The Grapes of Kath

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This is a fictional tale of a one night stand. When you finish the story, my hope is that you have enjoyed a sexy, playful good story. This is not about my wife, Gwen, but was written for her. She likes me to write her stories. This is one of them.


Kath sat on the side of the bed contemplating her situation. Here she was sitting in her boss’s hotel room, midnight, with her blouse off leaving her only with her bra, skirt and thong panties on. Her shoes were tossed at the bottom of the chair where her blouse lay. He was in the shower getting cleaned up for what he thought was going to be a rest of the night sexual romp with her. How had she gotten here?

They were attending a conference together, at company expense, and had separate rooms in the hotel where the conference was being held. After the last session, he had invited her to dinner and then to the hotel club where they had drinks and danced to the live band. For months, he had been flirting with her and she had not encouraged him until tonight. He was a handsome man, well built, an attractive catch for any woman. But she had a little too much to drink, got caught up in the atmosphere, the music, the dancing with his hands on her body and his face next to hers, a gentle brush of the lips and, wouldn’t you know it, she had agreed to come back to his room.

In the room, he turned on some music and they continued to dance. He backed her up to the bed and lowered her down onto it and then began kissing and petting her. She was getting turned on and allowed him to remove her blouse leaving on only her skimpy bra, skirt and panties. His kisses had been planted on her face, neck, ears and between her breasts, even several kisses on her belly. His hands had gone up her leg and grazed across her panties. She had made the mistake of opening her legs just enough to invite him to run his hand a little firmer across her crotch. The second mistake she made was telling him that it felt good. It was then he told her he needed to shower and made her promise to still be there when he was done. So, here she was on his bed waiting for him to emerge. And, now, she did not want to be where she was. It was wrong for her for so many reasons.

But how to get out of this mess? She thought about getting up, walking out and going back to her room, which is what she knew she should do. But he was an important man in the company and her path forward largely depended on him. If she did walk out, he would not forget that and would hold it against her, punishing her in some way down the road. He could fire her. If he didn’t fire her, he certainly could hinder her progress upward.

Her head was clearing from the drinking and she knew this, she wanted out of there. But how could she wait for him to emerge from the shower and find a good way to say she needed to leave? If she waited for him to come out and then told him she was leaving, she knew he would be in all out full court press. He would not take her “no” without a fight and she was likely to give in and have a good and pleasurable time, regretting every moment of it later. She was in a tough spot.

The water turned off in the bathroom and she had just a few more minutes to decide on a plan. He would towel dry, get on deodorant, put cologne on his face and body, put a robe on and emerge ready for his robe to come off as well as rest of her clothes. She was down to the wire.

Two minutes later the bathroom door opened and out he came with the robe on with the front barely closed. The front V of the robe was open to below his navel and his tanned skin flat belly showed developed muscle. She swallowed hard and smiled.

“You know, I have been thinking,” she said. “I don’t want you to think I some cheap date, a one night fling, a free screw that you can just forget when you are done with me.”

“No,” he responded, “I would never think that of you. How could you think I could think like that?”

“It is pretty easy to think that,” she said. “It is from what you are teaching us all the time. You tell us that our clients see our value by the fact that they pay for our services. The more they pay the more they will value us and the more likely they will come back to us. You also are telling us that working hard to win their business is better for us. We will appreciate and care for them more if we have had to earn their business. You tell us it is that way in life as well. We appreciate and treasure the things we earn. You say things that are easy, cheap or free, are not respected or treasured by us.”

“What are you saying?” he asked.

“Well,” Kath replied, “Don’t you believe what you are telling us? That things that are earned we respect and treasure?”

“Yes, I believe that.”

“Then I think this night with me should be earned by you,” Kath said. “I want to go to bed with you but I do not want to be seen as cheap or free. I want you to earn me.”

“How do I do that?” he asked.

“I have a game for us to play,” she said. “You win the game and Kartal Escort I spend the night with you. You lose and I go back to my room. Too bad for both of us.”

“OK,” he said. After a moment of thought he asked, “What is the game?”

