The Island of Three Ch. 06

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Massive thanks to my anonymous editor for the work put in.

Hope you’re all ready for things to get interesting. I’m currently working on the next chapter and have a good few ideas on what to do next.

Feel free to leave me some feedback or ideas in the comments. I love reading what you all think of my story so far.

Chapter 6

Tobias had been gradually getting hornier throughout the day. With Sylvia working that peachy ass off in front of him and Lexi exposing her assets to them on the return from the cabin, he was ready to split Lexi in half with his cock. If Sylvia wasn’t ten feet away in the shelter then he would have torn her clothes clean off.

“Lex, that isn’t a good idea right now,”

Lexi was holding her brothers hard cock through his shorts as he spoke. “She will be in there for hours. Trust me, I know our sister.” Her eyes were lustful and alluring.

“It’s too risky. The way she reacted just then spoke volumes. Can you imagine what she would say if she caught us in the act?” Tobias took a step back, crunching a few leaves underfoot. He was now just out of his sisters reach. “Maybe we took this too far. It could destroy us Lex.”

The curvaceous babe stood still wondering if she had heard that right. “What? You mean you regret what we’ve done?” Her voice was getting louder with each word. “You can’t be serious!”

“Lex calm down, Sylvia will hear you…”

Before Tobias could continue, Lexi jumped in. “I don’t care Tobi. Tell me if you regret it!”

“I don’t regret it. It’s wrong, we shouldn’t have done it and I haven’t once regretted what we started, but that doesn’t mean we can just flaunt it in front of Sylvia like it’s a normal thing to do.”

Lexi hadn’t taken any comfort from her brothers words and began to show signs of making the situation much worse. Tobias started walking into the trees behind Lexi and grabbed hold of her hand, pulling her along. Tobias was much stronger than his sister so it was easy to manoeuvre her, but he did it in the most gentle way possible as not to hurt her.

Lexi hesitantly followed him into the trees away from their camp. Hopefully out of earshot of Sylvia.

“Lex listen to me. This isn’t easy for me to do. To have you the way I have isn’t normal for any brother, but that doesn’t mean I want to stop. You have to understand that we could potentially ruin this family with what we’re doing.”

Tobias’ words rang in Lexi’s ears like a bell. She knew he was right, but that didn’t make it any easier to live with.

“Sylvia will find out eventually. Why cant we just tell her now? Get it all out in the open so you can fuck my brains out without the stress of her being around.”

“Because I need to keep the three of us together as best I can. Her finding out about us now could make the matter ten times worse. We have to play it safe.”

Lexi’s mood wasn’t going to change anytime soon. She had made her mind up about being upset.

“Do you love her more than me?” Lexi spoke with a sad and quiet tone.

“Of course I don’t. I love you both equally,” Tobias spoke the truth, but he knew where that question was going.

“Then prove it to me. Find a way to tell Sylvia or I will.” With that Lexi turned around and stormed off into the shrub.

Tobias thought it best not to go after her, at least until she had calmed down a bit. He felt like he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He needed to do something, but he was unsure of what.

A few silent seconds passed watching Lexi’s ass disappear into the trees before Tobias made his way to the shelter to check on Sylvia. As he approached the hanging leaves above the entrance he pushed them aside to walk in to the dark room.

At first glance it looked like no one was there. Then once his eyes had adjusted to the dark he saw that Sylvia was laying down on her bunk. He crept his way forward as quietly as possible to hear the sounds of heavy sleep breathing.

“Must be tuckered out from the work we did today,” Tobias leant down to move a strand of hair behind her ear and took a close look at her delicate features.

He couldn’t help noticing the sheer cleavage that had formed as she laid on her side. It caused his cock to jump which immediately made him stand and avert his eyes. Internally scolding himself he made his way back outside to find something to do. Keep him busy and keep his mind off of the drama that had occurred.

Tobias stood by the fire pit and pondered what to do with himself. Annoyed and horny he thought of only one thing he actually wanted to do. Not a second more passed before he started power walking in the direction that Lexi had gone.

Lexi was closer to the camp than what Tobias was expecting. A short walk through the trees and he could see the back of her. She was looking up at the sky through a small break in the tree tops.

