something wrong with me?I don’t care anymore.

It doesn’t feel like kaçak bahis shit’s in there, but it feels kinda dry, like the way cottonmouth feels but putting your dick in an ass of cottonmouth feeling. That means there’s probably dried shit specks and smear inside her but no mess overall, stop thinking about the dirty details. Suzy has been kind and generous enough to let me explore her asshole. This works for me. The downside is it’s harder to pick up speed when we’re in public. But I push on, moving my hands from her boobs to her ass, and embrace it, moving it in rhythm with the movement of my dick. I stop caring about the public eye and thrust into her asshole faster.

She begins to moan a little which snaps me out of my id sex induced trance, and her moaning and grunting makes me self-conscious of what we’re doing. I look around a little, but she turns my head to face her and tells me we’re okay, nobody’s around. I just close my eyes briefly to forget about my surroundings and reopen them to see nothing but her dancing her ass on my dick.

I love Suzy right now, I can’t hold it any longer, I speed up until I can no longer go any faster without hurting somebody as I cum my load inside her ass. Hopefully she isn’t mad at my lack of a warning, it’s a complement she can make me cum like that. After about a minute of her lying still on me, I briefly pass out from the euphoria I’m feeling. She slaps me awake and I’m back into it. She already put her thong back and leggings up by the time I realize I’m back. She hands me some Kleenex she had in her purse, she had finished cleaning up what has dripped out. I follow suit and wipe off my dick. Slip my dick back in my pants and put my belt back together.

“Oh my god, I haven’t been fucked like that in ages.”

“You were amazing. Listen…”

“Oh God I knew this was going too well.”

“Chill Harvey, everything’s fine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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