Kath walked over to the table and picked off ten large purple grapes from the bowl of grapes on the table. She spoke, “You will stand here and I will lay on the bed dressed just like I am. Your job is to toss the grapes, one at a time, onto my belly trying to get all 10 grapes to land in my navel. You get all 10 grapes to stay in my navel, you win and I stay. If not, you lose and I leave.”

“No, way,” he nearly shouted. “There is no way I can get all 10 grapes to land in your navel! If I get only 1 to stay in your navel, you then stay.”

“No,” she argued, “You can get lucky with only 1. Anyone can get 1.”

“Then let’s split the difference. If I get 3 grapes in your navel you spend the night here,” he proposed.

“That is not splitting the difference,” she asserted. “The difference is 5. 5 grapes landing in my navel and you win.”

“Agreed,” he said. Then looking at the bed he added, “But, this is too far away. You have me tossing the grapes over 6 feet. I need to be closer. Say, 3 feet. If I stand here,” he said moving closer to the bed.

“No, back one foot. 4 feet is how far you have got to toss the grapes,” she said. “And, I can move around on the bed, trying to avoid the grapes.”

“Never!” he exclaimed. “I will never get one in if you can move your body around. You cannot move nor tilt your body side to side causing the grapes to roll off. Tell you what, you keep your body still but you can use your belly muscles pushing up and down and that is all.”

Kath thought for a moment. This was as far as she was going to be able to push him. He was showing real frustration and anger as it was. If she pushed him too far, he was going to get irate and who knows what he would do.

“All right,” she stuck out her hand, “Agreed. Shake on it. 5 grapes in my navel and I stay and we screw our brains out. Less than 5 and I am gone.”

He took her hand in hers and shook it. Kath handed him the 10 grapes and she laid down on the bed. He took his position 4 feet from her, leaning and reaching as far as he could, he launched the first grape.

Kath watched as the first grape left his hand arching gently into the air, reaching its zenith and beginning its short trek downward toward her. Remaining still she watched as the grape landed dead on bulls eye in her navel and stayed there without so much as a bounce. Kath’s head fell back onto the bed at the amazing amount of luck he had with his first toss.

“Shit!” she said.

He threw up his hands and screamed in celebration of the success of his first toss. He jumped around the room joyously celebrating as if he had won the Super Bowl. He was pumped. Excitement coursed through him and his face flushed with intensity of his victory.

“You still have 4 more to land, big boy,” she said defensively. She hoped that his excitement and exuberance may cause a little too much intensity and maybe he could not calm down enough to be successful with the next grape.

He took his position and Kath lay still on the bed. Her thoughts being “Please miss! Please miss!” He leaned in again toward her with the grape held gently in his hand and launched the second grape.

The second grape seemed to follow the same arc as the first and Kath’s eyes were open in horror as the second grape landed “kerplunk” in the dead center of her navel.

“Hot damn!” she thought. Her face wrinkled up and her head shook back and forth in total disbelief as to what had just happened. At this rate, he would get his way with her in only 5 tosses.

He, jumping around the room in celebration of his second triumph, Kath got up to recompose herself and to think through her strategy. What could she do?

“New rule, new rule,” he exuberantly yelled. “I get to eat the grapes that land in your navel right out of your navel!” She thought, “O, nuts, this is going to get really kinky.” She just shook her head giving in to his new rule and idea.

“All right, but nothing more than eat it. It is the least I can do because you are not going to win this thing. I have only begun to fight,” she said. Truth was, she had not fought at all. She had just laid there. Maybe deep down she really wanted him to win. She knew that spending the night with him was not in her best interests mainly because of work. Sure, probably a good time tonight but she also knew he would pursue her every day at work and that could not lead to a healthy atmosphere. And what if he was not a good lover but a real dud. Then she is stuck. No, she had to get out of this.

She lay back down on the bed, this time with a strategy.

He took his position, leaned toward her, extended his hand holding the grape and gently tossed the grape toward her.

The grape landed a half inch beyond her navel on her belly. Pendik Escort She quickly pushed her belly muscles upward by tightening them and the grape rolled off her belly onto the bed. Her head fell back and she relaxed.

