The Mandy Chronicles Ch. 05


Author’s note:

This story is fiction; all characters and situations are fictional and any relationship they may bear to any living or dead person is purely coincidental.

This is part 5 of a series which is better understood if Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 are read first, but that is not essential.

The practices and behaviors of people in this story are not meant as examples for real life and are neither recommended nor condoned by the author.


“It’s hardly surprising that you’ve decided to reduce your waist,” said Megan as she carefully measured Gloria’s waist. “After all, with Mandy down to 15 inches and having her own range of corsetry and accessories, it’s certainly time you joined the team.”

“Yes, well, I just know how Stan looks at her; he used to look at me like that, with the hungry look as his cock tents his pants, but now it’s all for her. So, maybe if I shrink-wrap myself he’ll once again look at me like that. Besides, it’s a challenge. I actually don’t really need Stan, I prefer to make love with Mandy and I know she likes Stan’s cock in her, but he’s my husband so I guess I should do all I can to please him.”

“Oh, I’m sure that just seeing you in a tight corset will please him,” replied Megan, standing up with her measuring completed. “Now, how about we try a belt on you and see what we can get you down to today. Then we’ll have a good idea of how much we should aim for with your first corset.”

Gloria held the bar as Megan wrapped the belt around her midriff, sliding it through the loop and pulling it tight.

“How does that feel?”

“It’s tight, but certainly not uncomfortably so. Can it go tighter?”

Megan pulled it another inch tighter then fitted the hooks onto the loops.

“I’ll tighten it up here. Let me know if it feels unbearably tight.”

Megan operated the over-center clasps and pulled the belt in another inch, this time fastened in place with the clasps.

“How’s that feel now?”

“Really tight. I can feel my internal organs protesting, but it’s bearable and for a good cause, so that’s fine, thanks.”

Gloria released her grip on the bar and cautiously brought her hands to her sides, experimentally moving to feel how the pressure felt around her waist. She walked a few steps before facing Megan with a grin on her face.

“It feels great. I never realized it would feel so sexy. No wonder Mandy likes it.”

“Yeah, well, I guess that’s why people wear corsets. The feeling is a combination the physical stimulation by compression of the internal sex organs, which we women have, as well as feelings of confidence that a small waist brings, plus the satisfaction of achievement at being able to improve upon nature. Add to that the extra attention sex-starved males pay us, and you have the perfect storm, or at least the perfect seduction. You’ll find that men will most definitely treat you differently when you have that hourglass look.”

“Oh, how about women? I think I prefer women to men. Certainly, I’m very grateful that Stan fills Mandy with most of his sperm, rather than always wanting to fuck me, and I really enjoy cleaning up her sloppy pussy afterwards.”

“Well, then, I guess you most certainly have the best of both worlds. Would you like to feel how it feels to cum while wearing the belt?”

Gloria needed no second invitation. She turned towards Megan, wrapped her arms around her and the two women kissed, their tongues duelling, as Gloria unfastened the few buttons of Megan’s top and skirt, removing her top so their naked breasts pressed against each other’s, then pushed her skirt to the floor and cupped her flowing pussy beneath her bikini panties. After a few minutes they parted, their breathing short and rapid as they walked to the couch. Megan slipped her panties off as she lay on the couch and Gloria straddled her, her mouth at Megan’s pussy, her pussy at Megan’s mouth, in a sensuous 69.

Each woman explored, licked, caressed and penetrated the other with tongues, teeth and fingers. Gloria felt the arousal caused by the tight waist belt, felt how the constriction prevented her deep breathing, knew for the first time what Mandy had been through to achieve her 15-inch waist, and also felt her orgasm approaching as Megan expertly nibbled on her clit. She responded in kind and was rewarded by Megan’s body writhing under her ministrations. She pushed a third finger into Megan’s flowing vagina as Megan bit down harder on her clit, the combined added stimulation pushing them both over the top.

Both women were lost in their mutual orgasms, writhing against each other, neither hearing the door opening or the footsteps on the carpet. As they both relaxed in post-orgasmic bliss, Gloria was startled by a hard slap to her ass. She quickly turned her head and saw Stan standing beside her, a broad grin on his face.

“All part of the fitting process, no doubt,” he said as he stepped back, giving the women space to disentangle themselves.

“Yes, Pendik Escort darling, an essential part as well,” smiled Gloria.

