The Hypnosis Spa Pt. 04

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***Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen for this story and all of my fiction: no exceptions.

In their separate rooms, the lustful family groups made the most of the facilities before packing up to leave, although, perhaps, they should not have packed the lube beforehand. That was all okay though as Ashley moaned, her face pressed to the cool tiles of the shower, water pattering down her back in a heated stream, her father’s cock driving into her pussy while a dildo was shoved up into her backdoor entrance. He hadn’t asked her or needed to ask her if she was okay with him penetrating her there too and it was all for his pleasure anyway. Why would she have said no?

Crying out for him, she ground her hips back, although the shower was large enough for three people, even if it was ever so slightly on the small side. The waterfall-style shower head covered all of them easily, however, and Rachel tipped her head back into it, waiting her turn on her knees just so that she could be in nice and close to the action. After all, she wouldn’t have wanted to miss her turn with her father, would she?

Trevis did not know the meaning of holding back, however, casting off the religious garb of his real life, the old life that had no place in hypnosis. No, all he knew was her hot pussy squeezing his cock like a hand, the pulse and twitch of it around him evidence that, truly, she wanted him. No woman could feel like that around his cock if he was not making them feel better than they ever had before, even if it was now only himself that he was outdoing each and every time.

Pride rushed through him. What was being humble when he was such a stud of a man? He could take what he wanted, have what he wanted, greedily holding it all close to his heart for his own pleasure. Wasn’t that what it was all about – not giving up anything at all? No… No, in Trevis’ mind, he could have his cake and eat it too, pounding Ashley’s pussy until they both cried out in passionate climax, bodies humping and grinding together in perfect symphony.

Of course, on the other side of the wall in their own shower suite, Mike was busy with his grandmother and his mother, not knowing when they would next have the chance to all be together. He didn’t think that things were going to end, still under the influence of hypnosis to some extent, but he could not stop himself from pounding Magrathe back against the wall, fucking her in the fall of water as he half-lifted her up against it. He was not quite as strong as his father, however, so she was forced to push up onto the toes of one foot, letting her grandson fuck her desperately, hips working so furiously that it could have been seen quite as if he thought he wasn’t going to get off again for a very long time.

That was not and would not be the case, however, even if it seemed so. Things would change and come to pass and he may even find the will to get them back to the spa again just to live out his kinky, sordid fantasies all over again. There was no telling just how far things could go as he grunted and slammed in deep, heaving against her as her leg tried to press up around him. Magrathe, in that moment, did not possess the flexibility for such a move, however, though it was all well and good as his cock pounded her sloppy pussy, folds eagerly welcoming him in as they had during the course of that spa holiday so very many times already.

Her cunt closed around him and he grunted thickly in the back of his throat. Was there anything like that feeling? It was hard to hold back as she moaned out her climax, pressing her lips to his skin, kissing and caressing wherever her lips and fingers, trembling all the while, dared wander. It was all for him too, everything for him, and he relished lapping up each and every little sensation, his mind cataloguing the nuances of it all away for sweeter, later perusal. He didn’t know then just how many times he would like to go over just what had happened gaziantep escort pornoları in the spa over and over again in the privacy of his own mind.

Yet he could not keep fucking her forever as much as he wanted to, their looming departure waiting on them. There was a check-out time but he simply couldn’t remember it as he lunged into her, heaving out a gasping moan that didn’t seem quite right coming from his lips. Whether it was him or not was by the by, the passion of their tryst the only thing that mattered as Magrathe clung to him, her breasts bouncing and jiggling with every thrust.

It was her tits that he focused on as he pushed onward to climax, only disappointed that he could not grope and squeeze them right then and there, needing to keep her upright, at least somewhat. But that was fine, just fine, and they would still be there later for him to adore, drinking in instead the sight of her vastly jiggling flesh, how her breasts sagged down lusciously under their own weight, nipples softer under the fall of warm water. Stacie’s hands snaked between them, squeezing and pushing together her mother’s own tits for his pleasure, however difficult it was an action for her to complete.

