The Master Returns


The Master Returns

The Master had been away his work had taken him abroad and the Sub could not go with him her work as a school teacher with only a few years to go before retirement precluded that. They had corresponded regularly he had described to her exactly what he would do when they met up again.

She was waiting for him he would arrive shortly she had done as he asked dressed wearing her panty hose a skirt and a tight tee shirt her boots and nothing else. She had fasted for a day showered and washed her hair she wore no make up and wore no perfume.

She heard a taxi draw up looked out and saw him as he paid the cab fare. He looked tanned he carried a small overnight bag. He walked up to the front door and she heard him open the door, she waited as he had instructed standing in the dining room. Facing away from the door.

She heard him come in behind her his hand gripped her hair he pulled her head t one side and kissed her neck she felt his teeth graze her skin he turned her towards him he kissed her lips deeply his tongue probing her mouth then sucking her toungue into his his hands held her arms as his teeth gripped her tongue biting hard. She knew better that to resist he released her tongue she felt it bruised and the swelling begining. His hands gripped the bottom of her tee shirt he pulled the front up over her head sliding over her head and pulling it tight down her back trapping her arms tight just above her elbows. He gripped her chin lifting her head and looked at her face unmarked her eyes staring straight at him.

One hand gripped her breast she felt his fingers close his thumb diggin into her soft flesh she winced he squeezed harder his thump almost touching his finger tips through the soft flesh. She gasped it was almost too much the pain was arousing her nipple began to harden. He smiled, he slipped Sex hikayeleri off his shirt and undid the buckle of his belt. Slippin the belt out of the loops of the waistband, he gripped the buckle and slowly dragged the belt over the soft skin of her breast she trembled not knowing what to expect.

He stood back and cracked the belt like a whip the free end striking her butocks through the fabric of the skirt it was still painful enough to make her yelp. He gripped her head and pulled her close as he undid the button on the waistband of his pants “Use your teeth and take them off” she knelt down gripped the zip tag and slowly pulled the zip down his pants fell to his ankles. He wore no underwear his semi erect cock was inches from her face he gripped her head and swung his hips his cock slapping her face she felt the wetness of his precum as he hardened .

He pulled her over acrross the dining table on her belly he gripped her head lifting it up she opened her mouth as he slipped inside slowly he forced it deep inside her mouth blocking her air way her body writhed on the table he slipped back allowing her a couple of breaths. He pushed himself deep inside again. He repeated this each time taking longer her wriggling on the table grew more and more intense. He pulled out giving her time to breath as he walked around the table he pulled up her skirt his hands gripping the waist of her panty hose he pulled it down to her ankles. He bare handly spanked her butt she pushed up he pulled her towards him spanking hers several times her buttocks glowing pink showing the hand prints.

He pulled off her skirt and forcing her to her knees he hooked up the crotch of her panty hose over the back of her head the crotch digging into her throat her body bent like a bow the panty hose tightly pulling her ankles againt her throat her arms still trapped Sikiş hikayeleri by her tee shirt. She was on her knees arched back her belly and breasts thrust forward. He gripped both breasts his fingers digging in hard forcing them up she was semi suspended by her breasts her knees just touching the floor her body twitching as she gasped for air the fabric of her panty hose digging into her throat, constricting her air way.

His hands released their grip she sank back down her knees and ankles supporting her her head forced back here beathing struggled. He knelt in front ofher his hands stroking her up and down her her legs pinching her buttocks he mouth over one breast at a time sucking it in and biting hard she gasped his hands moved between her legs feeling the wetness on her upper thighs his fingers probing inside his thumb pressing her clitoris and his fingers stroking her g spot her body shuddering and he played with her.

She lost how many times she climaxed she passed out he cut the panty hose she collapsed on the carpet. He got up and took out some smelling salts and bought her round he pulled her to her feet and hugged her close. “You did well, now we start round two” She shuddered he had made her cum several times but still hadn’t cum himself, What did he have in store for her now?

He led her through to the shower he adjusted the shower they stood under the warm water cascading washing each other his hands slowly sliding and smooting shower gel all over her. She followed him and her hands moved down to his erect cock she knelt down her mouth engaged his cock her hands craddled his balls and her fingers slid between his butocks slowly circling his anus. Massaging the shower gel and letting the cascading water wash it away. He pulled her up and turned her facing the shower wall he spread her legs his mouth sucked Erotik hikaye at her buttocks biting the flesh leaving big teeth marks his fingers probed up inside her vagina his thumb in her ass he squeezed the muscle separating them. It was like an electric shock going thouh her body he kept on squeezing and relaeasing slowly her body twitching. The mixture of pain and pleasure driving her over the top.

He turned off the shower they toweled each other dry he took her to the kitchen he handed her an apron and opened the refrigeratoer taking out the steaks and salad and a bottle of wine. She took the steaks and placed them under the oven grill he poured the wine. They chatted while she prepared the sald and drank their wine. He took out some bread rolls and split and buttered them with garlic butter

She checked the steaks and turned them over “ two minutes” now she said he nodded and then the steaks need 5 minutes resting time he said. After two minutes they took the steaks out swithed off the grill placed the bread rolls in the warm grill. He pulled her close “five minutes” he slapped her butt she squealed her grabbed her hair stil a bit wet he twisted he head and pulled he close now you have a choice pussy our ass he bent her over and slid his erect cock in between her legs her hand grabbed himand guided him to her pussy he slipped inside. She arched up against him he slapped her butt hard she wriggled against him he pulled out and pushed himself againsst her ass she wriggled again he thrust in hard she screamed “Oh fuck “ he rammed in and out slapping her with one hand pulling her hair back hard with the other he felt her muscles grip him hard as he came inside her.

He pulled out as his erection subsided they smiled took out the steaks and warmed rolls and salad and sat and ate finishing off the bottle of wine. They had a quick shower and went to bed “Tomorrow we start in the dungeon” he whispered in her ear. She hugged him tight he had told her to take a week off work “ Half fun Half recovery” he had told her.