The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 37

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Chapter 37

Annie’s Tales — Part 3

The long 4th of July weekend had finally arrived, and with it five days off for Annie Strauss. Although the golf club was booked solid with several parties, those not directly involved were free. With her direct supervisor leaving for a three-week trip to Moscow, Annie only had to finish up the paperwork Natalya had left behind for her to file or FedEx off. She was finished well before close of business on the 30th, giving her until Tuesday morning off. Although Annie didn’t have any serious plans, she did want to spend time on the beach, which she’d not been able to get since Memorial Day.

Thursday had started out bright and sunny, but the temperatures were only in the low sixties following the latest cold front to move down the coast. It had rained off and on the previous two nights, but the weather forecast for the rest of the week through the holiday weekend was for warming temperatures and no rain. It promised to be a beautiful weekend all in all. Annie had not slept in that morning as she usually did when not going to work, instead waking with her alarm and getting busy around the house. Once a load of laundry was in and the dishes from the night before completed, she took inventory and then headed for the grocery store. By ten-thirty she was back home, with the groceries put away, and the rest of the day free. She had put the first of the cases of beer she’d bought for the weekend onto the lowest shelf of the refrigerator to begin to cool. The others she moved to the laundry room off the kitchen, before returning to retrieve a cold can of Sprite from the fridge. Looking out the window from the kitchen, Annie saw her son and four of his friends gathered in a loose circle in the backyard, towards the gazebo that she’d seen so much action in of late.

Annie popped the soda can’s tab and then took a drink, all the while watching the boys. She was confused as to what they might be doing, so she leaned across the counter and called to her son, “What are you boys up to?”

Tim looked up from what he and his friends were doing and replied, “Setting up a camera.” He jogged over to the window. “We’re setting up a camera to make a time-elapse video of an ant hill,” Tim explained. “Once set up, we’re going to drop a bit of sugar, salt, and some other stuff and see what the ants use first and what they ignore.”

“Something for class?” Annie asked.

“Not really. Just applying some of the stuff we learned last year. Ricky’s going to edit it and Andy’s going to make a sound track of some kind. We hope to have something close to ten or fifteen minutes to put on YouTube, just for fun.”

“Sounds interesting. Are you boys going to be here for lunch? I just went to the store. I could make something.”

“Thanks, but we might be going down to the beach later,” Tim replied. “We’ll get something on the boardwalk.”

Annie nodded, giving the other boys a look. She recognized two, Ricky Freeman, who her son went to school with, and Ray Dalton, a friend of Tim’s also from school, with whom Annie had recently been so very intimate with.

“Who are those other two boys?” Annie asked Tim through the window’s screen. “I don’t recognize them.”

“The blonde one’s David Price. You remember him. I went to school with him,” Tim explained. “The other’s Andy McCoy. He was in classes with David, Ray, and I, last semester. The Media Studies and Introduction to Direction courses.”

“Well, you guys enjoy yourself,” Annie said. “I got some beers cooling in the fridge, and I’ll call in a couple of pizzas later, if everyone wants to hang out tonight. Just let me know.”

Tim headed back to his group, saying over his shoulder, “Thanks, mom!” Annie watched a few more minutes and then headed for the front room and the National Enquirer she left sitting on the end table. Tim stuck his head in a half hour later to let her know that they were heading down to the beach and wouldn’t be back until later. Thus, Annie finished her tabloid and then gave her sister a call. Together, she and Charlotte had a girl’s night out and enjoyed dinner and a movie out at the mall.

When Annie returned home, she found her son and his friends sitting around the front room playing cards, drinking beers and shots of vodka, and passing around a joint. The stereo was on and playing loud music, a Soundgarden song, “Black Hole Sun” if Annie had to guess. “Apparently, I’m missing out on a party,” she muttered as she passed through to the kitchen, stepping over the stretched-out legs of one of the boys. A look to the clock on the wall showed it to be nearing ten.

“Hey, Mom!” Tim called over the music. “Wanna join us?” His voice was already heavily slurred, she noticed.

“No, thank you,” she replied. “I’ll just hang out in my room.”

Tim jumped up from the sofa and rushed over to her. “Oh, no you’re not! Come on! Hang out for a while!” Tim insistently took hold of her arm and guided her to the sofa. Annie dropped into the cushion beside Ray, escort hikayeleri who was grinning drunkenly at her. Tim fell beside her, bracketing her in.

