The Job Interview Ch. 02


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Erica crawled out from under the desk and looked at Frank. His grin went from ear to ear and he was gently stroking his deflating cock. “Yes, you definitely have the talent to work in an adult toy store,” he said. “I’ll let Vickie work out the details with you.” He started to get out of the chair when Vickie intervened.

“Well there is ‘unfinished business’ to take care of that doesn’t include clothes.” With that, Vickie unsnapped the top of her halter and let her gorgeous 36D’s spring free. After sliding the dress off her body, she stood there with her hands on her hips and said, “I think you two are overdressed.” Her freshly eaten cunt was still swollen and slightly red.

Frank took the cue and removed his shirt while Vickie helped Erica out of her top, pausing to give each breast a loving squeeze, and each nipple a quick kiss. Erica was impressed with Frank’s physique. She admired his taut stomach and broad shoulders hungrily and thought, “One of these days….”

Frank sat back down and Erica and Vickie knelt at each knee. Looking across Frank’s thighs, their eyes met and Erica knew she had never seen such a lustful stare as Vickie was giving her. At the same time, they reached for and found Frank’s cock. Both of them began to stroke it as they leaned towards each other. Stroking his cock together, one hand atop the other, they began what turned out to be a very sexy, lingering kiss.

Vickie’s tongue snaked out to find Erica’s waiting mouth and plunged inside, almost taking Erica’s breath away. Their tongues found and played sexily with each other. Erica saw her chance and used her other hand to cup Vickie’s tit, hefting it gently and then, finding the nipple, gave it a loving pinch. Vickie moaned in Erica’s mouth and increased pressure on Frank’s cock. Breaking the kiss, Vickie engulfed his entire dick in one swift motion. Erica continued stroking as Vickie found her up and down rhythm, and started pulling Vickie’s nipple more urgently. Vickie took Frank’s dick from her mouth and offered it to Erica. Erica knew just what she needed to do, and hungrily took the entire length into her mouth, barely pausing to relax her throat muscles as Frank plunged into her throat, her nose nestling in his soft pubic hair. Vickie stood up and kissed Frank urgently, telling him he needed to stand up. She then took Erica’s hand, helping her to her feet. They turned around and leaned on the edge of the desk, presenting their gorgeous asses and pussies to Frank. Not shy, Frank simply plunged his entire length into Vickie for a few strokes, then Erica for a few more. While fucking them gently, he used his hands to finger fuck the pussy not being attended to by his cock. This continued for a few minutes until Vickie crawled onto the desk and positioned herself under Erica’s swinging breasts. Catching a nipple in her mouth, she began making love to the puffy tidbit. Erica was lost in the sensations — Frank’s cock working her pussy into a frenzy, and Vickie’s mouth performing it magic on her nipples.

It didn’t take long before Frank and Vickie drove Erica over the edge into another mind-blowing, knee weakening orgasm. Completely spent, Erica lay her upper body on the desk and welcomed it refreshing coolness. Vickie dove onto Frank’s steel-hard cock and began sucking furiously. After a few seconds, he groaned and shot his second load of the afternoon into Vickie’s eager mouth.

Erica raised her head and kissed Vickie, sharing Frank’s cum.

“Well, that just leaves the customer service portion of the interview,” said Vickie, as she stretched languorously, and stroked Erica’s back.

Not sure of what “customer service” entailed, Erica looked at Vickie with a question in her eyes. Vickie went on to explain.

“We’ll get cleaned up, and I’ll go out into the store and pick a customer for you to interact with here in the office. Sell them the item they’ve picked out, recommend additional items, or simply offer advice. It’s semi-private, and you have the luxury of being in familiar surroundings. You can let it go as far as you wish, and Frank and I will be nearby if you need us.”

Erica felt herself beginning to get moist at the thoughts of “helping” a customer try out a toy, or showing them how it worked. Frank and Vickie’s private bathroom had a shower and large bursa escort sink. The toilet had a bidet accessory, and Erica enjoyed the warm cleansing action on her pussy. She and Vickie got to know each other as they touched up makeup and hair, and within fifteen minutes, they were ready for the rest of the interview.

