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By Pink Panther

Welcome back! Just in case you”d forgotten, all the usual disclaimers apply. And please note that no real boys were hurt in writing this story, so read on and enjoy!

Thanks for the feedback, which continues to be very positive. Of course I”d like more, the same as any other author, so please send your comments ail and I”ll get back to you as soon as I can.


October 1959

It was Wednesday afternoon. Five minutes after the bell for the end of afternoon classes, Michael arrived at Mr Faulkner”s classroom.

“What will you be doing this weekend?” Alex asked as he led the boy into his storeroom.

“Not much,” Michael replied guardedly, “mainly homework and stuff.”

“I won”t be able to make it on Friday afternoon,” Alex continued. “I wondered if you might like to come to my flat either Saturday or Sunday.”

“I could come on Saturday, sir,” Michael answered. “I have to go somewhere on Sunday.”

Alex knew straight away what Whitney meant by `going somewhere”. He”d be visiting the twenty-six year old who had taken his cherry.

“That”s fine,” he said, smiling. “It will have to be the afternoon though. My team has a football match in the morning. Could you meet me outside the Kings Head, just along the road here?”

“Yes sir.”

“What time could you get there?”

“I could make it by three o”clock, sir.”

“Okay, and what time would you need to be home?”

“Half past five.”

Alex smiled. That would work perfectly. So now he could concentrate on giving the boy what he”d come for.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael arrived at the Kings Head at five to three. He was excited to be going to his form master”s flat. Even so he was nervous. This was a big step. Just before three o”clock, Mr Faulkner”s car drew up. Michael took a deep breath and got in.

“Good to see you,” Alex said warmly as the car pulled away. “Thanks for wearing your school shorts.” He reached across to stroke the boy”s thigh. “Your legs are beautiful.”

A few minutes later they arrived at the flat. Michael was somewhat disappointed. Despite Mr Faulkner appearing quite posh, the flat was smaller than his Uncle Jack”s and not as nice. He guessed that teachers didn”t earn as much as accountants.

They headed for the bedroom. After removing shoes and socks, they sat on the edge of the large double bed. Very gently, Alex helped Whitney to remove his clothes. Michael eagerly returned the favour. After a couple of minutes, they were both naked from the waist up.

“Mmmm!” Alex breathed. “I”ve been looking forward to this. I wish I took you boys for games.”

“You take fourth year games, don”t you sir?” Michael queried. “Aren”t some of them nice looking?”

“A few of them are,” Alex conceded, “but most of them aren”t boys any more. They”re already young men.”

For Michael, this came as something of a surprise. He”d seen several fourth year boys he thought were very good looking. But he wasn”t going to say anything. Alex reached across, running his hand over the front of Whitney”s shorts.

“Stand up, please,” he asked.

Michael got to his feet, moving round to stand in front of his teacher.

Alex unhooked the clip and undid the fly buttons. He tugged the shorts over the boy”s hips. They fell to the floor. Alex smiled, admiring the hard bulge in the front of Whitney”s underpants. He hooked his thumbs inside the waistband, quickly skinning them down the twelve-year old”s legs.

“You are so sexy!” he whispered.

He leaned forward, his lips closing over Whitney”s cock. He sucked it expertly, working his tongue over the small shiny head. Michael reached out and stroked Mr Faulkner”s hair.

“Oooh, sir,” he gasped. “I”m getting close!”

Alex quickly let him go. Without a word, they changed places. Within seconds Alex was naked too, his cock enveloped by Whitney”s mouth. The boy had been very well trained, Alex mused. His technique was remarkable.

“You give wonderful blow-jobs!” he exhaled.

Michael pulled back. He looked up, smiling.

“Come on,” Alex urged. “Let”s get on the bed.”

He moved across, leaving room for Michael to flop down next to him. He wrapped his arms around the boy, drawing him in. Michael snuggled right up, just as he did with his uncle. His cock ground against his teacher”s. Instinctively, Alex placed his lips over Whitney”s. In the next instant they were kissing passionately, their tongues engaged in an erotic dance. Alex could hardly believe it. In his experience it was very rare for boys to kiss the way that Whitney did. Michael was delighted too. This was even better than having sex in the pavilion changing room, and far better than doing it in the store cupboard. Finally, their mouths separated.