That did it and Mike howled in ecstasy, letting his cries herald his powerful orgasm as he flooded her with his cream, his grandmother’s breasts being all that he could focus on even as his nuts swung up to slap her pussy. It was not a sharp enough sound with the backdrop of the shower to block it out, however, and he ground in over and over again as his lips parted for the treat of her nipples, even though he could not take them into his mouth right there and then.

Ah, there was so much left for the lovers…but just one last, quick fuck for the moment.

In their own room, to finish, Trevis was not a selfish lover as Ashley traded places with Rachel, letting the other sister have her turn on his cock, although she licked her lips salaciously, daring him to fuck her.

“Take me!”

It was a demand that her father was only too happy to fulfil, growling as he pushed her back against the wall, her legs lifting automatically as she allowed him to fill her. His hands dug into her buttocks, squeezing crudely, and she was barely aware of anything else as that cock that she’s lusted for so wonderfully teased into her, a sweet caress that was sealed with the kiss of a daring pound.

He didn’t waste any time at all about fucking her, letting the rock of her body against his lead him on, how she lifted her hips up to his like a real whore. And she was just that, his lovely daughter, her pink lips parted in a moan as she relished his attention, breasts shining with a sheen of water, droplets trickling over her nipples as even that minute sensation seemed too much for her at a time where every nerve-ending in her body was on fire and burning up with sensation. The shower, to say the least of it all, didn’t cool her down in the slightest.

Her sister watched on as her sister took that cock, fingers dipping into her own sloppy pussy to relish the after-effects of her own climax. It was something, all that their father could do for them, and she licked his semen off her fingers where she was able to scoop it up, leaning back against the clear wall that was the boundary of the admittedly large cubicle.

Yet Trevis was not and could not pay her any attention as Rachel’s tits swayed before him, the perfect size for her body, just what he wanted. He bore up against her with his shoulder, the force of his body helping to pin her in place as she squeezed her legs around him, groping and squeezing just one breast, all that he could reach for but a moment in such a position. Of course, if he didn’t want to drop her, the touch was short-lived but she moaned so wonderfully as he pinched and tugged her nipple that he snarled for more, lips bared as his hips worked.

More escort pornoları and more, harder and harder… He heaved a breath. He had to have his release!

Spending himself into her just a short time after his balls had been drained should not have been possible but that was not even in Trevis’ mind as her pussy rippled around him. Was she climaxing too? He trusted that she was, that she lusted for his cock so much that her body could not help but spiral off into wanton climax at the drop of a hat and a thrust of his cock. He growled passionately, snatching up her lips in a kiss that sealed away her moans, though not even Rachel would have ever have wanted to hide her orgasm from him, body rocking and lightly teasing up against his as if that was the only language in her heart of hearts that she truly had left speak.

Alas, the time to leave drew near and Mike had Stacie still, his kinky mother, to take his fill of. Turning up the shower to a hotter, steamier setting (just as she liked it), he kissed her neck passionately, letting her moan fill him up, cock hard and throbbing, desire pumping through like the stream of blood flowing around his body with the beat of his heart.


He would not deny her but he had not the energy in him to fuck her standing, bearing her lightly down onto all fours where she would not be upset by the fall of water but kept warm by it and the feel of his body covering her. She didn’t even feel the press of the hard floor up against her knees, floating on air, the only thing that mattered to her that of her son’s body teasing over her back. Stacie craved him, her heart pounding for him, could not have denied it even if she’d been asked to, moaning out his name over and over again, knowing, right then and there, that he was her son and not caring at all.

Revelations had been had but his hands on her tits, fingers digging lightly in to squeeze, was all that she needed. There was passion there, desire thrumming through her body, the ripple of her pussy around his turgid length but an afterthought to the feel of his fingers playing her body so very wonderfully. Her skin prickled with heat even beneath the water, a whimper on her lips, but all Stacie could think of was just how good everything felt, her body trembled lusciously, water trickling over her skin as she heaved and groaned, wanting more, demanding more, always more.

Yet he was a lover that always would come through for her, tweaking her nipples, stroking down her breasts, even squeezing and pushing them together in a faux cleavage, which should not have been possible in such a position. But it was all possible in a case where he was there to help her along, pounding her viciously, hips working, every muscle in his body engaged in the pursuit of lust, desire moaning out by the barrier of her lips over and over again. It was too much, all too much, yet still just the right amount, her body tensing, pulling at him, orgasm upon her before she could come to the realisation that it was even close to begin with.