“An absolutely essential part,” added Megan, reaching out to unzip Stan’s fly and release his erect cock, “And it seems like your measuring stick’s ready for some use as well.”

“Mmmm, honey, so soon after Mandy emptied him this morning. I’m sure Megan has a remedy for that problem. She’s so good at fitting things into places, aren’t you, sweetheart.”

Gloria and Megan vacated the couch, quickly stripped Stan and indicated that he should lie on his back, which he did, his cock waving in the air. Megan knelt beside the couch and took him deep into her mouth, deep-throating him for a few strokes before straddling him, sliding his cock into her wet vagina, then sitting down hard. Once she was seated, Gloria straddled her husband’s face and positioned herself so that he could eat her pussy, which he began doing, sliding his rolled-up tongue into her gaping love tunnel, then licking and nibbling her clit. Meantime Megan had wasted no time in sliding back and forth on his cock, forcing it into her hungry hole as she and Gloria kissed and massaged each other’s breasts, pinching and twisting their nipples to create jolts of sensuous pleasure through each other’s body.

Despite having cum very recently, both women quickly approached their orgasms due to the multiple sources of sensation, while Stan also rapidly lost any control of the situation as his release approached while he struggled to breathe around his wife’s pussy. He came first, his groaning muted by Gloria’s pussy as he thrust upwards into Megan’s cunt as hard as he could before squirting her full of his boiling cum. The feeling of being filled pushed Megan to her orgasm, causing her to give Gloria’s nipples an extra strong twist which pushed her into full orgasm as well. She sat down hard on Stan’s face, reducing his source of air still further as she writhed against Megan. Stan struggled to breathe, was unable to obtain enough air and fainted from lack of oxygen.

It was only a matter of seconds before both Megan and Gloria realized Stan’s predicament. Gloria lifted herself off her husband’s face and felt a wave of relief as he took a deep breath of air, then several more, then his eyes opened.

“Whew, that was intense,” he said, once he could speak.

“Sorry, honey, I forgot you needed to breathe.”

Gloria knelt beside the couch and kissed Stan briefly, allowing him to breathe. Megan lay backwards and slid off Stan’s now deflating cock.

“Gloria, want some early lunch, darling?”

Gloria certainly wasn’t going to turn down Stan’s second-hand offerings from Megan’s pussy. Quickly she began licking and sucking at her love hole, pulling her labia apart to suck out her husband’s cum while also mouthing her clit and whole pussy area. The process took several minutes and only ended when Megan threw her head back and let out a scream as she came once again.

While Megan lay on the couch recovering, Stan held Gloria at arms’ length looking at her tightly cinched waist.

“Like it, honey?”

“I do like it,” he replied, observing afresh her curvaceous body and the way the smaller waist seemed to emphasize her breasts, “Are you going the whole way with corsets and everything?”

“Absolutely, if you want me to. I’d like to get down to 15-inches, like Mandy.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Well, the main reason is the challenge,” replied Gloria, not wanting to admit that she also wanted the same attention from her husband that he had been paying to Mandy.

“Ok, yes, I like it and yes, please go ahead. It’ll be great to have two corseted women in bed each night. Can I try to tighten your belt one more notch, darling?”

“Sure, honey, if you can.”

As Megan dressed herself, Stan and Gloria kissed, then Gloria held the bar and concentrated on pulling her belly in as far as possible as Stan first tightened one, then the other, of the clasps. Once he was done, Gloria dropped her arms and moved her body, feeling the beginnings of the feeling that Mandy had described where the lower half of the body seemed to be out of contact with the upper part. She took a few steps, nearly fell but recovered, then stepped out more confidently. Even despite having cum so recently, the sight of his wife so tightly constricted had Stan becoming hard once again. However, he had work to do, so pulled on his clothing, kissed Gloria and walked out of the room, having completely forgotten why he had entered in the first place.

Gloria dressed, noticing how baggy her dress felt on her with her cinched waist, then carefully made her way downstairs and home. She decided to keep the belt on for the rest of the day before collecting her first corset, which Megan had said would be ready tomorrow.

When I returned home that evening, I admired Gloria’s new shape as she stripped down to only her belt in our bedroom.

“What Kurtköy Escort do you think of tight lacing?” I asked Gloria.

“Well, so far so good. Yes, I enjoy it, but I now know what you meant by the feelings you described.”