“That was wonderful,” Alex breathed, looking right into Whitney”s eyes.

“I love doing that,” Michael said, smiling expectantly.

“So have you ever had sex with another boy?” Alex queried.

“No sir,” Michael responded. “I told you.”

“Would you like to?”

“Oh, yeah! I”ve seen boys at school that I”d like to do it with. I”ve hung around the toilets after school a few times, hoping I might meet one, but nothing”s happened.”

“I see. You need to be careful doing that. Most boys wouldn”t like it if they thought you were trying to peek at them.”

“Oh, I”m always careful sir,” Michael assured him. “I don”t think any of them has ever noticed. I was in the toilets yesterday afternoon. I saw this third year boy having a piss. He was really nice looking, and he had a beautiful cock.”

“I see,” Alex said. “So what would you like to have done with him?”

“I”d have loved to suck him off.”

“Wouldn”t you have wanted him to fuck you?”

“Oh yeah, but he might have thought that was . . .”

“Yeah, I understand. You”re friends with Newton, aren”t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“He”s nice looking isn”t he?”

“Yeah, he”s okay.”

“Only okay? I think he”s gorgeous.”

“Oh, he”s nice looking, but he”s only got a small cock. I don”t think he can cum yet. He wouldn”t be able to fuck me. I like Downing in 1-Red though. He”s very good looking and he”s got a nice cock.”

“I don”t think I know him.”

“I don”t actually know him,” Michael explained, “but I”ve seen him in the showers after games. I thought you might know him though. He plays in goal for the school football team.”

“Oh, I know who you mean!” Alex responded. “He”s very nice! So you like boys with big cocks?”


“Have you ever thought about fucking a boy?”

“Not really.”

“Would you like to try it?”

“I”m not sure. Maybe, if the boy wanted me to. I like taking it.”

“Of course you do,” Alex whispered right in Whitney”s ear.

It wasn”t really the answer he”d been hoping for, but he wasn”t going to push it. For the moment, Whitney wanted to be fucked by a boy with a big cock. Getting him to fuck another boy would have to wait. He moved down the bed until his mouth was level with Whitney”s navel.

“Turn round escort kocaeli the other way,” he urged. “Then we can suck each other at the same time.

Michael needed no second invitation. He snaked around, his lips closing over Mr Faulkner”s cock. A moment later his penis was enveloped by his maths teacher”s warm wet mouth. They sucked each other lovingly. Alex slipped his hand between Whitney”s thighs to stroke the boy”s perineum. Very slowly he moved his hand further back until his index finger located the boy”s anus.

“Ooh sir!” Michael groaned. “Push it right in!”

Alex steadily pushed his finger deep into Whitney”s rectum and began to finger-fuck him. The boy was moaning and gasping. He obviously loved it. After half a minute, Alex allowed his finger to slide out.

“Okay,” he said quietly. “Let”s snuggle up again.”

Michael quickly turned himself around. Alex drew him close.

“Are you going to lick my bum?” Michael asked.

“You like that, don”t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Does your other friend do that for you?”

“No sir. He thinks it”s gross.”

An alarm bell sounded in Alex”s head.

“You haven”t been telling him what we”re doing, have you?” he asked, looking right into Whitney”s eyes.

“Yes sir,” Michael admitted. “Sorry, I always tell him everything. It”s okay. He”s not going to tell anyone.”

“That”s all very well,” Alex said quietly. “But he knows who I am. I don”t know anything about him, do I? So who is he?”

“He”s my uncle, sir.”

“Hmmm, I thought he might be. So what does he do for a living?”

“He”s an accountant. He”s doing really well.”

“Ah! So he has his own place, which is where you see him.”

“Yes sir.”

“And what does he think about you having sex with me?”

“He doesn”t like it, but he hasn”t tried to stop me. He always says I have to make my own choices. He”s just told me to be careful.”

“Well, I can”t argue with that. But as far as licking your bum is concerned, he doesn”t know what he”s missing. Okay, get on all fours.”

Michael swiftly got into position. Alex moved in behind him, his tongue lapping eagerly at the boy”s rosebud entrance. After a few seconds, he pushed it in.

