The Lake House Lessons 02

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This is the second part of The Lake House Lessons. You will enjoy this better if you read part 1.


I was dreaming that someone was watching me while I slept. It was creepy, but when I opened my eyes, it turned out not to be a dream. Sitting on the side of my bed, looking at me, was Beth. I could see her pretty oval face, olive skin, and curly dark hair cascading down her shoulders and back. In the early morning half light, I could see she was wearing what looked like a light colored night shirt that ended about mid-thigh. I noticed her short, but shapely legs. As my sleep fog lifted, I also saw that her large breasts were pressing against the night shirt, swaying slightly. I guessed that she had no bra under there, and as I began to think more about that, I felt my cock begin to rise.

“What time is it?” I asked, forgetting that there was a clock on the night table.

“About 8,” she said. “Do you mind if I join you?”

Mind? What a dumb question, I thought to myself. But I didn’t say that.

“Of course, let me move over.”

It was not a big bed, but there was plenty of room for two. She lifted the light summer blanket and crawled in, facing me.

“Hold me, please,” she asked.

I reached out my arms, and Beth scooted over, pressing her chest against mine and burying her face into my neck. O.K., I thought, this must be something, let me see what happens. I could smell the floral scent of her hair, and feel the softness of her curvy body.

After a while, she looked up at me and said, “I like to be held, to cuddle, all that stuff. My last boyfriend didn’t get it. We would get into bed and he would immediately start roughly grabbing at my boobs and trying to stick himself in me. And as soon as he finished, he would hold me for a second or two, then roll over and go to sleep. After a while I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted from a boyfriend and broke up with him.”

“That sucks for him,” I said. “He lost out on an amazingly hot girlfriend.”

She smiled, stuck her face back in my neck and began to rub my back with her left hand. I started to do the same to her with my right. That went on for a while, and then her stroking slowed and stopped. From her even breathing, I could tell that she had fallen back asleep.

I was surprised, figuring that she only would have come in here to have sex, but having absorbed the lesson of her story, I decided to let her sleep, even as my left arm became numb. However, after a bit, I couldn’t take the tingling in my arm anymore and tried to subtly shake my arm to get the blood flowing without waking Beth up. Beth lifted her body up a little to let me move my arm, but then began kissing and nibbling my neck, which felt great. I figured it was time to do something in response, so I started kissing her hair, and caressing her back and neck.

After a few minutes, Beth surfaced, lifted herself up a little and began kissing me on the lips, pressing me down onto the pillow. Her heavy breasts rested on my chest. She reached down and started to pull my t-shirt up, and I let her pull it over my head. It didn’t seem fair that I should be the only one shirtless, so I started to pull her nightshirt over her head, but her tits were in the way. She sat up, and lifted the shirt over her head.

If Ariel’s tits were a classic shape and size, Beth’s were more like the ones I had seen online in porn videos. They were big and round, but firm, with large dark areolas and almost thumb sized nipples that were partially erect. Gravity hadn’t started the inevitable process of making them sag, so they sat high on Beth’s chest, proudly jutting toward me. I was literally transfixed.

Beth reached out and pulled my head into her deep cleavage, and I was almost suffocating in their softness and subtle scent of baby powder. My cock went immediately to full staff as I began to kiss and gently rub Beth’s huge boobs. She seemed to like it, too, moaning and writhing as I explored them with my mouth and hands.

At one point she whispered, “Some people think that girls with big boobs don’t like them played with—that’s not true for me. But I should tell you that girls don’t always like it when you play with their tits, so if you start, and get turned away, don’t take it personally, and move on. There are lots of other fun things to do.”

I nodded and continued licking and sucking away. In a million years, I never thought that there was a chance that I would ever get to do this to a set of breasts like Beth’s.

Beth pushed me back down on the bed and straddled my waist so that my cock was brushing against her firm ass. Her powerful thighs squeezed me, and I could see that her dark pubic hair was trimmed, but was pretty full. My cock trembled at the sight of it and of her naked breasts just sitting there for me to grab. And I did so, enthusiastically. I also reached down and began stroking her bush, which she seemed to enjoy.

