The Gift of Modifying

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Everyone engaged in any sexual activity are over the age of 18.

Everything and everyone are completely made up and any likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental.

I encourage feedback as it helps me grow as a writer.

Please enjoy the story!


It was a sunny afternoon and Zeke was taking the long way home from the university. Anything to break the routine of his dull everyday life. There wasn’t anything particularly bad about it, in fact almost anyone would say that he was living a great life but he was just so bored with it.

His classes were easy, his parents were supportive and mostly happy, he wasn’t bullied and even though he didn’t have a really close friend he still had classmates that always invited him when they were doing something.

But he felt like his whole life was just slowly moving ahead on a set path that didn’t lead anywhere interesting and he couldn’t do anything about it. As if he was just along for the ride.

With a heavy sigh he sat down on a bench on the edge of the local park, leaned back and watched the clouds for a moment.

There was something serene about watching the sky, the birds flying by and hearing the gentle breeze in the trees. He closed his eyes and sighed again. He really should get moving or his mom might wonder where he was.

“It is much too fine a day to be sighing like that.”

Zeke opened his eyes and was surprised to see a man sitting next to him on the bench even though he hadn’t heard him sit down.

“Well, I’m not sighing because of the weather.” he said and stretched his arms up with another sigh.

“No, I guessed as much.” the old man said. “Maybe I could help you out?” he held out a card to Zeke.

“Lucas Morrisson, trader and dealer in dreams and gifts.” Zeke read aloud. “What does that mean?”

“Basically I help people get what they want so tell me, what is it that you want?”

“Heh, that sounds a little too much like a scam and I don’t think you could help me anyway.” Zeke said with a shrug.

The old man was probably crazy and he should get going but when he stood up to leave, the old man did the same.

“You shouldn’t be so quick to disregard the help of strangers.” he said and held out his hand. “But I can see that you have somewhere to be. Good bye and good luck to you then!” he added with a smile.

Zeke didn’t want to be rude and took his hand but the moment their skin touched, he felt a sting and quickly pulled his hand back.

“Ow, what was that? What did you do?” Zeke almost shouted as checked his hand.

“Oh, nothing much. I’ll see you around!” he said and walked away before Zeke could stop him.

By the time Zeke concluded that he hadn’t in fact been hurt, the old man was gone. The pain had already subsided and he didn’t want to worry his mother so he decided that it had probably been some sort of weird prank thing the man had in his hand and that it should probably just be ignored so he simply went home.

“Welcome home! Dinner will be ready in about half an hour.” his mother called out when he came in through the door.

“Thank you! I’ll be in my room then.”

Up in his room, Zeke let out a heavy sigh before chuckling to himself.

“Well, I did want something to happen and it sure did.”

After a good laugh at how scared he had been over nothing, he got started on his homework while waiting for dinner.

The evening felt almost strange in how normal it was. Zeke had thought that it would feel different after having something so weird happening to him during the day but it seemed as if his life just found itself back on its tracks and slowly moved on once again.


Zeke opened his eyes and saw clear blue sky with the occasional cloud slowly passing by. Lowering his gaze, he saw trees, green grass and a small pond. He was sitting on a bench in the park but couldn’t remember how he got here.

“Hello again, young man.”

Zeke turned to the right and saw an old man smiling at him. It felt like he should know who he was but couldn’t remember.

“Don’t worry about it.” the man said. “It’s always a bit hazy at first but we have a lot to go through so I’m afraid we don’t have time to just wait.”

“A lot to go through? What do you mean?”

“You feel that your life is too boring and that nothing seems to be under your control so I have given you a gift. The gift of Modifying to be precise.”

“The gift of Modifying?” Zeke shook his head as it still felt a bit sluggish.

“Yes, the easiest way to explain it would be that you can look at people just as if they were characters in a game. If you focus on a person and think that you want to modify them, then a character screen of them will open up in front of you that only you can see and interact with.”

