The Look

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The look sent shivers up my spine. For the last hour or so I had been noticing her across the room. I know she noticed me too. She had been returning my glances from the beginning. Her eyes seemed to notice only me and I had to admit she had an effect on me. From the moment I first laid eyes on her I knew I wouldn’t be able to get her out of my mind. She wore a white low cut top and a red skirt that showed off her great legs beneath a firm tight ass. Her top showed just enough of her chest to know that her tits were a perfect medium size that I have always loved. Her eyes were stunning. They held my attention from the start. But just then she gave me a look that matched mine.

That look…I had been staring at her and wanting her from the beginning. Almost immediately I wondered what it would be like to be with her. I managed to not be so obvious for a bit but I’m sure she knew I was undressing her with my eyes and that last look from her told me she was doing the same. Obviously I wanted her and it seemed she wanted me too.

The first second I saw her I felt a stir in my pants. I couldn’t help but reach down and touch my semi hard erection a few times. I watched her tug at her earlobes and, in the last few minutes, she had been touching her lips as well. Thinking about those lips was just about too much for me. I was almost fully erect now. I had just felt myself again and I expected that she would notice. She seemed to be staring at my growing bulge when she licked her lips and looked back up at my eyes again. That look… In it I saw the same desire in her eyes. In that moment I changed from wanting her to needing her.

Without realizing for a few long seconds I was openly squeezing my hard on and staring at her. In response she trailed her fingers down between her perfect breasts, down her stomach and she dragged her fingers over the top of her thigh to the hem of her skirt. A quick tug from her fingers as she shifted her legs gave me a much better view of her inner thigh and quick peek at the white silky panties she wore. Images of running my tongue over that soft smooth skin of her inner thighs ran through my head. I couldn’t help but imagine my fingers slipping under those panties. It was all I could do at that moment to not take out my cock right there. I needed this woman badly. I was about to stand up and make my way over to her right then. Before I stood up I realized where my hand was and considered how it would look trying to walk across the room with a very very hard cock pressing against my pants. I resigned to waiting a few moments until my erection went away. A few seconds later I understood that the only thoughts I had at that time were of fucking this woman. Naturally this did nothing to help make my hard on go away.

I thought about this for a few seconds and what I could do when I noticed her stand up and begin walking towards me. My mind went blank when I realized what she was doing. Almost as if reading my mind she started over to me when I wanted nothing more to come to her. Her body moved with such grace and beauty as she made her way across the room towards me. I knew for certain she was coming to me She was looking at me the entire time. I looked her up and down as she moved. Taking my time looking at her I took her in. I was amazed at how easily she moved, how she held my attention as if there was no-one else in the room. And, truly, for me there was nobody else in the world at that moment.

She was more than halfway across the room before I realized that was still holding my hard cock. I quickly moved it and hoped it wasn’t too obvious. As she got closer I couldn’t help but notice her very hard nipples poking through her soft top which did not appear to cover a bra over those magnificently shaped tits. She noticed my movement and smiled. It was then I noticed that she had been staring straight into my lap as she walked. She seemed to almost chuckle as she saw me move to hide my erection as she got to my table. Without pausing she slipped into the seat next to me and said hello. “Hi” I managed to say as she moved closer to me than I expected.

“Hi” she said looking into my eyes. I was completely caught up in her eyes as she went on. “I’m Katie. I saw you looking at me. I was hoping you’d notice me.”

“Nice to meet you, Katie. I’m Jim.” I extended my hand. She took it softly and held it. “I couldn’t help but notice someone as beautiful as you. I hope I wasn’t staring.” I smiled at her not believing how lucky I was to be talking to her and still wondering how to deal with how hard I was at that moment.

“Oh you were staring all right.” she said. And it looks like you liked what you saw.” At that she reached her hand into my lap and squeezed my cock feeling just how hard I was. “Mmm Nice,” she said. “Is this for me?” She squeezed me again as I began to recover from the shock of her hand on my cock. “I hope so.”

“Oh yes” I said, barely able to believe what was happening. “I’ve been thinking about fucking you for an hour You want to get out of here?” She smiled as she kept her hand Kurtköy Escort on my cock feeling my size, apparently liking what she found.

