The Hack Pt. 02

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The vibrations of his phone on the night stand slowly broke Seth’s slumber. It was the normal badgering text from his mother making sure that he wasn’t sleeping away his entire summer break. It was almost lunchtime but Seth felt like he could sleep for another six or seven hours. The previous night had offered very little rest as he struggled to fall asleep.

Seth rolled out of bed and zombie walked his way to the bathroom. Standing next to the sink, Seth cupped some of the cold water running out of the faucet and splashed it against his face. The cold water shocked some life into his groggy mind. Grabbing a towel, he dried his face and stared into the mirror.

Seth’s blue eyes were hardly visable through his squinting eye lids, as he struggled to adjust to the light. His short brown hair was askew from lying on his pillow. During the school year, Seth did his best to find time to work out at the school gym, but since being home he had let himself go a little. He could notice a distinguishable loss of muscle and he was starting to get a little belly from all of his mother’s cooking. Seth looked up and down his 6’2″ frame, he knew he needed to start working out again before school started. This was going to be his senior year, which meant he had very little time to put the moves in his longtime college crush.

Heading out the bathroom door, something suddenly popped into Seth’s vision as he turned got through the door frame. He jumped, alarmed in his still sleepy state.

“Did I scare you?” Amber chuckled.

Amber stood smiling looking up at her brother. Her blonde hair flowed down to just passed her chest and even though she had just woken up, her hair looked as nice as it had the night before. Amber’s 5’8″ frame was athletic, but had some nice curves. Her long tan legs were on full display as she wore a purple pair of super short sleep shorts. She was also wearing a white tank top that read, “Not until I have my coffee”, with a picture of a coffee mug on it. However, the writing on the tank top was the least Seth could pay attention to as the low cut top was showing off a generous amount of cleavage. This was an outfit Seth had seen his sister in many, many times; but given his recent awakening to his sister’s sexuality, was the first time he had ever paid it much attention.

“Just didn’t expect to run into someone,” Seth said, trying to play it cool.

“Mom wake you up too?”

“Of course,” Seth said with a laugh.

“Are you done with the bathroom? I’m headed to Drew’s today and I’d like to go ahead and get on the road as soon as I can.”

“Uhh, yeah, bathroom is all yours.”

Amber smiled and slipped past her brother, closing the bathroom door behind her. Seth could hear the water cut on for the shower and Amber’s clothes being thrown into the hamper. A mental image was beginning to form in Seth’s head, but his conscience finally kicked in.

“You are a sick guy,” Seth muttered to himself, heading back into his bedroom.

Seth flopped backward onto his bed, landing on top of his piled up blanket. His mind continued to wander to his sister across the hall in the bathroom. The battle to keep those thoughts away was a losing one.

“That’s it!” Seth exclaimed, rolling off the bed and locking his bedroom door before storming over to his desk.

Seth flipped open his laptop screen and turned on his sister’s cloned cell phone. Seth needed to wipe the cell phone clean so that he was no longer tempted to pry into his sister’s personal life. The computer program loaded and flashed Amber’s lock screen with the picture of her and Drew. Seth unlocked the phone, ready to go in and reset the phone.

When the home screen popped up, a dozen notifications flashed on the screen. His sister had gotten quite a few text messages since Seth had turned off the phone. The messaging app was showing 12 new messages. He moved his mouse over to the “Settings” app, but he couldn’t find the power within himself to proceed any further. The new messages were all he could focus on.

“Well, these are the last messages I’ll let myself see,” Seth thought, moving his cursor over and clicking on the messaging app.

The 12 new messages were between just two people. Two of the messages were from their mother, with one message seeing if Amber was awake and the other telling her to be safe on her trip. The other ten messages were from Drew. It was no surprise, as she always seemed to be texting him.

Seth opened the conversation with Drew and began to read:

Drew: Hey babe are you up yet?

Amber: Yeah, I just woke up. My mom will be bugging me soon to see if I’m up yet.

Drew: How did you sleep?

Amber: Not that great. I was too excited that I am going to get to see you today ?

Amber: You could say that I’ve missed you.

Drew: Oh, really?

Amber: You have no idea!

