The Institute of Technology and Science Pt. 02


“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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A week went by. After that episode with Alice I started to pay more attention to what was going on around me. More and more I was seeing large breasts every where. And cleavage. Tight sweaters, low cut blouses. Mini skirts and short shorts abounded. The girls were flaunting it, those that had it. And more and more seemed to have it! Every where I looked I saw bouncing boobs and erect nipples making themselves evident thru blouses and sweaters.

I was still losing weight. When I stepped into the shower every morning I noticed that I was looking to be in better shape. Tighter, more muscular. And my dick seemed to be expanding. I measured myself at over nine inches long and just thicker than I could reach around with one hand. Damned impressive, I thought.

Two days later Jillian showed up at my carrel. She hadn’t been around for the last few weeks and truth be told, I hadn’t missed her. But she was back. At least I thought it was her.

“Um, Jillian?” I asked the young lady standing in my entryway.

“Hi,” she breathed. “How are you?”

“You…you…ah…you look different”, I stumbled.

“I’ve decided to let the outside match the inside, honey. What do you think?” She twirled in place, giving me a quick look of back and front.

“Um, it’s a change,” I admitted.

“Of course, silly! That’s the point, isn’t it?” She giggled fetchingly at the look on my face. I don’t think that I had ever heard her giggle before.

“A few weeks ago I realized that I wasn’t happy with the way things were going in my life. I decided to make some long over due changes. What do you think?

I took a moment to look her up and down. There were a lot of changes! Where to start? The over all look was no longer that of an Assistant Librarian. She looked more like a prototypical starlet. A porn starlet! What was once mousey brown hair was now blonde – just long enough to be pulled into a pony tail that would reach to her bum. She was wearing make up, another first. Dark eye shadow, expertly applied, highlighted her eyes while her lips were covered in a liquid scarlet color. Somehow her cheek bones were more prominent, it seemed.

Her feet were encased in heels that raised her almost four inches in height. Her curvy, muscular legs were bared almost to her hips. She was wearing a pair of the tightest denim short-shorts that I had ever seen. And her tightly muscled mid section was visible below the skin tight crop top that barely covered her breasts.

And that was the really big change. I had never seen her with breasts. She had never had breasts! I had heard that she ran marathons in college. Now she had a pair of cantaloupe sized boobs that powered straight ahead of her. She didn’t have on a bra but her boobs didn’t sag at all! Her erect nipples led the charge, looking like they could cut thru the fabric at any moment. She was standing with her hands perched on her hips, her arms pulled back which really emphasized her bust line. She grinned İstanbul Escort up at me.

“Like I said, I decided to make the outside match the inside. So I took out some money from my 401(k) and found a plastic surgeon that would do what I wanted. And I love it!”

“What did you want?” I asked, disbelievingly.

“I told you! I wanted to look the same on the outside as I have always looked on the inside! If you could have seen what was going on inside me before, you would agree this is perfect. Well, almost perfect. I’m still not quite where I want to be.”

She swayed toward me. Her feet were a little unsteady in the high heels. She nestled up against me. Her boobs pressed solidly against my chest as she gazed up into my eyes. I could feel her tight little body all the way from my chest to below my crotch. Her leg slipped between mine and she rubbed her thigh against my rapidly hardening cock. She smirked at me and her hand stroked my chest as she continued.

“I’ve always felt betrayed by my appearance. But until recently I didn’t have the nerve to do anything about it. But now I’m going to make up for lost time.” She smiled at my expression.

“Oh, gosh, if you had only known. Inside that drab exterior I was cursed with, I was a hot, horny, slut! If anyone had asked I would have done almost anything. I would have sucked cock. I would have fucked as many men as I could. I would have worn out my lovers with all sorts of dirty, dirty things! But it was like I was trapped!

Well, I’ve broken the bonds that held me back!”

Her breasts were solid bowls of excitement as she slowly grazed them back and forth against me. I’d never felt such solid boobs! There was was almost no flex to them.

“I’ve always been so thin,” she explained. “I wanted to be so much more feminine. These are the largest implants I could talk the doctor into using. I love the look!” Stepping back a short step she lifted the crop top to expose her tits.

They almost literally exploded from her chest! There was no hint of sag or softness. They were actually smaller where they met her chest than they were near their midpoint. Her skin was stretched tightly across her boobs. The erect nipples were perched high on those impressive mounds, seeming to want to leap free and land between my lips.

“Holy crap!” I blurted. “Those are…” I had no idea how to finish that sentence.

“Big, hot, fucking tits!” she completed for me. “These are the tits I was supposed to be blessed with! Big, fat, titties that draw men like flies! No matter what I wear, they poke out and make people look at them!,” she was gently stroking them. Both hands pulled and tugged on her nips causing her to inhale in excitement.

“It feels even better if you were to do it, lover. Here!” she drew my hands up and clapped them against herself. I felt her hardened nipple in the center of each palm.

With out thought I squeezed and manipulated her titties. There was very little give to them. They were so much more solid than any other tits I had ever felt.

“The Doc said that they Anadolu Yakası Escort would loosen up a little with time,” she told me as if she had read my mind. “We’ll see.”

She groaned as I kept up working over her big boobs.

