The Girls Purity Institute Ch. 02

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By the time I arrived back in the room, Katerina had gone to bed. One of the guardians had delivered some dinner, which I saw she’d picked at. I ate a sandwich, then took a shower, all the while, my mind was on the little flash drive waiting for me.

There were cameras all over our society now, for the safety of the girls. I should have known that whatever Katerina had done would be caught on film. I had expected, though, that her transgressions would have been reported to me immediately. I put too much faith in my fellow men, I realized now. To me, Katerina was a precious jewel, meant to be kept safe. But to them, she was just another conquest, and I had made enough of those that I could not in fairness judge those men. But outside of fairness, I loathed them. I loathed them for putting their filthy cocks down my baby’s throat. For taking their slimy tongues to her precious flower. For coaxing an orgasm out of my daughter with their thick knuckled hands. Yet hadn’t I done the same to countless sluts? I suppose I should be grateful that she fed her lust with educators, who were forbidden from penetrating the girls, rather than fathers like me, who were free to take liberties with any girl over eighteen. It was up to her father to make her careful enough to guard her virginity. I suppose I should count myself lucky that Katerina had done so.

It calmed me greatly that no man had penetrated my daughter. That her sweet flower was still fresh.

Slowly so as not to wake her, I looked in on Katerina. She was asleep in the small white bed with her dark hair fanned around her. I could not reconcile the girl in the bed with the one in the files. Girls were not even supposed to know about the dens. I did not understand how or why Katerina had turned the way she had. But the only way to go was forward. I left her to sleep.

At last, I was clean and fed, and there was nothing left for me to do except watch her crimes.

There was a large television in the room. I closed the door and locked it, and then slipped the flash drive into the side of the computer attached to the monitor. Instantly the file, titled K.WATSON showed on the screen. It was eighteen minutes. I was glad; I had been worried about hours of film. I clicked it open.


For a moment, I entertained the rage that coursed through me. I had an incredible desire to inflict pain on the men who dishonored her. But the damage was done, I reminded myself; we were already here. Once more, I pressed play.

Katerina was on her knees. She was wearing her school uniform, but the blouse was undone and her hair was mussed. A man’s erect cock was in her hand. The camera was from above and behind, so I only saw the back of the man’s head, the shining bald patch. He had his hands on Katerina’s head, and was petting her hair. There was no sound. But she looked up and laughed at something he said. She raised her eyebrows, teasing him. Then she took his thick ruddy member in her mouth.

The man threw his head back. He braced himself on the desk. I saw his face. Ken Fenners, her elocution teacher. He lived down the street from us. They were in an academic office this time; I recognized the decor as being from her school. Katerina had one hand on the back of his thigh, the other held his cock and jacked him slow. I could see him push against her cheek. He was gripping her hair now, pushing her further onto him, and if she had problem with this, I could not tell. Katerina let her teacher put inch after inch of his cock down her throat, until finally he released her and she slid off of him. She left his cock slick from her mouth, then smiled at him, and dove in again.

But the screen went black. I did not realize how closely I had been watching until then; I blinked, trying to calm myself down. My heart had been pounding. Katerina, I saw, one day after her birthday, was already deep throating old men. I paused the film and listened for her in the next room. How could the girl who cried in my arms have this side to her?

Two more of her transgressions progressed like this: Katerina on her knees in a school office, serving a teacher. It was entrancing to watch my beautiful daughter work these cocks with her delicate little mouth. I watched her tongue dance across their hard flesh. I watched her beautiful smile when she knew she had pleased them. I watched her cheeks grow red with exertion as she jerked them, as she worked hard to bring them release. Katerina was a beautiful girl, and the men seemed more than pleased with her service. I’d seen Don Henderson since this — had had dinner at his house, in fact — and he gripped my daughter’s hair as he thrust into her mouth, using it like a pussy. Watching the men with their eyes rolled back in ecstasy made me understand something. Katerina was a girl.

It sounds ridiculous to say. She’s my daughter; I’ve changed her diapers, I’ve seen the ultrasound, I told everyone she porno izle was a girl. But I hadn’t thought of her as the same sort of being that I mounted in the dens. As the same little thing who mewed and cried when a cock penetrated her. While Sarah had spent hours with my daughter at sleepovers and after school growing up, they seemed different species to me. I was a man with healthy appetites, and when Sarah relented to me, it seemed natural that I use her as I pleased. But Katerina was something else. A queen, maybe. A being carved out of marble.

