The Julie Journals: Ch. 16 Lady Julie


She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the page she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her. She smiled to herself as she recalled the path that Alison had set her down, the education that Anne, Dee & Kay had given her both mentally and physically that cumulated not long after she was 38 and she was ready for that night, ‘Enter Lady Julie’….


‘…and so basically all women are born to be subservient,’ the words flashed across Julie’s screen in the chat room she was in.

Julie typed, ‘Kiss My ass,’ before deleting them and writing, ‘That is Your opinion Sam but O/others would see it differently.’

The reply came back, ‘What would You know?’ A fair point thought Julie but again stifled her temper and steered the conversation onto more trivial matters.

Julie was still steaming an hour later when she closed her laptop down, ‘bloody men’ she muttered under her breath, ‘I will show them.’ With that Julie stormed upstairs and began pulling clothes and boxes out of her wardrobe. Right at the back were the boxes she was looking for, items she had ordered from a mail order company months ago but never had the nerve to do more than try on before burying them in the recesses of her cupboard. Throwing the boxes onto her bed Julie quickly stripped and headed for the shower. While the water cascaded down on her Julie thought carefully about the adventure into the unknown she was about to embark upon.

Julie had been going online for some years and whilst her real life was pretty much vanilla, online she had recently started to drift into the D/s scene and found she had enjoyed the people she had met there. Her interest in D/s started when she met Alison, while working away, and it was her who had started to push Julie towards trying things out as she tried to sub to Julie. Alison had introduced her to three dommes who had helped Julie understand both mentally and physically what D/s was about and Julie had even tried a little domming with Alison in private. When Julie had to move back home, she had parted ways with Alison who craved for domming that Julie wasn’t ready to give her. Julie had carried on her online interest but had never gone the final step and gone out in public.

Looking down Julie noticed that she had let her pubic hair grow over the past few days and switching off the shower she stood naked in the bathroom. Grabbing her boyfriend’s shaving cream Julie carefully lathered her pubic regions before leaning a mirror against the wall. Spreading a towel in front of the mirror Julie sat with her legs open facing the mirror and began to carefully shave her mound. The scrape of the razor always gave Julie a thrill and she could feel the heat intensifying as she concentrated. Soon her mound was completely clean and her pussy lips had already started to puff from the excitement she felt.

Julie didn’t move for a moment, staring intently at the reflection of her pussy in the mirror, marvelling at the folds of the skin. It was almost like someone else’s hand when the reflection of her own finger appeared in the mirror and lightly touched her pussy lips. Moaning softly Julie continued to tease herself just dipping the finger in every so often to retain the wetness. Working her finger along the folds Julie teased at her clit making it stand out proud. Julie began to gently rub at the tip sliding her finger across and around, her breathing starting to become more and more laboured.

Then as she felt the urgency rise in her body she drove two fingers deep into her aching pussy. The feeling was electric and Julie sat more upright before lying flat on her back. Bending her knees and arching her hips up and off the ground Julie pressed her palm down onto her clit and began to finger fuck herself with frenzy. Julie screamed as the orgasm tore through her and she slumped back to control her breathing.

Julie stood naked in front of the mirror in the bedroom, her long dark brown hair still damp from the shower, studying her own reflection for a while as she debated on what look she wished to create. Then making a decision Julie pulled her hair tight back and deftly wound it into a tight French plait. When she had finished, her hair was pulled back from her face and she then went to work on her make up. Deciding on the contrast look Julie used pale, almost white, foundation with a lot of heavy black eye shadow. After applying blood red lipstick she added the final touch of yellow/gold contact lenses that gave her eyes an almost cat like appearance, then satisfied with her look she bursa eskort stood, still naked, and turned to the boxes on the bed.

