The Mediterranean Guesthouse Ch. 04

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I feel tired but sleep does not reach me. Feeling the warmth of sleeping Archie next to me, I lie facing him and listen to his slow breathing. The cool air coming in from the window does not bother me now with him next to me, his warmth seems to radiate and fill the whole bed. It has been so long since I had anyone sleeping with me, I had forgotten how warm it makes me feel.

My body still remembers with an mouth-watering ache the unbelievable events on the previous day. As I look at Archie’s gorgeous figure next to me, I remember him at the beach, looking so magnificent in his small speedos, the delicious anticipation of the whole day and the feeling of finally kissing him and the feeling of his hands on my body sending waves of pleasure through me. I can remember the press of his tight body against mine when he was on top of me, the weight of his muscular body felt safe, and allowing him to be in control felt right. In the dark of the room I can feel the heat on my cheeks as I remember him forcing my head up with my hands behind my head, seeing his cock sliding into me, again and again, his body on top of me, and the grateful feeling of approaching release when his initially irritatingly slow thrusts began to speed up, coming faster and faster, me meeting each of his in perfect sync with him, the waves and the sunset.

I smile in the darkness as I remember the rest of the evening. I don’t really understand what got into me when I leaned in to kiss Christine. A spur of the moment, with the fine wine and my inhibitions slightly lowered and my body feeling daring from the trip to the beach. It wasn’t my first kiss with a woman, and there even was some more serious stuff back when I was a student, but that was a long time ago. I had forgotten how soft the lips of a woman feel compared to strong, rough lips and face of a man. And feeling Christine’s kisses down there, with Archie next to me, looking at my excitement, looking at Christine licking my bare pussy, it was wonderful, naughty, sensual.

I wonder how it would feel to have Archie’s lips pleasure me, to feel his tongue explore my pussy.

I realize that these thoughts have made me hot again, I can feel getting slippery and wet, and even after everything that happened on the day before, it seems my body still craves for more touches. The long dry season finally over, it seems my body is like the desert receiving the first drops of rain.

Remembering the shower with Archie after we came upstairs, I think about his slippery, soapy hands as they washed my back, the shudders they sent through me when they washed my legs and my belly and my breasts, lingering there, playing with my erect nipples. And as I returned the favor, washing his body, his perfectly muscled legs, his wide back and his smooth chest. I think about his total lack of body hair, and I am further turned on. It seems wherever my touch goes, it is smooth, delicious skin. Even his cock and his balls are shaved. I do not object men with hair, but with Archie, it seems he is confident without hair and the maybe the confidence more than anything else is appealing.

All sleepiness has now left me with these thoughts. I look at Archie next to me, sleeping, and I would like nothing more than to wake him up with a kiss and ask him to make love to me again. I think about the short time we will only have together, after this night he is here only for three more nights, then gone maybe forever. Already I am sad at the thought of losing him so soon after finding him, and I am cursing at the days that I missed my opportunity earlier on the week to try to talk to him, get to know him, maybe we could have had more time together. But I hesitate to touch him now, he looks so content and tired, maybe he wants just to sleep.

I turn on my back next to him, and move closer, so that my shoulder is next to his hand, touching the warm skin. I spread my legs and pull up my knees slightly, so that my right leg is touching his left one, and I bring my left hand on my belly, with my right hand on my thigh. I imagine his warm, strong, heavy hand on my belly, moving slowly, side to side, then up and down. Slowly, moving closer to my breasts, I move my hand and imagine it to be Archie touching me. Now I move my right hand on top of my wet pussy and imagine his cock there, ready to enter me, pulsing, delicious thick head on my pussy lips, teasingly close. My left hand is now on my Bostancı Escort breasts, touching my sensitive nipples.

With Archie’s sleepy breathing as my guide, I start to move my finger inside me, as slowly as he fucked me on the beach at first. I am so wet and aching for it to be Archie, not me. After a while I start pushing two fingers inside me, then three, but it doesn’t feel the same as his dick. I am now almost crazy with lust, with desire to have him move inside me and make me explode again.

I stop. I want it to be him, I do not want to do it myself. Not when I have him here with me.

I turn back to face him, looking at him at the faint light coming in from the open window. He is on his back, sleeping naked same as me, and I can see the outline of his cock under the sheet. It is so close.

I raise my hand from under the sheet, and slowly, very slowly I take my hand above Archie’s cock. Now my hand is just inches away, and I am taking it closer.

Finally with just the tip of my finger, I delicately brush the head of his cock through the sheet. He does not wake up, but I can notice his cock twitch a little. I repeat the touch, and his cock twitches again in his sleep. Again. And again. I can see his cock growing now, bigger, more eager, pulsing and straining the sheet. Again. I can feel his member is hard now, and the desire to grab it and squeeze is stronger than ever. But I resist. He is still asleep, and now part of me is wanting to find out how long I can continue until he wakes up. And I think when he wakes up, he maybe won’t be too angry at me. Or maybe he will be angry at me, and punish me? The thought of him taking control, punishing me seems to release a new flow of juices inside me. How long can I resist waking him up?

