The Lodge Pt. 11

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Time has passed quickly; we are celebrating 25 years in business as The Lodge with a worldwide network. Major cities in America have The Lodge Private hotel, which includes a restaurant, two floors of places to play, and hotel rooms above that for members only; membership is an annual fee plus the cost at the restaurant on the first floor, and the guest rooms per night.

Our first children from our clan have been born and matured, now above 18 years of age, and the girls are still virgins. They are all aware Brian and I are their fathers.

Today, the first of January, set the celebration. Brian, my brother, and I, the Alpha of the clans, are walking downtown with our older sister and her kids, Pam, Penny, Rick, and Rob, to celebrate the beginning of a New Year.

Our offices have moved from the Lodge to downtown, where we have a 25-story office complex to run our company. Our former office and housing have been converted to additional guest rooms as we have grown.

“Let’s stop in the gift shop; we want to buy you all a celebration gift,” I told them, taking my sister Ashley’s hand and leading them inside. I walked over to the lingerie and looked through the rack, pulling out a light blue top and matching laced underwear. “This will look great on you, Ashley, “I commented, holding it against her. I will be over in the morning to see how well you slept in this.”

“That,” she said, slightly blushing being with her kids.

“Now, Brian, what can we find that will look suitable for Pam and Penny?” I pondered.

Brian and I went through the racks until we found something for each. They were matching black laced bras and matching laced thongs.

“A little revealing,” Pam said. “Are you coming over to check us out in the morning?”

“Maybe later tonight,” Brian responded.

“Now for the boys,” I said as Brian and I went to the boy’s rack and began to search. We found two men’s red ribbed thongs. Black piping on the top, a pouch for their cock sewn in below, and a matching red silk robe.

“That’s hot,” Rob said. “You are coming over to check us out tomorrow?”

“No, probably tonight as well,” Brian said.

We paid for our purchases and went to the restaurant next door for dinner.

“What are your plans for tonight?” Penny asked as the waiter brought our meal to our table.

“Brian and I want to see you four in your new outfits. Then we would like to celebrate our 25th year with a gift for you all.”

What would that be?” Penny asked.

“We know you girls are virgins tonight, we would like to take your virginity, and the boys have only had sex with girls we know, spending time at The Lodge and Club in town,” I spoke.

“How do you know that?” Rick asked.

“Remember, we have security details for our family, you don’t always see them, but they are always watching you. You don’t need any problems, such as fights or kidnapping. All of us are bi-sexual; it is good to experience it all. Your sisters understand female to female; your experience has been jerking off to see who could come the fastest.”

The boys turned red in the face with that knowledge.

“Tonight, girls, Brian and I will break your cherry, and you will also become pregnant from experience. Brian and I have dreamed of this day, knowing it would come on our 25th anniversary. You will both have twins, Pam will bear the next generation of Alpha’s, quiet and honor, and Penny, you will have twin girls. We had a vision where we see them marrying each other, traditional guy-gal marriage on our 50th anniversary.” I informed them.

“You and Brian never married,” Pam commented.

“When we started this, there was no time for marriage; we grew up with each other and loved our company and the company we keep with you guys and the rest of the clans. We look forward to marriages within the family which will happen with your generation, and on the 50th, the door will open for clan marriages outside the clan. It will strengthen us; Pam, your kids will run the whole operation from here.”

“That’s such an honor you are giving us,” Ashley said, tears in her eyes. “You guys will have an awesome night tonight; I remember my first night with my brothers and the resulting pregnancy. I am honored they fathered all four of you, and for the visits, we continue to have.”

“Thanks, sis,” Brian and I said in unison.

We talked through the dinner about the present and sahibe escort future and how together we worked and continue to work to make an influence here and around the world.

For dessert, the kitchen got a cherry pie from the bakery.

“We thought this would be symbolic of tonight. We look forward to breaking your cherry,” Brian said as we finished and returned home.

“Guys, gals, bring your purchases to the house and kiss your mother goodbye for the night. Part of this evening is also separation. You will be given your own townhouse following this evening, and HR will take care of that. The new wristband will be in your room tomorrow with the information. Your mom’s bedrooms will be for visits and eventually for grandchildren to play. When you marry, you will move into a house like your mom’s.

I took Pam’s hand and Brian Penny’s and walked over to our house. The boys followed. We went to the third floor, our bedroom, and told them to use our shower, then put on their new nightwear.

“You want us to shower with our brothers?” Penny asked.

“We do; you might as well get used to seeing them naked. We want you to pair up and take turns washing each other off. We have some douche products; we want you to use them before you shower to clean your bottoms. We want you to douche each other, then shower and clean each other when finished. Brian and I have already douched before dinner, an experience we want you to learn. We also have a rubber hose attached to the toilet you can use as well. That is what we use, and we have had one installed in all the bathrooms of the clan. It’s good to be clean and prepared every day.” I instructed them.