“Ooh sir!” Michael gasped. “Ooooh!”

“Are you ready for my cock?” Alex asked.

“Yes sir!”

Alex quickly pulled away. He took a jar of Vaseline from the drawer in the bedside cabinet. Michael, still on all fours, put some on his fingers and smeared it over his teacher”s cock. Alex pulled a pillow into the middle of the bed.

“Okay, on your tummy,” he coaxed. “There”s a good boy.”

Michael lay down, the pillow under his hips, his legs wide apart. Alex knelt between Whitney”s knees, licking his lips as he admired his prize. The beautiful, sexy twelve year old was performing the ultimate act of submission, just as he”d wanted. He lowered himself into position, guiding his cock onto Whitney”s sphincter. He thrust it in.

“Owww!” Michael protested.

“Relax and enjoy it,” Alex urged.

He pushed down, sinking his cock deep into Whitney”s bum. After a moment”s pause, he set to work, He fucked Whitney remorselessly, spurred on by the boy”s quiet moans and whimpers. Painful though the penetration had been, Michael was transported to another world. Mr Faulkner”s warm, musky breath flooded his nostrils like an erotic drug. Somehow it amplified the already intense feeling of pleasure he received each time the man”s cock thrust over his hard little prostate.

He was getting close. Being fucked like this was causing his penis to rub against the pillow. His breathing became short and harsh. He shuddered violently. His legs flailed, out of control. His ring clamped tight around his form master”s cock. His fingers clawed at the bed. Little jets of boy-cum squirted from his penis.

“Oh, you naughty boy!” Alex growled. “You”ve cum on the pillow, haven”t you?”

“Yes sir,” Michael gasped.

Alex redoubled his efforts, fucking the lad even harder. After a few more thrusts he was there. Several volleys of thick, creamy spunk spurted into Whitney”s rectum. Then it was over. They lay motionless. Michael could feel Mr Faulkner”s heart pounding against his back.

Very carefully, Alex carefully withdrew. He sat back on his haunches to admire the sexy twelve year old, still lying face down in front of him.

“Sorry if I was a bit rough,” he apologised. “Are you okay?”

“Yes sir. Sorry I made a mess.”

“Oh, don”t worry about that,” Alex reassured him. “I love making you cum while I”m fucking you.”

Michael pushed himself up onto all fours. Spunk trickled from his anus. Alex massaged it into the boy”s thighs and buttocks until his sphincter twitched and clamped shut.

“Thanks sir,” Michael acknowledged. “That was super!”

“Pleased you liked it,” Alex said warmly. “Okay, you”d better go to the bathroom.”

Michael padded out of the room. Alex lay on his bed, at peace with the world. He”d spent the past few weeks working day and night, but it had been worth it. Right at that moment, life was very good indeed.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex picked up the phone and dialled.

“Ah, right on cue,” Gordon answered. “I was hoping you”d call.”

“Whitney was here this afternoon,” Alex told him. “I”ve just dropped him off. He”s very affectionate. He kisses like he was born to it. When I fucked him I had him on his tummy. He hadn”t taken it in that position before. He yelped a bit when I put it in, but once I got going he loved it. He came while I was up him.”

“Did you gag him?”

“No, there was no need. I don”t like to do that unless I have to. I like to hear the sounds they make as I”m fucking them.”

“That”s not quite what you said about the boy you had when you were in your last year at school.”

Alex blushed bright red. He remembered the incident perfectly. Thirteen year old Colbourne was small for his age and scrawny. He”d come from a very stuffy prep school. He knew nothing about sex, but was eager to learn. And he”d developed a crush on the friendly, good looking sixth former.

Alex had been more than happy to teach him what he needed to know. After a couple of encounters in the toilets, he”d invited the lad to come to his room after lights out. Colbourne had arrived just after midnight.

After some gentle foreplay, Alex had placed his pillow in the middle of the bed and asked the boy to turn onto his tummy. Unaware of what was to follow, the younger boy had done as he was asked. He”d screamed when Alex penetrated him. Alex had simply grabbed the boy”s underpants and stuffed them into his mouth.