Zeke rubbed his eyes, things were starting to come into focus now even though what the old man said made no sense.

“On the character screen.” the man continued. “You will see an image of your target so that you can see escort ilanları the effects of your modifications which can be pretty much anything that has to do with their body that you can think of.”

“That sounds really weird and too good to be true.” Zeke managed to say.

“Well there are limits, of course. You will need line of sight of your target, the modification needs to be put in manually so they have the opportunity to walk away if you take too long since you won’t really be able to follow them since the screen will stop you from seeing where you are going. The list of things to modify is right next to the image and is very long so it is easiest if you just think about what you want to change and it will pop up by itself.”

“Now, and this is important, the modifications you do will not be applied retroactively. They will happen right there and then so everyone will notice it happening. You better learn how to do these things carefully unless you want panic on your hands.”

“And finally, Modifying someone will cost you energy. In fact it will cost energy just to open the character screen and every change you make to a person will cost you again. In terms you can understand, just think of it like a point system where it costs one point to open the character screen and then another point for each change you make no matter how big or small.”

“How do I earn these points then?” Zeke asked with a chuckle, still not believing this to be real.

“You will earn points through sex. More specifically having an orgasm inside a woman. You will earn one point for climaxing inside her mouth, two points if it is inside her anus and three points if it is inside her vagina.”

“What? Why is vaginal worth more than anal that should be much harder?”

“Because that is the most intimate act you can perform and it also carries more risk and not just because of pregnancy. I should also add that you can’t be using a condom as then the semen won’t actually end up inside the woman so I suggest you find someone you trust if you want to have a steady income of energy especially since you can’t have more than six points saved up.”

Lucas chuckled to himself and put a hand on Zeke’s shoulder.

“I know this is a lot to take in but trust me, it is actually much simpler than it sounds and you will understand once you see it for yourself. I have given you six points to start with so go and make your life more interesting!”


Zeke sat up with a jolt, sweat running down his back as he was breathing hard and clutching his chest. Looking around he saw that he was in his bed and there was nobody in his room. He was alone!

It took him a couple of minutes to calm down before going to the bathroom to get cleaned up. As he was standing in the shower, he realized that he could actually remember that weird dream which was very unusual for him. He very rarely remembered his dreams and when he did it was only fragments but this one was as clear to him as if it had really happened.

“Probably because it was so ridiculous.” he mumbled to himself. “There is no way it was real.”

With a big yawn he turned off the water, dried himself off and went back to bed. There was no use in losing sleep over a silly dream and he had school tomorrow.

In the morning he felt strangely well rested and even though he couldn’t really shake what the man had told him in the dream, he decided it wasn’t important and tried to focus on other things.

Later that day, during his lunch break, he had gotten used to the thought and was playing around with the idea of actually having that kind of power. What would he do and to whom?

Looking around the school cafeteria he saw a lot of other students but his eyes finally landed on the cheerleaders, he was a young man after all, and as he was thinking it over something happened. Suddenly he couldn’t see them anymore because something was blocking his view.

Blinking a couple of times he realized what it was. But it couldn’t be, could it?

He was looking at what looked like a digital screen with a nude image of one of the cheerleaders and a scroll list with a freaking lot of options next to it.

Was he hallucinating? Had he fallen asleep and was dreaming this?

He reached out and touched the image, causing it to slowly spin around. Okay? This was not freaky at all.

When he touched the list, it started scrolling and showing him even more options. There really was a lot here. Deciding that it most likely was a dream he chuckled to himself as he knew exactly what he wanted to try and suddenly the list changed, showing him the options for how he could change her bust.

When he tried the slider for cup size, he could see her breasts growing and shrinking on the image. Now he realized why she was nude, it would have been much harder to see the changes otherwise.

He was also surprised by how large he could make them. He dragged the slider all the way to the side and almost laughed out loud gaziantep escort ilanları when she suddenly had tits as big as the rest of her. He couldn’t leave them like that though, no matter how fun it would be to watch that happen there was just no way he could be that mean.