They sheepishly went into the bathroom. Since they did not close the door, we could hear their conversation, trying to figure out who would pair with whom. Little did they know we were doing some matchmaking for their future marriage.

When they came into the bedroom, they looked sexy in their outfits.

“Tonight, Brian and I will make love to each of you. I will spend time with Pam, Brian with Penny, and Rick with Rob. You will spend time with each other to start. We will begin by helping each other out of our clothing, a sensual way to start. Then, so often overlooked, is foreplay. We rush into things. Not here; we enjoy kissing and working our way down our bodies. Everything is open. Feel free to touch and express how you feel. Girls, when we break your hymen, there will be some pain, but it gives way to pleasure. Boys, when you slide your cock inside your brother’s ass, and vice versa, go slow to pass the ring muscle, then glide yourself into him. Use plenty of lube which is on the nightstand. Once through, it is balls to the wall, first slow, then your balls will be banging, and when you come, shoot it inside. Don’t worry about being vocal. We are and hope you will be too. We will let you know when to switch partners. Let’s have a fun night making love to each other.”

I helped Pam out of her clothes, sliding the top off, placing my hands on her well-formed breasts, and kissing her. She responded with her tongue sliding between my lips as we began our love journey. Her hands reached down and stroked over my red jock strap as I tongued fucked her mouth. I could see the others also French kissing; it was a turn-on. Pan slid my jock strap down until my erection stood at attention toward her.

I moved down to kiss her breasts, sucking on her nipples. Her hands had found mine and began to pinch them, then she rolled me off hers and sucked on mine. I had seen the band of her thong and slid it off, massaging her mound. Her hands were on my cock, jacking me off.

I went down the bed and crawled between her legs, kissing my way up her thigh and then licking her mound until my tongue slid into her slit, sucking in the sweet nectar flowing freely. When I found her clit, I began to nibble and suck on it. She screamed with pleasure.

Pam had been watching some videos; she had me on my back and moved into the 69 position. My tongue was in her cunt. Her mouth was sucking on my mushroom head. She surprised me and slid down on my cock. It went into her vagina. She lowered herself until I was up against her hymen, then pushed her body down, breaking through. Some blood tricked down my cock, but she did not let out any vocal signs of pain, just the noises you hear when someone sahibe escort bayan s enjoying the sexual play.

Her thumb went into my mouth, which I sucked as she rode me.

“Oh…ah…yes…that is so good, oh fuck me,” she said as she bounced up and down.

After all these years of making love, I had long stamina, so I was in no way close to coming. I had my hands on her sides, pulling her up and down as she stroked me. She let out a loud noise as she had her first orgasm. Her body was slamming down on me.

I looked over at Brian. He and Penny were in the missionary position just starting. She let out a loud noise as he penetrated her cherry. They continued to fuck. Rick had his cock in Rob fucking away.

I turned pam onto the bed, put her legs on my shoulders, and fucked her. She matched my strokes. She was so enjoying this. I took my thumb and began to play inside her cunt, my cock sliding in and out as I picked up my tempo. My thumb brought about a second orgasm.

Slowing down, I leaned in and began to French kiss her. I was getting close. Moving her into the doggie position, I stroked her rapidly, my balls slapping against her skin. I could hear Rick’s balls doing the same to Rob. Soon, my load filled her cunt.

“Yeah, send that seed down me,” she moaned. “Make me your baby.”

When I pulled out, she took my cock in her mouth and cleaned me off. We had all finished, so I told Rick to go down on his sister and clean her up and Penny to do the same for Rob.

After they had finished up, we switched partners. As had become the case in other couplings, we skipped the foreplay. Our partners were already for another fucking. Brian and I could do this all day, so we were not concerned about our ability to come again, and they were young. The brief break in sucking their sisters off should be enough for young guys to fuck again.

We had a good time fucking the other sister, depositing our sperm, and breeding them so their twins would develop. After the girls, we asked them to get on their knees and coated their asses with lube along with their brother’s cock, telling them to fuck their sister.

We never wanted vaginal sex until the next day after we had made love to our partners looking to have babies.

They worked their cock into their sister’s anal hole, and I got behind Rick, and Brian behind Rob, sliding our cock into the cum filled holes. We liked to have the brothers take their sisters’ anal virginity. When we all had come, we told them to rim their sister’s ass while we rimmed theirs.

“Everyone having a good time?” I asked

They all spoke and said this was such a fantastic time. They wanted to know when we could do it again.

“We want you all to stay the night. We have bedrooms here. You can check out our toy room, there are some fun toys to play with, and you can take them to your room. Tonight, we want Rick and Pam to stay in the first bedroom and Penny and Rob in the second. Tonight, toys and anal. In the morning, anal, mouth, cunt, have a good time. We hope you enjoy the pairing. Pam and Rick will be at your call, and Penny and Rob, yours until your babies are born. After that, it’s up to you. You will have four sets of children, all twins. Brian and I are available every January for stud service,” I said, laughing. “You can only get pregnant in January. Why, we don’t know. Brian and I will be responsible for your first twin pregnancies at the 50-year reunion. Pam, your first will be boys. They will be a new generation of Alpha to work with us, Penny; you will have boys who will marry and be part of the continued growth, leading our clan to marry into other clans. How exciting. So off you go; our toy room is next door. Take what you want. You can keep them as well and then have fun tonight.”