Drew: I can’t wait to see you too…I’m looking forward to having some alone time with you. It has been a long time since we have escort portalı gotten to be alone.

Amber: Are your parents going to be gone all weekend?

Drew: Yes! House to ourselves!

Amber: Mmmm, perfect!

Amber: Well here is a little preview of what you have to look forward to. (Video clip)

Drew: Oh, wow!

Drew: Get here…..NOW!!!

Amber: Hehehehe <3 Drew: We are going to have a LOT of fun this weekend!!! Amber: We always do Drew: Damn baby, your tan is looking good! Amber: I’m gonna go take a shower so I can start getting ready to leave. Drew: Sounds great babe! Let me know when you leave..I’ll be waiting ? Seth had scrolled past the video clip to continue reading the entire conversation. He realized that based on the conversation that this video clip would likely be similar to the one that started this entire predicament. He wanted to see the video the more he sat and thought about it; however, he knew that opening the video would likely make wiping the phone even harder to do. The decision was tough, but Seth knew what he truly wanted to do. He moved his mouse back up and clicked the video, sticking his headphone in his ear. The video quickly loaded and began to play. “Can’t wait to see you later, baby! This will hold you over until I get there,” Amber said in the video, standing in front of her bed with the phone sitting on her desk. Suddenly, music started playing in the background. The music wasn’t very loud, but enough to fill the silence. Seth couldn’t pick out what the song was, but it had a nice beat to it. Amber moved away from the desk and began to sway her hips, as her hips hit to the beat in the background. Amber swung her head, letting her blonde hair fly over her right shoulder and land on top of her chest, covering most of the cleavage the tank top showed off. Amber gave the camera a shyly seductive look and then moved her hands down to her waist and began turnaround, so her back was facing the camera. Amber began to slide down her shorts. It was painful how slow she pulled them down, teasing as she exposed a little and then covered it back up. Finally, she allowed the shorts to slide down and drop to the floor. Her perky ass was finally exposed, showing off her half tanned buns to the camera. Her large cheeks slowly swayed as Seth’s focus was locked on her lovely tanlined butt. Seth was in a trance watching his sister’s beautiful butt move from side to side. Her hands then slid up slightly from her hips and grasped the bottom of her tank top and began to slowly pull it upward. Seth’s eyes followed the curvature of Amber’s body as it became more and more exposed. The hips sat nice and wide and then her body tapered closer together toward her midsection, before widening back out as it got closer to her chest and shoulders. The tank top was now gone and discarded across the room. As Amber’s hips continued to sway to the beat, her arms did the same above her head. Slowly, Amber began to turn around. Her hands moved down as she covered her breasts with her hands. Her right breast and hand were blocked by her thick blonde hair; but her left breast was slightly exposed, although her hand was able to cup most of it. Seth then got his first look at Amber’s pussy. She was cleanly shaven and incredibly white against the contrast of her brown thighs. Amber had nice thick thighs, which blocked some of the view of her pussy, but you could still make out the top of her slit. Amber then removed her right hand from her breast, sliding away her hair in the process, revealing her lovely C-cups. Her pink, half dollar sized nipples came into view and then disappeared as she began to rub them, along with the rest of her boob. She then removed both of her hands from her breasts and began to strut toward the camera. “Love you, baby! See you soon,” Amber whispered, before picking the phone off the desk and stopping the video. The screen went dark for a moment and then returned to the text conversation with Drew. Seth stared at the computer screen with his mouth wide open. His dick was pulsating inside his shorts, incredibly aroused at everything he just witnessed. It was something that he never imagined he’d see, but now it was all that was on his mind. Suddenly, a knock came from the bedroom door. “Seth, what the hell! Why is your door locked?” Amber’s muffled voice yelled through the door. “Uhh, I was about to change clothes,” Seth lied as he quickly closed his laptop, “What do you want?” “Can I borrow one of your dufflebags to use for my trip?” Seth got up and walked to the door unlocking it and swinging it open. Amber stood in the door way with a towel wrapped in her hair, while another was wrapped around her chest. The towel offered a look at Amber’s bare shoulders and a lot of her thighs as the towel didn’t extend far past her butt. “Let me grab it for you,” Seth escort gaziantep portalı said, trying not to stare.