Yeah, even in his dreams he was mostly a good guy. That being said, he had to do something or this would have been a waste of time so he still increased her cup size from a B to a C and closed the screen to see what would happen.

The girl suddenly grabbed her shirt and bent forward as if in pain. Her clothes looked much tighter than before and it was with a groan that she ran out of the cafeteria towards the bathrooms.

Okay? That really just happened. Zeke pinched himself but he didn’t wake up. Looking around he also noticed that pretty much everyone else was staring after the girl too. Was this actually real?

Now he noticed something that he didn’t understand how he could have missed before but there was actually a couple of numbers in his lower right field of vision.


I guess that settles it. This is really real and I just spent two points on a whim. He sighed to himself as reality started to settle in. How was he going to handle this? He didn’t have a girlfriend so he had no idea how to go about earning more points. A prostitute? That was both expensive and very risky as he couldn’t use a condom.

A partnership then? Someone who could help him earn points in exchange for him changing her body anyway she wanted. That would still be a really short partnership as she probably wouldn’t want to help him once she got everything she wanted and it also carried the risk of her telling everyone.

And on top of that, he would need to have some points to spend on her to even convince her that it was real so he would need to figure this out before he could even begin to play around with this power.

The rest of the day seemed to pass by as if in a haze. Zeke just couldn’t concentrate on anything since he couldn’t come up with a solution to his weird problem. The simplest answer would be to get a girlfriend but that was definitely easier said than done.

In the end, he didn’t manage to find an answer and went to bed still thinking it over.


He was sitting in the park again, there was a gentle breeze in the trees and he felt happy.

“Hello again!” Lucas said next to him. “I forgot to mention something last night but your points won’t last.”

“What do you mean?” Zeke said sitting up straighter.

“I mean that every time you go to sleep, it will cost you a point. Call it a fee for having received this power.” Lucas said with a chuckle. “It shouldn’t be a problem for a handsome young man such as yourself though. Just earn more points.”

“But how? I don’t have a girlfriend and even if I did meet someone it’s not like we would have sex right away either.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will figure something out.”


Zeke opened his eyes and glared at the ceiling. Just figure something out, huh? Easier said than done.

He looked over at his alarm, shut it off and got up. It was almost time anyway. Looking down to the corner he could see that his points had indeed been reduced and he now had three left.

Screw it. I don’t care what he wants so I’ll just let it run out for now, Zeke thought and began getting dressed. Until he met someone he wouldn’t be able to earn more points anyway.

He put it all out of his mind and let his life fall back onto the tracks, so to speak, and focused on school just like any other normal day.

In the evening his mother kept asking him if something was wrong but he blamed it on bad sleep and went to bed early. There was no point in worrying her over something so silly.


Zeke was actually surprised to find himself in the park again and turned towards Lucas.

“What is it this time? Are you going to visit my dreams every night from now on?”

“No, this is the last time and frankly I didn’t think I would have to do this a third time but here we are. You see, you have made a really bad choice. You seem to think that if you don’t have any points when you go to sleep then I simply won’t get my fee but nothing else happens. This is not true! If you go to sleep and don’t have a point to pay my fee then I will simply take something else instead. In this case, I will take one year off of the end of your life.”

“Wait what?”

“You won’t just suddenly grow older by a year but rather it means that you will die one year earlier for every night you don’t pay me a point.” Lucas said with a harsh look that left no doubt to how serious he was.

“But… I didn’t know that? This isn’t fair!” Zeke exclaimed and got to his feet angrily. “You pushed this on me without my permission.”

“Unfair? Permission?” Lucas started laughing. “I think you have me confused with someone who cares, dear boy. I gave you a gift because in one way or another gaziantep escort bayan ilanları I will get something that I want. Now it is up to you what that will be. A point or a year. Every night for the rest of your life. Get used to it!” Lucas said with an evil laugh as the park faded away.


