The Love He Never Had


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This story contains futa loving (and dominating) a boy. There is slight feminization at the start but there will possibly be more in future chapters.

This chapter is particularly long because I prefer to set the scene in my writing, and I tend to get a bit carried away. If you are here only for the smut, then you can skip a vast majority of this chapter.

I prefer to have a compelling story while also having smut so if you are only into smut, then stay tuned as I already have quite a few ideas about some one-shots.

The region is derived of one kingdom called the kingdom of Glyfall. The kingdom of Glyfall has four large cities with three being on the outskirts of the kingdom and one being in the center.

Scattered around the region are small townships. The city in the center is the capital of the kingdom as well as the main hub for all commerce within the kingdom. This city is known as Tyran. The other three cities are known as Bilfan, Silvara, and Thalnia.

Within the capital of Glyfall lies the adventurer’s guild which is a prestigious organization that only the highly skilled can be a part of. There are 3 classes of adventurers with the ranks being guardian, hero, and savior.

The guardians are the lowest class but still require an exceptional amount of talent to even be considered. The class above the guardians are the heroes. The highest class of adventurers are the saviors.

For an adventurer to be promoted to the next class, they must prove themselves by taking on another adventurer of a higher class and defeat them in combat. This results in the adventurer of the lower class being promoted and the adventurer of the higher class being demoted.

For adventurers who are not fighters, such as healers, they can be promoted by showing their skills and being recruited by a party in a higher class. For example, a healer that is guardian class but has shown exceptional skill can be approached and recruited by a party that is either hero class or savior class. If the healer decides to join them, they will be promoted to whichever class their new party is in.

Promotion through combat can be done individually or as a party.

It is recommended that adventurers form or join parties to take on their jobs, but adventurers have the option of working alone should they choose to.

The savior class is reserved for the top party in the adventurer guild. This results in only one party having the rank of savior at a time. The guardian class is capped at 10 parties maximum. The hero class does not have a cap and can have as many parties as there are qualified adventurers.

Anton Hilfian was from one of the small townships that were scattered around the kingdom. He grew up with his mother and older sister.

His mother was loving towards him but showed clear favoritism towards his sister. His sister tolerated her little brother but at times picked on him for his small stature.

Anton did not grow up like the other boys in the town and stayed relatively small and frail. His sister was the exact opposite and was the hardest worker in their township. Anton loathed his sister because of the way she treated him, and this caused a rift between the two.

Upon reaching 18, Anton began showing signs of being able to use magic. He found out when his sister had decided to lock him in a dark storage room within their home.

Being afraid of the dark and not knowing what to do, he sat down while gripping his legs close to his chest as he started to cry. The tears that fell from his eyes began to glow and lit up the room when they hit the floor. His sister saw the light from under the door and opened it only to be shocked at the sight.

When Anton’s mother found out about this incident, she knew he had to leave before word got out. His mother decided it would be safest for him to go to the capital and have his magic appraised and hopefully join the adventurer’s guild. Otherwise, his powers would be taken advantage of.

“Why do I have to go alone mom?” Anton asked as he looked up at his mother with sad eyes. His pack was on his back held by the straps over his shoulders. “I don’t want to leave you; you are all I have. I don’t want to be alone.” The boy gave his mother a hug and held onto her as he tried to hold back his tears, hoping that she would tell him to stay.

Cylia looked at her son with sadness in her eyes and hugged him back. “You know that I don’t want you to go but you have to for the safety of everyone in our town. Magical powers are rare and as soon as anyone finds out, they will come here and try to take advantage of your powers. We cannot protect you, but you will be safe in the capital.” She said to the boy as she gently pushed him away from her.

Anton looked up at her with tears in his eyes and turned around to make the trek toward the capital. The boy was now walking the trail tecavüz porno to the capital all alone, his biggest fear was quickly turning into reality as he realized that he had only himself.