“I thought you’d never ask.” She smiled again and gave me a mock pout as she gave my dick another squeeze and let go. “I want some of that.” She looked down at my bulge as I stood and tried to cover as best I could. “Mmm. It’s big. I wonder how It tastes.”

It looked like she expected me to take her right then and there on the table and I wanted nothing more. But I managed to make it out the side door holding her hand and attempting to casually cover my eight inch erection with the other. I knew I couldn’t cover it completely I just hoped not too many people noticed. We were ent outside into the night. The door hadn’t yet closed behind us before she turned me around. I was thinking same thing and pressed her body against the cool brick wall of the building. Again she had her hand on my cock as I kissed her deeply. My tongue swirling with hers in her mouth, my hand reached under her skirt. My fingers pressed against the silk of her panties and I felt right away how wet she was. She moaned as I rubbed her through the fabric.

The alley was empty as I kissed her and we felt each other. She began to fumble with my zipper and I took a quick peek around and saw we were alone. I slipped my fingers under her panties as her skirt up. I was rewarded with the feel of her neatly trimmed hair as I slipped a finger inside her to the sound of our moans of pleasure. She had my zipper down and her hand quickly held my hard cock and began pumping it. We masturbated each other for a few wonderful seconds before she moaned “That’s it. I need your fucking cock in my mouth now.” She slid down my body to her knees. She held my cock in her hand and began to lick the underside of my length. Up and down she licked before she opened her mouth and began to take each of my balls in her mouth one at a time. She licked and sucked them passionately as I stood there and told her how good it felt.

I took a few more quick glances around and noticed we were still alone. She had the tip of my cock on her tongue as she looked up at me and smiled. “This is so fucking good.” she said just before she slipped her mouth around my shaft and took me in. I felt my cock slide to the back of her throat as she relaxed and took every inch. She tongued my shaft and slipped it in and out of her mouth. I was in heaven as she sucked my cock. My hands on her head held her as I fucked her mouth.

I was thinking I might cum right down her throat if she kept going. She knew exactly how to suck a cock and she was incredible but I wanted more. She took my cock out of her mouth and was again licking up and down the sides, a line of saliva between my cock and her chin as she drooled all over it. It was simply the best and I told her again as I stood her up and slipped her top down over her breasts and leaned down to take one of her stiff nipples in my mouth. My hand reached down and slipped her panties off. She stepped out of them and spread her legs for me. I was sucking and biting her nipples as I slipped one and then another finger into her pussy. She was already wet and they slipped easily into her. I fucked her with my fingers as I sucked on her tits before she began to moan louder and started to cum. I worked her clit quickly, her orgasm approaching. I quickly went to my knees and replaced my fingers with my tongue. She spread her legs wider as I knelt and ate her pussy with pleasure. She held my head and pushed her pussy into my face as I fucked her with my tongue. She was cumming on my tongue. Lapping up every sweet drop I licked her all over. I sucked each drop of cum from her pussy and lapped up the juices that dripped down her naked thigh as she twitched.

Her pussy still quivering I stood up and turned her around and bent her over the railing of the club’s exit stairs. Quickly I had the tip of my cock on her wet lips and eased myself in. One smooth motion had my cock buried inside her. She squealed as she felt my length in her. I began to fuck her in long deliberate thrusts wanting to feel her pussy around all me. I slipped my fingers under her to rub her clit while I fucked her and felt her fingers already playing with herself. Loving this I joined my fingers with hers. I coated my fingers with her and moved them to her ass, fucking her at a deliberate pace.

I had just slipped the tip of one cum slick finger into her ass when the door from the bar opened. Another couple exited the building. The door opened toward us and blocked us from their view as they passed. At first I wasn’t sure what to do. As soon as they turned around they would see me with my pants around my ankles, buried deep inside this amazing woman. Her pussy was incredible and I didn’t want to stop. The man appeared to have his arm around the woman’s waist. As they passed us I was surprised to see that his hand wasn’t just around her waist but it was down the back of her pants. Just as we did they turned to each other for a passionate kiss just Pendik Escort as they got outside.

