The Legal Problem: Jason Joins

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I thank HKF999 for editing this story. Any mistakes remaining in the story are all mine.

This is the second part of the 3 part series. Series Outline:

part-1: Carla and Robby learn about their secret lovers. [to be read before this part]

part-2: Robby brings Jason into fold.

part-3: Jason returns the favor.

All characters are 18+. The author strongly discourages any illegal sex in real life.



Robert Miller was depressed after separation from his lover, Sara. He moved into the house of Carla Smith to heal his wounds. Robert and Carla eventually become lovers. In the meantime, Robert finds that Carla was in love with her son, Jason. Robert tells Carla that he he had an effective plan that will enable Carla to be with both her lovers. As part of first step, he started trying to join Jason and Carla, without affecting his relationship with Carla. He had ensured that Carla and Jason had two rounds of sex out of the four rounds planned for the day. As things were smoothly moving forward, Carla attended the following phone call.


“Yes, this is Carla Smith. Robert? Wait a second, I will just check?”

She mouthed HOME to me. And I mouthed back NO.

“Actually Robert is not here. He must have left his cell phone here….”

“Okay. Just a second. Can you tell me your name and your number again? I will stick it as a note for Robby….”

” S-A-R-A M-I-L-L-E-R. You are?…. his sister. Your number? … old one.”

—– Continues——–

Part 2: Jason Joins

Thursday, 20th October 2011

“Robby, is that what triggered your problem when you saw me and Jason?”

“Yes, Carla. It was incest that triggered, not my second lover getting fucked by her son.”

“You know the taste of the forbidden fruit…” Then it dawned on her. “The plan works 100%, because this is what happened to you.”

“Part of it, yes. Part of it is to make sure he shares you with me. Carla, I do love you.”

“You are going to make him suffer. That’s what you meant by having to be cruel to him.”

“If he ended up suffering like me, then I will kill you. I think you’re well rested now. So go for the third part now. I need to make a phone call, and then I will join you.”

Suddenly, I could feel hurt in her eyes. Oh…, I thought, she must have thought that I am calling Sara. Shit! Two women in life is a tough task.

“I am calling Alan, not Sara. I think we are going to get married by this weekend or the next.”

Carla rose from bed, and then she went downstairs. The next part of the plan involved my friend Alan. I reached for my phone, and called him.

“Hey buddy… need to talk to you. Get away from Brenda.”

I waited for Alan to get out of his home, and then I heard Alan say, “I am out of earshot. By the way, Mark told me about you and Carla.”

“It’s not about Carla now. What I want to do is talk about Sara. Just do this for me. I will explain everything later. It should be an extreme encounter between you and her, and every word should look like yours. I know that Brenda and Sara are on good terms, so your wife can’t be part of it.”

“What’s on your mind?”

“The news in effect should be that I’m going to marry Carla in a very private affair; either this weekend or the next.”

“Everyone knows that. Mark has already asked me to take a long leave and stay at his house. He expects it this weekend.”

“The rumor mill is good. No one here should know that Sara is my sister, ever.”

“I’m listening….”

“You will convey subtly to Sara that I am marrying Carla, because she rejected me. Carla is just a replacement for her. I will never be happy with Carla. I will fuck Carla, and think that I am screwing her. You will recount how I ended up in this house. Leave the details; I don’t want anyone other than you to know the details. And you will pass the address of this house to her. How you do it is up to you. But you are not doing this because I told you so. Okay?”

“Whatever you say, man. You know that you can count on me for whatever you do in your life. Just don’t screw up your life again.”

“Thanks man. I have to go. Carla is downstairs waiting for me.”


I went for a quick shower. When I got downstairs, I was surprised. Carla was lying naked on the couch, and Jason was sitting naked on the chair. Both of them were looking at me.

“What? Is there a problem?”

Jason replied, “Mom wanted to fuck me, but I refused. Even if she says you know, I will never do anything to her unless you are around.”

“Is it because of that stupid rule I said earlier?”

“Yes and no, but more of a no. I really enjoyed it while you were watching us.”

I raised my eye brows. “What do you mean, Jason? You are such a pervert, wishing to fuck my wife while I am watching.”

“Err… I felt more … connected with her when I was escort reklamları sharing her with you.”