“Great. Welcome to the club. Have you cum in it yet?”

“Yes, that was wonderful. I came with Megan while Stan fucked her. Quite a session, especially as Megan and I had both cum just before Stan arrived.”

Gloria described the scene in Megan’s office earlier in the day. During the description I sat with Gloria on the bed, crossing and uncrossing my legs as I felt my pussy flooding with arousal. At last she’d finished.

“Well, that’s made me really horny. It’s been ages since I came, a whole ten hours or so, which is almost a lifetime for a nympho like me,” I chuckled, reaching towards Gloria.

She came towards me, and we embraced. She slowly stripped me down to my corset and crotch strap and we kissed sexily.

“I’m going to fuck you hard with the big dildo,” I whispered into her ear, “And you’re gonna love it!”

I fetched the dildo from the drawer and removed my tight crotch strap, then we made love together, each teasing, caressing, squeezing the other’s breasts and nipples as well as opening each other’s love tunnels until we were both past ready. I pushed one end of the dildo into Gloria’s hole as far as it would go, then pushed the other end into me, feeling it work its way inside my tight sheath until we were able to lie together, our pussies touching, our legs scissoring each other’s upper body as the huge dildo completely filled us both. Our hands reached for each other’s pussy, caressing clits and asses as we moved our hips together, keeping the huge dildo completely inside our stretched vaginas as our arousal grew and we approached our climaxes. I needed more movement, so I rolled forwards until I felt the dildo withdraw slightly and bend in the middle. I tipped Gloria onto her back and we rearranged our legs so I was straddling her thighs, sitting on the dildo. I then started moving back and forth as well as up and down, causing the dildo to fuck our vaginas and our clits to press together while we could use our hands on each other’s breasts.

In this way we rapidly pushed each other to new heights of arousal and after only a few minutes I came hard, leaning forward onto Gloria as waves of sensation poured through me. Feeling me cum on her must have been all that was needed to push Gloria over the top and I felt her hips thrusting up against mine as she moaned in ecstasy and writhed beneath me.

After we recovered we stayed like that, our bodies resting together, joined by the dildo, as we kissed and caressed lovingly. After a long time we parted, each cleaning up the love juices of the other with our tongues, then remained clad as we were for the short time until Stan arrived home. What better way to greet your man than naked, except for a tight corset or belt, and smelling strongly of sex?

Stan greeted us both with a huge smile, kisses and a cock that tented his trousers. We fixed drinks for us all, stripped him down to his undershorts, then told him about our early evening lovemaking, noticing the wet patch growing at the top of his tent pole. We then left him and went to the kitchen to make dinner while he took in the news on tv.

“Is it fair, do you think, for us to be constricted while Stan’s completely free?” asked Gloria.

“Hmmm, I don’t know. What’s on your mind?”

“Well, I thought we could maybe tie up his cock and balls or something. If it’s good enough for us to wear corsets and a crotch strap, maybe he could have a belt and crotch strap as well.”

“Yes, a good idea. Are you getting a crotch strap with your corset?”

“Yes, absolutely. It’ll be like yours, adjustable. I think we should see Megan and ask her to make one for Stan. Good idea?”

“Absolutely. Besides, it was pretty disgusting watching his cock ooze inside his shorts while we told him about our lovemaking, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” agreed Gloria, “I’ll have a word to Megan tomorrow when I collect my corset.”

“I wonder if there’s any way we could lock it on him,” I mused.

We ate dinner, chatting amiably about non-sexual matters, undressed as we had been before dinner. We made no mention of our intentions for a crotch strap to Stan, he’d find out in due course. After dinner, when the dishes were stacked in the washer, Gloria and I walked Stan arm in arm to the bedroom.

“Right, stud, time to show us what you’ve got,” I told him.

We stripped him and lay him on the bed. He lay quietly, his cock still at attention as it had been all evening, and Gloria produced some rope, with which she tied his wrists to the headboard. Stan looked a little concerned at this but we reassured him that it was fine, but it was our turn to be in charge. He seemed to accept this; what man wouldn’t with two almost naked females wanting to tie him up before ravishing him? Then we Ümraniye Escort tied his ankles to the corners of the bed so that he was now completely helpless.

“What now?” Gloria asked me in a whisper.

“I have an idea. Remember you had sore muscles a while ago and used some Deep Heat? Do you still have some?”