The woman wore tight black stretch pants under an off white silky blouse. The man, thin with dark hair, wore a black shirt over light loose khakis. He stood with his back to us as his hands moved quickly under her loose fitting blouse as they kissed. Her hands roamed over his back and grabbed his ass as he unhooked her bra. Her very large breasts were partially exposed as he leaned into her and took one of them in his mouth. His hand was in between her legs over her pants. She clearly enjoyed it. Her head was tossed back as she moaned loudly. They had yet to notice us standing quietly next to the door.

Katie had been watching them too. She had slowly turned around and stood watching while her fingertips toyed with the slippery head of my cock. Then he slowly stroked it sliding her hand up and down. She seemed very turned on by the show. Her other hand reached into her top and pinched one of her nipples as she stared at them. I didn’t know who to watch. I was curious to see what the couple would do when they finally noticed us. We both watched silently as he slipped his hands into her pants. Still they hadn’t noticed.

Katie decided she wasn’t simply going to watch anymore. Again she dropped down to her knees after turning us a bit so she could watch as she wrapped her lips around me. Her eyes on the other couple she had the tip of my cock in her mouth and licked under the head while she watched him finger her. I couldn’t hold back a soft moan which finally alerted them. She opened her eyes and saw us immediately standing only a few feet away. Me with my pants around my ankles as Katie licked and sucked the tip of my cock as she stared at them.

The girl’s brief look of surprise was replaced with a smile as she watched Katie lick me. The girl’s hands dropped to her lover’s head as he squatted low in front of her taking down her tights revealing a beautiful smooth pussy. “Mmmm” she said looking at Katie. “Suck it good.” The man responded by lustfully burying his face in her pussy Busy with his task he was apparently still unaware of us.

Katie seemed turned on by that and began to work my dick faster. “Yesssss lick it” the girl moaned as she watched Katie. Both Katie and the man, still oblivious, responded with licks. Only a few seconds later he must have sensed something and quickly stopped and turned his head. His look of shock was complete and genuine when he saw us so close behind him. He nearly tumbled over had he not been holding the girls hips as he ate her pussy. “Don’t stop,” the girl said as she guided his head back into her. He hesitated a bit as he looked at us.

“Mmm yes. Don’t stop” Katie said with my cock on her lips. “I bet she tastes good too” Katie smiled then rubbed the tip on her tongue and looked up at the girl.

The man grinned at the both of us. “You want to taste my wife?” he asked looking at Katie swallowed my shaft again. She nearly gagged before she took my cock out her mouth and smiled at him.

“Mmm Yesssss” she purred at them. Staring at the girls shaved pussy. Right away the girl stepped out of her pants and moved over to us and stood in front of a kneeling Katie. She rose from her knees and bent over toward her turning her ass toward me. Taking the hint I quickly slipped my cock into her again as she reached her tongue for the girls bald pussy. The man stood next to his wife kissing her and squeezing her large tits.

Katie was licking away at her pussy but I was noticing she was having a hard time getting a good angle so I had an idea. I looked around and saw a few broken down cardboard boxes nearby. I decided to grab them and lay them on the ground. I lied down and guided Katie to ride me. She squatted down facing away from me sliding her pussy around my stiff shaft. The girl decided to take advantage of the mat and got down on her knees offering her ass to Katie who happily began swirling her tongue around her ass hole and her pink slit. The man took his spot in front of her and fucked the girl’s mouth while she squealed softly at Katie’s tongue.

This went on for a few minutes before the girl stood up and moved around Katie to me. “She’s good. But now I want you eat to eat my pussy too” she said to me. She moved to sit on my face as Katie turned around to watch. The girl sat on my face and kissed Katie. I knew she could taste herself on Katie’s lips, the same taste that her husband and I also shared. That thought excited me even more. I pushed my tongue as far as I could into her enjoying her sweet taste.

Katie watched as I licked the girl for a bit before she turned and reached for the man’s hard length. While she rode me she grabbed his thick tool and began to lick the head. In no time she was moving up and down on his cock in rhythm with riding me. I was more turned on than I had ever been. I began licking and sucking the girls sweet bald mound faster and harder. I wanted nothing more than to taste her cum on my face. I was moaning and loving every Mutlukent Escort second. I soon felt the girl twitching on my tongue. Her squeals got a bit louder as I pressed my finger into her ass as she started to cum. She tasted so good I was amazed. I wanted every drop I could lick out of her. Hungrily I sucked and licked as she came hard into my waiting mouth. I was loving it as she ground her dripping wet pussy into my face, covering it with her cum. She bucked and wiggled herself on me until she suddenly rolled off, out of breath and nearly out of energy.