“Listen young man. The first rule of dealing with women is that they are always right. If she had said that you have my approval, then you do. The second rule is that if they ask for something, then you give it to them. Now, where’s my show?”

“She is upset. She wants to be with you now. Did you guys have a fight or something?”

Oh… she believes that I was talking to Sara, I thought. “Jason, go fetch my mobile and come back. Respect my privacy.”

I waited till Jason was out of ear shot. Then I laid near Carla.

“My love, this is about us. We three. I promised you that.”

“How did Sara know my name?” She asked directly, “‘Is this Carla Smith?’ She called your phone, and she was asking for me by my name.”

“She knows that I will not pick up her call,” I tried to say calmly. “It’s part of what happened six years ago.”

“She wants you. She was looking for you. I still want to be with you for the rest of my life. I can’t let her ruin our life.”

I understood where she was heading. I needed to change the subject. “Did you reject Jason now?”

“No. He sensed something was wrong, he told you so.” I thought that she was trying to convince me that it was Jason. “He just told me that he won’t have sex with me the way we did earlier. He wants me for myself, not as a discard of yours. Those were his exact words.”

“He loves you. Carla, you have a very smart and mature son. Most likely, we are getting married this weekend.”

“What makes you think I’ll let you marry me? I am very upset with you.”

“I’m not marrying you for sex. Apart from Sara, you’re the only person that I want to live with for the rest of my life. I can’t lie to you.” That was a slip of the tongue. I knew it as soon as I said it that I was going to be in trouble.

“You’re still thinking about her. Are you marrying me, because she rejected you?” I felt miserable. Oops, I thought, why did I take her name?

“You overheard me talking to Alan?”

“Yes. I’m not a replacement package.” There was both anger and pain in her voice. That’s a very good sign.

“You know, my love, you are getting possessive about me. I was thinking that only Jason was possessive, but it seems he got that from his mother.”

“We are not taking about Jason. We are talking about Sara here.” This lady was the definition of persistence.

“Carla, you know why I love you? You are a sensitive person. You can see through people. You understand me. You know that I’ll never hurt you. Before I had sex with you, I asked only one thing from you. Remember. I told you that I’ve had sex with only one woman, and I wouldn’t do with anyone else unless I loved her. For me, sex and love are one and the same. If I needed sex as a physical need, I will use my own hand. I love you… and that’s all that matters.”

“But you also told me that you would leave me if Sara came back into your life. You also said that you will leave me if Sara hurts you one more time–“

I cut her off by saying, “And that I may not be fully faithful to you. The only other person in this entire world with whom I will have sex, is her. That I know. But I will not do it without your approval. Jason won’t have sex with his mother without my approval. Even if I don’t give him my approval for the next thirty years, he’ll wait. Have you realized that?”

“My son keeps his word.”

“Both Jason and I are passengers of the same boat. That rule of approval is for both of us. There will be times when he will have sex with you without my approval. But that would only be because he knows that I’ll approve when he tells me later. I’m not asking for this marriage thing for you and me, I’m asking it for us.”

I waited for her to assimilate what I said. Then I asked her, “Can I call Jason now?”

“Yes. But I want you buried in me now.”

I adjusted myself, so that my back was against the back rest. I ensured that she was in position, with her back against my chest. Then I tried sliding my cock into her, but she was not wet enough. “Wait a sec, my love.”

I yelled loudly, “Jason… Where are you?”

“You will make my son help you enter me. You are truly gross.”

Before I could respond to her, Jason was already with us fully dressed. He passed my phone to me. I just motioned for him to keep it on the chair.

“Jason, eat your mother’s pussy. She is not wet enough. Then you have some work to do.”

Jason’s mouth went directly to his mother’s pussy. I could see his hands pressing her boobs. He kept on lapping her up till we started hearing her moan. Then he rose up and put his cock inside her. I could feel his thighs hit my cock head a couple of times. He then bent down, took my cock and inserted into her pussy. That surprised me.

“Robert, if you want to talk to her, just tell me so. I won’t gaziantep escort reklamları come near you guys till your conversation is over. You don’t have to send me away using the pretext of phone or anything else.” I felt that Jason was getting ready to join my plan.