After a few minutes of this attention, Beth stood up over me, moved backwards a little and kneeled between my legs. She grabbed my cock, İstanbul Escort and without any hesitation, stuck it into her mouth. I almost came right away from the surprise and how good the warmth and moistness of her mouth felt, but was able to control myself with some effort. Amazingly, Beth was able to deep throat almost my entire shaft, but not all of it. Her technique was rougher than Ariel’s, but no less awesome. After nodding her head up and down on my cock for a while, she pulled back and let it free. I could see its head straining and it was twitching and dripping with saliva and precum.

Beth moved forward, so that she was straddling my legs and put my cock between her tits, and began moving up and down, squeezing her tits together against it. Her face had a look of pleasure as she bounced up and down, pressing my stiff rod between her large pillowy breasts as my hips bucked in time.

I couldn’t take it, and yelled out, “Beth, I’m cumming.”

“That’s O.K.,” she yelled back. “Cum on my face, Cum on my face,” she insisted, opening her mouth wide as I let loose a stream of semen into her mouth, all over her face and onto her bouncing tits.

I kept cumming, and she used her hands to milk my shrinking cock into her mouth. When it was clear that I was done, she scooped the cum on her face and breasts into her mouth and swallowed it.

“That was fun,” she said, licking her lips.

“Oh, man,” I said, breathless.

She then crawled up until she was lying on top of me, her head under my chin. I started rubbing her smooth, tanned back and kissing her hair until she looked up at me. I kissed her lips, making it clear that I wasn’t afraid of where her mouth had just been, and she laid her head back down. I continued to stroke her back gently until she began to grind her hips into me.

Beth sat up and slowly slid herself up my body, her pussy rubbing against my chest, until it was just below my chin. Then, she lifted her ass up and positioned herself over my mouth, slowly lowering her body. I took the hint, and my tongue reached out to her as she pressed her pussy forward. Her smell was different from Ariel’s, as if she had showered before coming to my room, almost shampoo like, but with a dark, sexy undertone that the soap could not cover. I could see that her inner lips were red and leaned forward to kiss them.

Beth began to grind her pussy into my face, and I did my best to kiss and lick it. I grabbed her ass and pressed it forward and used my tongue to find her clit, which was bigger and easier to find than Ariel’s was. And apparently more sensitive, because when I touched it once, I felt her shudder. I decided to lick gently around it, and only occasionally flicked at it.

Beth started to bounce up and down, and I even felt her tits hit the top of my head. I continued my oral exertions as Beth’s movements became faster and faster and I whipped my tongue against her faster and faster until she screamed out and stood up, her juices streaming down onto my chest. Then, before I knew what was happening, she stepped back and impaled herself on my cock and began riding me like her life depended on it. She was like a woman possessed, and she rode and rode, her tits flying around wildly, until I grabbed them and started rubbing her now fully erect nipples.

She leaned back, almost fully, demonstrating her gymnastic skill. This changed the angle of my penetration, and felt incredible. I reached down and started rubbing her clit in a circular motion with my thumb while she slid back and forth on my cock.

“Yes, Yes” she repeated, so I kept going until she screamed again, sat up, and her inner walls tightened around my cock until I came inside her in waves. She collapsed on my chest as my penis slid out of her.

“Don’t worry… on the pill…” she mumbled as she lay on my chest.

I could feel our combined juices dripping out of Beth and on to my pubic hair, but there was no way I was going to move unless it was at gunpoint. I could feel her breathing slow, and it seemed like she had fallen asleep.

After about 10 minutes, Beth woke up.

“I do that sometimes after a particularly strong orgasm,” she said. She kissed me and rolled off onto the bed. “So, you can see, I like being on top,” she said.

“Yeah, I liked it, too” I responded.

She continued, “I feel like I am in control, and I like that feeling.”

I had a question, but was afraid of asking it. It seemed too much to ask, and awkward, so I didn’t.

Beth must have seen my hesitance and said, “What? You want to ask me something? Go ahead—ask me anything.”

I took a breath and said, “O.K., so if you like to be in control, then why did you let me come all over your face. That doesn’t seem like being in control.”

She smiled a little and said, “You miss the point. I told you to do it. I wanted you to do it, both because I figured you would like it, and because I actually enjoy it. Not every girl does, or even if they do, is willing to do it every time. If you had done it without my permission, Escort Bayan or tried to surprise me with it, I would have walked out, and that probably would have been the end of your fun weekend. So, actually, I was totally in control.”