When she moved off I got a much better view of Katie sucking off the guy for all she was worth. I hadn’t even noticed that she had slowed her riding to concentrate on blowing him. I was a bit surprised how much I enjoyed watching her tongue and mouth work this guy’s meat. She was sucking both of his balls and from the look on his face she was doing a very very good job of it too. I glanced over at the girl and saw that she was watching too. The smile on her face told me she was enjoying Katie’s effort as well. She made herself comfortable sitting next to my head watching. “Mmm Good girl. Suck his dick” she said. Her husband smiled at her and asked if she enjoyed watching this. “Oh yes” she replied. “I want to see you to fuck her too.”

Katie responded right away “Mmm yes. Fuck me now” she panted. “Fuck my ass.”

“Mmm” I smiled at her. This just kept getting better. I saw the man smile broadly at his wife who was slowly rubbing herself next to me. He moved behind Katie who stopped long enough to offer her hole to him looking back at his slick rod with anticipation. I reached around her and spread her ass for him. He positioned himself behind her and rubbed the tip of his cock on her back door. Right away Katie closed her eyes and moaned again. I could feel him start to press himself into her slowly. Her moan got louder as he did.

He fucked her with the tip of his cock, slowly giving her a little bit more each time until he was all the way inside her, stretching her tight ass. She seemed about to explode when he began to really give it to her. He fucked her hard and she wanted more. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold out either. I was also about to shoot my load. She was bouncing up and down on both of our cocks when I felt her start to cum. That was all I could stand. I was nearly screaming when I felt her gush all over my throbbing meat as he pounded her ass. I reached over and started fingering the girl as I was about to fill Katie’s now dripping wet pussy with cum.

The girl was also about to cum again and I wanted to feel her cum with me. She must have had the same idea as she started to squeak. She grabbed my hand and pushed my fingers into her and I felt her clench herself around them. “Yessssssss” she cried as began to unload myself into Katie.

The next few seconds were a blur of pure ecstasy. I barely remembered the feel of the girl cumming on my fingers as I came. I squirted against the back wall of Katie’s pussy and vaguely remembered the feel of my cum oozing inside around my cock dripping out of her onto me. The girl was playing with herself, watching as her husband kept drilling Katie’s ass while we both came. Katie had her eyes closed and head back. It looked like she was about to pass out but she was riding us harder and faster.

It was about all I could do to roll out from under Katie. The girl was only too happy to take my place though. She slid herself under the two of them. She was sucking my cum from Katie’s pussy and licking her husbands balls while Katie dove straight into her warm, wet slit, eating her greedily.

That pushed him over the edge too. I saw his face contort as he pulled himself out of Katie’s ass. The girl reached up and spread Katie’s ass wide as he held his cock over her waiting mouth. I was smiling as I heard him grunt and saw him shoot his load. I was amazed at how much this guy came! He shot it all over Katie’s well fucked ass hole and had plenty to spew over his wife’s face too. She was covered in cum and laughing as his cum dripped from both of Katie’s holes mixing with my cum it oozed onto her chin as she smiled and looked up at him with only one eye. The other was covered with our cum.

Katie never stopped. She was still fucking her with her tongue apparently intent on tasting this girl’s cum too. The man leaned down a bit further and dropped his fading cum covered rod into his wife’s mouth for her to lick clean. Only a few seconds later he also plopped down, exhausted. We both watched the girls sixty nine each other, enjoying it nearly as much as they seemed to. They went at each other for only a few more minutes, each cumming again before they turned around and kissed each other. They licked each other’s faces clean tasting our cum on each other.

I don’t know how long we all fucked each other in that alley but we still seemed to be alone while we gathered our clothes. We all decided to go back inside and have a few more drinks before we joined each other at the couple’s home. We enjoyed each other for most of the night that night before Katie and I left. We were sure to keep in contact with each other and plan on getting together many many more times. I’m sure, however, that nothing could ever compare to that time in the alley behind the club.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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