The Gift of Please

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“What do you mean you’ve never…” the words fell off Alex’s voice as if they’ve dove off a cliff.. Amber looked back at him, her face a mixture of shame and acknowledgment. “But what about Scott. We’ve talked about it before. You two were like rabbits.”

“I know, but…” she turned to the window, her finger traced the rim of her near empty wine glass, “even after the best sex, I couldn’t do it. I just had to fake it.”

Amber and Scott’s break up had been legendary. She was barely a freshman when Scott swept her up and the senior’s attention had a magical effect on the sexy but shy girl. It was if she graduated to womanhood overnight. The soft swoops of her hips and breasts, which often seemed frumpy and awkward, smoothed into lusty curves. The constricted march of the timid, loosed into an orbiting sway. Her blue eyes brightened and her aspect sharpened all shined by the lacquer of confidence.

The transformation didn’t go unnoticed. Other girls, drawn by her kindness and genuity, flocked to her side and guys fell dizzy under her spell. On the other hand, Scott turned out to be immune. He was the first to spread her legs and would rather have kept his trophy on sleeve instead of his heart. The sex, which was plentiful, was more a payoff for his attention than passion.

It ended publicly, during a big party at the end of the semester.. Amber walked into a bathroom and discovered Scott chin deep in a sophomore’s crotch. Her scream brought the house to the bathroom door like paparazzi. The sophomore, her panties below her knees and her tits dangling out the neckline of her sun dress, bolted from the house like a stumbling mare. Tears of shame streamed down her face. Scott was nicknamed “Red Face”, the sophomore disappeared before the next semester, and Amber crumbled like unfired clay.

“I’m sorry, there’s nothing wrong with that, I shouldn’t have made such a big deal about it. I mean, its just that,” Alex was scrambling, “I just thought, all this time we were talking about the same thing.” When their late night conversations became this deep, Amber was very vulnerable. A tear slid down her face.

“But there IS something wrong. I should be able to…to orgasm like everybody else.” Her voice trembled. The word ‘orgasm’ was pronounced carefully, almost antiseptic. No matter how often they talked about sex, the words were always scientific, not shaped for arousal. “Its something so natural, so real. And I can’t do it,” she was interupted by a sob. Alex slid closer to her and she cried on his shoulder. He let his fingers pull through her smooth dark hair and tickle the back of her neck. “Maybe I’m one of those people who can’t orgasm.” Her voice wavered through the sobs and was muffled by his shoulder.

“Shhhh,” Alex whispered, “just relax.”

Alex remembered dragging Amber out of the party, being one of the few to notice the freshman weeping on the floor in the chaotic mess of laughter and catcalls that ensued the party. She was incoherent and he had no place to take her but to his own place. Alex had graduated the year before, but had taken a job at the school as a tutor. He had been popular at the school and was always present at parties and functions, but like most graduates, was tiring of the scene and the antics the it included.

When Amber finally regained her composure, she was on the couch in his tiny apartment. It was the next morning. Alex had slept in the easy chair next to her. She thanked him over a tall glass of orange juice. The day went on, they watched TV. Amber would disappear occasionaly into the bathroom to cry. It was obvious that Amber didn’t want bahis firmaları to leave, and Alex offered for her to stay as long as she wanted. In the three days that Amber stayed on his couch, wearing his clothes, they struck up a friendship. Amber’s world had spilled, and before she had gathered the courage to returned to her place there wasn’t anything that Alex didn’t know about her. Even her sexual history was leaked out between tears on the last night. Alex shared too, not at the degree or intensity of Amber’s stories, but enough to build a solid trust.

Despite their difference in age, the friendship lasted. In the months that passed, they were together at least twice a week, going to the movies or having dinner. More frequent were the late night phone calls that lasted until morning, and the quiet knocks on his door when Amber couldn’t bear to be alone. Their relationship was intimate, everything was shared, but romance between them was never mentioned. Both expecting the ramifications of any longing to cripple their contentment. Slowly her confidence returned, the brightness shone again. Alex and Amber were happy. That night, when Alex’s phone had shrilled at 1:15 in the morning, he just buzzed her in. Amber had been at a party with some of her girlfriends, a rare opportunity which Alex encouraged the nearly agoraphobic girl whenever possible.