A thought and a plan now enters my mind. I sit up, looking at Archie. The edge of the sheet covering us is reaching the middle of his chest. I grab the edge and slowly, carefully I pull it up. With infinite care, I try not to wake him as I expose his body. His cock is still hard, now not anymore bound by the sheet, it is facing to the ceiling. I let go of the sheet, setting it onto his legs, and slowly, I bend closer, wanting to kiss the end of his cock.

I touch the head of his cock with my tongue and he stirs in his sleep, but still does not wake up. Amazing, but so erotic. In the faint light I can see a clear drop of pre cum in the end of his penis, and I touch it again with my tongue. The taste is at the same time salty and sweet, and delicious, intoxicating. I spread his taste on my waiting lips and slowly I place a kiss on his cock.

My lips do not want to leave and I open my lips wider, with my mouth now also wet with expectation of having Archie in me. I part my lips and slide more of him into my mouth. He again moves in his sleep, but still, he does not wake up. The head of his cock is now in my mouth, and I take care not to squeeze it too much, trying to keep my mouth as loosely on his dick as possible, to keep him asleep as long as possible. This seems like a game now. How much of his cock can I take into my mouth, and for how long until he inevitably will wake up?

As I start to move my head up and down, I realize I cannot, without waking him up for sure, close my lips on his shaft, and my saliva is running down his penis and making it all slippery and wet, running down on his balls and belly. Just a few movements though, and now I feel him awaken.

‘Kate? Aah..’ I hear him say as he is now fully awake, and I can feel his hand on my back, encouraging me to continue. Finally free to suck him, I squeeze my lips on his shaft and start to suck him while moving the head of his cock inside my mouth, inside and out, my lips squeezing him more now.

‘Kate, yes, yes… ooh.’

Hearing his sighs of pleasure, I am emboldened to take more of him into my mouth, and take as much as I can.

‘AH. Yes, Kate, please, yes!’ Hmm. It seems he likes it when I take him in deep. But from my current position, sitting next to him I do not have good access. Not stopping to suck him, I think about it, and come up with a interesting solution.

Putting my right hand on his other side, and not letting my mouth leave his dick, I rise up and put my right leg over him, so that I am placed on top of him, my pussy is now on top of his chest. Now I have complete control and I can take him deeper into my mouth.

‘Kate, Anadolu Yakası Escort ooh, yes, please,… Mmmmm’ I feel his hands on my legs, then my butt, and then I feel him kissing me down there, I feel his kisses on my skin, on my legs, and then I feel him getting closer to touching my pussy, sending shivers through my body. But I do not want to be distracted now, I want him in my mouth, as deep as I can take him. I pause and try to relax my throat, and take him as deep as I can. I can feel him stop and take in the sensation. His dick is now so deep as I can comfortably take it, but there is still two or three inches of it out of my mouth. I would like to take him in deeper, but I fear I am going to choke on it, or gag, and I dont want anything to spoil this moment.

Archie has resumed to kiss and lick my wet pussy, and we seem to find a common rhythm, his tongue and my mouth are moving in and out together. My hand is squeezing his cock and as I suck the head I can feel it is getting bigger and bigger, and the delicious veins in his shaft are bulging. My hand is wet from my saliva as it is running down his cock. Each time I pull my head back, and his cock is out my mouth, I feel an ache to sink it back in, to pull him as deep as I can.

I try again to take him real deep, trying again to relax my throat as much as possible, and I think I can take him a bit deeper now. I can for sure feel him touching the back of my throat but I try to relax and focus on my breathing, and just try to pull him even closer.

‘Oh, Kate, Aaah, yes, please.’

I pull him out of my mouth, and resume to suck and lick the head of his dick.

I can now feel his fingers on my butt, spreading my ass wide, and making my pussy open. He enters me with his tongue and I have to momentarily pull away from his dick as I am overwhelmed by the sensation of his mouth on my pussy and his tongue flicking in and out, deep in me. I stroke his cock with my hand and my hand slides easily as it is dripping wet from my saliva.

I think about his cum, I would love to have him shoot his load into my mouth, but I am a little worried. I have not had men do it to me for a long time, and the last time was so many years ago. But having his delicious cock in my hand, I decide that maybe I will let him come inside my mouth.

Archie’s hands are now touching me everywhere, now on my back, now on my head, pressing it closer, pushing his dick inside my mouth. Now his hands are on my butt, caressing it and spreading my ass wide, and his mouth never stops licking my pussy. His kisses down there have made me hotter and hotter, and I push my hips against his mouth and try to guide his tongue to the right spot where it seems all my nerves are ending right now. I feel him right there and his rhythmic licks drive me crazy, closer to my own release.

Suddenly I feel his finger close to my ass, and getting closer. I am not sure about this. I stiffen a little at the strange sensation. I feel him slow down, as if expecting if I am comfortable with him touching me there. It does not feel unpleasant, just different. He resumes his kissing of my pussy, but does not take his finger away, I can feel him pressing it closer and closer to my ass, to my hole, now on the very brink, and now he is touching me there! It seems he found another set of nerve endings, and I feel the strange and new sensation as he kisses my pussy with his finger on my ass. I push a little against his face and he understands me, that I allow him to continue.

