The Long Weekend Ch. 30c

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Late Sunday Evening

He lay there looking up at the ceiling surround by an air of rose water and lavender that hung heavy with the smell of their ejaculations. He wondered what Jake and Annie were doing as he drifted off to sleep.

Annie and Junior walked slowly, fatefully toward the king-size bed that was waiting for them. Junior let his mother go first and she climbed on the bed and claimed her usual side. Junior watched with loving anticipation as she moved across the sheets before looking back to encourage him to join her. She scooted over and patted the bed making abundantly clear to Junior was he was to do. He didn’t need to be invited twice and was soon lying on his side looking at her. He draped his arm over her hips feeling her knees and thighs pressed together. It was a wonderful, magical feeling that they were so in tune with each other, and with no one around, they could do something they had both secretly desired to for years but had kept hidden from each other. Junior traced his hands down her leg and began to work his body down in the bed planting little kisses along the side of her abdomen and ending at her hip.

“Junior, you don’t have to do that.” his mother said plaintively, “Let’s just enjoy each other gently.”

“I don’t have to do it, I want to do it. I want to show you that everything that happened to you over the last few days has only made me love you more and is not changed a thing between us.” Junior said shushing her up as his tongue began to trace the circles from her hips over her smooth silky skin taking the long route to her smooth vulva. He pushed on her hip forcing her more on her back before reaching down to push her legs apart allowing him better access to the place that he always dreams about. He looks at her lips soft labia forming a red pink clamshell. He begins to nuzzle into her sex.

Her cell phone rings loudly and with the personalized ring tone she knows its Sr. They both stiffened, not knowing what this will do to the mood.

“I need to take it. I haven’t talked your dad in a while. Stay where you are, don’t stop what you are doing.” His mother says she reaches for the phone lying on the bedside table.

“Hi Sr. I love you. How is it going? Will you be home to more escort sitesi night? I really miss you.” Annie says to her husband hundreds of miles away.

“Annie darling, I miss you like crazy and I had to call. Things are okay here. It’s been a long haul. I’m just sitting in bed having a warm beer and looking at pictures of you on my laptop computer. I’ve got a flight booked it all goes well I should be home by 930 or 10 tomorrow night. What have you been up to, and what are you doing now?” Sr. responded enthusiastically over the phone.

“Junior’s been working real hard and I’ve been lying around. I feel badly about that but I really enjoyed it. Junior and I went bowling with some friends we met and we just got back to the house. I am bushed it’s been a long day. It’s just the two of us here tonight. Brice went back to town to deal with an emergency, his son Jake is staying over with somebody else so we’re here alone. I just got into bed in Junior is having something to eat. “What pictures are you looking at?”

“Pictures of you that we took in Vegas last summer. You are gorgeous. So sexy. I’m getting hard just looking at them.” Sr. said with a bit of embarrassment that even she could hear over the phone line. Junior had slowed down his attention to his mother as he was listening snippets of the phone call with one earl. He lay with his head on her thigh and looked up past her swelling vulva to watch her face trying to hear the conversation.

“Sr., not the Vegas pictures, those pictures were supposed to stay on the home computer and not leave the house. Their private you promised no one would ever see them.” Annie chastised him.

“I know love, but I put them on a thumb drive so I could take them away with me. When I look at the pictures of you and I in Vegas last year, it keeps me out of the bar. I get real horny, then jerk off and then fall asleep. I stay of out trouble this way.” Sr. confided.

“I love the ones of you around the pool, in you in that tiny yellow bikini you bought. Everyone was looking at what a gorgeous woman you were and I was so proud to be recognized as the lucky man you were with. I bet the boys are enjoying looking at you. I know that I get so hard gaziantep escort sitesi looking at them, I think that maybe we should plan on going to some clothing optional place so I could really show you off. Would you like that?” Sr. asked, taking a wild gamble that over the phone he could propose something that he might be too embarrassed to try at home.

“Sr.! Stop that. I am not sure you could handle a clothing optional place you would have a constant erection.” Annie cut him off as she was worried about sharing too much information with her son who she could see was listening intently.

“That’s the idea love, I love it when you are hot. It makes me hot. I love it when people look at you. I bet the boys are enjoying you in your bathing suit? They must be all hot and bothered like I am now.” Sr. persisted about the boys and asked the leading question, hoping that she would tell him some tidbits of information.

“I know you love it, Sr., and frankly I am intrigued by the idea.” Annie replied and Sr. heard hope in her voice. Thinking quickly and choosing her words carefully she continued. “To be honest, there is a clothing optional place here and a lady friend of Brice’s invited me over there today for Ladies Day. It was just ladies and it felt wonderful to be naked. I was scared at first but I did like it. I am not sure how I would feel with men around.” Annie admitted, making a scaredy face to her son Jr. who was looking up at her intently. It was a sin of omission.

‘You went to one today! I want to hear all about it. Was everybody naked? Any good bods? I bet yours was the best body there.” Sr. almost yelled in excitement down the phone.

“You would have like it, because we were all women, but you would not have been allowed. It was all very nice and quite wonderful actually.” Annie continued but at the same time heard her phone beeping. “Sr. I think my phone is going to die. It wasn’t fully charged and I did not bring the charger so you may lose me.”

“Annie, luv, I hope I never lose you. You are special, but I do know I will see you both at home tomorrow nigh……….” Sr. was saying when only silence was heard on the line.

“Damn, the phone died.” gaziantep escort bayan sitesi Annie swore with disappointment.

Feeling so in love with Sr., made her position with Jr. awkward. ‘Jr. just come here and hold me, would you.”

“Mom…” Jr. whined but knew the moment was lost. “Sure, scooh over.” Jr. said as he crawled back up alongside his mother.

His mother rolled over onto her side with her back to him. He spooned her and felt his hard cock slip between her thighs.

“Mom, if I am going to lie here like this, I want to put it in. I’ll get a condom.” Jr. said in a tone that suggested there would be no opting out. He reached to his jeans which lay on the floor next the bed and took out a condom.

“Hurry Jr., I want to finally feel you in me.” Annie replied hoping to placate his disappointment.

“Mom, that what I want too, it’ll take just a sec to put it on.” Jr. offered. He repositioned himself between her legs, slipped on the sleek condom and placed his hand under her upper thigh. She raised her leg willingly welcoming his sex to hers. He held the leg up allowing him to find her hole. He tilted his hips forward and felt the soft entrance waiting for him. He slid in gently, continuously until he was in to the hilt. He felt the smooth hardness of his cock surrounded by the moist meaty flesh of her vagina. He felt his mother wince then relax as the inevitability of the occasion took over and the intimacy flowed between them.

He grabbed her hip and held himself firm. His mother patted his hand as she let out an audible sigh. He relaxed behind her with his cock buried deep They were united. They were one. Jr. slid his hand over her side and up to her shoulder. He caressed the nape of her neck and ran his fingers softly to her cheek where he felt the dampness from her tears. He swept his hand slowly down her chin to her chest and allowed it to dangle down onto her breast where he cupped it lovingly. He had wanted to have sex, to ram his cock home and thrust and thrust until he came. He was in a position of agonizing delight. He was where he wanted to be but he could not cum. He had wanted sex, but on second thought, he had wanted to make love. He was doing that.

He could feel her stretched around his cock. He could feel her warm back and shoulder blades against his chest. He smelled her hair and felt a wisp flutter across his face. This was better than sex and held his rampant lance still, feeling her heart beat and pulse rate through their most intimate connection.

His mother turned off the bedside lamp and darkness blanketed them.

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