Another lesson learned, I guessed.

Beth then suggested that we take a shower. That definitely seemed like a good idea. She got out of bed, and I admired her smooth back and round, shapely ass, and, naked, we went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower, which was big enough for the both of us, but not huge. Beth felt the water, and when it was hot enough, she got in.

Watching the water cascade over her big, round tits turned me on, and my cock began to stiffen. She motioned me into the stall and I entered, letting the hot water flow over my body. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. Then, I felt Beth’s soapy hands scrubbing my chest, and, amazingly, soaping my rigid cock and sensitive balls. I opened my eyes and had the incredibly erotic vision of this beautiful, buxom, sexy girl all wet and glistening. I grabbed the soap and began to wash her, starting with her neck and working my way down over her firm globes, down to her pussy, not forgetting her back and butt.

She reciprocated, stroking my soaking wet body, and from the quickening of her breath, she seemed to be getting aroused herself. I tried to poke my cock toward her crotch, but she was too short.

“That isn’t going to work,” she said. “We don’t line up right. But we can do other things.”

She dropped to her knees, devoured my shaft and started sucking and licking. I tried to shield her from the water spray and rested my hands on her wet hair as she pumped her head back and forth.

I was so turned on by her that I quickly reached the point of no return, and squeezed her head, saying, “I’m going to cum”.

Without missing a beat, she nodded, and increased her speed until I shot my load into her mouth. Beth swallowed, stood up and moved into the shower stream. I could see her nipples were hard, so I leaned in and started sucking away. While still under the water, Beth spread her feet further apart. I took this as an invitation, and reached my hand down to her crotch. Finding her slick, I inserted first one, then two fingers into her and began to move them around. I appeared to have done well, because after just a bit of thrusting, she began to press herself against my hand, wiggling her ass and moaning softly. I increased my speed and began to move my fingers around until she shuddered and bucked from what seemed to be a strong orgasm. She removed my hand from her hole and pressed her body to mine, in a tight hug, as the hot water streamed over us.

We stayed like that for a little while, allowing the steamy water to flow over our entwined bodies until Beth reached back and turned off the water. We left the shower and dried off. Beth wrapped herself in a bath towel and headed into the other bedroom that was attached to the bathroom.

“Isn’t that Ariel’s room?” I asked.

“It was, but we are switching around.”

I realized how much thought they had put into this weekend and was a bit overwhelmed by it. I was also extremely relaxed and happier than I could remember.

Back in my room alone, I got dressed and straightened up the bed. I turned on my phone and saw a text from Fred from the night before-“C’mon Jack. I’m dying here—I need details.”

I figured, O.K., what the hell, I need to tell someone and responded—”With Ariel, BJ, I went down on her, then we fucked. Amazing. Then, this morning—with Beth. BJ. She sat on my face as I ate her. Sex. Another BJ in the shower, and I got her off with my hands.”

Fred must not have been awake yet, because he didn’t respond. I put my phone in my pocket and went out into the living area.

It was about 10, and Sarah, Ariel and Beth were in the dining area, drinking coffee. Sarah and Ariel were both wearing one piece bathing suits that were molded to their beautiful bodies. Their hair was wet. Beth’s hair was still wet from the shower, and she gave me a quick smile when I came out of the bedroom. I think Ariel did, too, but I wasn’t sure.

Sarah said, “Ariel and I got up and decided to swim some laps in the lake before breakfast. Jack, I told everyone that you make the best eggs—would you scramble up a bunch for us?”

“The very least I could do for you beautiful ladies,” I responded with mock politeness.

“Why don’t you all get out of the kitchen and let me do my thing.”

I whipped up a big batch of scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, cheese and bacon, which we shared, leaving behind enough for Cara, who, I was told, was still sleeping and didn’t eat much anyway.

It was difficult for me to have conversations with two girls I had just fucked, and my sister. Almost every comment seemed like a double entendre to me, but the women seemed perfectly at ease. Maybe it was only me and my social awkwardness. In retrospect, I think Sarah seemed a little off, but I wasn’t sure. While we ate and drank the mimosas that Eskort Beth had made, Ariel pulled out a joint and suggested a “wake and bake.” That seemed like another great idea, so we passed it around the table while we finished the eggs, which began to taste even better.