But clearly, these men did not feel the same way. I watched man after man screw up his face in pleasure as my daughter sucked his cock, and realized they felt about her the way I felt about the girls in the den. She was a little thing on her knees. She was a little bitch. She was a beautiful little whore.

It sickened me. But it was like an exercise in the forbidden. I did not have to see my daughter the way they saw her in order to be aroused by it. And watching my friends face fuck my child was the most arousing thing I’d seen in years.

Most of the videos were done on surveillance cameras. They were silent and grainy and somewhat far away. The movements were jerky at points when the video lagged. But when the final title card flashed across the screen, I heard a rustling, and then the picture appeared. It was Katerina, smiling at the camera.

“Say hi, Kitty Kat,” a man’s voice said.

She smiled, and waved, and the camera panned back. I couldn’t help it; I let out a small groan. Katerina was naked on a mattress. It was pulled out of a leather couch in the headmasters office of her school. The camera took in the rest of the room, including three men. I recognized Dr. Browning, the headmaster, and Marc Waterstones and Jeff Jenkins, both teachers. They were dressed for work, and still had on their ties.

“So nice of you to join us today, Katerina,” the voice behind the camera said. I thought I recognized Lou Banks, her home economics teacher, and my friend from the dens, voice.

My daughter smiled. Her legs were crossed at the ankles and her hands were behind her back. She leaned back on her wrists. Her breasts were full and white, with wide, pink areola. Her stomach was flat and nipped in at the waist. Her long dark hair floated over her shoulders. “Thank you for having me.”

The headmaster sat on the edge of the bed. He chuckled at my daughter.. He stroked my daughter’s leg. The camera panned in. He touched her face.

“You’ve earned yourself quite the reputation, young lady,” he said. She turned her head and took his thumb in her mouth. She sucked it in. He groaned, losing his train of thought. Slowly, he retracted his thumb, then put two more fingers into my daughter’s mouth. He pushed them through her full pink lips. Her eyes were fixed on him as she sucked his fingers.

Lou zoomed in on my daughter. I had never seen a look like that on her face, but I’d seen it on woman a thousand times before. Her eyes were bright, her chest flushed. Katerina was aroused.

My cock was hard as steel by now. Apparently so was Marc’s, because he joined them on the bed.

“Ken tells us you’re quite the little cocksucker,” he whispered, then pulled my daughter in for a kiss.

Over the next five minutes, I watched these men fondle my daughter as they gradually removed their clothes. They talked and laughed amongst themselves as Katerina grew more and more aroused. One after the other, they sat on the bed while she sucked their cocks, until her eyes were streaming from the work.

“God I wanna fuck her,” Marc sighed, standing, his hands in Katerina’s hair, dragging her up with him. He nearly screamed with exertion as he fucked her face.

“Not today,” the headmaster said, reclining on the bed, having just finished in my daughter’s mouth.

Marc released her, pushing her off, then seizing his cock in his hand. “Open your mouth.”

“Oh, please fuck me,” Katerina begged.

“Open your mouth,” he said again.


He put his fingers between her lips, forcing her mouth open. Then he stroked himself once, twice, a third time, and then ropes of cum flew off onto her face, into her awaiting mouth, onto her tits.

He sighed, then flopped back onto the bed. “God, you’re good.”

But the headmaster had other ideas. He pulled my daughter up between them onto his pullout bed. Lou approached the bed and filmed my daughter, slick with cum, between the two men she had just pleasured. Jeff was in a chair nearby, his cock small and soft, having been sucked dry by Katerina.

“Let’s see that little cunt,” Lou said.

Katerina smiled. She parted her thighs. “Will you please…?”

The men laughed.

“What a whore,” Lou said. But he zoomed in.

I realized then I was sitting up close to the screen. He zoomed in on my daughter’s pussy. It was shaven, with only a dusting of dark hair around her lips, and pink as a blooming rose. She was slick and soaked. Slowly, altyazılı porno she thrust her pussy toward the camera — toward Lou. The men laughed.

“You are in heat, aren’t you,” her headmaster said. His voice was gentle. “We can thank her, can’t we, gentlemen?”