Zeke almost jumped out of his bed. He was drenched in a cold sweat and breathing hard. Looking at the corner of his vision he confirmed that he had two points left. Two points which means two nights before he would start losing years instead unless he somehow managed to earn more.

it was with heavy steps that he made his way to the bathroom, turned on the shower and went inside. That is where his mother found him half an hour later, sitting in the shower, still with his boxers and t-shirt on and crying under the still running water.

“Zeke, sweetie. What happened?” she asked as she turned off the water and put a towel around him.

He didn’t even know where to start. How do you explain that you are afraid of dying when there isn’t anything wrong with you? That you were given a supernatural power that can alter people but it costs energy that you can only earn through sex.

In the end he just kept crying in his mother’s arms until his tears ran dry and he began to shake from his wet and cold clothes.

“Sweetie. I’ll go and make some breakfast while you dry off and get some clean clothes on. Please join me in the kitchen when you are ready, okay?”

“Yeah, okay.” Zeke mumbled, slowly got to his feet and began pulling off his clothes as his mother left the bathroom to give him some privacy.

It took him a while but eventually he found his way down into the kitchen where his mother were patiently waiting for him with a big cup of hot chocolate.

“Please talk to me. Whatever it is I am sure we can fix it.” she said as she put a couple of sandwiches in front of him and poured him a cup as well. “Don’t try to make sense of it, that comes later, just talk to me.”

And he did. It felt weird at first, like he was making a mess of his own story but eventually it was all out and he just sat back with a heavy sigh.

“So I am down to two points now and if I don’t find a way to earn more I will start losing years instead for every night until I die. I know exactly how stupid it sounds but it is the truth.”

He looked up at his mom for the first time since he had began talking and he didn’t like what he saw.

“You don’t believe me do you?”

She took a big sip, put the cup down and looked at him.

“I believe that you believe it and that it is real for you. I have no doubt that something needs to be done or your health will suffer but I don’t believe in magic.”

Zeke wasn’t sure if he could take being sent to a doctor. They would probably lock him up as a nut case and keep him in a padded cell until he just dropped dead in a few months.

There was only one thing he could do and what difference would two points worth of time do anyway.

He opened his mother’s character screen and said.

“I’ll prove it to you. How about I make you lose some weight?”

The options changed into a general weight slider and he pulled it to the left, making her image go from plump, bordering on fat, into curvy instead and closed the screen.

His mother was just sighing at his antics until suddenly she felt something happen. It felt like her body was imploding on itself and with a loud gasp she had to grab her trousers that were suddenly too big and almost fell off of her.

“What? How?” was all she managed to say as she was staring back and forth between herself and her son.

“I told you but this also means I am now at zero points.” he said with a weak smile and a sigh. “Please don’t tell anyone about this. I don’t want to get locked up like a crazy person.”

“Oh, of course not. But… how will we explain this?” she said indicating her smaller form.

“I don’t know. Obviously you can tell dad but it’s probably for the best to tell everyone else that you have been working out or something.” he said and shrugged. “Anyway, I’m going back to my room. I don’t think I can handle school today.”

His mother just stared after him, too shocked to stop him and Zeke went to his room and sat down by his computer. If he only had a few months left to live then there was no point in doing school work. He might as well enjoy his time.

About an hour later there was a knock on his door.

“Zeke? Are you awake?” his dad asked.

“Yeah, come in.”

His dad came inside and sat down in the edge of his bed.

“Mel told me about your… issue. And what happened earlier. I still find it hard to believe but it is hard to deny it when she looks the way she does now.”

Zeke just sat there. He wasn’t sure what he could even say in this situation and it would probably be best to just let his dad finish what he needed to say.

“I think that we need to see some more proof before we fully accept this whole situation but as I gathered it isn’t possible at the moment. I never thought that I would say this but I have called and arranged for you to meet someone.”

“Someone? Are you really saying what I think you are saying?”

“Yes, so if you are ready then I can take you there right away. I have taken the day off and called your school about you staying home today so don’t worry about that.”

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