Julie shook the dress and holding it up, stared at it. “Oh my” she muttered under her breath, “That isn’t going to fit me”. Despite her worries Julie eased the black latex dress on and it fitted her like a second skin. After fastening the buckles together at the front, the plunging neckline revealed the generous curve of her breasts and the material only just covered her nipples leaving much of her breasts on show. There was no way she could wear a bra with it and Julie had already put on the tiny leather thong that had accompanied the dress. The bottom of the dress reached midway down Julie’s thighs but the high split at the front meant that if she sat down the small triangle of leather would be on display.

Taking a deep breath and deciding to carry on despite her nerves, Julie pulled on the black high heel boots which when she pulled them fully up rested almost in line with where the skirt stopped. Julie then smoothed the long black gloves up her arms to past her elbows and turned and admired herself in the mirror. Julie was shocked at the refection that stared back at her and turning fully around once decided it was now or never.

Grabbing the bag that was designed to look like a basque Julie stuffed her cigarettes, lighter, money and keys and headed for the door. Before heading out Julie shrugged on her full-length grey leather coat smiling to herself as she whispered, “Well I don’t want to shock the neighbours do I?”

Julie pulled up outside the club and locking her car headed down the road towards the place Alison had told her about. The area was very deserted and Julie thought for a moment maybe she had got the wrong place, but turning the corner Julie saw the discrete sign announcing ‘The Dungeon. ‘

Julie walked up to the door and knocked and waited until a well-muscled man wearing only the briefest of thongs and a bowtie opened the door. “How can I help you Ma’am?” the man asked looking Julie straight in the eye.

It was only then that Julie realised that with the 6-inch heels on the boots she was now just over 6 feet tall, “No wonder it was difficult to drive,” she muttered.

The man looked a little confused as he responded, “Sorry Ma’am.”

Collecting her thoughts Julie explained that an old friend had invited her to the club and her name should be on the guest list. Julie waited while the man checked and hoped that Alison was good to her promise that there would be a standing invite for her.

The man returned and opening the door wide ushered Julie in. “I understand that this Madam’s first time here” the man politely explained, “This is a very discrete club and it is members or invited guests only. People are free here to express themselves in whichever way they wish and there are many rooms for Ma’am to enjoy. I would also point out to Ma’am that because this is a private club there may well be open sex scenes in many of the rooms.”

Julie turned to the man and smiled coldly at him before saying in a tightly controlled voice, “My coat.”

“Yes Ma’am,” the man stuttered and with that Julie just slipped the coat from her shoulders and left it with him as she entered the main room.

All nerves of being out of place vanished as Julie surveyed the room, if anything she was overdressed as many of the people wandering round were virtually naked. As she watched a girl dressed in an almost see though shift with a collar with the words ‘house slut’ was grabbed by a man as she walked by. The man pushed her roughly to her knees before unzipping himself and forcing his cock into her mouth, as he carried on talking to his friends as the girl’s head bobbed up and down.

As he neared his climax he reached down and grabbed the girl roughly by the back of her head and was now literally fucking her face, his cock pistoning in and out and Julie could tell the girl was nearly choking. As the man started to cum he pulled out quickly and using his hand spurted thick jets of cum onto her face before wiping his cock on hair. After he had finished the girl curtsied and said in a meek voice, “Thank you Sir,” before moving away, licking at the strings of cum dripping down her face. The thing that struck Julie as strange was she had a huge smile on her face and was clearly sexually excited by what had just happened.

Julie was rooted to the spot when a soft voice from beside her said, “It’s not all like that,” and Julie turned slowly to view the woman standing beside her. The woman looked Julie up and down undressing her with her eyes, “Nice outfit my dear” görükle escort she murmured, “let me buy you a drink. ”

Sitting at the bar the woman introduced herself as Diane and explained that she was pretty regular at the place. The girl who Julie had seen being forced to her knees was a house slut and therefore wanted treatment like that, for others it was much more consensual. Diane explained that where they were now was the main bar but the club was an old warehouse and spread over a large area with many rooms catering for all tastes. With the last comment Diane looked Julie in the eyes and said in a silky voice, “And what’s your tastes my dear?”