She spun in my embrace. Pushing her tight little ass against my hard on she groaned with lust as I continued to squeeze and caress her rock hard titties. I couldn’t take my eyes or hands off them. Looking down over her shoulders I gaped at how far out they stuck! These were some seriously big tits on what had been a flat chested, skinny little bookworm!

“Oh, that feels so good. I’m so sorry it took me so long to get my titties done!” she sighed. “I’m glad I insisted that we go big. The Doctor only wanted me to go to a “C” cup. I insisted on these “E” cup puppies!” She groaned again as my fingers pinched her nipples. She was still rubbing her self back against me. My dick was starting to feel cramped in my pants!

“Let me try something I’ve wanted to do for years,” she gasped.

She slid to her knees in front of me and released my belt buckle. In seconds she had my pants and underwear around my ankles.

“OHhhh, pretty!” she husked as she wrapped her hands around my cock. I was almost at full hardness. Just a couple of strokes from her soft, warm hands had me at full length, quivering in excitement.

“Let me get you wet. I need you to be slippery!” She reached out with her tongue and licked my shaft from my balls to the tip of my penis, a trip of almost 10 inches length.

“Now, I’ve alway wanted to do this,” she glanced up at me. Sitting up straight she pushed her chest out and pushed my dick between her tits. It took some work, it was as if her tits didn’t want to be pushed away from each other. As if they didn’t want to be separated. Once Jillian had me in place she took her hands away. My cock was trapped between her big, solid titties!

Grinning lewdly up at me her body rose and fell. Her tits retained their hold on my dick. She was tit fucking me! Literally, Tit Fucking me. No hands! Just the pressure of those explosive boobs holding me in place, stroking and caressing me in her cleavage with no outside assistance.

I hadn’t had many tit fucks before. I doubted that many women had the breasts to be able to do it with out having to hold their tits together around the lucky dick they were fucking. It felt amazing.

The look on Jillian’s face was one of extreme excitement. She was really getting off on how she could manipulate my dick with just her tits. I was too!

“I’m going to cum,” I announced.

“NO! Not so soon! I want to play!” Jillian pulled away from me. My cock was pulled almost parallel before snapping free of the tight clasp of her amazing breasts. It thumped solidly against my torso before she wrapped both hands around it.

Pursing her lips she gave the head of my cock a wet juicy kiss. She slipped the tip into her mouth and began to suck noisily. Wet liquid sounds filled the carrel as she worked. Her tongue went crazy on the tip of my cock.

Between Kartal Escort wet sucking and flickering tongue lashing Jillian was moaning and sighing with arousal.

“Such a pretty cock,” she moaned. “So big, so hard! So PRETTY!”

Her hands worked their way up and down the shaft, pulling more and more precum from my balls, raising my level of excitement with each moment.

She drew her head back and ran her tongue around and around my dick head while she looked me in the eyes. She was smirking up at me. She knew what I was feeling.

“Does this feel good? I knew I would be good at this! I always thought I’d be good at giving blow jobs. I love cocks! I love feeling them in my mouth! I like the taste of cum, too. I can’t deep throat yet. I have to learn to suppress my gag reflex. But I’ll get good at that too!” she promised. She was snuggling her cheek against my steel hard dick as she spoke.

I had no doubt that she would learn to deep throat a cock! In the meantime, she had me on the brink of blowing a huge load all over her!

“Jillian, I’m going to cum. Don’t stop, keep doing what you are doing, let me feed you my cum!” I begged.

“Are you ready? Are you going to cum for me? Let me catch it!”

She pulled away a few inches and rested my cock on her extended tongue. She flashed her tongue tip up and down, licking the underside of my cock head before resting it again on her lower lip.

“OH GOD!” I groaned. “HERE it cums!”

The first wad of jism blew from my cock with such force it startled Jillian. She jerked away but then pointed my dick back at her face. Rope after rope of cum splattered over her. Some landed in her hair and on her face, some dashed against her chest and tits. She even managed to get some into her open mouth.

“Oh, so yummy,” she exclaimed. “I love it so much. Feed me more, lover, feed me more!” She jammed my dick into her mouth and sucked on it as hard as she could. Pushing her mouth down the shaft she buried almost half of me past her lips. Her tongue was going wild, trying to extract more cum from my cock.

Finally, having pulled every drop from me that she could, she slowly stood up. She dragged her tits against me as she did so, giving me another example of how firm and round they were.

“That was so much fun, honey” she panted, catching her breath. I can’t wait to do it again!”?”You’ll have to give me some time to recover, Jillian.” I wanted to sit down.

“That’s okay,” she replied. “There are plenty of other fish in the sea. And I’m going to catch as many of them as I can!” With a saucy grin she flipped her crop top back down to cover her boobs, turned and left me standing there.

Gathering my strength I decided it was time to go home. I needed to take some time to recover!

I headed toward the stairwell. As I passed one of the shared carrels I heard Jillian’s voice.

“Enough chit-chat. Let me ask you: What do you think of these!”

There was a moment of silence before I heard chairs being pushed back and furniture being moved.

“OH, yes, honey bunnies, oh, yes. One on each of my big hot titties! Thats so good! Just keep doing that!”

“Mmph, mmmphh, ahhh! Mumph maaw,” was the only response.

I shook my head as I continued toward the exit. I feared that Jillian would wear our half the faculty if she kept this up. The male half at least!