Seth went into his closet and returned with a dufflebag.

“Thanks,” Amber said with a smile, “by the way, I’m done in the bathroom if you need it.”

“Oh, cool, thanks,” Seth stammered.

Amber gave Seth a confused look and walked away. It was obvious that Seth was acting weird for some reason, but it was clear that Amber had no idea why. Amber walked back across the hallway and closed her bedroom door.

The feeling of guilt was beginning to settle in again for Seth. He had just watched an even sexier video than the one before and he knew there was no way that he could cut himself off from this treasure trove. However, the feelings and thoughts he was having about his own twin sister were incredibly wrong. The thought of her full breasts swaying gently as he tanned hips rocked had his mind in a trance.

Seth walked across the hall and turned on the shower. He figured a nice long shower might help him relax and get his mind off Amber. The bathroom smelled like Amber’s soap and a thick layer of fog covered the mirror. Seth stripped out of his shorts and boxer briefs, allowing is hard 7 inch cock to finally escape its polyester prison. The inside of his underwear had splotches where precum had soaked in while he had watched his sister’s video. While a lot of his precum had been absorbed by his boxer briefs, a thick coating still remained on his tip.

The water reached temperature and Seth stepped inside the tub-shower combo, pulling the curtain shut behind him. The warm water felt nice as it jetted against Seth’s chest. Seth rubbed the warm water down his chest and along his body, allowing it to saturate his skin. His mind still was focused on his sister’s video. Even though the video wasn’t playing, the images of his sister dancing naked were crystal clear in his mind. Seth’s hands wandered down toward his upright cock, where he gave it a slow stroke allowing a large bead of precum that hung from his tip to lube up the top of his shaft.

Seth’s primary masturbation location was in his bedroom as he browsed across websites on his computer, often late at night. However, the shower was another place Seth often found solitude for his self-gratification. Seth continued to stroke his cock, keeping his eyes closed as he replayed Amber’s video in his mind. The warm water now beat against Seth’s back, allowing his body to relax and enjoy the sensation that was growing. That beautiful blonde hair resting against Amber’s semi-tanned breasts was more than enough fuel for Seth’s sexual fire.

The strokes began to intensify, in both speed and power, as Seth continued. Water rolled down the back of his arm, slinging against the fiberglass shower wall as his pace quickened. It wasn’t taking long and Seth could feel that he was about ready to cum.

Suddenly, a knock on the bathroom door, which caused him to halt mid-stroke.

“Hey, are you in the shower? I just need to grab a couple of things out of here before I leave. Do you mind if I come in?” Amber yelled through the cracked door, trying to be heard over the running water.

“You’re fine,” Seth yelled back, as his naked body was hidden by the decorative shower curtain.

Seth could hear Amber enter the bathroom and begin to rummage through the cabinets. Seth was so close to cumming, but was beginning to lose the sensation having stopped his vigorous strokes. Quietly, he began to slow resume his strokes, careful to not make any noise that would give away what he was doing (although with all the noise Amber was making, she likely wouldn’t hear). Seth regained the sensation as the pressure started to fill in the base of his cock and pleasure rushed through his body. Suddenly, the pressure released as a long stream of cum shot out onto the shower wall. Streams continued to flow for a few more seconds, piling up on the surface of the tub in front of his feet.

A cold shiver rushed through Seth’s body, almost like an aftershock following an earthquake. Seth watched as his first stream of cum slowly oozed down the shower wall.

“Thanks for letting me sneak in here,” Amber yelled, somewhat startling Seth, who had momentarily forgotten that the fodder of all his sexual energy was standing mere feet away, “I’m going to go ahead and head out. I’ll see you in a couple days. Love you, bro!”

“Love you too!” Seth called out, before hearing the bathroom door shut.

After finishing his shower, Seth walked back over to his bedroom. A sense of relief had come over Seth, as he had allowed himself a release. Unlike the night before, guilt didn’t accompany his most recent orgasm. Seth was now beginning to feel determined.