The trail was out in the open with plains surrounding the boy. There were a few townships that could be seen in the distance but other than the livestock, the entire trip to the capital would be a lonely one indeed. Upon reaching a fork in the trail, Anton noticed that the trail to his right led to the capital and the trail to the left led to the forests according to trail markers. As he was reading the sign, a group of girls were coming from the trail that came from the forests.

There were three girls in total, one was a tall and strong looking girl that resembled an Amazon. The second girl was a bit shorter than the first but was not nearly as strong looking. She had a staff tied to her back. The third girl was much shorter than the other two but still taller than Anton. The girls were talking until they saw Anton, causing them to all stop.

The largest of the three approached him and gently rested one hand on his shoulder from behind. “You know it’s not safe for little boys to wander around out here on their own. You never know what kind of person you could run into.” She said as she smiled at the small boy. Anton jumped at the sudden touch, unaware of the three girls and fell to his butt. He looked up at the girl towering over him and shrunk in fear. “I-I’m sorry. I’m j-just trying to make my way to the capital is all.” He said as he shook in fear at the girl that looked like a giant to him.

The other two girls stood by the first girl’s sides and smiled down at the boy. “No need to be scared of us sweetie. My name’s Kelly.” She said as she reached down with one hand to help the boy up. Anton took her hand and gave a slight whimper at how effortlessly the girl pulled him to his feet. “M-my name is Anton.” He said as he glanced at the other two girls staring at him.

The girl with the staff introduced herself next. “My name is Lilly.” She said as she crossed her arms and smirked at the boy. “And my name is Katie.” The shorter girl said as she analyzed the boy with a mischievous smile. Anton gave a shy smile as he fidgeted with his thumbs.

Unbeknownst to Anton, the only reason the girls stopped was because they thought that he was cute. They saw him and decided that they wanted, no, needed him to be theirs.

“We’re actually headed back to the capital right now. Why don’t you stick with us and we’ll make sure you get there safe and sound.” Lilly feigned an innocent smile as the other two girls looked at each other with knowing glances. “Would you really stay with me?” Anton said as he looked up at them with desperate eyes that made all three of the girls shiver with desire.

Seeing how desperate that look of helplessness was on his face almost made the girls lose control and just take him right then and there. “Of course sweetie. It’s our job as adventurers to make sure cuties like you don’t have anything to worry about.” Lilly said as she patted the top of his head. “Yah, you can count on us to get you to where you need to be.” Kelly said as she turned the boy around to face the trail leading to the capital.

Kelly rested her hands on the boy’s shoulder as the three girls circled him with Lilly and Katie on either side of him and Kelly behind him as they made their way to the capital.

“You three are adventurers? That’s so cool!” Anton shouted as he looked at them with glee before quickly getting embarrassed and looking at the ground with a shy expression. The girls smiled at his innocence and chuckled. “So, what are you heading to the capital for Anton? You look like you are coming from one of the townships. I can’t imagine why they would send you alone though.” Lilly asked with genuine curiosity.

Anton got sad as he thought about leaving his home and his mother seeming to not even care that much. “W-well I had to leave my township. My mom said it wasn’t safe for me there because I showed signs of magical powers. That’s why I’m headed to the capital to get my magical abilities appraised.” The boy spoke with sadness and the girls could tell he was trying to hold back tears.

Lilly picked him up and positioned him so he was facing her with his arms around her neck. She hugged him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as they continued to walk. “I’m so sorry about that Anton. It must have been so hard for you to have to leave your family and be all alone like that. You poor thing, you must have been so scared.” She said as she used one hand to hold him and the other to wipe his tears.

Anton nodded his head before burying his face in her neck and sobbing softly. Lilly began to gently pet the back of his head as the other two girls looked at him with concern. “Let’s not forget about your magical powers though. That is so amazing that you showed signs at such a young age. Magical powers are already extremely rare üvey anne porno but to show them at your age is unheard of. How old are you anyways?” Lilly asked as they approached the capital.

“I turned 18 just last week. My magical powers showed on my birthday.” Anton responded as they entered the capital and Lilly set the boy down. Anton was amazed at the bustling capital with enormous amounts of people wandering around. There were stands set up all over the streets selling food, armor, and everything else he could think of.