“Oh, no!” he yelled. “It could have rolled in if you had not pushed out your belly!” His head hung in despair at the failure to land the third grape. He buried his face in his hands shaking his head.

Kath knew she had to flex her belly if she were to get out of this mess. The score was 2-1, he led with 7 grapes to go. She calmed herself thinking that the odds were a little more in her favor and she was more confident that she could affect the direction of the grapes away from her navel. She was glad she had worked on her abs and that she could flex her stomach muscles as she could.

He launched grape .

He missed. The grape had no chance of going in as it landed long and to the right of her navel. It cascaded off her skin and onto the bed in one bounce. He had lost his focus and his touch. The score was now 2-2, with 6 grapes to go.

He was a bit despondent with the game tied. He was questioning himself. “Had he just gotten lucky with the first two?” he wondered to himself.

He walked around the room, poured himself a drink and thought about what he had to do to get his aim back. He looked at her belly. Was there any shape of her belly that he could use to allow the grape more likely to roll into her navel? He studied her. Her belly was flawless. Soft, tan skin. Smooth and gentle undulating rolls of muscle that contoured her belly beautifully. He could see the outline of her ribs and the flow of her skin down across her stomach stretching down to the slope to her secret parts that he wanted to unveil. Her skirt top was low enough that he could see where her legs joined her torso forming the valleys on each side of her lower belly. If he followed those valleys, they would lead him where her soft genitalia, hidden by her skirt and panties, waited to be discovered and revealed.

He took in a deep breath. This got serious for him, very serious. He was going to have her. He wanted her. He imagined her naked, completely naked, her legs spread and her body yielded so he could do all he wanted. His heart was racing and his manhood began to rise.

He collected himself and launched grape . This time it landed to the left of her navel and began to roll toward its intended target. But Kath had sucked her belly in and as it began to roll she tightened her muscles and pushed them upward hard. The grape stopped, reversed course and rolled down to the top of her skirt and stopped. Kath picked up the grape and threw it across the room and it splattered against the wall. She extended her arms upward toward the ceiling letting out a cheer of victory. She now led 2-3 with 5 grapes left. She was fairly confident now that he would not land any more grapes successfully. Her ability to control her abdomen made her a tough target.

He slumped into a chair. He threw a grape into the wall also and cussed. His desire for her was insatiable. He was now at a point where he could not tolerate losing. He willed himself to win. He imagined each grape landing in her belly and he eating it from off her and then enjoying the great feast of her body to follow the rest of the night. He wanted to engorge himself on her, she was to be his banquet. He stood up, picked up another grape, took his position and with defiance in his eye, took aim.

Kath had sucked in her belly planning on the same strategy as the last time to thrust her belly muscles upward forcing the grape away from her navel. But she was too late. The grape landed slightly short of her navel but rolled into her navel before her thrust upward could take effect. It was now in her navel and all the up and down motion of her belly could not dislodge it.

He jumped onto the bed and promptly let his mouth descend upon the grape. To brace himself, he put one hand on her far side and the other between her legs near the bottom of her panties. He bent down and took the grape in his lips, sucking it into his mouth and began chewing the grape with his mouth next to her skin. Her belly smelled so good and her skin so soft next to his lips. He leaned his forearm between her legs inward causing it to touch her panties and grazing her crotch. It caught her off guard and her nerves reacted with a soft hip grind against his arm. The touch of his arm felt so good to her. She sat up and pushed him away. It took everything in her to do it. The sensations that coursed through her were almost overwhelming but she knew she could not give in, at least not yet. She saw his big smile filling his face as he swallowed the last of the grape.

Kath had to walk around and calm herself down. If she did not get control of her physical feelings this whole episode would end in tragedy. She knew it. She could not allow herself to get out of control. She still felt the buzz between her legs Göztepe Escort and his soft tender lips on her stomach. Good signs of a good lover, just not the right lover for now. She noticed the bulge protruding through his robe and she covered her eyes. She imagined a gloriously wonderful erect noble penis behind the robe and that thought did not help her one bit with her desires. She took a deep breath and climbed back on the bed. The sexual tension in the room had risen and she forced herself to not let carnal desire control her sanity of thought.