Julie returned the stare and smiled as she said, “Why don’t you show me around and we can find out together.” Diane smiled and linking her arm through Julie’s led her away into the club.

Waving an arm as she passed a door Diane uttered one word, “Men?” Julie shook her head and Diane smiled as she led her further on. “Never thought about domming some little sissy boy then my dear?” Diane asked, “Before reaming his ass with something like this?” and with those words held up a huge dildo that obviously could be connected to a harness.

“Maybe another time,” Julie replied politely, “Tonight I would rather stick to what I know and enjoy. ”

“Then I think here will be a room that will suit you” Diane said as she gestured to a room that had ‘Women Only’ in large letters on the door. Standing at the doorway Diane turned to Julie and kissed her full on the mouth running her hands across Julie’s ass. “Another time for me as well,” she said softly, “Tonight I have a little sissy boy who is need of his Mistress,” and with that she turned leaving Julie to enter the room on her own.

It was reasonably obvious by the way people were dressed who was a domme and who was a sub, although a few in the room had Julie guessing. ‘It’s just like online’ she thought as she moved slowly towards the bar. Julie could feel the eyes on her and appreciated the nods of approval from the dommes and the looks of lust from some of the unattached subs sitting about. Ordering herself a Coke Julie allowed herself to relax in the heady atmosphere. A couple of subs appeared and tried to catch her attention but Julie waved them away as she was more interested in the bench horse in the middle of the room on a stage. It looked like there was going to be a show of some type and Julie waited with butterflies fluttering in her tummy.

The bench horse stood 3 feet long with padding on top and at one end there was a wooden diagonal cross with wrist cuffs attached and the legs on the bench were splayed with ankle cuffs at the bottom. As Julie sipped her drink the lights dimmed and a majestic raven-haired woman took centre stage and as she waited for the woman to speak a young girl appeared at Julie’s side and deposited a silver tray with a suede flogger resting on it.

The handle whilst offering grip was shaped in the image of a man’s cock and as Julie was wondering what was going on the woman spoke, “Welcome Ladies and sluts, tonight we are to witness the punishment of a cheeky sub who had deceived her Mistress. We are delighted that to administer this lesson there is a newcomer in our midst.” With that a spot light bathed Julie who nearly choked on her drink. “Please welcome to our hearts, and other places, Lady Julie,” the woman continued.

Thinking ‘in for a penny in for a pound, ‘ Julie made her way to the stage her hand grasping the flogger and letting the tails hang down. A blonde haired girl was led head down onto the stage completely naked, and Julie could smell a rich mixture of oranges, lemons and peach with a hint of vanilla. As this combination hit Julie’s nose and she murmured one word, “Obsession”. The blonde hair and the perfume made Julie think of just one person and wrapping her gloved fingers into the girl’s hair lifted her head to look at her face. “Alison,” Julie said with a start, staring into the pretty face of her ex-lover.

“You have found me Mistress,” the girl replied and the twinkle in her eye told Julie in an instant that Alison had arranged a lot of this beforehand, “And it is I who should be punished.”

Firm hands grabbed Alison and bent her over the bench fastening her hands and feet securely leaving her back slightly arched and her buttocks standing proud over the end. Julie allowed the flogger to uncurl and with a deft flick of her wrist snaked the tails out to splay across the girl’s ass cheeks. As the flogger connected Julie felt the vibration in her arm travel all the way to her pussy causing it to tingle with excitement. Alison moaned bursa escort bayan as slight red welts appeared across her cheeks, and Julie bought the flogger down again in a sharper movement causing Alison to moan louder and Julie felt her pussy begin to moisten further. With each stroke Julie felt herself become more and more aroused and soon Alison’s ass was crisscrossed with red welts.