All Tobias could see was a gorgeous woman in the woods that absolutely must take his escort resimleri cock. The taboo thoughts of fucking his sister played on his mind to the point he felt like an animal. He was going to take what he wanted.

Approaching at a fast pace Lexi had heard him behind her as a twig snapped underfoot. She turned to see what the sound was and forced her hair to sway across her face.

“Tobi I’m not in the mood to talk about this anymore,”

Lexi gazed at her brother as he made his way to her. A hungry look plastered his face that immediately made her shiver with excitement.

“I’m not here to talk,”

Tobias grabbed hold of his sister by the hips and pushed backwards into the tree behind her. The second she settled against the trunk his lips were on hers and they both shared a long and powerful kiss.

Lexi was caught off guard but quickly realised what was happening. Her brother was being so forceful that it turned her on at the mere thought of it. Tobias’s hands began to tug at the hem of her shirt and pull it up over her chest, catching on her breasts for a moment before pulling it up to clear her bust.

Without a bra on her heavy tits they bounced as the shirt came off. He threw the garment to the side and began to massage one of her glorious orbs in his hand as the other started undoing the button on her shorts, all the while kissing and sucking on her neck.

“Oh shit!” Small excited moans escaped Lexi’s mouth as her brothers hands worked her body.

The button came undone easily and allowed Tobias’s hand to slip down into her underwear. His hand cupped her mound and felt the tiny amount of stubble on her smooth skin that he would soon be pounding his way into. He began to move two fingers down her slit, bypassing her clit by mere fractions and found his way to her pussy lips.

Only moments into their encounter and Lexi was already beginning to get wet. The naughty thought of what her brother was doing had an unparalleled level of ecstasy. Tobias moved his fingers from side to side, playing with one lip and then the next. After several seconds he made his way to her entrance and circled her hole before gently pressing the tips of his fingers inside her.

“Oh fuck Tobiiii!”

“You’re still so tight Lexi,” Tobias whispered into her ear.

“Oh God I love hearing that,”

Lexi’s body was rising and falling as her brothers fingers worked their magic inside her. Eventually his fingers were wet enough to pump inside her tight little cunt up to the knuckle. With every thrust Lexi would moan aloud and grab hold of the tree trunk behind her with a fierce grip.

“Fucking hell Tobi! Yes! God yes!”

Tobias’s cock grew harder with every word spoken. He needed to free his member and gather the attention from his sister that he now began to crave. Much to Lexi’s disappointment, Tobias slowly pulled his fingers free from his sisters snatch and brought his soaked hand up to her mouth.

He wasn’t sure whether she would suck on his digits while they gently dripped with her juice, but he offered it up anyway. Without hesitation Lexi greedily snatched up her brothers fingers and began to suck them clean, releasing “mmm” noises as she did.

“Holy fuck that’s hot.”

While Lexi was relishing in her own taste, her brother had moved his other hand down to undo his own shorts. Pulling them down just enough to pull his cock free and bob between them. His hard-on poked at her hip and caught her attention.

Lexi’s eyes opened and immediately gazed down at the girthy goliath pointing at her. She dropped to her knees, pulling the rest of his shorts with her and sucked his meaty head into her hot wet mouth.

“Oh fuck!”

“Mmmm,” Lexi quickly swallowed half of his cock in one go and wrapped her hand around the other half, pumping it the rest into her mouth.

By now Lexi had a pretty good idea of what her brother could handle and what would make him cum faster. Every woman knew there was no fun in letting the guy cum first, so she paced herself, giving him just enough pleasure to satisfy his and her own desire for the time being.

A few inches of his hard prick in her mouth wasn’t enough. Tobias wanted more. He roughly grabbed at her faded blonde hair and forced a little more of his cock inside her. With Lexi’s hand also pumping his shaft, it made it difficult to get much more in, but he tried anyway, longing for the softness of her throat.

“Fuck that feels good Lex.” Tobias was holding her head in place as he started to fuck her mouth. “You’re such a dirty little sister,”

Lexi felt her pussy suddenly throb with excitement. Hearing him talk dirty to her felt so exhilarating that she let go of the hand on his cock for the briefest of moments, in which time Tobias took that as permission and immediately pulled her head further into his privates, forcing Lexi to swallow more than she had initially intended.

