The Lust Express: Midnight Passions

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Author’s Note: This was one of my first submissions to this website over 17 years ago under a different pen name. I revived it, and am resubmitting it to give a new generation of readers the opportunity to enjoy it. All sexual situations depicted in this story occur between two legally consenting adults 18 years of age and older.

The Lust Express:

Midnight Passions.

It was a new chapter in my life, one journey had just ended and a new one was about to begin. I had just finished college with a degree in Computers and was starting grad school to earn my Masters in Computer Information Systems and Network Design.

I was pursuing my MBA with an emphasis in the two areas mentioned. In addition, I had landed a marvelous ground floor opportunity as a Systems Programmer Analyst with the opportunity for fast track advancement in a booming multinational shipping company.

I was planning to leave during the 3rd week in May and scheduled to start my job the second week of June, with grad school beginning in early September. This allowed me about 3 weeks to get settled in my new apartment and find my way around town before I started my new job, and a while to rest up before hitting the books again.

I had always wanted to take a train cross country and to me, flying was highly overrated. Since it was nearly an 800 mile trip(almost 16 hours by train), I decided to take the evening train so I would be able to sleep and arrive early the next day. The month leading up to my trip, I said my goodbyes to all my friends and that day, my parents, along with my best friends took me out to lunch and I spent the rest of the day getting ready for my trip.

That afternoon, my folks drove me to the station and I hugged them, patted my ten year old kid brother on the head, and gave my 16 year old sister a hug.

Just then, the 5:25 train blew its whistle and I knew it was time to board, so I walked up the gang plank and just got on as it began to roll down the tracks and waved good bye as my family slowly disappeared out of view.

After boarding the train for the 16 hour train ride, I found my state room, put up my luggage, and had a seat to relax. I watched the country side go by as I spent a lot of time reading on my tablet, and doing puzzles, and later that evening I had dinner in the dining car, where I met lots of interesting people.

I was able to chat with some international students until about 9 that evening. I then tried going back to my stateroom to get some shut eye, but to no avail.

It was 11:00 when I pretty much gave up on trying to sleep and got bored, so I got dressed, putting on an old black t-shirt, jeans and shoes and then ventured over to the club car for what turned out to be a very interesting night.

As I entered the club car, it was pretty well packed and fairly dimly lit. A cute red haired waitress dressed in a polyester red top with a low v-neck that gave an ample glimpse of cleavage from her 34 inch breasts said hello with a big smile, welcoming me and asking me if I wanted something to drink.

Resisting the juvenile urge to say “milk,” I told her I was good for right now. She said her name was Holly and if I needed any thing just to holler.

It was only after she left, that I noticed the rest of her outfit, which consisted of nothing but a matching red spandex thong, black lycra pantyhose, and black shoes.

I watched her slink that tight, little, sexy, 5’4,” 120 pound, 34C-22-34 body of hers across the floor, as she twisted her hot little butt. As much as Holly was a real hottie, she was only eye candy compared to the sumptuous sensual vixen that ended up making my night, and what a night it would be.

Her name was Jenna and she was a very sexy, Sarıyer escort curvaceous, 5’10” tall, 145 pound, buxom 48 year old big-titted blonde, married executive who measured 42DD-28-38 and looked no where near her age.

On the contrary, she had the body of a goddess and the face of an angel, appearing to be in her mid to late 20’s, 30 on the outside. Her hair came down between her shoulder blades but that night she had put it up.

She was wearing a Rayon light greenish blue outfit(almost aquamarine but a shade lighter), dark brown thigh high stockings and black pumps.

The top was designed to zip up but she had it unzipped to right at her bust line so anyone with a working set of eyes got a full view of her cleavage.

Her skirt was short but “professional.” It came up to about 6 inches above her knees and showed off her luscious well toned legs and was as short as possible, and still be considered professional.

She also had on a pearl necklace with matching earrings and a silver bracelet with diamonds and rubies. I later found out that she was not wearing any under garments, whether a bra or panties.

Jenna was sitting at the end of the bar with her legs crossed, posed seductively like she was a lioness stalking her prey, smoking a cigarette and nursing a vodka and tonic, her third of the night.