Amber had always been “perfect”. Sure, she had occasionally gotten in trouble at home, but only for small things like forgetting to do a chore or talking back to their mom. Amber had always given off an almost angelic personality. Seth had never seen his sister drink, do drugs or do anything more than give a boyfriend a quick peck on the lips. However, it had only taken Seth a minute or so to find two sexually explicit videos on his sister’s phone.

Seth had always assumed that his sister was still a virgin, although he hadn’t previously given it much thought. Given how naïve she seemed to be about dirty jokes and things of that nature, Seth had only assumed that she hadn’t had any sexual experiences herself. Seth himself had only lost his virginity to his previous girlfriend a summer prior, so he hadn’t found it odd that his sister would have still been a virgin too.

However, that was now all out the window. Virgins don’t send video messages of themselves stripping and pleasuring themselves to their boyfriends. Seth wondered how he could have been so blind to his sexuality. Was she just that good at hiding it, or was Seth just oblivious?

He knew that he would likely find more explicit messages, videos and pictures on his sister’s phone if he spent some time looking, but he also wondered if the phone might be just the tip of the iceberg. With his sister gone for the next two days and his parents still gone at work, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to investigate.

Seth threw on some clothes and walked down the hallway to his sister’s room. Amber’s bedroom was always the picture of perfection. Nothing was left out of place. It was just another way that Amber seemed to beat Seth, as his parents always complained that his room was messier by comparison.

Seth tip-toed across the room, although this was pointless because the house was empty and no one was going to hear him, but for some reason it felt like an appropriate time to be sneaky. Opening the dresser drawers, Seth made sure to look thoroughly through each of the drawers without moving any of the perfectly folded and placed garments.

The first few drawers held t-shirts and shorts, while the bottom two drawers held socks and underwear. Granted, in Seth’s highly sexual state, he was interested in the underwear drawer; but a quick look offered little excitement as each piece was very plain and lacking much sexiness. The clothes were the same that he had seen in baskets of laundry all of his life.

Across the room sat Amber’s computer desk. Each drawer was perfectly organized with different office supplies and papers. No personal items were in any of the drawers, as it was clear that the desk was meant for doing work.

Amber’s closet brought even less excitement, as different dresses and outfits stretched down the large walk-in hallway. Amber had good fashion sense, always making sure she looked nice, but she never seemed to wear anything that would be considered slutty.

Maybe she was just that good at hiding her sexuality, Seth thought. It would explain why Seth had never noticed.

Seth was about ready to call his search off when he noticed a large trunk sitting at the back of the walk-in closet. Seth was very familiar with the trunk, as he and his father had to move it in and out of the house every time his sister moved from school. The large trunk was one that his sister had purchased from an antique mall prior to her freshman year of college. Ever since that point it has been a staple of her dorm room décor.

His sister had always told them that the trunk was her safest place to keep her belongings because she could lock it shut. This prevented her roommates from stealing her snacks, money and other important personal items. It seemed like overkill to Seth, given how heavy the trunk was and how much of a nuisance it was to move.

The lock to the trunk sat unlatched, which was the first time that Seth had seen it unlocked since his sister purchased it. While the trunk normally sat in her closet at home, it was always locked when Seth and his father hauled it in and out of the house. It seemed like the perfect place for his sister to hide something.

Lifting the lid of the trunk, Seth peered inside. The trunk was five feet long and nearly three feet wide, the inside was lined with a thick cushioned red felt lining. As the lid lifted open it expanded a pair of collapsible shelves which some of his sister’s personal items like her passport and other various forms of identification. Sitting at the bottom of the trunk were a box of Oreos and other chocolatey treats. A few books and personal affects sat beside the snacks covering the rest of the base of the trunk.

The trunk was rather disappointing. There seemed to be very few items of value in the trunk to warrant such a large locking container. The trunk looked nothing like when Seth had seen it in the antique store, as his sister had at some pointed covered the trunks old wooden inside with the thick felt covering.

Disappointed to once again come up empty in his search, Seth carefully shut the lid of the trunk. As Seth went to raise himself off the floor he noticed something sticking out of the side of the trunk. A red piece of fabric was slightly hanging out of the right side of the trunk, pressed between the lid and the base. Lifting the lid back open, Seth could see that the fabric was hanging about an inch out of the cushion that lined the lid of the trunk.

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