Tobias’s cock hit the back of Lexi’s throat and caused gaziantep escort resimleri her to gag as the head began to sink down her throat. She was determined to bear through it and let her brother have his way with her until he was satisfied. Luckily after the first initial blowjob she had given him, it wasn’t nearly as difficult to accomplish.

Having her brothers cock in her throat was slightly painful, but at the same time it drove Lexi’s libido to new heights.

“Do you like that?” Tobias started to push more and more of his length down her throat, until almost all of it had disappeared inside her. “Do you like having my cock in your throat?”

The question was clearly impossible for Lexi to answer, she felt like her mouth was being stretched and her throat widened. She did however try to answer him. Replying with a few gargles and head bobs while staring up at him.

Tobias slowly but surely managed to pound more of his meat down his little sisters throat. Her pipe got tighter with every inch. He knew it was going to be impossible to last much longer, so he paced himself and tried to make sure he wasn’t hurting her.

Lexi was practically gushing between her legs at this point. She could feel her cum beginning to run down her legs with a gentle trickle. Tobias was gently easing his length in and out of her mouth, getting her used to it and soon found a steady rhythm that she seemed happy with.

“That feels un-fucking-believable Lexi,”

More gargles and moans were her response as one of her hands found its way to her clit.

Before Lexi could enjoy playing with herself, Tobias pulled his cock free from her dribbling mouth and grabbed her arms to pull her to her feet. Now standing straight, Tobias grabbed hold of his sisters peachy rear and lifted her into the air. He pushed her against the tree as her arms wrapped around his neck.

With the tree stabilising them, Tobias reached down and guided his cock to her soaking wet entrance and pounded his length deep inside her in one quick motion.

“Ooooohhhhhh!!!” Lexi’s voice came out hoarse from the throat action.

Lexi inhaled a giant breath as she moaned. He had never gone in quite as fast or deep as he just did on the first pump and the sensation nearly forced an orgasm straight from Lexi’s body.

Tobias began to rapidly pound his cock in and out of his sibling like a jackhammer. Pulling all the way out and ramming it all the way back in. Lexi had sunk her teeth into her brothers neck to stop her from screaming out in ecstasy.

“How does it feel Lexi? Tell me how my cock feels inside you.” Tobias hoarsely spoke into her ear.

Lexi pushed herself backwards against the tree and reached up to find something to hold. Luckily grabbing hold of the perfect branch to hold some of herself up as he fucked her. Her other hand began to grab her tit and knead it into her palm.


Tobias could feel his sisters cunt beginning to tighten every few seconds. At first he thought there was no way she could be having an orgasm this soon, but with the way he was moving he realised he wouldn’t last much longer unless he paced himself some more.

“I said, how does it feel Lex?” Demanding an answer.


Tobias felt her body spasm and shake under the pressure of her orgasm. He held onto her with a fierce grip and continued to fuck her through the ordeal.


Sylvia stirred awake from what felt like a very deep sleep and rubbed at her eyes as she began to sit up from her bunk. After stretching for a few seconds she stood up and made her way to the outside of the camp.

“It’s still light out so I couldn’t have been asleep that long,”

She walked toward the camp fire and threw a few pieces of timber into the middle to keep it burning.

“Tobi! Lexi!” After shouting their names she waited for a reply, but none came. “Where have they gotten to now?”

Sylvia started walking up towards the ridge over looking the beach, assuming that was her best bet. She got to the top and looked over the sands from side to side to find her siblings, but to no avail.

“Then where the bloody hell are they?”

Something caught Sylvia’s eye out in the water and forced her to squint to take in the figure.

“Is that, a boat?” Sylvia gasped so loudly that it startled herself. “Oh my god that’s a boat!”

The first thing for her to feel was panic. The boat was so far out, would it even see them? With her heart rate suddenly beating a million beats a second she turned around and ran back to the shelter.

“THERE’S A BOAT!” As she made it down to the fire she quickly picked up more wood and placed it on the fire, quickly followed by some green leaves to create as much smoke as possible.

“TOBI! LEX! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!” Still the shouts were unanswered.

All Sylvia could do was get the fire roaring gaziantep escort bayan resimleri as much and as quickly as possible without her siblings help and hope beyond hope that the boat saw their smoke. A few minutes passed and the fire was flaring like a wild fire.

“This will get their attention.”