She teetered drunkenly to the couch and plopped down. Alex poured her some wine and opened a beer for himself. She had met a guy, they’d exchanged numbers. Amber was beginning to heal and Alex was happy for her. Then they’re talk began, gliding from trivial to serious, from her new shoes to sex. Their conversations almost always became about sex. Amber, despite her past, was still very curious about men. Alex never understood why, but humored her, and enjoyed the thrilling tingle that came with talking so frankly with a beautiful girl. That night, comforting her like he had one hundred times before, Alex finally understood.

“I’m such a baby,” she said as she wiped her tears away and straightened her back-less tank top. It was no surprise that some guy had wanted her number.

“Yeah, you are.” Alex responded and they both laughed a little, letting the tension seep away. “Its my fault. I was just caught by surprise.” She nodded and snuggled closer as she took another drink. They sat together quietly for a few minutes sipping their drinks, enjoying each other’s scent..

“Not even with yourself?” Alex’s question shattered the silence.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve never made yourself orgasm.”

Amber tensed immediately like a guitar string, the words hobbled out.. “I don’t touch myself.” Alex was floored again, but stayed quiet. “I’ve been told that I should, so I could, like find my spots. But I just can’t bring myself to do it.” She slide out from under Alex’s arm and turned to look at him. “I can’t get comfortable with it. Alex looked back and ran his had through his curly blond locks. He could tell she was embarrassed again, so he smiled his understanding. Amber finished her wine and set the glass on the wobbly end table.

“You do, right?” he voice cracked as she asked. She knew he did. On his birthday she had burst in his bedroom and found Alex lying on his bed, his hand wrapped around his stiff cock. They laughed about it at the time.

“Yes,” Alex replied, a shocked smile rising above his sharp chin as he looked at his feet.

“What do you think of. I mean, who… er what goes through your mind?” she looked away from him not able to look at him.”

Alex leaned back onto his side of the couch. ” Women I’ve kaçak iddaa had,” he said, “Women I want.”

Amber looked at him, her eyes bright, her face shiny with wine. “Have you ever ahh thought of me while doing it?” She was trembling now, struggling to hold her gaze into Alex’s dark eyes. His look was of disbelief, like the question had been asked in a different language. He had thought of her, but Alex said nothing and just stared at Amber. The look was enough. A weight had filled the room and pressed against the walls. Amber felt that she was floating, the questions escaping her lips before she had time to consider them.

“Would you do it for me? Now?” she asked, her gaze shifting to the floor. Alex was too shocked to answer. “I want…to watch somebody else. I want to see what it’s like.” She glanced back at, begging with her eyes. “Please?”

Alex’s member stirred with the concept. He still couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Often their talks had grown so hot, that he had no choice but to relieve himself after she’d left or fallen asleep on his couch. But he had never imagined anything like this.

Amber noticed his arousal was visible, slightly tenting his shorts. She would find herself damp after their conversations too, but never felt comfortable satisfying herself afterwards. Maybe it was the alcohol or the knowledge that neither of them had been with anybody since they met, but her urge was just too much. Tears misted her eyes again. She turned to him to apologize, to save the situation and make in comfortable again, but it was to late. Alex was rubbing across the front of his short, the tent pitching higher. She was mesmerized by growing bulge, his hand slowly circling his penis beneath his shorts.

“Take them off. I want to see it,” her command was soft and even and obeyed. Alex lifted slight and slid his shorts off, letting his cock spring forward like a diving board. He never took his eyes off of Amber. The arousal was contagious. The nipples of her full breasts began to poke through the shiny material of her tank top. Unconsciously her hands began to press between her thighs. Her legs spread slightly.

Amber noticed his intense gaze and grew confident in his wanting. She reached behind her back and untied her top letting it slip off. Her breasts were large, teardrop shaped with small aureoles and nipples which were balled up tight and tingly like knots of fire. She tweaked one without realizing it.. The sight made Alex cock leap, and he slowed down his strokes. A gasp escaped his lips.

Amber was mystified by Alex’s engorged member, growing darker with each stroke, Its swollen head, larger than the shaft.. Her hands slid down her belly again firmly between her legs again. A shiver coursed through her body.