That didn’t matter though. It didn’t even matter as her son growled and spilt his load into her, the last filling she would have in the spa, need sated for the time that she remained there.

Yet there were still delights to be had in the future…if only they were all brave enough to let go of their inhibitions and take them for themselves.

Packing went as normal, everything coming together as they wheeled their suitcases down the hall back to the room where they had first had the welcome message to begin with. They laughed and kissed, tingling from the afterglow of such lustful liaisons, standing as the TV screen, once more, flickered into life.

“Thank you for attending our spa! We hope that you are leaving us rejuvenated and refreshed. It’s time to wake up now and come back to your real lives.”

Mike blinked, something pulling inside him – escort gaziantep pornoları but it was too late to step away!

“Wake up.”

The woman on the screen smiled.

“Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.”

And then the screen snapped to back, a swift, decisive action as the enormity of everything crashed down on Mike. Taking a step back with a gasp, he put his hand to his head. Had he really fucked his mother and grandmother? Had that all actually happened? A heated blush lanced through his cheeks but it was still too late to take anything back as he swallowed a whimper, barely able to meet anyone’s eyes.

It was all going to go down.

He couldn’t look.

“Wasn’t that a lovely vacation then, darling?”

His mother smiled and looped her arm through her husband’s, though the look on Trevis’ face was not one that Mike was familiar with after the last few days. Mike gulped. That wasn’t the woman he knew either, the softer, lighter edge to her face.

“Yes, it was…” Trevis said in his slow, gravelly tone, taking his time with each and every word as if he needed to consider everything carefully before speaking. “So nice and relaxing… To think that we never did anything like this before. Even the girls enjoyed themselves.”

Although Ashley and Rachel stepped back and sighed, still frustrated at being dragged away from their friends, they could not deny that the massages that they’d enjoyed had been lovely too. The spa had been nice but it could have been even nicer, for them, if they’d been there with their friends and not their family. But beggars couldn’t always be choosers for things like that.

They didn’t remember anything. But Mike did. Mike remembered everything as they chatted just like nothing at all had happened, his mother no longer looking at him as if he was the only man in the room to her. There were still more things that he had and had not done of his own free will, blushing lightly as he scratched the back of his neck and turned away. The hypnotist had not been straight with him in taking over his mind too, which had not been meant to happen, but had he really been in control of a single damn thing since he’d stepped through the doors? And he’d gotten what he’d wanted too, hadn’t he?

It was wrong and it was right, both at the same time. It was so many things, seeing how his sisters mumbled to one another, content but no longer as close as they had been. His heat throbbed with a pang for them but everything was so very surreal as he shook his head and followed everyone out to the car, everyone seeming just as they had been before.

Except for him. He was different. He was the only one that remembered and, for that alone, Mike would forever be changed.

Too normal. Laughter, light joking. There would never be anything more than that with his heavily religious parents, even if his sisters had diverged slightly from that path as their athletic achievements and studies took them further and further afield. Still, they held a stricter air close to their hearts and it had been a different side to them entirely that he’d seen, their bare buttocks and rolling breasts, nipples tight and perky…

Mike shook his head, turning away. He couldn’t think of that, not anymore. Not when they were no longer hypnotised and he knew too much, all that had happened. Still, his cock throbbed in his trousers, wanting to rise up again even though it was not wanted at that time.

A short while ago, they’d all been fucking each other as if there was nothing else for them, as if they’d been doing it forever. And now… Now, everything was different, although Mike could not have said, honestly, whether that was for the better or for the worse.

He looked back at the spa as they paused by the car, his mother fumbling for something.

“Have you seen my cross?” She frowned, placing her hand at her neck as if she felt that something important was missing. “I always have my cross on…”

Mike smiled, smoothing it all over with a finesse that he surely could not have possessed before.

“You probably packed it, mom, don’t worry about it.”

“Yes, yes… Probably right, just packed it up away nice and safe.”

Whether or not they remembered, he did. Mike smiled.

He’d have to bring them all back to the spa again one day…

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