“Yes, hang on a sec.”

Gloria left and a few minutes later returned with a small pot of Deep Heat in her hand.

“What now?”

“Well, I reckon his cock isn’t hard enough yet. Let’s try to harden it up, shall we?”

Gloria grinned. “Sounds like a plan.”

We scooped generous portions of the cream from the jar and while Gloria began rubbing it on his cock, I began covering and rubbing it into his ball sac. To begin with Stan seemed to enjoy it, then the metholatum began working and he began protesting. Of course, by then it was no use protesting at all; nothing we could have done would have reduced the icy heat he was feeling until it had worked its course. All we did was simply continue rubbing it in as he began thrashing his hips around, trying to get away from our tender stimulation. His cock hardened more, his balls retracted, but still we gently applied the cream while he begged for mercy.

“Oh, poor darling,” said Gloria in her most wifely tone as she added yet more cream to the head of his cock, “Do you like that, sweetheart? We’ll have to put some more on then.”

His protests fell on deaf ears. It appeared that as well as causing heat in his tender parts, it also caused numbness, which is what it was designed to do, just not in this particular muscle. After quite a long time we decided to take pity on him, and instead of rubbing more on we masturbated him instead, trying to bring him to orgasm, but without any success.

“He obviously needs to cum, otherwise he won’t sleep well,” said Gloria after 20 minutes of masturbation had no effect, “Why don’t you fuck him?”

“Why don’t you? He’s your husband, after all.”

“I know you like being fucked far more than me. I prefer women and oral, not cocks. And I know you need to cum after all this, otherwise you’ll be grumpy and won’t be able to sleep.”

She was right. I needed to cum, at least once, and after masturbating Stan for a while I was horny as hell, wishing his cock was inside me.

“Ok, I’ll fuck him and he can eat you out, deal?”


While Gloria straddled his face, sighing as she felt him begin to suck and lick her pussy, I straddled him behind her, easing his huge cock into my flowing vagina as she leant back against me, her back massaging my breasts. I reached around her and began massaging her breasts, pulling her nipples out, rubbing them as I moved my hips back and forth, feeling Stan’s hard cock reaching all the best places inside me. However, it felt different from usual, there were different sensations inside, more stimulation and more heat. It felt nice at first, warming, sensual, but then Gloria pushed my hands off her breasts.

“Ouch, that’s stinging,” she cried.

I also felt the sensations in my vagina turn to a stinging sensation and suddenly realized the cause. We both had Deep Heat on our hands and, of course, Stan had Deep Heat on his cock, which was inside me. The heat in my pussy strengthened, and my clit began to feel the sensations as well. However, the sensations caused my horniness to increase and instead of lifting off Stan’s cock, I began humping it harder, determined to satisfy myself before finishing.

Gloria was rocking her hips back and forth on Stan’s mouth even as she tried unsuccessfully to wipe away the stinging in her breasts. Stan must have done something because she suddenly leant forward, pushing her clit into his mouth as she began gasping as she entered the end phase of her arousal. A few more seconds and she was there, humping against Stan’s mouth, moaning as her trembling body experienced a strong orgasm.

The sensations of his wife orgasming on his mouth must have spurred Stan on to greater efforts as he fucked into me hard, lifting my knees off the bed as his huge cock pressed into the very end of my heated cunt. Then he held still, fully implanted inside me, and I felt his spurts of sperm flooding the end of my love tunnel. Despite the numbness and heat in my vagina, or maybe because of it, I came hard, the muscles in my vaginal walls clenching and releasing, sucking every last drop of cum from Stan as his cock pulsed inside me rhythmically.

We slowly collapsed onto Stan’s bound body. Gloria reached forwards and unfastened his wrists, allowing him to hold us both. I felt his juices slipping down my tunnel past his softening cock, soothing the heat in my inflamed membranes, feeling Gloria’s body beneath me relax as her breathing slowed. We rested like that for a long time, joined in post-orgasmic bliss as Stan’s cock shrank and slowly slipped from my grasp.

When the time seemed right, I sat up and dismounted, allowing Gloria to do the same and untie Stan’s ankles, until he also was able to sit up. We kissed, then I removed my corset, Gloria her belt and we all showered together, trying our best to remove all traces of Deep Heat from our bodies. Once that was done, we dried each other and climbed back into bed.