The List

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“Oh God!”

I moaned and quickly stopped the rhythmic movements that drove me up and down on Elliott’s cock. After a moment, I raised my body from Elliott’s and crashed to the bed beside him.

“Damn, Van, that was good.”

Van was his nickname for me, short for Savannah. He’d been calling me that since we first met, 6 years ago, in college. As I lay there beside him, uncovered and praying for the air conditioning to come on, I thought about where this little episode would fall on the top ten list.

“Hey Elliott, what do you think about putting this one at number 7?”

He laughed. “Sure. Works for me”

I sighed contentedly and reached for the sheet. The air had come on, and even though southern summers were outrageously hot, I suddenly had goose bumps.

“Remember how we got this silly little top ten list started?” I whispered.

“Sure. You were just getting over that dirt bag David and needed a shoulder to cry on. I just so happened to be the perfect shoulder.”

I giggled. Elliott and I had been friends since our freshman year of college. He used to joke that he was my “dick in the glass case.” You know-in case of emergency, break glass. After I dumped David at the end of our freshman year, we uncovered all sorts of sexual tension. When we came back to school in August, Elliott took it upon himself to take care of me after the appendectomy I’d had only 4 weeks earlier. One thing led to another, and by October, we were madly in love.

I looked over at Elliott. He was lying on his back, eyes closed, hands laced behind his head. It was easy for me to remember why I had fallen so hard for him. He was tall, about 6′ 6″ and built like a linebacker. He wasn’t thin by any stretch of the imagination, but rather was muscular and intimidating. His build suited him for his job as police officer in the small country town where he was from and we lived. His short black hair was beginning to gray, and he claimed it had only started since our marriage 2 years earlier.

I leaned over and kissed the tip of his nose. He opened his hazel eyes and smiled.

“Remember the night of # 10?” he asked.

“I certainly do,” I replied. “We hadn’t been dating very long. We were on our way to go see your mom and dad. I hadn’t met them but 2 or 3 times and wanted to make a good impression.”

Elliott had grown up only 30 minutes from the college we attended. After we started dating, it was nothing out of the ordinary for us to visit his hometown at least 3 times a week. He knew all sorts of paths, empty fields, and good makeout spots from his high school years and he didn’t neglect to show any of them to me.

He reached over and entwined his fingers in my long brown hair. “You know, you were the first brunette I ever dated.”

I rolled my eyes and snorted. “Yeah, yeah, I know. I guess that’s why you were so surprised that night. Didn’t trust brunettes to show you a good time, huh?”

“Boy was I wrong.”

He leaned over to kiss me, lingering a moment to watch my blue eyes. After our lips parted, he drew me close to him and promptly fell asleep. I could hear him snoring softly Anadolu Yakası Escort and closed my eyes as well, but didn’t fall asleep.

I was still thinking about the night of # 10 on our list. Elliot had driven an older Ford Ranger pickup truck in college. It was small, but suited the two of us well as a means of transportation when were so terribly broke in college. That night, we left the college and were headed to his parents’ house. Elliott and I had made out and felt each other up, but hadn’t really done much more than that. While I wasn’t overly promiscuous in high school, I had given my share of blowjobs and hand jobs. I had dated a guy who was by far the best pussy eater that I’ve ever met, and we experimented like normal teenage couples. However, I had never lost my virginity. I was hoping to save that for “the one”.


Elliott and I were headed down the dark, straight stretch of road and he was driving. We’d shared some long, heavy kisses before leaving and were both quite worked up. I unhooked my seatbelt and scooted over so I was sitting next to Elliott.

“This thing have cruise?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he replied. “I’ll still have to switch gears, though.”

“Well, you had better be a good driver, then,” I said as I reached over and began caressing his cock through his jeans.

“Dear God Savannah,” he moaned. “If you keep that up, we’ll never make it to Mom and Dad’s.”

“Is that such as bad thing?” I replied as I continued to massage him and plant kisses along his neck and jaw line. He arched his back slightly and I saw that moment as an opportunity to unbuckle his belt, surprising him.

“What are you doing?”

“Just shut up and enjoy the ride,” I mumbled.

He lifted his pelvis long enough for me to unbutton his jeans and unzip his fly. I moved my hand so that only the thin cotton of his boxers separated me from his cock. I continued my massage, reaching down and tracing my fingers along his balls while I slowly shifted my position so Elliott wouldn’t notice what I was planning next.

I quickly lay down on my side, so that my face was only inches from Elliott’s now pulsing cock. I pulled the waistband of his boxers down, freeing his swollen shaft. He moaned in pleasure, now anticipating what was coming next. This was to be his first blowjob from me, and I intended to make it memorable.

I started by softly licking the underside like it was a melting ice cream cone. One of his hands came off the steering wheel and found a place on the back of my head, pushing my mouth against him. I pulled away.

“No sir. You need both hands to drive. Do that again, and I’ll quit for good.”

He made no reply, but placed his hand back on the steering wheel. I leaned back down and continued my attentions. I placed just the tip of his shaft inside my mouth, sucking softly, trying to gauge what he liked. He breathed deeply and I figured I was doing something right. I reached under his cock, and began fondling his balls as I swirled up and down his shaft with my tongue. I knew he was hot Kartal Escort and wouldn’t last long, so this had to be good. I took a deep breath and took as much of him into my mouth as I could. Before I knew it, his pubic hairs were tickling my nose.