She was busy trying to give some old fart the brush off as I walked in. I did notice her, but paid her little if any attention. I was too busy looking around at all what was going on. However, as I soon find out, she was definitely paying quite a bit of attention to me.

I looked for a place to sit down, but did not find an open table anywhere, so I made my way back to the bar and walked down to the end. It wasn’t my intention to have a seat next to Jenna but that was the way fate had ordained it that night.

“Hey handsome,” Jenna said in a sultry tone with a sexy smile, as she this time lit up a Swisher Sweets Cigarillo with the white tip and seductively blew out the smoke. “What’s a handsome young stud muffin like yourself doing in this place.” I told her I was on my way to see my aunt and cousin and that I was starting a new job as a Systems Programmer Analyst while I earned my MBA.

While I told her all about myself, I ordered Jenna another Vodka and tonic and myself a beer(Foster’s). In addition, she ordered two whiskey shooters and downed them one right after the other in 30 seconds flat.

It was pretty apparent she was drunk but she was only getting started. Jenna told me she had been on vacation(a much needed one at that) and was returning home. This was her last night to celebrate her “freedom” away from her boring life with her even more boring husband and she fully intended to make it a real blow out.

It was also fairly evident that Jenna had her sights set on me by the way she was putting her hands on my knee and ran them up my thigh onto my crotch and softly rubbed it.

Personally speaking, I was fairly good looking, at 6’1″ tall 185 pounds with a well toned athletic body with short brown hair hazel eyes and ruggedly handsome looks(sort of like a young James Dean).

I figured she just found me attractive and was intrigued with my youth, boyish charms and “fresh face” look, and wanted a young stud pony to ride as another notch in her belt. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t totally against the idea of making it with Jenna.

I was not a prude and no stranger to sexual escapades, but I wasn’t a wild horndog in heat either. I had sex about once or twice a week while in college, but most of my partners were usually sorority girls near to or my own age that I met at Frat parties.

This was going to be the first Escort Silivri time I had made it with an older woman, much less one that was old enough to be my own mom, but I decided what the hell, go with it, and let nature take its course. Jenna put her hand in mine and interlocked her fingers with mine.

Her skin was so soft and silky and it felt good to have her gently caressing the back of my hands softly running her long red polished fingernails over my skin. She scooted her stool close to mine and then put her well toned stocking clad leg across my legs on my lap.

Slowly and seductively, she hiked up her skirt, giving me glimpse her pink newly shaven snatch. It was here when I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Taking my hand in hers, she placed it on the inside of her thighs, just at the edge of her crotch. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figured out what she wanted, so discretely and softly, I began to finger her pussy.

At first, I used one finger, then went to two, then finally three until I was frigging her pretty good and soon she came on my hands. “Let me taste,” she said in a slutty voice, so I put my fingers to her mouth and she sucked off the cream from them like she was giving them a blow job.

After I fingered her, she wanted to dance so we went to the next car where the DJ was playing some sexy music. It was evident that it was a 21 and over only crowd and most every one was getting down.

Jenna and I began to dance and she moved in front of me. She wriggled her ass in front of my jeans and bumped and grinded against my crotch.

It was also dark in the second club car so not to many people could see what you were doing and if they did, they probably didn’t care This was fairly evident by the fact that two raven haired goth girls were dancing together wearing nothing but black fishnet thigh high stockings and matching pumps. They had their arms embraced around each other’s waist, their bodies pressed tightly together, and they kissed and grinded their pussies together as they gyrated to the music.

I kinda figured with it now being after midnight, all the “respectable” people had long since gone to bed, so it didn’t surprise me when Jenna unzipped my jeans, took my bulging cock out of my underwear and slipped it into her pussy from behind, having me hold her around her waist as I fucked her while we danced.

We did this for about 10-15 minutes. I felt her pussy quake and contract as she flooded my cock with her sweet nectar. This sent a signal to my brain telling my cock to swell with cum and shoot my manhood deep inside her pussy and that is exactly what I did.

