The House of Chastity Ch. 01 Pt. 02


In Amstel District of Amsterdam, it lies the traditionally gay neighborhood of the city. Coffee Houses, Cafe, Clubs are what attracts locals and visitors. Sitting at a table, Simon is sipping his breakfast. He wants to have it light today, or the cleansing later would be literally a pain in the ass. The plug in his hole is giving him a right stretch, he can feel the tinkling, but not too much. He just wanted to keep it slightly loose after his shower. He will need to do a deeper one before heading out tonight. He re-read the email again and while typing a reply, he heard somebody calls out his name.

This friend and Simon used to have sex. Simon even fucked him a few times. Simon is chuckling in his head, “Only if he knew now.” Now they are close but certain things they don’t talk about, like sex. Amsterdam in August is nice – warm during the day, and chilly enough to wear leather in the evening. While chatting about nothing in particular, Simon is glad he in the city and sitting across the table from his friend. With Facebook these days, everybody seems to communicate online, and he still prefers face to face interaction and phone calls over facetime and WhatsApp.

Scrolling along the canal back to the hotel, the walking pressed the plug to his hole. He can feel a pool of precum is accumulating in his thong. He quite enjoys the feeling. Since it’s the quiet side of the street, he decides to just let it flow without doing anything with it.

The hotel he is staying is not those fancy type like Hotel Pulitzer. The room has a bed, internet, and most importantly is a showerhead that is not fixed to the wall.

Simon looks at his Apple Watch. It’s 6 in the afternoon, he’s better to hurry because Cumunion will start at 8. He took out his cleansing hose and get it working.

Cleansing is important to him. He likes to be seen clean, sexually or socially. Shit does happen sometimes, but after years of doing it, and barely any solid food so far, he knows he’ll manage it.

It’s 1 in the morning, the club had quiet down. People had either moved to another place or carry on their activities in the leisure of their residents. Simon pushed himself off the sling, a stream of cum is running down his legs. Quickly grabbing the plug he came with, he pushes it inside of his hole. It feels loose now. “No cum should be wasted,” he thought and almost like a habit, he reaches back and catches those cum and eat it like he usually would.

On the way to the locker, he was eyed by more than a few guys. Some are genuinely disgusting with hair in the wrong places. Some are quite easy on the eyes. One black guy, reaching his hand out directly and go straight to Simon’s hole and said, “That’s a nice pussy.” and invited him back to his apartment. “Name is Billy, BTW.”

The apartment is just outside of the city center in one of those new buildings. On the cab ride, Billy reaches his left hand to the back of Simon’s sweatpants, slips his hand down the peachy cheeks and cup his hand on Simon’s hole and squeezes it.

It is a silent ride, none of them talk much. Simon can feel a finger circling just Escort Bayan outside of his hole, which sends a tingling feeling inside of his body, and his hole responds naturally and slowly gaped open. Billy leans in and whispers in his ear, “That’s a smooth pussy you have.”

“Thanks. I shave every 2 or 3 days, full body. Of course, I shave my face daily.” Simon replies.

“Pussyboy should have no body hair,” Billy says while sticking a finger inside Simon’s pussy.

Billy stands 5 foot 11, probably a few years older than Simon. As an African descent, he has a mat of black curly hair, on the head or body. In contrast to Simon’s almost daily shaving, he prefers to keep them natural.

The apartment is one of those simpler designs, with IKEA furniture. To Billy, it’s just easier to maintain as a single guy. Something breaks? Something gets threw out.

Billy invites Simon into the apartment and immediately pushes him down to his knees, “Let’s see how docile you are.”

“Yes, Sir!” an eager reply.

Simon has taken off his jacket in the taxi. Underneath his shirt, he’s still wearing the harness from earlier. While he’s removing his shirt and pants, Billy has gone to a fridge and takes a beer for himself. He doesn’t seem to remember to offer one for Simon. Sitting in his sofa, putting his feet up at the coffee, Billy is observing Simon removing his pants.

“Keep the socks and shoes.” Billy orders. He likes the knee-high football socks on a sub, particularly the feel when he grabs and pushes their ankles above their heads.

Simon has put back his sneakers and is still kneeling on the floor, waiting for further instruction. Meanwhile, Billy has made himself comfortable sitting in a large brown leather sofa, legs spread open.

“Crawl over,” orders Billy, “and make it sexy.”

Like a kitty, Simon slowly crawls towards Billy at all four. The only sound in this spacious living room is the clicking of the lock and the chastity he’s wearing. A permanent reminder to Simon that what matters are just his holes – his mouth and his pussy.

Simon sniffs the crotch of Billy, an outline of his semi-hard dick is visible, packed along the left side. Simon thinks, “he’s a lefty.”

Simon tries to unbutton Billy’s jeans. But Billy, reaching both of his hands out and hold Simon’s wrists, “Did I say you can use your hands?”

While holding Simon’s wrists, Billy manages to unbutton the top few buttons of the fly and reveals his black burly coarse pubic hair. “Now, pussyboy, let’s see how you’ll manage to unbutton the rest.” One hand holding both wrists of Simon, one hand grabbing Simon’s hair, Billy directs Simon’s mouth to one of the buttons.

“My apartment, my rule,” Billy said, “you can show off the talent of your mouth or your pussy any way you want, but I expect to keep your hands off yourself and me.”

Unbutton with your mouth is not that easier. After some struggle, Billy let go of Simon’s wrists and undo it himself. Billy’s cock spring to attention. It is 7 inch of delicious chocolate, uncut, a thick base. What’s even more impressive Bayan escort about this penis is, its gland is wider than its shaft, you might call it a proper lollipop. “It looks shiny,” Simon thinks, “maybe it was from the fucking in the club.”