Erica left the restroom first and Vickie couldn’t resist hugging her from behind and giving her nipples a delightful pinch. “That’s for luck!” she said coyly as she left the office and went into the store. Vickie spied an obviously nervous couple looking around the store and saw that they had chosen a DVD and personal massager. She approached them and introduced herself.

“Hello, I’m Vickie, the Toy Shoppe manager, and I have a special request,” Vickie told the startled couple. They looked around as if about to run away, but Vickie’s gaze held them. “I’m conducting a job interview in the office, and we are very big on customer service here. The young lady being interviewed has done everything right so far, but we need to know how she will interact with customers. I assure you, she is just as nervous as you are, and to provide an incentive, I’ll give you the selections you have already made, plus a $50.00 gift card for future use. What do you say?”

“Well, I’m Lou and this is my wife Randi. This is our first time at an adult toy store, so we should make it memorable. I’m OK with it if Randi is,” answered the thirty-something young man.

His wife, Randi was a little more apprehensive, but finally consented. Vickie escorted them to the office door, knocked gently, and left. Erica had used the time to arrange the loveseat and chair into a more comfortable setting. When she heard Vickie’s knock, she took a deep breath and checked herself in the mirror. Answering the door, Erica was somewhat surprised to see not one, but two people standing there. “Hi, I’m Erica. I guess Vickie told you about my interview,” she said as she shook their hands and showed them into the luxurious office.

“Yes. I’m Lou and this is my wife Randi,” replied Lou. “This is quite an office.”

“Well, the owners are great people and they want everything first class,” said Erica. Won’t you sit down and try not to be nervous?”

“Nervous is not the word. We’re terrified!” said Randi, who had not spoken up to this point.

“Oh, just try and relax,” said Erica. “I’m the one being interviewed.”

Lou and Randi sat on the loveseat, and Erica took the chair opposite them. “Now, what brings you to the Toy Shoppe?” she asked.

“Well, we had gotten into a rut sexually. Jobs, kids, the house-all have taken a toll on our sex life,” answered Lou. “Randi and I agreed to try and spice things up a little bit, and this seemed like a good place to start.”

“That’s a very good idea,” Erica said. “I admire you for working on the problem together.” Erica’s sincerity seemed to put the couple at ease.

“We really used to have great sex, but like Lou said, we got into a rut,” said Randi. “We thought we might get some ideas here. We picked out this DVD and massager but we would appreciate any help you can give us.”

“Well I’ll try. Let me see your DVD,” said Erica.

Lou handed her the box, and Erica was surprised to see that it was a movie with a threesome on the cover. “Do you feel that a third party will helpful?” asked Erica.

“Oh, she’ll be helpful!” exclaimed Randi. “Lou is the best lover and I can never seem to satisfy him.”

“You’re just being modest,” said Lou. “Erica, she has the most incredible body, and she really knows how to use it. It’s just that I can’t seem to push her buttons anymore.”

Erica made her decision at that point. She got up and walked over to the loveseat.

“Let me sit between you,” she said, knowing that there would be skin contact on both sides. Her miniskirt rose well past mid-thigh as she sat down and this fact was not lost on either Randi or Lou. “How would you feel if I kissed your wife?” Erica asked Lou. “I think it would be great,” he replied.

Erica turned and kissed Randi on the lips briefly, but with meaning. Surprisingly, Randi put her hand behind Erica’s head and pulled her face to within inches of her own lips. “This is a kiss,” she breathed huskily, and attacked Erica’s mouth. Her tongue probed Erica’s lips until she opened her mouth and allowed Randi’s tongue çanakkale escort to enter her mouth. A little surprised, Erica returned the intensity of the kiss and probed Randi’s mouth with her own tongue.

Breaking the kiss, Erica turned to Lou and asked, “Was that sexy?”