“Van, that is good. I had no idea…”

I realized that he was close, very close. I moved my mouth up and down his shaft several more times before letting it rest on the tip, sucking softly again. I took my hand from his balls and began to pump his cock while twisting. His hips began to jerk and I suddenly became concerned that we might end up in the ditch before all was said and done. I held on to his cock and figured that we’d have a good time explaining that to the cops who showed up at the scene. Just as soon as that thought passed through my mind, Elliott let out a loud moan.

“Ohhh. Savannah, here it comes.”

I didn’t flinch as hot jets of semen sprayed the back of my throat. After two or three bursts, I sat up and swallowed, still massaging his cock gently with my fingers, trying to get every drop out. I managed to get a trace on my index finger and brought it up to my mouth, slowly licking it off. I thought Elliott’s eyes were going to pop out of his head.

“What is it?” I asked as I smiled seductively.

“I’ve never, um, been with a girl who, um…”

“What, gave you a blowjob?”

“No, I’ve had plenty of blowjobs, but I’ve never known a girl that swallowed or even acted like they enjoyed it.”

“Well, I don’t think that’s something you’ll have to worry about with me.”

Surprisingly, we didn’t end up in the ditch. Elliott reached down and pulled his boxers back into place.

“So, are we still going to your Mom and Dad’s?”

“Yes, but we’re making a detour first.” He looked over and smiled while his hand found the inside of my thigh.

I was wearing a short denim skirt and white tank top that accented the curves on my 5’6″ frame nicely. His fingers began to trace the outline of my pussy through my panties, which were already damp.

“Why don’t you find us a spot?” I moaned.

“I know just the place,” he replied. “Just about 2 more minutes and we’ll be there.”

Sure enough, Elliott was already turning down a bumpy dirt path beside a field. We drove until we reached a pond. Elliott put the truck in park and turned off the ignition. He opened the door and stepped outside to adjust his pants.

“Listen,” he whispered. “Do you hear it?”

The sound of water bubbling up in the pond was audible and peaceful.

“I used to fish here a lot when I was a kid. This is such a beautiful place. I thought you’d like it here.”

At this, Elliot reached into the truck and pulled me to the driver’s side so that my legs were hanging off the seat, out the open door. He put his hands around the back of my head and pulled my mouth to his. His lips and tongue tickled my lips until he gained access to my mouth, pushing his tongue inside. He broke away and pulled my shirt over my head.

“Why don’t you do me a favor and lose that bra?”

I quickly obliged, reaching behind me and unhooking Maltepe Escort the two clasps. Elliott grasped the shoulder straps and pulled it off, laying it on the seat behind me. He stood back from me a moment, observing my full breasts before reaching out to touch my nipples. He began to stroke them in circles with his fingers, all while exploring my mouth with his tongue. I began to moan.

He shifted his body and took my left nipple into his mouth.


His hands didn’t neglect the nipple that wasn’t receiving oral attention. He began to twist and pull on my right nipple before he switched. My pussy was so wet I could feel the cool air through the dampness of my panties.

“Do you want me to keep going?” he asked.

I could only reply with a moan. His mouth returned to my breasts, sucking and pulling at my nipples until I thought I would explode.

His hands were quickly between my thighs, pushing them apart and removing my panties. He began to firmly stroke my clit with two fingers.

“Oh God, Elliott! That feels incredible. Please don’t stop.”

He made no sound, but gently pushed me down onto my back and pulled my legs toward the edge of the seat, so that my ass was just on the edge. He knelt down and began to lick my pussy. His tongue swirled over my clit and in and out of my pussy.

“Mmmmm. Oh, yeah.”

He softly began to suck on my clit as his fingers pistoned in and out of my hot cunt. I began to buck my hips and cried, “Elliott, I’m gonna cum!”

Suddenly, he stopped. I moaned in disappointment.

“I was so close. Why’d you stop?”

“Because I want to make sure I properly thank you for that amazing blowjob earlier.”

He began to work his fingers in and out of my pussy again, while leaning down and sucking one nipple and then the other. I chanted “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes” as I got closer and closer to my orgasm.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, Elliott found my G-spot. He stroked it with his fingers, using his other hand to push just above my pubic bone, creating a pressure I found to be unbelievable. He increased the speed of his fingers and before I knew it, everything else faded away.

“OHHH!” I screamed. The release was incredible. I’d had orgasms before, but never like this. I looked down and saw that there was fluid gushing from my pussy. Elliott was grinning, continuing to finger fuck me through the strong contractions of my cunt. After several more seconds, he removed his fingers with an audible slurp.

“What happened?” I moaned.

“I don’t know for sure, but I think you gushed,” Elliott replied.

“What do you mean, gushed?”

“I’ve seen it before. It’s never happened to me, but I’ve seen pictures and some of my high school buddies had girls who could.”

“It was great.” I was at a loss for any more words than that. I had literally seen stars. Elliott helped me get dressed and then he crawled into the cab of the truck with me. We sat cuddled together long enough for me to regain my composure before we headed to his parents’ for dinner and a movie.


I was getting sleepy and Elliott was still snoring beside me. I gently maneuvered myself so I could get up and use the bathroom. Then I returned to bed, smiling to myself as I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of all the other spots on our list.

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