Having reamed the lad”s virgin tunnel, he”d fucked him unmercifully. Afterwards, he”d apologised profusely, explaining that it always hurt the first time you took it. He was fortunate. Colbourne had become so dependent on him that a few days later, he”d returned. By the end of the school year, Alex had fucked him more than a hundred times. He”d also loaned him out to one of his contemporaries in return for the services of the other boy”s younger friend.

“That kocaeli anal yapan escort was a bit different,” Alex said defensively. “Colbourne pretty well screamed the place down, which was fair enough. I had just popped his cherry. Anyway, that was five years ago. These days I”ve got a bit more patience.”

“I”m pleased to hear it. That was old school, and it”s not necessary. There are always boys who are happy to do what you want as long as you treat them properly.”

“Actually, that was the last time I took a boy”s virginity.”

“Now that you”ve got Whitney, I suspect it may be some time before you take another one,” Gordon commented. “Anyway, getting back to today, did you find out anything interesting?”

“Quite a bit actually, “Alex responded. “The person who”s been fucking Whitney for the past year is his uncle. I thought it might be. And he has been looking for a boy to have sex with. He wants a boy with a big cock so that he can suck him off, or the lad can fuck him.”

“Well, I”ve got Maitland. He”s very good looking. He”s just turned thirteen and loves fucking the younger ones. These days he doesn”t take it very often, so he”d be nice and tight for you. And he”s very good looking. When I first had him two years ago he was a gorgeous little thing. You”d have loved him! So is Whitney not interested in younger boys then?”

“Not at the moment. I need to work on that. He”s friends with Newton, who”s one of the most beautiful boys in my form, but when I asked if he”d like to have sex with him, he said that Newton”s only got a small cock and wouldn”t be able to fuck him. I asked him if he”d thought about fucking another boy, but he said he hadn”t.”

“Well, if you can get him interested, I”ve got this eleven year old who”d suit you perfectly.”

“Well let”s not get ahead of ourselves,” Alex cautioned. “I”ve got a lot of work to do before I can even ask him.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael lay on his uncle”s bed, as naked as the day he was born. He watched the man take off his underpants. As soon as he was undressed, Jack joined him. They snuggled up as they always did. Jack”s hand ran down Michael”s back and over his bum. His index finger homed in on the boy”s anus. Michael winced slightly.

“Sorry,” he said. “My bum”s a bit sore.”

“So why”s that?” Jack demanded.

Michael told him what had happened the previous day.

“Michael,” Jack said sharply. “This has got to stop. I didn”t like you having sex with him in school, but I left that up to you. But you shouldn”t be going to his flat. I knew something like this would happen. It”s more difficult to take it lying stretched out like that because your bum doesn”t relax properly, but he didn”t care, did he? He hurt you.”

“It hurt quite a bit when it went in,” Michael conceded. “But afterwards I loved it. It was really exciting. And I come to your flat, don”t I? What”s the difference?”

“When you come here, your mum knows where you are,” Jack explained. “Okay, she doesn”t know what we get up to, but she knows you”ll be safe.”

“I was safe at Mr Faulkner”s,” Michael argued. “My bum”s a bit sore, but it”s not as bad as it was the first time you fucked me. And you can still do me today if you want to.”

“That”s not the point,” Jack retorted. “He”s hurt you once and it won”t stop there, believe me. So you are not to go to his flat. If you go there again, I”ll have to do something about it.”

“Like what?” Michael demanded.

Jack thought for a moment. He couldn”t speak out without revealing himself. There was only one way.

“I”ll send a letter to your headmaster,” he said coolly. “I”ll tell him what Mr Faulkner”s interests really are. I won”t put my name on it so he won”t know where it”s come from, but it”ll be enough to get Mr Faulkner his marching orders.”

“You can”t do that!” Michael protested. “He”s the best teacher I”ve ever had.”

“Then you”ll have to stop going to his flat,” Jack insisted.

“I thought you said that I had to make my own choices?” Michael countered.

“Well, up to now you”ve been very sensible about it,” Jack told him. “Now you”re being stupid.”

There was an awkward silence. Michael was smarting. He wasn”t used to his uncle talking to him like that.