Kelly put her hands on his shoulders again, this time squeezing a bit tighter to make sure he didn’t get lost. “Let’s head to the adventurer’s guild. We have to turn in a bounty, and they have a magic appraiser there.” Kelly said as they made their way through the crowds and towards a massive building. The building had enormous wooden double doors as well as windows the size of some of the other buildings. Anton stared in amazement at what he assumed was the adventurer’s guild before being escorted inside by the three girls.

Once inside, Kelly decided that she would go turn in the bounty while Lilly and Katie would take Anton to get appraised. Katie held his hand while they walked. “I can’t wait to see how much magic you have in you Anton. I wonder what kind of magic you’ll have. Lilly has told me that there are many types, but most mages can only make use of one magic type. Lilly is the only mage I know that can use two different types which are fire and water.” Katie said excitedly as she smiled at the boy.

The three made their way into what looked like a library and headed to the back of the room. Once they arrived at the back, there were two chairs on either side of a round table. At the center of the table was a glass ball that swirled with what looked like white smoke. An older woman came out and once she noticed Lilly she smiled.

“Well look who finally came to visit! You’ve been too busy with your adventuring to come see the one who got you into the guild huh?” The older woman put her hands on her hips as she looked at Lilly with one eyebrow raised.

Lilly chuckled before responding, “I know, I know. I just get so busy, I’m sorry Alda. Anyways, I’m here with a boy we found on the road who had his magical powers show. His name is Anton and he’s only 18 so he’s quite the anomaly.”

After hearing the age of the boy in front of her, Alda’s eyes widened before she sat down in one of the chairs. “Why don’t you take a seat for me Anton and we can see what kind of magic you have.” She said as she looked at the boy curiously.

Anton took a seat and looked at the older woman sheepishly. Alda smiled at him to reassure him and said, “I want you to place your hands on the ball in front of you and close your eyes. Once you do that, I want you to focus on the ball and nothing else.”

Anton did as he was told and placed his hands on the ball before closing his eyes. He focused on the sensation of the ball and drowned everything else out. He was amazed at how easily it seemed like nothing else but the ball existed anymore. He couldn’t hear anything or sense anything but just felt the ball as if all his senses were gone except for his sense of touch.

The girls watched wide-eyed as the ball began changing colors rapidly. The ball then went solid white and started glowing, filling the entire room with a bright light.

While this was happening, Anton felt absolute bliss. He felt warm and fuzzy and felt happier than he had ever felt before. He basked in this feeling for a while before the feeling started to shift. His thoughts changed from happiness to despair and sadness. His mind was telling him that he would always be alone and that he would never have anyone who wanted him. He felt himself realizing that his own mother didn’t even want him, and his mind was being warped to thinking that she sent him away because she hated him and never loved him.

The girls looked on in worry as the ball went from glowing white to pure darkness swirling violently. The smoke within the ball looked as if it was ramming against the ball and trying to get out. Alda set her hands-on Anton’s and tried to calm him down when she saw tears flowing down his face and the anguish that was strewn across his face.

The ball began to crack as the darkness became more and more violent. Alda grasped Anton’s hands and removed them from the ball with force. As soon as his hands left the ball, Anton’s eyes shot open and he looked at Alda with his mouth slightly open and tears streaming down his face.

“What just happened Alda? Why did the ball react like that?” Lilly asked while continuing to stare at the boy before them with concern. Alda looked at Lilly with worry in her eyes and began to give her thoughts on what just happened. “I’ve never seen anything like that in all of my years. I can take a guess at what I think happened, but I will need to know what Anton felt before I can make any educated guesses.”

Anton üvey erkek kardeş porno was silent as he was still trying to figure out what happened and was frightened by the intensity of the emotions he just felt. He noticed that everyone was staring at him and waiting for him to explain what happened. “I was so happy at first. It felt so good and I felt like I was finally happy for once in my life. It was warm and fuzzy all around me but then it changed. It got cold and scary and I felt alone. I felt like I was all alone, and I would never have anyone ever love me or want me. My own mother sent me away because she hated me and didn’t want me anymore.” Anton started crying as he felt his emotions well up again and Katie moved in to hug him and hold his head against her chest.