Jenna crooned with delight as I filled her snatch with my hot semen and taking me by the hand, she then led me to her stateroom where we spent until almost 6 am fucking like wild animals in heat, cumming so many times we soon lost count.

Upon reaching her stateroom, Jenna slid the door closed and locked it. She wasted no time in slinking out of her outfit then ripping my clothes off. We were all over each other like two horny rabbits in heat, hugging and French kissing as our naked bodies meshed together.

She pushed me back on the couch which pulled out to a bed and began to suck my cock, giving me the best blowjob I had ever had, and I had had some humdingers. Jenna sucked my cock like a vacuum cleaner, going all the way down to my balls and massaging them with her hands.

She slurped on my cock like a kid sucking on a popsicle. It wasn’t long until I felt my cock swell with cum and soon I felt the urge to explode. I told Jenna I was ready to cum and she just said with a pant “Give it all to mommy.”

In every blowjob I had been given before, Topkapı escort bayan with the very rare exception of a few punk rock goth girls I had done it with before, none of the girls never swallowed. Jenna not only did, but drank every drop down like it was her most favorite thing.

She had a way to pump my cock and get every bit of my cream and then she laid back on the couch, spread her legs wide and tell me it was my turn to eat her pussy out.

I dove into Jenna’s hot snatch like a starving man into a morsel of food and she held my head down against her pussy as I fucked her with my tongue using it like a little cock. I dove my tongue in and out of Jenna moving my head side to side and up and down her slit as well as in and out of her hot hole.

I also inserted two fingers and finger fucked her fast and furiously while licking her now swollen clitty.

It wasn’t long until Jenna was ready to cum. I felt her juices begin to trickle from her pussy and Jenna’s breath began to become faster and she panted, calling out my name “Oh god yes-s-s-s-s Jason!!! Make mommy cum for her little boy.”

Jenna flooded my mouth with her creamy nectar, but she didn’t want me to stop and she wanted more of my hot spunk, so laying me out on the couch, we went at it in a hot 69 session for the next 30 minutes and she made me cum at least one more time and I made her cream at least twice, if not three times.

Even after I spent my loads, Jenna had a way to make me hard again. I guess it was the excitement of making it with a hot older women that kept me hard or maybe it was the fact it had been over 6 weeks since I had been laid, who knows. All I know was that I was recovering fairly quickly.

After the hot 69 session, we went at it, fucking each other like wild rabbits in heat. First she asked me which way I wanted it and I told her that my favorite position was to have her sit in my lap facing me while we fucked. She mounted me that way, sliding her oh so velvety smooth pussy onto my raging hard tool.

Jenna rode me and we embraced, and kissed, our sweaty naked bodies slapping together, and I sucked on her mammoth breasts until she flooded my cock with her sweat cream and I filled her ravenous pussy with my hot cum.

I also did her cowgirl style, doggie style missionary style, side to side, standing up as she was bent over and on the counter top.

Finally, the last way she had me fuck her was to be where she was kneeling in front of me and had her luscious 42 inch breast wrapped around my cock and I tit fucked her.

I spunked my load all over her massive breasts and she took them and putting her nipples to her tongue licked my cream from them. We then kissed and caressed as we came down from our high.

It’s a good thing that train had a shower because we both were drenched with cum and sweat from head to toe and smelt like a mixture of cum, sweat along with the smoke from the club cars. We showered where we fucked each other one last time as the water trickled over our bodies and then soaped each other up rinsed each other off, took turns drying one another and dressed.

By now, it was nearly sunrise and I was just over 90 minutes away from my destination. Jenna suggested she would buy me breakfast and after we ate, we kissed and embraced for one last time, knowing that we would probably never see each other again.

I knew that going into it and that is what made it interesting and naughty. Also the fact that she was a married woman made it that much more decadent.

But what the hell, it was fun and after all, that is what I was wanting at the time and it was well worth it. I had fun and purposed to myself that I definitely was going to keep older women as viable option, and if I ever had another chance to make it with a hot, sexy, cougar momma, I was going to take it.

I walked down the train to my own stateroom and by time I got my stuff together the train was coming to the stop. I packed, as I got ready to disembark and begin my new journey.

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