The score was 3-3, 4 grapes left.

Grapes 7 and 8 were way off target. Kath had watched and could tell that his trajectories were off. She held herself still not wanting to do anything that would correct his error. Both grapes bounced harmlessly off her belly and onto the bed. He was upset that he had missed but Kath could tell that his commitment to win had been emboldened. She felt he was more committed and that made him a dangerous adversary. She knew he could easily land the next two grapes and win this thing and her. What alarmed her was the bulge through his robe had subsided and that meant he was calmer and would be more focused on the challenge at hand. She would rather he be more antsy than calm. She would rather he be thinking about bedding her than sticking the grape in her navel. She knew what she would do if the next grape found his desired destination. She led 3-5, 2 grapes left.

Grape 9 landed on the edge of her navel, like a golf ball rolling around the edge of the hole. Kath pushed her stomach upward as hard as she could but after rolling nearly a full circle around her navel, the grape fell into her indention. One would have thought that he had just sunk the winning putt for a Masters’ win as he jumped, whooped and shouted his victory. He took the whole bottle of booze and put it to his lips and chugged several swallows down. Then he turned to her and dove into her stomach to eat his grape. He buried his face into her belly taking the grape into his mouth. As he chewed, he plowed his face across her stomach letting the motion of his chewing lips caress her skin. He sucked her belly skin into his mouth and planted kisses all across her abdomen.

To Kath, it all felt so good. But she could not let herself be carried away. What she was about to do would be dangerous beyond imagination.

“Please, stop for a minute,” she said. “I am hot and getting sweaty. I need to cool off.” She got off the bed and walked to the table, took the bottle of booze, placed it to her lips and took several big swallows. It burned all the way down but she needed it to prepare her for what she was to do next.

“Would you help me take my skirt off? I’m too hot.” She did not wait for an answer. She fell forward onto the bed and with her backside to him asked him to unzip the back of her skirt. He did so.

As he straddled her legs to reach the zipper, she bent her legs at the knees and brought her feet up to his butt. She bounced her heels off his butt and then pulled them between his legs and against his testicles. He had unzipped her skirt but did not try to remove it enjoying the stimulation between his legs. She lowered her feet and rolled over onto her back. She told him to pull her skirt off.

He stepped back, grabbed the bottom edge of the skirt and slowly pulled it down. His eyes followed the skirt as it slipped down over her hips, the front of her panties came into his view, then her upper thighs and then her inner thighs as the skirt continued its downward descent. When the skirt came off he stood still and looked at her. All she had on now was her bra and almost sheer panties. He starred. Her panties had sunken into her and the crease of her womanhood could be outlined. He could see a small dark patch of what he assumed was a small tuft of hair above her clit. He was transfixed.

Kath thought, it was now time for the show. She stretched herself out, her arms reaching above her head, her legs stiffening and her feet pointing. She held the stretch for long seconds and then spread her arms to her sides and parted her legs as she continued to stretch herself. He was now looking straight down the barrel of her spread legs and open thighs exposing the hollow of her legs. Her vaginal lips pushed against her panties outlining her opening. She held the position while she continued to stretch. Finally, she gathered herself and retook her position on the bed.

She looked at him. His eyes were wide open. His heavy breathing caused the sides of his nose to flare. He was shaking a little. She looked down and his penis was fully erect and had emerged from the robe’s opening. His was a magnificent steed, tall and stately. She closed her eyes. What she had done was a terrible and cruel thing to him, but if she was going to get out of this mess, it had to be done. He was now terribly distracted and his hands shook. He was where she wanted him.

“Let’s do it,” she said. “Time to go for the gold or go home. Throw that thing!” She lay back on the bed, braced herself for the final toss.

He closed his robe a bit embarrassed and took his position with the last grape in hand. With the score 4-5, he was one grape away from a night in paradise. Grape

0 floated into the air.

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