“So where does Mr Faulkner live?” Jack asked.

“I don”t know,” Michael said. “He picked me up near school and dropped me off afterwards. It wasn”t far, but I”m not sure where it was.”

It wasn”t the answer Jack was hoping for, but he knew Michael was telling the truth. There was nothing more he could do.

0 o 0 o 0 o

Michael made his way home. He was still sulking. They”d had sex, but he hadn”t enjoyed it the way he usually did. Uncle Jack never ordered him around. It was one of the main reasons he liked him so much. But today the man had suddenly turned.

And why? Mr Faulkner hadn”t done anything that Jack hadn”t done, not really. And yet Jack had got all worked up and told him not to do it again. It was confusing. He liked having sex with Mr Faulkner. It was exciting.

It wasn”t just the physical side, good as that was. He spent his whole life doing as he was told, being polite and working hard, or that”s how it seemed. He hated the sort of physical challenge that many of his classmates enjoyed, so he never took the sort of risks that they did.

But having sex with Mr Faulkner was a risk in a way that doing it with his Uncle Jack had never been. It was an opportunity for him to push the boundaries, to step outside into areas where he wasn”t meant to go. That was the real excitement. But now Jack had told him to stop. It wasn”t fair!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Monday afternoon. Michael arrived at Mr Faulkner”s classroom at five past four. He sat down on the chair next to the maths master. As soon as Alex looked at him, he knew something was wrong.

“Is something bothering you?” he asked quietly.

“I went to see my uncle yesterday,” Michael began. “I told him about going to your flat. He got really angry. He said I wasn”t to go there again.”

“I can”t say I”m surprised,” Alex said gently. “I was a bit concerned that you were telling him things he didn”t need to know. But I thought he told you that you had to make your own choices?”

“He did, but he said that this time I was being stupid and I had to stop it.”

Do you think you were being stupid?”

“No, of course not.”

“Then why take any notice of him?”

“Because he said if I went to your flat again he”d send a letter to the headmaster and tell him that you were looking for boys to have sex with. He said he wouldn”t put his name on the letter so nobody would know where it had come from.”

“I see,” Alex said evenly. “That”s not very nice, is it?”

“No, sir, I was really upset about it. He”s never usually like that.”

“Even so, I think we”ll have to play along with it for the moment. But you really need to stop telling him everything. It”s your decision, but my advice would be not to even mention me unless he asks. And if he does ask, say as little izmit yabancı escort as you can get away with.”

“Sir,” Michael answered. He looked crestfallen.

“What”s the problem?” Alex asked.

“Well sir, next week is half term, I was hoping I”d be able to come to your flat during the week.”

“I take it your uncle will be working then?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, I guess that could be okay, but you know you mustn”t mention it to anyone, don”t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Alright then,” Alex said. “We”ll miss the two Saturdays. You can come to my place, say Monday and Thursday. We can sort out the details later. Okay?”

“Yes sir! Thanks! And I won”t say anything, I promise.”

Alex reached down, gently stroking Whitney”s thigh.

“So are you ready for some fun?” he whispered.

“Yes sir,” Michael confirmed. “I just saw Downing in the showers. His cock started to get hard. Not all the way, but it was definitely going up. He sort of hurried out of the showers and put his underpants on really quick so the other boys wouldn”t see it.”

“Hmmm! That sounds lovely,” Alex enthused, and quickly ushered Whitney into his store room.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Saturday. Having spent the morning supervising his football team, Alex arrived home just after midday. The half term break had finally arrived. For the first time since term began, he had time to relax.

But he couldn”t. He should have been looking forward to a couple of hours of Whitney”s company, but because of the boy”s interfering uncle, their meeting had been postponed. So he was at a loose end. Worse still, he was as horny as hell.

He was disappointed that he felt like that. He”d fucked Whitney just the previous afternoon and would be seeing him again on Monday. But that was how it was. Sitting around in the flat simply wasn”t an option. He needed something to do.

After a bite to eat, he collected his swimming things and made his way out to the car. There were two swimming pools in the town. One was quite near the flat. He”d been there a few times. Built in the 1920s, it was small and old fashioned. Although there had always been boys there when he”d visited, he”d never been able to get close to any of them. And with all the male changing accommodation in separate cubicles, seeing them naked had been out of the question.