Sylvia made her way up to the ridge overlooking the beach, once more full of hope that the boat would be on their way to save them. As she got to the top she looked out to see that the boat looked further away if anything.

“No! Turn around! Please turn around!” Sylvia’s voice quickly fell sad as the boat slowly slipped out of view.

A few moments passed and the boat disappeared. Sylvia slumped onto the sand and waited for a while, begging for it to suddenly appear in the everlasting ocean before her. Angry and sad she eventually gave up, lowering her head in disappointment.

“I can’t believe we missed it. The first boat in three months and we missed it.” Sylvia rose to her feet and kicked a small shell resting next to her. “Where are those two?”

Defeated and fed up she made her way into the surrounding trees by their camp to look for her siblings. They didn’t tend to wander very far from the camp as they knew the ins and outs of the entire surrounding area. With nothing interesting around there was no need to go very far.

Several metres into the shrub found Sylvia nothing. No trace of them anywhere. Until she heard a loud shout that sounded somewhat like Lexi and immediately started running in the direction.


Tobias had managed to outlast his youngest sister and continue the onslaught of her pussy through her orgasm. Lexi had dug one hand into her brothers shoulder and the other tightly gripped on a branch above her head.

The orgasm was easily the most intense she had ever experienced. Towering over her previous experiences like they were nothing.

“Holy fuck Tobi slow down! You’re going to break me!” Lexi’s plea was barely noticed by her brother.

It wasn’t until Tobias noticed her body was becoming more and more limp with every thrust that he actually started to slow down. At which point he gently rocked his hard cock in and out of her at a much slower pace.

Luckily for Tobias, his sister had the endurance of a saint, and certainly wasn’t finished just yet. Tobias removed his hands from her hips and allowed her to stand on her own. Her legs were weak and shaking, barely able to stand and still trying to recover from her explosion of an orgasm.

“Are you ok Lex? I didn’t go too far did I?”

A few much needed breaths were taken before she answered him. “Christ. That was, insane. I have never been fucked like that before,” Lexi raised her head to look at her brother.

“Good. Now turn around.” Tobias grinned at the babe and smacked her ass as she complied.

The spank caught Lexi off guard and caused her to squeal with excitement.

Tobias admired his sisters curvaceous body and ran his hands over her, grabbing her tits and biting at her ear.


Lexi pushed her peachy rear against his hard cock to tease him, pushing her arse out and leaning forward slightly. Her bubble butt seemed to want to swallow his cock in all its glory.

Tobias reached down and guided his cock back to her sex and prepared himself to fuck her senseless, but before he delved into her depths, Lexi spoke over her shoulder.

“You know, I’m yours now bro. I want you to have me, whenever and wherever you want. If we ever get off this island then nothing changes. I still want you. If you didn’t want me to even look at another man then I wouldn’t. I will always be yours.”

Lexi was speaking with such a serious and sexy tone that Tobias knew she meant it. She now belonged to him, a girlfriend, a sister and a lover.

Tobias let a few seconds of silence pass before ramming his straining hard cock back inside his sister, causing her to gasp at the sudden invasion.

“I know,” Tobias pushed her down slightly and grabbed both of her wrists.

He immediately started pounding his way into her, pulling her back to force her deeper on his cock. All Lexi could do was withstand the power and try to keep her legs steady. Just like he had previously been fucking, Tobias showed no signs of going easy on her.

Lexi’s pussy was experiencing a whole new meaning to the word pleasure. After her orgasm, every pump felt like a hundred lightning strikes pulsing through her body. The way he held her, so tight and steady made Lexi feel owned by her brother. He was taking what he wanted.

“Fuck me bro. Fuck me!”

Tobias’s steel cock was pumping inside her so vigorously that he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He was in pure heaven, and never wanted to stop, but his body was quickly betraying him.

“Oh shit Lex! I’m getting close!”

“That sounded like Tobi…”

Sylvia was nearing their position, moving branches and other shrubbery out of the way to reach them. Knowing she couldn’t be much further away she picked up the pace.

A giant tree situated itself between her and them. Slowly Sylvia made her way around its massive trunk to find her siblings. Unsure of what she would find she stopped just before they came into view. Her heart racing for some reason, almost like she knew she wasn’t going to like what she would find.

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