“Take them off.” Alex’s breathless command was as even and as obliged. She stood in front of him and peeled her pants down her legs. A pink lace thong hung snugly to her hips. As she stepped out of her pants, Alex noticed a damp spot. She stood and stared down at he masturbated in front of her. Alex groaned, quickened his pace. Another chill brought Amber’s hand to her middle, pressing the thin pink material into her dampness.

Alex reached out with his free hand and took Amber’s. He wanted to be touched.. Amber leaned forward as her outreached fingers neared his cock. Her breasts swayed like pendulums. She pressed her crotch against his knee, grinding hot wetness on his thigh. It was all too much. Amber brushed against its cock. Alex groaned. His shaft began to buck.. The orgasm rushed through him, a rapids of energy and release, out onto Amber’s leg.

Amber kaçak bahis froze as the white gobs of cum glanced off her thigh. The world had gone silent. Even Alex’s shallow breaths were whispers. She watched him closely.trying to imagine the ecstasy behind those dark eyes. A smile curled on his lips, and he ran a hand through Amber’s thick air. Tears began to well up in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?,” Alex had to ask twice before breaking into to Amber’s reverie.

“I don’t know,” she sniffled, “It was so great. I’ve never felt like that before, it was just so intense. I don’t know” Amber leaned forward and embraced him, crying on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled. “Maybe we…:”

“It’s not your fault,” she interrupted “its not your fault.” They sat there together for some time. She turned to him and kissed his lips softly and then glanced down suddenly aware of their nakedness. Amber pushed off him to dismount, but Alex caught her hand.

“Wait,” he whispered, ” I want to give you something.” He stood with Amber and stepped behind her, pulling his shirt off over his head.. “Kneel on the couch.” Amber could feel his breath on her check. She kneeled, and Alex knelt behind her. His flaccid member pressed against her buttocks. Beneath her arms, Amber felt his hands begin to slide across the slight pudge of her belly. Alex’s fingers traced lines and circles from her tummy around her breasts up to her shoulders and neck. Amber relaxed more with each pass, each tickling circle melting her anxiety like candle wax. His touch was intoxicating, arousing her entire body.

Alex’s hands crawled down arms and he took her hands in his own then he continued to massage her body using her own palms and fingertips. Amber’s body tingled with her own touch, and she whimpered with pleasure. Alex slid her hands across the top of her breasts. Her hands cupping the globes, kneading them gently. She took a nipple between her fingers and squeezed it, sending electricity through both of them. She tried to race down to her wet pussy, but Alex stopped her keeping them on her breasts, tracing her aureoles with her finger tips. Amber began to push against Alex, feeling his growing cock between them. She groaned again.

Alex let her hands slide down her belly, running circles across the soft flesh. He pushed Amber’s fingers beneath the waistline of her panties. They played through her soft mound of pubic curls tugging gently on the damp hair. Amber pushed the panties off her her hips and spread her knees further apart. Their hands began to rub the smooth dampness of Amber’s inner thighs. Each touch sending pulses of heat through her pussy.

“Please,” she whimpered, “please. Let me touch it. I have to.” Alex took the palm of her hand and set it on top of her wet mound. Her fingers took off on instinct, sliding up her hot slit. A thumb found the nub of her clit, rubbing it in circles. Alex’s hands rested on her hips. He kissed behind her ear. She moaned with ecstasy, cupping herself, tickling the spiky hairs of her thigh. Amber pressed back against Alex, her breaths heavy and short. She slid her finger inside. A sigh echoed through the room. Amber’s finger dove into the tight engorged pinkness. A thumb still rubbing the clit. She was on fire. Her body suddnely shot rigid. A rumbling pulsed from her center, squeezing the finger deep insider her. The world went blurry. A hurricane of energy ripped through her body, squeezing and releasing itself in waves. Amber screamed. Her body shook with each pulse, sending her stiff then melting her again and again.

She shuddered against Alex and collapsed into his embrace.

He lay back on the couch, pulling the shuttering beauty next to him. She trembled by his side. “Thank you,” she whispered, her voice hoarse. He kissed her forehead, and they both fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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