What Simon likes about it is the crown of Billy’s dickhead. The wider crown will make sure when Billy enters his hole and out, it will stimulate his pussy lips. And if he is lucky, Billy might even be able to stimulate him enough to a possible anal orgasm – sometimes he calls it his pussygasm.

Guiding Simon’s head with his hair, Billy directs his mouth to his dickhead. “Do you like the look of it? Are you ready to play with it?”

“Yes, sir, so very much,” Simon replies eagerly. But when Simon opens his mouth to devour the gland, Billy holds Simon’s head still, in such distance, Simon was only able to stick his tongue out and barely touches the tip of Billy’s dick.

“Circle your tongue around it,” Billy laughs, slowly standing up, while still holding Simon’s hair. Billy smacks his dick on Simon’s face for a few times, turning his body left and right. And finally, he lets go of Simon’s hair and said,” Now, go!”

Without wasting a second, Simon buries his head in Billy’s crotch, starting from the base. He’s inhaling deeply for the masculine scent that is hidden in Billy’s curly black pubic hair. Slowly his tongue circling, working underneath Billy’s shaft and occasionally create suction by implanting his lips on the shaft. Billy moans. When Simon’s tongue reaches Billy’s frenulum, his tongue sightly lifts those skin away from the glans and starts to flicker the frenulum left and right. The taste of frenulum might be the strongest of an uncut dick as piss and cum sometimes accumulates between the skins.

When Simon reaches the dickhead, he wraps tightly his lips around the head and gently circles the tip of his tongue of the glans covering every square millimeter. Billy, inch by inch, his dick is being sucked into Simon’s mouth. However, he is a bit impatient.

Grabbing Simon’s head with both his hands, Billy in one smooth move, pushes his dick inside Simon’s mouth. It has hit the back to Simon’s throat, Billy can feel gag reflexes are building up, and soon subside, followed by some gulping. Push Simon’s head firmly into his groin, Billy purposedly blocks his nose, until Simon’s face has turned bright red.

Billy released his grip. Simon, like just coming from underwater, he’s gasping for air. Strings of saliva dangle at the corners, panting, Simon breathes rapidly.

“That’s some nice color on your face, boy.” Billy picked the pussyboy up by putting his hands in Simon’s armpits, and throw the boy into the sofa he was sitting.

Billy now has Simon on his back, both hands pushing the backs of Simon’s knees and has them buried between the boy’s armpits. “That’s how a pussyboy should be used.”

Simon’s body is folded, with the back of his knees firmly pushed down. He likes the fellings, where his butt cheeks are parted by the stretch and his hole fully exposed. Billy said, “grab your legs.” Simon Escort proceeds to put his upper arms behind his thighs and grab his ankles with his hands. Billy takes a step back, “look at you. Fully spread and having your pussy exposed.”

Simon flexes his hole a little bit, push and relax, and repeat. He knows that men who want to fuck him for his holes, and he enjoys being exposed and exposing himself, while his cock is locked securely in a cage. It’s a nub; it’s a pee-pee; it’s not a sex organ. “What kind of men will do this to himself?” He asked himself before. It does not matter now, as he hasn’t used it for sex for a long time already.

While Simon flexes his hole, a mixture of cum and lube escapes. Billy uses his middle finger to scrape it off Simon’s skin and sticks it to Simon’s mouth. Simon sucks on it eagerly, to get each drop back inside him. “With the loads you got there, and the saliva you left on my dick. I’m guessing using lube now will be a waste, right?” Billy looks at Simon’s hole.

“Now, hold still and push your pussy out more.” Billy orders.

“Mmm…” Simon groans a bit when he is trying to push his hole out more. It blooms a little, and the lip looks like a mini donut. “Keep pushing,” Billy says while directing his king trumpet dick head at the entry of Simon’s hole. Aiming with his left hand, Billy slowly pushes just the head inside, he feels the defense of the hole as Simon is still pushing his hole out.

Simon must have felt the force as well. He can feel Billy’s lollipop head rubs along the lip of his hole, and the dickhead is totally in. Simon lets out a sigh, and his hole relaxes, the lip is wrapping Billy’s dickhead now.

Billy said, “let’s play a game, should we? When I push, you push. When I pull, you tighten it up. Get it, pussyboy? I need to feel the traction.”. Simons nods slightly.

Billy seems to be a teaser. He pushes just the dickhead in and followed immediately pulling it out. He does it in such a slow pace that the crown of his dick flicks Simon’s pussy lip in and out and Simon can feel every bit of it.

Suddenly, Billy pushes his whole penis in without warning – all 7 inches of it. His groin hits Simon’s butts in such a force that, Simon pees a little – not those fountains going up, it is a little stream that runs along his cage, through his balls and dripping down to his crack. Simon is embarrassed when he realizes he has peed involuntarily immediately tightens his ab muscle to stop it. Billy says, “That’s OK. This is a faux leather sofa. I can just wipe it up the next day.” while standing still, “you can pee as much as you want if that’s your thing.”

From under the sofa, Billy takes out a bottle of rush, the 30ml size one and hands it to Simon, Unscrews the cap, Simon takes a few bit hits. He feels the blood travel up to his brain, as it’s getting warmer. His heart beats faster, and his hole becomes juicier as like a valve inside of him had been turned. His chastity feels less tight as his dick is turning from semi-hard to a softer stage. He likes that.

Billy, sensing the warmth from inside of Simon’s hole, switches to a fuck-it attitude. Both hands, pushing Simon’s thighs down to the sofa, Billy takes a step back with and his full body along with his dick is leaning to Simon’s butt. Looking at Simon, he said, “Let’s find that sweet spot that makes you sing.”