“It sure was!” he exclaimed, as he tried to adjust his trousers that had suddenly become tight.

Erica turned to Randi and asked, “Would you mind if I feel your husband’s dick?”

“Certainly not,” said Randi.

Erica turned to Lou and began to rub his sizeable erection through his pants. “That feels like quite a pole you have there,” she said as she looked into his eyes.

“Show it to her Lou,” said Randi. “If she likes how it feels, she’ll love how it looks.”

Lou stood up and took off his pants. The front of his white briefs bulged noticeably, and as he peeled them down his legs, Erica got an idea. When he stood up, his dick stood up proudly, extending some seven inches, a drop of pre-cum forming on the head.

“Wow! That is some cock,” said Erica appreciatively, beginning to feel her own juices start to flow.

Randi stood up and took off her conservative, unflattering dress. Her bra and panties matched — both plain white.

“I can tell you both, you need some spice in your wardrobe. It’s easy to feel sexy when you dress sexy,” said Erica. With that she stood up and wiggled out of her mini-skirt. Her g-string was already sopping wet, and had become nearly transparent. She turned and faced the couple, who sat wide-eyed at the sexy vision before them. Pulling off her top, Erica’s breasts bounced slightly, and her erect nipples put on their usual show.

When she sat back down, the skin contact was electric. Rubbing their thighs simultaneously, Erica urged them to express their feelings and desires.

“Well, I just think two girls getting it on would be sexy. That’s why we chose this movie,” said Lou, as he squirmed slightly under Erica’s firm caresses. She was inching closer and closer to his cock, and he felt he should be doing something with his hand.

“Rub my breast,” whispered Erica, as she turned to Randi. “What about you, Randi? Do you think two girls is a turnon, or would you rather see Lou fuck another woman?”

“Oh, definitely both!” Randi panted as Erica’s talented fingers approached her pussy. Randi moved her own hands to her breasts and began rubbing the nipples in a circular motion. “Put your finger in my pussy and see how wet the thought has made me.” She pulled her panties aside to allow room for Erica’s finger.

Erica did just that and slid her middle finger in easily. She tried two, and they nestled in Randi’s hot cunt like they were meant to be there. Erica meanwhile had grasped Lou’s cock and was stroking it in time with his ministrations of her nipple.

“Randi, when you kissed me earlier, I gathered it was not the first time you had kissed a girl,” said Erica.

“But it was,” replied Randi. “It’s just that you are extremely hot and turned me on. I just wanted to show you how I felt.”

“Well, I got the message. How would you feel about eating a pussy?” asked Erica.

“If it’s yours, I’m all for it,” answered Randi.

“Why don’t you give Lou’s beautiful dick a little attention while I get things ready?” asked Erica as she stood up and started across the office.

Simply leaning over into the space Erica had occupied on the loveseat, Randi put herself at eye level with Lou’s dick. She held it lovingly and rubbed the precum around the head with her thumb. The glistening head disappeared into Randi’s hungry mouth and she licked the underside of the head, while sucking gently. The sensation was almost too much for Lou, and he gently moved Randi’s head up so he could kiss her. “I’ve never seen you look sexier,” he said, and kissed her deeply.

“Ok” said Erica as she placed the cushion at the end of the desk. “Time to get you out of those plain Jane undies.” Together, she and Lou removed Randi’s white panties and bra. Randi’s breasts were about the same size as Erica’s and sagged very little when the bra was removed. What was amazingly sexy to Erica was the size of Randi’s areola and nipples.

Randi’s nipples were at least a half-inch long and her aerola were larger than a silver dollar. “Those are some sexy tits you have there, Randi,” said Erica as she çankırı escort took one in her mouth and one in her hand. Gently sucking on the nipple, Erica heard Randi sigh contentedly. She gave the other nipple a loving tug and said, “It’s showtime folks.”