His fingers leaves my hole for a moment and I feel a twinge of regret, but then it returns, moist and slippery, and starts to move sliding slippery on the rim of my hole. Oh my god, the feeling of his mouth on my dripping wet pussy and his finger rimming my ass! I pull his dick out and I have to stand up a little straighter to be able to concentrate on the feeling. I push a little more against him and he sees that I am liking what he is doing.

I am lost for a minute with my eyes closed and just taking in his bold finger and his gentle kisses in my pussy. After a while I recover and return my attention to his waiting dick in front of me.

A naughty thought now enters my mind. If he can do it, why cannot I do it? With my mouth on his cock, I slowly take my right hand and touch his slippery balls. This seems to drive him crazy.

‘Oh yes Kate! Yes!’

I allow my fingernails Pendik Escort to creep along the sensitive skin of his balls and the inside of his legs. Then I move my fingers below his balls, and closer to his ass.

Now it is his turn to stiffen, as if waiting what am I going to do. Well, if he wants to touch my ass, then he is going to get the same treatment! I move my fingers, slippery with my saliva, onto his ass and start to move them rimming his hole and now sucking his dick harder than before.

‘Ohmygod Kate, yes, please!’ So he does like it. Interesting.

Archie parts his legs wider and raises his butt slightly to give me better access, and as I feel his lips still on my pussy, and his finger on my ass, I continue to rim his ass and suck his dick. My tits are now pressing against his belly as I sink his dick deep in my throat each thrust, and he is pushing against me, I feel him getting closer, his dick is even harder than before and I can feel his legs strain as he is pushing up against my mouth, getting closer to shooting his load in me.

Archie is almost crazy now from the feeling of my mouth on his dick and my finger on the rim of his ass. An even more naughty thought enters my mind, and I slow my movement a bit and test the idea, straightening one of my fingers against his hole, pushing against him.

He meets my pushes, and I feel more bold now, pushing my finger against his hole, but his butt is still resisting me. I resume to move my head and take his dick inside my mouth, and then I can feel him relax and my finger enters half an inch inside him

‘Aaaaahhhh!’ he cries out in pleasure and meets my push with his hips. He seems to have lost control and he has stopped licking me and focuses on the feeling of my finger inside him and my lips on his cock. I start to move my finger at the same rhythm as my mouth, and I can feel him meet each of my movement with his hips.

His hole is incredibly tight, and it is squeezing my finger hard, but my finger is so slippery that it moves in and out of him with ease. I move slightly deeper now, and increase my rhythm. He seems to be very close now.

Suddenly, I feel his hands on my butt again, spreading my cheeks wide, and then, oh my, I feel is tongue on my ass, rimming me. This has never been done to me before, and the feeling is amazing! His strong tongue is flicking round and round my hole and I can now feel his thumb on my pussy, on my clit and as incredible waves of pleaseure start to take me closer to my orgasm, I am regretting that from my position, I cannot return the favor to him. I increase my rhythm even more, suck the head of his dick even harder and sink my finger inside him deeper and faster, and I can feel him now cross the point of no return, his whole body is now straining and twitching and I can feel his dick start to spurt his load into my mouth. His ass is now pulsing around my finger as I keep moving it in and out of him, and his thumb on my clit, and his tongue on my ass, I also orgasm, and feel my wet pussy squirting on his neck.

I dont pull away from his dick, but I continue to move my head and allow him to finish inside my mouth, with his cum dripping down his shaft and onto his belly and the sheets.

Feeling him relax under me, I rise up and turn around, facing him now. His eyes are still closed and his expression is one of pure pleasure, and I am glad at being able to give him such a great feeling. I lie down next to him, with my body next to his, and I can feel my own and his heartbeat slow down and our breathing calms down.

‘I am sorry I woke you up.’ I say. ‘I hope you did not mind.’

‘Mmm.. thank, you Kate, that was … amazing.’ He says. I can feel his strong hand touching my back. I love the feeling of his muscular chest and his strong hand around me. It makes me feel safe. I think back at my boldness a moment ago, and thank my inner “naughty” self that I could overcome my inhibitions and touch him there. I also think about the sensation of his finger on my ass and then, even more amazingly, his tongue on my ass.

‘Archie, your tongue, kissing me there, it felt… it was feeling quite nice.’

‘I am sorry if I surprised you, but you seemed to like it, so..’

I think about it a moment. ‘Maybe I will do the same to you later?’

He turns to look at me with a surprised, but yet expectant expression on his face

‘Hmm, I think I would like it!’

I smile at him, then kiss him long and hard. Then I put my head down on the pillow next to his, my hands on his chest and feeling safe, warm and completely satisfied, I feel his breathing slow down and sleepiness is finally entering my limbs, I close my eyes and fall asleep.

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