The Mechanic’s Dream

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It’s a cold rainy day Linda does not want to be out in. She knows that she is having problems with the car over-heating, which gets worse in this type of weather. With her work at the law firm Johnson & Johnson she does have much spare time to take it in to get it fixed. Linda knows she should take it in soon, because it is taking longer for her (Cherry Red 2001 Mustang) to cool down after it over-heats.

Linda’s light comes on warning her that her Mustang is over-heating again and she pulls over to the side of the road and waits. A half hour goes by and she tries to start her engine, but nothing happens. Linda waits another 15 minutes and tries again with no results. She gives up and calls information for a tow truck. Linda reaches a local garage which is close to where she works. She likes this because it helps her keep an eye on her cars progress. She waits only two rings before someone answers.

Ken answers the phone, “Hello this is Ken’s garage can I help you?”

Linda responds. “Yes my car is broke down on route 66 and I need a tow.”

Ken relays, “Ok I’m on my way, I should be there in about 10 minutes.”

“Ok, I’ll be waiting.” Linda replies a bit impatiently.

Ken hangs up the phone and gathers up his gear and heads out to route 66.

15 minutes later he pulls up behind Linda’s Mustang and gets out. Linda hears him pull up, but waits in the car for Ken to approach not wanting to get wet. Ken approaches the car and taps gentle on the window with his flashlight. Linda looks up and their eyes meet. Ken is a little taken back by what he sees. Linda is beautiful with shoulder length hair golden brown hair, pouty lips, and starling emerald greens eyes, which sparkle in his flashlight.

Linda pulls back a bit from the light and rolls down her window. She looks closer at Ken’s face and feels an immediate attraction. Ken has long dark brown hair, which is banded over his right shoulder a short cut goatee and the amber eye with a hint of gold.

Ken clears his throat and speaks, “Mama, do you want me to hook your car up now?”

Looking güvenilir bahis away Linda responds, “Yes, is there anything you need me to do?”

“Yes, it would be safer if you were to get into my truck while I hook up your car.” Ken replies while he looks around the car for the best way to hook the car up.

Linda gathers up her briefcase, purse and umbrella avoiding eye contact with Ken. She gets out slowly from the car as Ken backs up to make room. She walks toward his truck swaying her hips a bit hoping he notices her heart shaped bottom.

Ken looks up from the car to watch her walk toward the truck and thinks to himself, ‘man I want that sweet ass on my cock right now. He rubs his already rock hard hard-on while she is not looking to ease the tension already building.

Linda drops her purse and slowly bends over facing Ken to pick it up exposing her ripe ample breast, which can be seen almost clearly through her white blouse. Her nipples are as hard as rocks from the cold wind.

Ken looks away shaking his head trying not to ogle her while she turns away to get into his truck.

Linda sits in his truck waiting while Ken hooks her car up, with sexual thoughts running through her head. As he gets under her car to hook up the tow, she rubs her clit a few times finding she is wet from just watching him work.

Ken finishes hooking up her car and heads for the truck, which he finds he can’t wait to get into. He climbs into the truck next to Linda.

Linda looks up and says, “Are we ready to go?’

Ken replies, “Yeap all ready.”

They drive along in silence for a while, but Ken can’t wait any longer to talk to her.

Ken shifts his weight a bit and asks, “By the way what’s your name?”

Linda responds, “I’m Linda. What’s your name?”

“Ken I own the garage you called.” Ken answers.

Linda fidgets a bit, “Oh I did not realize I got the boss.” She giggles softly.

Ken smiles, “Most the time I have my employees take calls, I just happen to be in the office at the time.” Ken states.

“I have to say, I am glad I took türkçe bahis the call your very pretty woman,” Ken shares.

Linda smiles to herself and says, “Thank you, you’re hot too.”

Ken likes her response and decides to go further. “Do you have a boyfriend?” he asks.

Linda responds, “No boyfriend, I’m single.”

Ken is glad to hear this and behaves another question. “Want one?”

Linda is a little taken back by the question, but answers honestly, “Yes.”

Ken reaches the garage and heads to the other side of the truck to help Linda out. He pulls her to him a bit roughly and kisses her softly, but firmly on the mouth.

Linda melts into his kiss, running her hands up and down his back.

He’s the type she wouldn’t normal date his long hair goatee and rugged good looks intrigued her. She couldn’t help herself.

Linda could feel his erection and size and she was getting wet as hell.

Ken pulls her to the hood of his truck, slips his hand between her legs rubbing her though her thin slacks.

She moans “Oh God yes.”

Ken guides her hands to his the front of his jeans and whispers huskily in her ear, “Pull it out baby.”

She complies and undoes his jeans with shaky hands and pulls out his 8 1/2 inch dick.

Ken whispers “Now stroke it with a firm grip.”

She starts stroking his cock.

Ken moans softly in her “Good baby good.”

He unbuttons her blouse slipping one of her bra straps down exposing her sweet perfect shape breast. Ken lowers his head and sucks hungrier at her nipple.

Linda arches herself closer to him.

With his free hand he undoes her slacks letting them fall to the ground.

Linda is wearing a black lace thong that matches her bra.

“Nice.” Ken replies. He wisps aside the thong and rubs his finger across her clit.

She moans deeply, “Mmm.”

Ken slips a finger in her.

Linda shakes a little from the orgasm Ken is building and tightens down on his penetration. She tries to pull away a little.

Ken wasn’t having that and he kisses her again hard and a güvenilir bahis siteleri little roughly. Ken pushes her to the hood of the truck bends her over, pulls her thong aside and slips in his cock.

Linda cries out loudly in pleasure, “Oh Yes!”

Ken strokes her hair softly soothing her as he moves slowly in and out of her.

She starts to relax at this and moves with him.

Linda is in ecstasy from his slow movements and cums over and over with each thrust and starts to move faster as she is very close to cumming her big one.

Ken can feel how tight Linda is getting and knows she is close, so he plunges harder and deeper into her driving her to the edge. Just as Linda is about to release he slows down and bends down and suckles on her nipple.

Linda moans with desire as it burns in her for him to go faster she on the verge of release and can’t take it any longer.

She cries out “OH GOD FUCK ME HARDER!”

Ken is happy to comply and pushes her hard against the truck. He lifts one of her legs and drives her harder and deeper.

Linda cries out again, “YES, YES DON”T STOP GOD DON”T STOP!”

Ken can’t take much more after she lets out a cry from deep down in her. He drives into even harder trying hard to hold back his release till she reaches hers.

Linda cums hard and tightens so tight on Ken that he thought his cock was going to be shallow whole. Ken releases can’t stop his release as they both go over the edge.

He slows to a crawl in her as he finish them both out and pulls her to him and kisses her softly this time on her lips.

Ken pulls out gentle as she moans softly in his ear.

Linda turns away and looks for her clothes. Ken pulls her back to him gently and softly kisses her swollen lips. He whispers in her ear, “That was great baby, let’s do it again sometime.”

Linda smiles up at him and says, “Yes we will.” She looks over her shoulder and asks, “Now about my car?”

Ken laughs, “Yes I’ll have it fixed in a few days.” He points a thumb over to a nice little black Mustang which is a bit older than hers, but very well kept. “I can take you where you need to go until then.”

Linda looks up at Ken and smiles broadly, “I would like that, especial to my place.”

Ken smiles down at her and says, “Sounds good to me.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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