The other pool, located on the far side of the town centre, had been opened only two years previously. It was time for him to give it a try. After a short drive, he parked the car and made his way inside. Having purchased a ticket, he headed to the male changing area. Although there were a few cubicles, most of it was open-plan. He allowed himself a smile. Although there were none there right at that moment, he was bound to see boys getting changed.

He stripped off his clothes and put on his swimming trunks. After storing his clothes in a locker he strode through to the pool. He was impressed. The pool was large and L-shaped, with a dedicated diving area adjacent to the deep end. In the main part of the pool, two lanes had been roped off for people swimming laps. The rest of it was being used as a play area. Best of all, the place was thronged with boys.

There were several lifeguards in attendance, so he had to be careful. He did not wish to draw their attention. He began by swimming a dozen lengths, partly as a warm-up, but mainly to justify his presence. With the task completed, he climbed out and strolled across to the diving area.

Several boys were already there. Pretending to ignore them, Alex began to climb the ladder that led to the high boards. As he reached the three metre board, two boys he judged to be around eleven were on the platform. Slim but not skinny, their pert little bottoms were tantalisingly covered by tight trunks. One of them turned towards him, his undeveloped boy-parts barely discernible. After a moment”s pause, Alex continued his climb, fantasising about what he”d like to do with either one of these boys if he had the opportunity.

Finally he arrived at the five metre board, where around half a dozen boys were congregated. One of them he judged to be around thirteen, a little over five feet tall and scrawny, with long slim legs and an obvious bulge at the front of his trunks. He”d make a wonderful fuck, Alex mused. In addition, there were a couple of smaller kids that he”d have been happy to get to know.

The boys were arguing. None of them, it seemed, wanted to be the next to plunge into the water. Alex moved past them. He positioned himself at the end of the platform. As he composed himself, he scanned the boys playing in the main part of the pool. He licked his lips. There were beautiful boys everywhere he looked.

He took a deep breath, bent his knees and launched himself out over the water. Flicking his legs upwards, he straightened up perfectly, entering the water with barely a ripple. He surfaced quickly and swam to the side.

The scrawny boy was standing at the end of the platform. A moment later, he jumped off, pulling up his knees as he plunged downwards. He hit the water with a huge splash. His thighs would be red after an impact like that, Alex speculated. He”d have liked to make somewhere else red, somewhere a little higher on the boy”s anatomy. He knew it wasn”t likely to happen, but it was an entertaining idea. He clambered out and returned to the top diving board.

“You dive really good,” one of the boys said.

“Not bad,” Alex conceded, before making his way to the end of the platform.

He spent the next forty minutes alternating between the diving boards and swimming lengths. The boys on the diving boards seemed impressed by his performance, but didn”t say much. It didn”t matter. He wasn”t there to show off, or to teach them to dive. Suddenly, a whistle sounded.

“Session ends in ten minutes!” one of the lifeguards shouted.

Alex understood immediately. The children”s play session was about to end, and when it did, most of the boys would leave the pool. He took one final dive, climbed out and headed straight to the changing area. He”d have a shower and get into position before the boys arrived.

His timing was perfect. He emerged from the showers, picked his spot, and began to get dry. Seconds later, boys began to stream in, including the boys he”d seen on the diving boards. They began to change where he had a perfect view of them.

They chatted animatedly, the way they spoke marking them out as tough, working class kids, probably from the nearby housing estate. Alex was delighted by how immodest they were. They stripped their trunks off and stood drying themselves, apparently oblivious to the attention he was giving them.

The scrawny lad was even more developed than he”d thought, his uncut cock long and moderately thick, with medium sized balls hanging below. He”d be a super fuck, Alex reckoned, as would two of his friends, the boys he”d noticed earlier, with their cute little cocks and small, tight bottoms.

Although he was tempted to linger, Alex knew he”d been there long enough. He quickly finished dressing and made his way out. He was elated. The new pool was just what he”d been looking for. Given the circumstances, he”d had a most enjoyable afternoon. Later in the week he”d visit the place again to see what other sights he could find.

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