“Mmm,” Marc said. He rolled onto his side and kissed her. “Yes, little lady, we can.”

I then watched each of these men lick my daughter with all the loving attention they had withheld while they fucked her mouth. Each licked her differently. Marc licked her slow and deliberately, until she was groaning like an animal. Dr. Browning lapped her up like a cat at a bowl of milk. Jeff used his fingers. Lou handed off the camera, and then slopped and smacked his lips on her, going wild on her little red cunt. My daughter was vocal as she took her pleasure. My cock throbbed and ached as she cried out while my friends lapped at her hot flesh. She had already cum by then and was spent, but he coaxed one more out of her.

Soon, my daughter was asleep. There was some jovial male laughter, and then the video went dead.

Twenty minutes later, I was pushing open the door to the den on campus. My cock was still hard, and I was determined not to relieve myself while watching Katerina. Watching them debase her like that, listening to them laugh at her girlish lust, at how out of control she was, made me wild. I knew the pleasure of being a man in control, of knowing the girl beneath you would do anything you say, anything at all. Watching them turn my daughter into a bitch in heat had me wild.

I was grateful for the den. I had never needed it more. Though as I pushed open the doors, I wondered how many times I had sought out the girls after nights at home with Katerina. How my daughter’s quiet, regal beauty had subconsciously aroused me, until I needed to feel my cock plunged deep inside some young girl’s body.

The den here was converted out of a hotel on campus, and was much like a brothel, only the girls were free. I pushed open the door and took in the surroundings: the dark lighting, the velvet couches, the fathers of the institute taking their pleasure with the free girls. I wondered how many were here because their own daughters had driven them to distraction.

I recognized the black suits of the guardians on many of the men. During the day, they would watch the halls and, I presumed, perform much of the therapy on the wayward girls like Katerina. But here, they were taking their pleasure with the whores. I watched a girl kneeling before a man on a couch, his enormous cock in her sweet little mouth. When he saw me watching, he nodded at me.

The girls were newer here than I was used to, so less trained; I was accustomed to girls waiting by the entrance to be selected. Instead I had to comb the den for unoccupied pussy, passing beds laden with men and their girls: men with three girls apiece; one man fucking a girl so tied up she looked like a hog for the spit; a man gently coaxing his cock into a girl’s asshole.

I continued up the stairs, passing some free girls that were too bold for my taste. Girls who touched their breasts and begged for me. It was not my style.

Finally, I opened a door at the end of the hall and found a properly timid girl inside. She was blonde, with large, blue eyes and long, slim limbs. She wore a nightgown much like Katerina’s, only hers was translucent, showing off her nipples.

“Hello sweetheart,” I said, and closed the door.

She had been sitting in a chair near the fire reading a book, but when I arrived she stood at attention. I approached her, and stroked her hair from her face.

“What is your name, lovely?” I asked. I kissed her sweet bare neck.

“Annie,” she said.

“How long have you been in the dens, Annie?” I asked, kissing the other side of her neck.

“A week,” she said.

“And how many men have you had this week, lovely?”

I led her to the bed and helped her up, removing her nightdress as I did. Her body was tight and lithe, less skinny then she looked with clothes on, more supple than bony. I tossed the gown aside and took one of her pink nipples in my mouth and sucked until she bowed up for me. I laughed against her breast, then looked up.

She swallowed hard. “Just one,” she said.

I clucked my tongue, then moved down her body, parting her legs. “Have you been hiding this from people, sweet thing?”

I kissed her there slowly. To my surprise, she was already wet. I licked her once, slowly, opening her wide. Her salt was delicious and clean; she must have just bathed.

She gasped. “Oh.”

I laughed against her. “How did a sweet girl like you end up in here?”

She flushed. “You know. I failed my course.”

“But what did you do, dear?”

Her breasts were delightful. They were small, but her nipples were pert and responsive, and strained up for my tongue. Lazily, I lapped at them one at a time, until they were hard as buttons.

“You’re adorable,” I said.

“How sex hikaye long have you been here?” she asked me.

“Just a night.” I smiled. “You haven’t answered any of my questions,” I reminded her.

She flushed. “My father is nearby in town, and he visits me each night. He’s asked me to stay up high in the dens in the hopes that other men won’t find me, but he knows it’s inevitable. And I’m here because I let him have my virginity on the third night of training.”