“Jason, people in my family call me Bob. Your mother calls me Robby because she is my wife. Your mother was upset earlier because she thought I was cheating on her. She was thinking that Alan is some woman I am seeing in private. That misunderstanding is over. And I did tell you that we are talking. That’s what ‘Respect my privacy’ means. The task for you is simple. I want you to get a large mirror to cover the entire wall in my room. And another mirror for the ceiling…. You will require a truck and tools for that. Go to Mark’s home for that. I think he wants to talk to you about us.”

Jason was in the process of pulling his pants up, when I said, “Jason, I ruined your day by upsetting your girlfriend. I am sorry.”

“No, Robert… err… Bob. Can you guys move up to Mom’s room? I may have to bring some help for fixing the mirrors.”

He dressed himself up. I asked him to take my wallet and go. Carla looked pensive while I was instructing Jason.

“Carla, why are you so silent? You didn’t even open your mouth when Jason was here.”

“I was just looking at the way you’re talking to my son. Your tone appears commanding, whenever you’re talking to him.”

I had to be indirect. “When you buy a cow, the calf comes with it.”

“But you don’t use that commanding tone with me.”

“Think of it. Was my tone commanding throughout our conversation?”

I knew that it was a trick question, but it worked. She thought for a while.

“Robby, what was the thing with Mark?”

“I am letting Mark talk to him–”

The phone rang.

Carla reached for the phone. It was from Alan.

“Carla, put it on speaker, and tell Alan that we are on speaker phone.”

“Hello, Alan. This is Carla. Wait a sec, we will put it on speaker phone.”

“Alan, you are hearing me. I want our conversation to be heard by Carla as well.”

“Are you sure, buddy?”

“Yes, I am. My previous call with you almost broke our marriage, before it got started.” I laughed.

“What? She overheard you? I don’t want her to listen to this conversation then, man.”

“No, buddy. You have to say everything, especially if it is related to Sara.”

“Okay. Yours faithfully made a scene with Sara just a few minutes ago. She had come over to my house to talk to Brenda. I ensured that she went weeping from here, without getting to talk to Brenda in private. I love my wife man. When Brenda heard that it was Sara who broke your heart, she herself promised me that she won’t talk to Mark or anyone else about Sara. She was upset that she gave Carla’s residential address to Sara. I told her that I will take care of it.”

“Details, man. Full description.” Twitching my semi-hard cock, I pulled Carla closer to me so that she felt my presence within her.

“Well, Sara actually came to our house shortly after your call, to ask Brenda whether she can hook her up with Mark, so that she can come to you. I was standing outside thinking of a plan to tackle her; and she was standing right in front of me. I took my chance then and there. I yelled at her, ‘How dare you come to my home, after all that you’d done to my best man?’

“She was surprised at my sudden unprovoked outburst. She said, ‘Alan, I’ve never done anything wrong to–‘

“I just cut her off, ‘Come on, you slut. Don’t act so innocent. You were fucking around with him for two years. You let Bob think you loved him. And when you found a man with more money, you ran around behind his back like a bitch.’

“‘But I had already told Bobby that–,’ she was trying to reply to me.”

I pressed Carla’s breasts for reassurance, when I heard him say ‘Bobby’.

Alan continued, “The use of the name Bobby truly pissed me off. Even if you hadn’t told me to do it, I’d have blasted her anyways. I just threw my anger at her.

“‘How dare you use that name? How dare you call him that, after all you’ve done to him? It took me three years to bring some semblance of normalcy to his life. You were fucking every street dog that came your way, while I was living in constant fear for his life. I couldn’t go to the office without checking at least three times whether he had ended up doing something stupid. You know, I took him to places, just to ensure that he wouldn’t commit suicide. Because of you, Bob doesn’t want to look at my face. Now he has taken shelter with Carla. And what do you do? You call her up and harass him again.’

“She was about to say something then. I just cut her off. ‘Shut up you bitch. You don’t ever talk to me or to him. You don’t have the right to talk.’