“Want a drink, Mrs. Strauss?” David asked while pouring a shot of vodka into a glass. He reached out, handing it to her, but Annie just shook her head. She wasn’t happy that hard alcohol was in her house, remembering that her husband had been killed by a drunk driver. She’d accepted that her son and his friends were drinking beers now that they were of age.

“Not cool, dude!” Tim growled and snatched the shot glass from his friend’s hand. However, he did toss it back.

“I’ll get you a beer, Mrs. Strauss,” Ricky said, and headed for the kitchen. A minute later, Annie was sipping at a cold can of Miller Lite. She settled back to watch as another hand was dealt and played. She assumed the boys were playing poker, but no money was in evident. Before she knew it, she’d finished off her beer and was handed another, along with a joint as it was passed along. Annie already felt the sensations of the potent herb, even without yet taking in a lungful. She rarely enjoyed a marijuana cigarette, and even then, it was usually one her son left in an ashtray, or if she happened to be at a party or gathering where they were passed around. Just as it were now.

Annie accepted the joint and took a deep lungful, enjoying the tingles as they washed through her. Tim took the joint from her and sucked in a lungful as well. Instead of allowing the smoke to slip from his lips, instead Tim pulled his mother’s mouth to his and exhaled. Annie moaned as her son’s smoke filled her mouth, breathing it in to enjoy the added sensations that went with it.

“Damn, dude!” one of the boys laughed.

Tim released her and Annie sat up. She recovered her beer and took a deep drink. The combination of the beer and marijuana had her head buzzing already. She accepted a Marlboro, freshly lit by Ray, and took a deep drag before handing it back. She leaned back into the sofa and crossed one leg over the other modestly. Tim rolled back with her.

“Having fun, yet?” Tim asked, his face very close to hers. The music continued through a heavy beat song, which made Annie’s chest thump. She realized Tim’s hand was resting on her, just below the curve of her breasts.

“I didn’t know I was supposed to be having fun,” Annie replied. “I wasn’t invited to this party.”

“You’re here now,” Ray grinned back at her. She returned his smile, and a moment later, Ray kissed her. She was startled by the openness being shown by the young man, as well as her son. She wasn’t aware that the other young men knew how close she and Tim were, though she wouldn’t be surprised to know that they knew all about it.

Ray pulled away, still grinning, and Annie felt his hand on her upper thigh, right where the hum of her lime-green dress ended. She glanced to Tim, who was also looking at her with a very mischievous look in his eyes, no doubt fueled by the marijuana being enjoyed.

“Tim, I don’t want this to get out of hand,” Annie warned her son as she began to realize that the party was about to turn into something quite different. Even as she spoke, Ray’s hand slid up her front to cup her right breast through the dress material. She looked from Tim to Ray, and saw the same sort of look in each young man’s eyes.

“Maybe I need to be going to my room,” she added, but instead of standing, she found herself reaching up to pull her son to her. Her mouth welcomed his, and they kissed deeply. As they did, she felt hands on her. One cupped her left breast, and another was rubbing her belly, just below. Tim’s tongue slipped into her mouth, and Annie moaned into his mouth. In that moment, Ray began to kiss at her neck. She turned away from Tim and kissed Ray, equally as deep as she had with her son.

Tim’s hand went to her thigh and she felt him tug her dress up until it was at her waist. She knew her black panties would be fully in view and maintained her crossed-legs position, even when Tim gave her thigh a tug. Ray’s mouth left hers and a moment later Tim had reached into her dress, down across her chest to cup her left breast.

“Oh, Tim,” she sighed and looked at him. “What are you doing?”

Her son was still grinning wolfishly, and it made her fearful and excited. Her nipple was stroked by his finger, and it came alive. “Ooohh, Tim!” she moaned again. This time, he leaned in a gave her nipple, now exposed, a brief kiss. She sighed deeply and rolled her head back into the cushion. Tim moved to her right and pulled her right breast free before planting his mouth to that nipple. Her left was taken into Ray’s mouth in that moment as well. She allowed the two young men to enjoy themselves for a minute, enjoying it herself. A third hand was beginning to stroke up her thigh and much of the conversation had died down around them. Annie looked up to see the faces of Ricky and Andy, she thought, watching with gaziantep escort hikayeleri wide, stoned grins on their faces.