When we were clearing the table, Cara came out of her room, looking a little tired and mussed. It worked for her, though. She was model-thin, with high cheekbones and a classically stunning face with light freckles over her nose and cheeks. She grabbed a cup of coffee and took a deep drink.

“I don’t know what happened to me. Too much booze and weed, I guess, and the sun. I feel like crap this morning.”

Sarah said, “You need to jump into the lake for a swim.”

Cara looked at her with disgust. “You know how much I hate exercise. Lucky for me I stay thin without it. Just give me some coffee and the joint, and I’ll be fine.”

Sarah shook her head, then said, “Jack has made some of his famous eggs—we left you some in the pan.” She grabbed a fork and ate a couple of bites right from the frying pan.

“Good eggs. Thanks.” She finished her coffee and took a deep hit off of the joint when it came her way.

The girls moved to the couch in front of the TV, and turned on some fashion related reality show. I stood behind the couch admiring the backs of their heads and marveling at my luck. I noticed Ariel kind of rotating her head, as if she had a stiff neck. I figured, why not be a nice guy and give her a massage, like she did to me in the car. So I stepped up and started to knead her shoulders and neck. Clearly, she enjoyed this, and I kept it up for a few minutes.

Then Cara said, “Hey, Jack, my turn,” so I gave her the same treatment. Which led to my doing the same to Sarah and Beth, in turn. I could tell they appreciated the massages, and it made me happy to make them happy.

It was warming up, so I decided to get into my suit and go down to the lake and do some serious swimming myself. I had always loved swimming, and when I grew into this body, I found that swimming was my favorite way to keep in shape. I went down to the lake, alone, and dove in. I started to swim and found a nice rhythm. To be honest, I felt about as good then as I ever had. Sex and a buzz, and good food. And now a quiet swim. I didn’t want this weekend to ever end. Luckily, we had another full day, and most of Monday, before we had to go back, and I had until Tuesday morning before I had to go back to my old identity as the nerdy loser at North.

I decided to make sure that I enjoyed the rest of the weekend (and, I assumed, sex with Cara at some point). But I also decided that I needed to act differently back at school, so that the last few weeks before graduation were not more of the same exclusion and loneliness. I wanted to go to a big party and get drunk. I wanted to flirt with and fool around with cute girls. I wanted to shoot the shit with random guys. And I wanted to do it with my best friends, Fred and Gina. This was going to take some work, but I vowed to give it my best shot. If it worked, great. If not, in a few months, I was going to college, and would have a fresh start where no one knew that I was supposed to be uncool, and where half the class were high school valedictorians like me.

I started to tire, and swam to shore. I hadn’t noticed that everyone else had come to the lake and were sunbathing on the lounges. They had all changed into bikinis, and I surveyed the beautiful women that were arrayed out before me. Ariel, with her strong athlete’s body. Beth, with her short curvy body and ample tits, Cara, looking like a swimsuit model and who was shamelessly sunbathing topless, displaying her small, pointy breasts slathered in sunscreen, and Sarah, who was certainly as beautiful and sexy as her friends. I noticed that my suit was tenting in front of me, so I quickly found an empty chair in the shade, put down my towel and lay face down.

The morning’s exertions, both inside and outside, when combined with the mimosa and weed, put me quickly to sleep. I jerked awake feeling something cold on my back. I turned my head and saw Cara, leaning over me, rubbing sunscreen on my back. I couldn’t help myself from staring at her bare breasts with their large, puffy nipples that pointed down as she applied the lotion.

“The sun moved, and I was worried that you would get sunburned.” She kneeled down and continued to rub the lotion into my back and down my legs, which began to turn me on. She leaned into my ear and whispered, “I have some plans for you later, and I can’t have you all burned up.”

Between the fog of sleep and my surprise, I was only able to croak, “Thanks, that feels great.”

She laughed slightly, and sensuously rubbed the sunscreen that remained on her hands onto her tits, clearly for my benefit, and turned away. I watched her perfectly shaped ass as it wiggled away, stared at her tattoo, and marveled at the gap between her slim legs. So, I guess I was going to see the rest of Cara naked later. This thought made me hard, and so I didn’t want to turn over until it subsided. I tried to think of anything other than my lake house companions until my erection softened. I looked at my watch and realized it was about 2:00. I was hungry, so I got up and headed back to the house.

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