“I think I know what happened. The first light was that of holy magic. The only difference is that it was much more powerful than anything I have ever seen. The warm fuzzy feeling means that he has an affinity for healing magic as it is technically tied to holy magic. What worries me is the darkness. No human has ever had an affinity for dark magic. I didn’t think it was possible for humans to wield dark magic. The violence of it means that he has a lot of repressed emotions that he does not have control over.” Alda said as she looked at Lilly. “You and I need to talk alone about this Lilly.”

Anton pulled away from Katie when he heard that they were going to speak alone. His first thought was that Alda was going to tell Lilly to get rid of him. Before he had a chance to say anything, Kelly came in with the pouch of coins for their bounty and a big smile on her face. She looked at everyone and noticed something was wrong. “What happened? Why does everyone look so freaked out?” She said as she walked over to Anton and stroked the side of his face.

“Would you two take him somewhere for a bit while I talk with Alda?” Lilly said before Alda got up and gave a sad smile to Anton.

“Yah we’ll take care of the little guy. Come on Anton, you look like you need a pick me up.” Kelly said as she extended her hand for Anton to hold. Anton wrapped his arms around her arm and held tight as he got as close to her as possible. Katie followed close behind as they left the room.

Alda sat back down and sighed as she looked at Lilly. “He’s going to be a handful Lilly. I don’t know if you three will be able to handle him honestly.” She said as she started to mend the ball with her magic.

Lilly got visibly upset at this and crossed her arms. “What are you talking about? He’s been fine for us so far. Besides, I’m pretty sure the three of us can take a boy as small and as frail as him.”

Alda chuckled and finished mending the ball. “I don’t mean in a fight Lilly. You three could no doubt subdue him and although his magical power is immense, he is as dangerous as a bunny right now because he has no idea how to use his magic. What I’m talking about is handling his feelings and extremely repressed emotions. He is a very broken boy Lilly, and he needs someone to take care of him. I felt a portion of what he felt when I grabbed his hands to try and ease his burden and it was the most intense feeling of dread and sadness I have ever experienced. He is terrified of being alone and he is in constant fear that he will never find anyone who wants him or loves him. He needs someone to be there with him 24/7 and if you three are adventuring, you can’t do that for him.” Alda said as she sighed and contemplated what to do.

Lilly looked at the ground with sadness as she heard how he felt. “We will take care of him Alda. There are three of us and if he is as powerful as you say, we can just train him to be the fourth member of our party. Then he will never have to be alone. We will make him feel loved and wanted. I know we can take care of him.” Lilly said as she looked at Alda with confidence.

“Very well then, my pupil, I trust you if you say that you and the other two can manage it. I just hope you understand what you’re getting into. There are going to be some tough times where the three of you are going to have to figure out how to help him and you may not know how. Now go catch up with them. I’m sure that Kelly and Katie would like to be informed of the situation.” Alda said as she got up and hugged Lilly before heading back into her office.

Kelly, Katie, and Anton had left the adventurers guild and Kelly loved how affectionate Anton was being with her. “You’re holding on pretty tight cutie pie, scared I’m gonna leave you?” Kelly smiled as she led them down the street.

Anton started to sniffle and looked up at Kelly with a look that made her heart shatter as she watched tears stream down his face. She picked him up and held him close to her, so they were face to face. “Hey, I was just kidding sweetie. We aren’t gonna leave you, I promise. You are way too cute to let go and since you have magical powers, you can be a great addition to our party.” She said as she gave him a comforting smile and the three continued to walk.

Anton nuzzled into her neck as he sobbed softly. “I just don’t want to be alone again. I don’t want you three to leave me. I’m scared to be alone Kelly, please don’t leave me alone.” Anton said as he cried into Kelly’s neck and squeezed her tight, afraid that if he let go, she might leave.