“Hang on a minute,” Annie told her son and his friend. She gently eased them back and then sat up straight. She gave each of the gathered boys a glance, and then took her dress in hand. She pulled it up and off. Annie rarely wore a bra during the summer and hadn’t that evening, either. As her dress fell to the floor, she was left topless, her small breasts fully exposed to all in attendance. She retrieved her beer, took a long drink, and then settled back into the sofa once again.

Both Tim and Ray went back to her breasts to suck upon her nipples, while Annie felt multiple hands begin to stroke her exposed flesh, from her belly to her knees. She was getting more and more excited as hands caressed her naked body, naked save for the black panties that still hid her fiery bush and sexual center. Tim’s mouth found hers again and as she kissed him, another mouth began to plant soft kisses up her calves. She began to tingle again, knowing that she was about to become the center of attention for six virile young men.

While Tim and Ray continued to kiss and lick across her face, neck, upper chest and breasts, Annie saw that it was the boy introduced as Andy kissing her legs. She also noticed that David was standing off to one side with a small camera in hand. He was taking pictures, or maybe movies, of what was happening on the sofa. Annie wanted to protest, but in that moment Ricky knelt beside her knees and reached up to take hold of her panties. Before she could react or protest, they were pulled off and tossed aside. Her trimmed, fiery red bush came into view between her long thighs, and nearly every set of eyes went there. She felt the color rise in her cheeks, but also felt exhilaration in knowing that she was being looked lustfully upon by six young men, something she rarely felt when about town.

Of course, she realized, it might have something to do with being naked and surrounded by six hot young men.

Tim’s mouth went to hers again and as she sucked on his offered tongue, her thighs were parted and fingers began to dance across her pubic mound, through her hairs, and along her slit. Her feet were hooked across legs to either side of her, opening her up to whoever was moving between them. Tim continued to kiss her deeply as her hips were pulled and she was almost laid fully on her back in the sofa. It was Ray who had abandoned her breasts to move between her thighs, and a moment later she felt his breath on her pussy.

“Uuuuuummmm,” she hummed into Tim’s mouth as Ray’s came into contact with her sex. She had enjoyed more than a few orgasms on Ray’s tongue since he became her lover some weeks back, and she was familiar with his lapping, licking style. She was dripping juices within seconds of having his tongue on her. Ray had become a gifted cunt-lapper over the last few weeks, thanks to Annie’s willingness to allow him to practice on her.

“Oh, man! I can’t fucking believe this!” one of the boys called out. Annie didn’t recognize the voice. It might have belonged to the sixth young man in the room, one who she hadn’t seen earlier in the day, nor had Tim introduced her to.

Annie had Tim’s mouth to hers, and Ray’s mouth to her pussy. Her entire body was beginning to tingle. Another mouth descended to her right nipple, to be joined at the left a moment later by yet another. Hands stroked her body, and she felt as if she were becoming the center of the sexual universe. For the gathered young men in her living room, she absolutely was. Ray had her pussy dripping with juices and saliva by the time he pulled out from between her thighs, panting heavily and grinning.

“Sit up, Mom,” Tim told her a moment after ending their kiss. She did as the other boys peeled away, to find Ricky standing before her, his jeans and underwear in a bunch around his ankles and his cock in hand. He still wore his white “Party On!” t-shirt. Annie recognized what was expected of her, and even though she’d have like to discuss the matter before hand with her son, she wasn’t going to pass up a prime tube of man-steak that Ricky was offering her.

She’d known Ricky Freeman since he and Tim went to kindergarten together, and she knew his parents as well. “My, how you’ve grown up,” she told Ricky as she took his cock in hand. She looked up into his face, looking down expectantly into hers, and opened her mouth. She let her tongue flick out to caress his knob tip before pulling him to her. His cock slipped into her mouth along the surface of her tongue.

“Oooohhh,” Ricky moaned as she wrapped her lips tight around his cock and began to bob her head along his shaft. “Man! Your mom’s sucking my dick!” he gasped a moment later.

“I told you, Ricky!” Tim laughed with pride. “She’s been doing me for years now.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before? She could have been sucking me off, escort gaziantep hikayeleri too,” he panted. He held Annie’s hair in his hands as his hips began to rock in time with her slurps.

“We only started opening up,” Tim told him.

“Too late for you,” Ray announced. “I’ve already fucked her!” Ray lifted Annie from the sofa, though she continued to suck on Ricky’s dick. She presented her butt to Ray, who dropped behind her to his knees and returned to lapping away at her pussy. Meanwhile, around them the others were beginning to strip away shirts and jeans, apart from David, who was recording the entire party with his handheld camcorder.