Taking the couple by the hand, Erica led them to the desk “This is a fucking desk,” she said matter-of-factly. “When I get on top, Randi can kneel on the cushion and eat my cunt. Lou, you just jump in whenever and wherever you want.” With that, Erica slid off her g-string and sat on the edge of the desk, spreading her legs. Looking at Erica’s glistening pussy, Randi wasted little time in positioning the cushion so that she could attend to the task at hand. Sensing Randi’s apprehension, Erica gently said, “I’ll let you know when you are doing it right. Just start slow and try to do what feels good to you.”

Randi leaned towards Erica’s pussy and inhaled the musky aroma that said “I’m ready for sex!” Hesitantly, she touched Erica’s thighs and instantly felt the heat. Bending slightly to get her mouth closer, she blew a gentle breath over Erica’s pussy.

“Oh yes! That’s a great way to start!” exclaimed Erica.

Emboldened, Randi then licked the lips and ran her tongue up and down them. Slowly, she inserted her tongue into Erica’s pussy and began to work it back and forth. “That feels great,” said Erica, as she looked up to see what Lou was doing.

He had removed the massager from its package and turned it on to its lowest setting. Moving around to Randi’s side, he began to rub her nipples. The sensation of the gentle vibrations on her nipples, sent Randi into a gentle, pleasing orgasm. It also caused her to increase the pressure of her tongue on Erica’s pussy, which in turn was driving Erica closer to her own climax.

Lou then positioned himself behind Randi and leveled his cock at her slit. “Baby, I’m gonna fuck you like you want it!” he said.

“Don’t be gentle,” she replied. “Fuck me like a whore!”

With that, Lou buried his seven-inch dick to the hilt in one stroke. Erica used her hands to pull her lips apart and expose her clit to Randi. Taking a pounding from Lou’s dick did not deter her from attacking Erica’s sensitive nubbin, first using the tip of her tongue and then pressing her tongue flat against Erica’s engorged clit. Then she slipped it between her lips and began to suck gently. While sucking on the love button, she felt Erica begin to climax. Continuing to suck Erica’s clit, Randi seemed to feel the strength of Lou’s deep fucking. Sending Erica over the edge made her groan into her pussy and intensified the orgasm. Erica flooded Randi’s face with juice and writhed on the desk.

Never missing a stroke, Lou continued his assault on his wife’s pussy. Erica caught her breath and gently moved Randi’s head. Slipping off the desk, she retrieved the massager and knelt between the couple so she could see the point of attack. Lou’s cock was glistening and made a slurping sound as he pistoned in and out of Randi’s wet pussy. Her clit was exposed and that was where Erica put the massager. The sensitive bud was ripe and when Erica touched it with the vibrating wand, Randi began to moan quite loudly. Lou’s dick seemed a foot long when Erica looked at it and she then allowed it to contact the massager, giving him an added thrill.

The couple’s pace quickened and Erica slid the glistening head of the vibrator into Lou’s crack and pushed against his asshole. It was as if she had set off a charge of dynamite — Lou grunted as he spewed a massive load of cum into Randi’s suctioning pussy. She writhed and shouted, “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! I’m cummingggg!” Their mutual spasms continued, then slowed, and Lou’s softening cock slid put of Randi’s saturated pussy with and audible plop. They looked at each other and quickly embraced. “Baby that’s what we’ve been missing,” whispered Lou.

“Oh yes!” said Randi, her breathing beginning to return to normal. “And we owe it all to Erica’s customer service.” With that, she embraced Erica and kissed her passionately.

“Thanks,” said Erica, “but I’m just trying to keep the customers satisfied.” They all laughed at the double entendre and began to get dressed.

The couple gave Erica their phone number and kissed her before leaving the office. Erica went into the restroom to freshen up, and when she returned to the office, Vickie was waiting, with a big smile on her face.

“I don’t know what you did, but that couple was satisfied!” said Vickie as she approached Erica. “They said they’ll be back and wanted to know about the lingerie store.” At that point, Vickie walked over and shook Erica’s hand, quite the businesswoman. “When can you start work?”