Oblivious now to everything else Julie moved round until she was next to Alison’s head, “Have you learnt your lesson slut?” Julie’s voice echoed through the room that was silent apart from the heavy breathing of the audience. Then leaning forward Julie whispered quietly in the girl’s ear, “You little minx you set me up.”

Alison looked at Julie with small tears in her eyes that burnt brightly with both lust and love and whispered, “I hoped you would come one day.” Then in a voice that was meek but could be heard clearly in the room, “Yes Mistress this girl has learnt her lesson.”

Julie gave a light laugh as she said, “I think it is your Mistress who decides when you have learnt your lesson don’t you?” and with that bought her hand down sharply across Alison’s red ass cheeks.

Julie felt hands move around her waist and looking down saw that two subs were lifting her dress and trying to attach a harness to her groin. Releasing the buckles at the front Julie allowed the dress to fall to her feet and the two girls completed the fastening while kissing and licking Julie’s exposed ass and upper thighs. Another girl bought a tray of assorted attachments and Julie nodded at the largest one, which they quickly fitted onto the harness.

Julie turned displaying the strap on to the audience who gasped with squeals of delight when they saw the monster was nearly 12 inches long and very thick. Julie’s naked breasts were firm and proud and her body covered in a thin sheen of perspiration causing her to glisten under the lights. Julie’s nipples were pointing upwards, hard and erect and as she paraded the dildo, and with one hand she tweaked her own nipples relishing the sensations that coursed through her body.

Turning back to face Alison, Julie held the dildo very close to her face, “Open your mouth slut,” Julie commanded and the eager Alison began to lick and suck the plastic cock. Then moving behind Julie positioned the dildo at Alison’s pussy and pressed very lightly but not quite entering her. “Anything to say slut?” Julie growled.

“Sorry Mistresssssssssssss,” Alison yelped as on the uttering of the last word Julie drove the dildo fully into Alison’s soaking pussy. The air was driven from Alison’s body as Julie pumped with steady savage thrusts forcing the monster deep into her body. From the stage Julie could see that it had quite an effect on the audience as many were enjoying each other’s tongues and fingers.

As Julie thrust into Alison’s body ignoring her squeals she watched as one domme forced her whole hand into her sub’s pussy. The girl was sitting with her legs pulled up to her chin and moaned as the woman twisted and pumped her hand into her. Julie’s head was spinning as she felt the rub of the base of the dildo against her clit and her thrusting came more insistent.

Turning the flogger round Julie pressed the rounded end against Alison’s anal opening, and pushing she felt some resistance. Bringing her other hand down sharply she barked, “Relax slut,” And as Alison relaxed Julie forced the handle of the flogger deeper into Alison’s ass, then letting go of the handle Julie grabbed Alison’s hips and drove the dildo in and out repeatedly. As Julie felt the orgasm crash over her she bought her hand down repeatedly across Alison’s ass causing the flogger still embedded in the girl’s ass to wobble with the force of the blows.

Alison was yelping as she screamed “YES … YES… YES… FUCK MY SLUT PUSSY AND ASS MY MISTRESS.”

Julie slowly gathered her senses and eased the dildo out of Alison’s pussy with a slurping sound leaving the handle of the flogger still buried deep. The two attendants eagerly unstrapped Julie squabbling over which one of them should lick the dildo clean of its juice.

Julie walked round to Alison’s head and lifted her head by a handful of hair, which was wet with perspiration. Julie looked into the girls exhausted face and whispered sweetly, “Leave your address at reception and I will be there soon, we have a future to discuss,” And then let the girls head down gently to rest against the bench. Pausing only to pick up her dress Julie gave the handle of the flogger a twist causing a low moan from Alison before leaving the stage to applause from the audience.

A little later Julie was sitting in the main bar having dressed and refreshed herself when Diane appeared by her side. “Understand you put on quite a show,” she said softly, “Maybe I should have stayed and watched.”

Julie winked as she said, “Maybe next time I will join you instead.”