“I felt a startled Brenda’s hand on my shoulders then. I just looked gaziantep escort bayan reklamları at Brenda and said, ‘My Brenda cares for him more than you do. And she didn’t even get to fuck him. You used him as your private fuck toy for years, and now you are asking me what harm you did to him…. You know, my poor Brenda denied having sex with me while he was here, fearing that even the sound of us having sex may tip him over…. ‘

“That’s when I remembered your dialogues. Carla dear, please take the next set of details as only the dialogues of Oscar winning Script Writer and Actor Alan Wilkins, OK?”

Carla simply told Alan, “Don’t stop in the middle of the story, stupid. I know about the last call. So, just continue.” I pressed Carla harder against me, more to comfort me than to comfort her.

“Ok. So I continued with one of my best performances.

“‘You know what? I really don’t know whether he really loves Carla, or he is marrying her just to forget you. He will never be happy with her. Every time he has passionate sex with her, he will be thinking about you. But I don’t care about that part. Whether he loves her or not, Carla will never leave him.

“‘She has made sacrifices for his happiness. I just alluded to her once that Bob had suicidal tendencies in the beginning. Do you know what she did? Whenever Bob was alone in his room for more than an hour, she used to ask him to come to her using some pretext. Even when she had to leave Bob alone in the home for more than half an hour, she used to check whether he was okay or not. She would call him saying that she thought she forgot to switch off the stove or washing machine or something. Every night, when Bob switched the lights off in his room, she used to stand outside till she was sure that he was sleeping. Think about it; that sweet lady dumped thousands of dollars worth of rare wine from her house, fearing that Bob might turn to alcohol. Whenever she found that he had boozed a bit, she called me and fretted about it. Come on, she quit alcohol totally just for Bob. And this was even before that foolish friend of mine could even look at her as a living thing. She loves him and takes care of him. I cannot let a seventeen year long mistake of his, ruin it anymore. If you want to know where angels live, I can tell you that. I know of one angel on earth, and that angel is not you.'”

Carla interrupted him, “Alan, why did you lie to her? You only met me once with Mark, and at that time you didn’t even talk to me. We’ve never talked to one another ’til the day before yesterday.”

“Well, Angel on Earth, you talk to Mark, and Mark talks to me. It’s one and the same thing.

“Bob, I actually drove her out of my home. When I was talking about what she didn’t give you, she was crying.

“I was worrying about not giving her your address when Brenda pulled me into our house. The moment we were inside, she was weeping.

“‘Alan, why didn’t you tell me that it was Sara? I told her about Carla and Bob. When she asked me, I gave her contact details. She knows their address, phone numbers, everything. It was all my fault. When Mark had told me that Robert’s ex was living with him for two years, and she was his high school crush, I suspected that it was Sara.’ My wife was really upset with herself.

“I told her that I would take care of everything. The only other thing that I had to do, just to console my wife, was to call Mark and tell him about the incident. Mark knows that Sara has your address. I told him that she dared to use the Miller surname after everything she had done to you.”

When he mentioned surname, I remembered that I hadn’t told him about that part. “Alan, Carla knows about Sara’s surname. When Sara called earlier, she introduced herself as ‘Sara Miller’ to Carla.”

“Oh, that’s a detail you missed, you son of a bitch. Anyways, Mark was telling me that your marriage will most likely be this weekend. Did you get Jason’s approval?”

“Sort of, yes. I had sort of convinced him that I am the best thing that has happened to his mother. He has gone to Mark’s house. I am letting Mark deal with him. Did you know that his dad and Mark are related?”

“Mark told me everything, even before he sent you to Carla’s house. Listen, about the ‘angel on the earth’ thing, has Carla told you anything about it?”

“What? Oh man… if only I had known earlier. I know about the stove story, but nothing else.” My eyes were filled with tears. Though she could never look at my eyes from the way we were lying down, I thought Carla sensed it.

“Alan, I think you should give us some time to take in all those details. Come over to our house soon. I want to see the angel who delivered Robby to me.”

“Ok, see you later. Bye.”

He hung up the phone. Carla just dropped the phone to the floor.

“Carla, when were you going to tell me that you did things like that for me?”


“I don’t understand.”

“I care about you. I have cared about you from the day you had entered my life. When you have to give daily reports to a friend about how you are, you naturally end up caring too much.”

“Thank you for what you have done for me.”

“I told you that I would’ve never told you for the very same reason. You’ll end up thanking me again. I don’t want our relationship to be based on some old gratitude.”

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