I pressed myself up on my hands. Her cheeks were very read. “Your father?” I asked slowly.

She didn’t look at me. She nodded.

“Sweetheart,” I said slowly. “You mean to say you make love to him?”

“Yes,” she said. “And trust me, none of the men in here would be here if they didn’t want the same thing.” She met my eyes then. “You didn’t even last one day before you needed a girl.”

I smiled slowly. “You’re right, sweetheart.”

I made love to her slowly, gently. Despite being in the dens, she seemed delicate, and I wanted to please her. She was so young and sweet, like a little flower, and she clung to me in missionary. I kissed her sweet lips as she climaxed, feeling the heat and moisture of her envelope my hard cock, until her passage was slick and soaked and I slid through easily, bringing her knees behind my shoulders once she had been broken in with more than one orgasm, and pounding hard enough to make the bed frame hit the wall. By then, Annie was gripping my hair and scratching my back. When she came the final time, she sobbed out, “Daddy!”

It was enough for me; I closed my eyes and emptied myself into her. But the face that flashed before my eyes while I did was not Annie’s, but Katerina’s.

I woke not long after to the sound of the door opening. I rose up; I’d fallen asleep with my head on Annie’s chest. There was a man staring at us from the door. He had salt and peppered hair and a trim body, with stern, gray eyes.

“Can I help you?” I asked, sitting up.

The man only entered and closed the door. Annie stirred then, blinking, and then she saw the man. She sat up suddenly, covering her breasts with a blanket.

“Daddy,” she whispered. She looked between us, terrified.

“So,” he said slowly, “it’s happened.”

“Look man,” I said, holding up my hands. “She’s in the dens. You know what that means.”

“I know,” he said. He approached me. I stiffened, wondering if I was going to have to fight this man. Instead, he held out his hand. I hesitated, then shook it. “Did you enjoy her?”

I looked at Annie, smiled, and mussed her hair. “I did.” I turned to him. “I understand why you’ve stayed in town.”

He grinned at me, then pulled back the blankets and looked at Annie’s pussy, my seed drying on her leg. He clicked his tongue again, letting out al ow whistle. “God,” he whispered. He looked between us, then at his child. “Did you like it, cutie?”

She looked nervous, then nodded. “I did.”

He smiled at us again. “Do you think you have another in you?” he asked.

I narrowed my eyes. “What do you mean?”

He sat in a chair beside the bed. “If my daughter is public property now, can’t I at least watch?”

I turned to Annie. “What do you think, sweetie?”

She flushed. I curled my hands in her hair. “Get me ready,” I said, then pulled her down to my cock.

Annie’s father enjoyed watching me use his daughter, I could tell. But more so, Annie was even livelier this time around. She locked eyes with him the whole time, and they even held hands while I rammed her.

“Daddy,” she whimpered. “He’s — he’s — oh daddy he’s pounding me so good.”

“That’s right,” her father said, stroking her hair. “You’re such a good girl.”

Only moments after I finished, he climbed on top. He didn’t seem to care that her pussy was slick with my cum for the second time that night. He kissed his daughter and held her close as lovers, and I lay beside the coupling pair, watching the father’s cock slip in and out of the girl’s hole. She held him so tight, her ankles locked behind his back, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she pleased the most important man in her life.

Greg, her father, walked me out of the dens a few hours later. I was exhausted, but it wasn’t yet daybreak.

“So what is the therapy like?” I asked.

He shook his head. “I can’t say, you know that,” he said. I nodded. I’d signed an NDA as part of Katerina’s admission here. “But I’m shocked so many girls pass,” he said. “Maybe their fathers are just stronger than me.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“What they put the girls through — the temptation,” he said. “Turns them into animals. And the only men they have access to are their fathers.” He shook his head. “I think every girl would fail if their dads didn’t have the dens to go to.”

We passed by door after door filled with these fathers taking out their frustration on other girls. “Thank you for letting me use your Annie,” I said. “She’s an angel.”

He smiled. “She is. And honestly, she’s happy here. Not every woman is meant for one man alone. You might want to think about that with your daughter.”

“Hmm,” I said, unsure if I was ready to admit that. But the thought was still in my head when I pushed open the door to our rooms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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