All four gave us a kiss, thanking us for the night and the new experiences. Walking hand and hand, Pam and Rick went next door, followed by Ron, leading Penny into our playroom.

Brian and I woke up early, showered and shaved, heading to Ashley’s house. We told our housekeeper to have the cooks fix breakfast for our kids, who were still sleeping. Our security detail walked with us to her house. Ashley answered the door, inviting us all in. She was drinking a cup of coffee in her nightwear. We told the guys to wait in the living room, and we would get them some coffee and donuts. escort sahibe We were going to be awhile.

Sitting at the kitchen table, we could only admire our sister. She was tanned, trimmed and fit. Her smile is always captivating.

“Well, boys, how did the night go?” She asked.

“You have two kids expecting twins,” I informed her. “They will be Alpha’s to help with our work. Pam will have girls and Penny boys, according to our dreams, which have never failed us in our journey. Rick and Pam are sharing one room, and Penny and Rob another. Our hope is this pairing will lead to marriage. We want to keep your family intact and a pure line.”

“Yeah, we were sorry to have separated her two girls from the family and married them to another clan,” Brian said. “It will work out for all of us, and her oldest will be the first lady when her husband is elected President by our 50th celebration, and her other daughter, the vice-president. Eight years after, we will see her become the first woman President of the United States. We did bring her boys a gal from each of the two clans, and they seem happily married.”

“Ashley, your lineage will produce the Alphas for the family and business. As your kids do now, we hope, they will marry brother and sister at our 50th celebration.” I explained.

Sipping her coffee, our sister thanked us for the honor.

“Nice clothes; let’s head to your bedroom and check the outfit out,” Brian said, taking her hand and leading her upstairs. Now that your girls are in a motherly way, the four of them will move into a townhouse, then a home when they marry like yours.” He continued, rounding the corner to the main bedroom.

Brian and I sat on the edge of the bed, bringing Ashley toward us as we removed her laced top.

“Your breasts always captivate us, the way your tits stand out when you are so horny,” I said as we each took hold, massaging them and then sucking her tits.

“That feels so nice,” she said as I stood up and began to kiss her supple lips, her tongue sliding through my lips, and we began to French kiss. She pulled off my jacket, exposing my upper body and abs tight from working out. Pulling my sweats down, she grasps my cock. Brian had slid out of his clothes, standing next to me; we were both naked.

Ashley got on her knees, taking both our cocks in her mouth, then working mine, then Brian’s, squeezing our balls as she sucked up and down, then taking our balls in her mouth and sucking them.

We all slid up on the bed, Ashley in the middle, pulling her thong off and massaging her mound. She was nicely trimmed, her pubic hair in a diamond shape. Brian went down on her, kissing his way up to her sweet spot until his tongue found its way into her slit. I knew he found her clit when she jerked. As he sucked on it, I moved up on the bed and began to face fuck her.

Her body grew ridged, arching up as she climaxed. She is a squirter. Looking down, I could see Brian’s face wet from her juices shooting out.

Brian positioned Ashley on her knees, and I got on mine and pushed my cock back into her mouth. Brian got behind and thrust his cock into her pussy. As he drove from behind, her mouth moved against my pubic hairs, and she sucked with passion. Moving down to my balls, she sucked and lapped away, grunting with each thrust from behind.

I could hear Brian slapping his body against her, fast and faster.

“Oh my god, you guys, oh, this is, fucking great.” she moaned.

We moved her on the bed, Brian on the bottom, Ashley sandwiched in the middle, and I on top. Brian inserted his engorged cock into her cunt, and I lubed her asshole, sliding my cock into her sweet spot. I could feel Brian in her as he stroked up. I stoked my cock inside her, and her muscles tightened and squeezed me as we continued to make love.

Ashley was so good to us, moving with our strokes to meet us, very vocal as we fucked. Before long, we all came together, enjoying the moment of shooting and receiving our seed.

“You guys are too much,” she said as we pulled out and headed for the bathroom. “We don’t do this often enough.”

“We know,” I said. “Your kids will provide us with two more Alfa families in about 18 years. We have given birth through our seed to over 1000 kids this past year in various clans. Next month we are headed to Australia and New Zealand for about two weeks. We will be ready for quality time with you.” I said, toweling off and dressing.

We kissed at the door, our security detail following us back to the house. When we got home, we could hear the four of them enjoying their newfound sexual activities.

What a blessed life we live. Tomorrow we are entertaining a clan from New York who came to celebrate

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