Ricky gave Tim a pained look, though he was enjoying having his friend’s mother slurping noisily on his dick. Someone, probably David, had turned the music down, and the sounds of slurping and lapping began to fill the room. Tim, now also stripped bare, dropped into the sofa on his knees beside his bent-over mother and reached out to cup her soft, hanging breasts. Her body rocked a bit as she sucked on a fat young dick and was pussy-licked between two of his friends.

Ray pulled out of Annie’s crotch long enough to drag the foot stool over. He rolled onto his back and pushed between Annie’s parted thighs. “Bring that tasty snatch down here,” he told her. His hands went to her hips and helped Annie guide herself onto his waiting, hungry mouth.

“Uuuuuummmm,” she hummed as Ray’s tongue went back to work. She let Ricky’s cock slip from her mouth to gasp a deep lungful of air. She found another young man standing beside him, dick in hand and aimed her way. She looked up, not recognizing his face, and yet pulled him into her mouth.

“Oooohhh, yeeaahhh!” he groaned as he leaned forward and stuffed his dick into her mouth. He began to rock, holding her head in place, running his cock in and out of Annie’s mouth.

With Ray hogging Annie’s pussy, Andy leaned down and began to kiss and lick up and down her butt and into her crack. He dragged his tongue across her asshole once or twice, drawing a moan from her as he did. Annie began moving back and forth between the two cocks at hand, while enjoying a mouth on her pussy and another on her ass. Tim continued feeling her up, while leaning in to kiss her shoulder or back from time to time. Annie knew it wouldn’t be long, not with the way things were already going. That moment came a minute later.

“Let’s get her on the sofa,” someone said.

“Put her on her hands and knees,” someone else said, even as she was physically moved to the sofa. “I want to fuck her doggie-style!”

Tim was in front of her, his cock hard and in hand. She met his eyes, saw that he was enjoying himself, and then lowered her mouth to his cock. She took him deep and sucked hard.

“Man, I don’t care, but I’m fucking her first!” Ricky announced. “I’ve known Tim’s mom longer than any of you and I should have been the first given the shot. You owe me, Tim.”

“Sorry, Ricky,” Tim replied. “You were out of town with your family when I had the idea. Besides, Ray hadn’t been laid in so long, he might have blown his ball-juice on the boardwalk, if the wind blew just right!” Several of the boys laughed.

“Well, I’m getting some now!” Ricky announced. Annie felt hands on her hips as the sofa rocked beneath her knees. Ricky was positioning himself behind her. She let Tim’s cock out of her mouth long enough to look back and give the boy she’d watch grow up a warm smile and welcoming nod.

“Fuck me, Ricky! I want you now,” she told him. Even as she felt his knob slip along her slot. She pushed back the moment she felt him line up, and moaned as he popped into her. “Oooohhh, yeeeesssssss!” she groaned as her son’s long-time friend fed his strong dick into her pussy, inch by thick inch.

With her mouth hanging open as she moaned, she was suddenly fed another cock. This one was slim and long, and banged into the back of her throat with still another inch outside her lip-lock. She looked up to see that it belonged to Andy. Annie knew his mother, Heather, though only in passing. She wondered if Heather sucked cock, and if she did, did she suck Andy’s.

“Ooohh, man! Your mom’s pussy is so fucking tight!” Ricky grunted. He was driving his dick into her with erratic thrusts. His t-shirt kept falling between his belly and her ass, and he’d lift it back up.

“It won’t be, not after tonight,” one of the boys laughed.

Another cock bumped into her cheek and Annie pulled off Andy’s to take it in. This one belonged to Ray, she recognized. His knob was quite familiar on her tongue now. She slurped and boobed, mouth-fucking her young lover for a few moments before she was pulled back to Andy’s waiting cock. She went back and forth between the two for several more minutes while Ricky fucked her. She was about to twist to the side further and return to her son’s waiting manhood when Ricky’s cock began to throb inside her. A moment later he cried out, “I’m cumming! Oooohhh, fuck, Tim! I’m cumming in your mom’s pussy!”

Annie felt Ricky’s hot semen flow into her. His dick still worked along her chute as he pumped her full of seed. She took three or four more pulses of cum before he popped out of her. “Oooohhh, shit! That’s fucking good!” Ricky grunted as he staggered back. He grabbed his dick and smeared her cream and his cum across his shaft and balls.

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