The Milkman

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My name is Jim and I live in Birmingham in the UK. I make my living as a self-employed milkman. My round is in one of the posh suburbs to the South of the city. My customers are mostly bank managers, accountants, lawyers and the like, the sort of people who think they are too good for the likes of me. Balls to them, as long as they pay me that’s OK. The only real downside to the job is getting up at 4 a.m. especially when you are on the nest and the missus is sort of warm and soft and juicy next to you. Then you have to go out and face the cold dark of winter. Mind you, summertime is great and any time of the year is good when it gets to 10 a.m. and you can knock off for the day. Saturday is a little later though, cos that’s the day I go round again after and collect the weeks money.

Here is something that still bloody amazes me. Some bloke you just met in the pub asks what you do for a living and when you tell him, the first thing he says is something like, “Blimey I bet you get a few nice shags from all those lonely housewives. Wish it was me.” Load of cobblers that is. Yeah it happens. Once in a blue moon it happens. Usually when it does it is some lonely old slapper whose husband neglects her and who is still half pissed from the night before, reeking of booze and ciggies. I wouldn’t touch one like that, even with your dick mate.

Usually, but not always. Sometimes it is different. Let me tell you what happened to me.

One of my good regular customers is a Mrs. Angela Smythe. She is about forty-five and a little chubby but really smart and very attractive. Her husband is called Arthur and he is, would you believe it, a bank manager. She and I have become quite friendly over the months. Every Saturday when I knock on the door she opens it dressed in a smart housecoat and we chat a bit like this:

“Good morning Mrs. S, how are you today, looking well as always.”

“Good morning Jim, I am very well, thank you for asking. Here is your money for the week.” She always gives me the money in an envelope and it is always the right amount. Then I thank her again and off I go. You get the idea? This is a classy bird.

And so it goes until just three weeks ago. I turn up on her doorstep on the Saturday morning as usual and we go through the usual spiel, except something is not quite the same. Then it hits me. Her housecoat, which is usually buttoned right up to her neck, has the two top buttons undone. I almost do a double take when I spot this, I swear I can see her tits almost as far as the nipples. Fucking hell, I never had her figured for a goer. Only a few seconds pass before I look up at her face again but I know that she knows I have been looking. It must be all over my face. We finish our business and, as I am turning away she says, “Are you married Jim?”

“Yeah, ten years now.”

“She is a lucky lady.” And then she closes the door.

That’s it. My whole day is shot to shit. My bollocks are in an uproar. Even as I walk away I can feel my dick stirring. The thought of her keeps bothering me all through the week, especially when I am delivering to her house. Did I imagine it or was she coming on to me? Nah she is much too classy a bint to get hot for a milkman. On the other I’m not a complete fucking idiot either and I’m sure we weren’t just paying for the milk that last Saturday.

So the next Saturday morning here I am knocking on her front door again. I reckon this güvenilir bahis is where I find out just what the hell is going on. The moment she opens the door I know. She says the usual things but her body is talking a whole different language. No housecoat today, oh no. She is wearing a full-length sort of gown thing open enough at the front so that I can see the curve of her tits again. It is made of the sort of material that you are not sure whether you can see through or not but you wish the fuck that you could. As her body moves the gown clings and releases and it is quite plain that she is naked underneath. Also she is wearing some classy perfume that I don’t recognise but I know it has cost her old man an arm and a leg. She must know what sort of effect she is having on me but she gives no sign at all. Doesn’t even blink while I stumble and mutter through our usual chat like a bloody idiot. Then suddenly there I am staring at the closed door. She has gone.

“Fucking cockteaser.” I mutter under my breath as I go back to my wagon. As I get in I can feel my dick stiffening in my trousers. I take a good look around checking to see that no one is watching and then slip my hand into my waistband and stroke myself a few times remembering what she looked like and imagining what was under that gown.

The next week drags by. I can’t get this bird off my mind and I am so horny I could fuck a goat. My missus gets a good shag just about every night. She doesn’t say anything though, just counts her blessings and enjoys it. She is a diamond.

The days drag by until, finally, Saturday comes round again and I am standing on the Smythe’s front porch and knocking on their front door. I reckon I am ready for anything but when Mrs. Smythe, Angela, opens the front door I am gobsmacked, totally speechless. She is wearing nothing but a nightie which, while not totally see-through, is pretty flimsy. It is also pretty short, only just coming down to below her arse. She doesn’t give me a chance to say anything just looks me in the eye and says, “Hello Jim, I seem to have left my money upstairs, come with me and we will go and find it.”

“Ok,” I gasp.

She turns and walks away and I follow, closing the door behind me. She goes through a small hallway and up the stairs to the floor above. Only a few paces behind I look up, my eyes following the lines of her smooth legs past her knees, along her fleshy white thighs and right up to her crotch. No panties, just a great big hairy muff with the pink lips of her slit just visible through the thick fur. I can feel my cock getting hard already.

At the top she turns and faces me, “Do you like what you see, Jim?” She waits just a heartbeat and goes on, “You want to see my cunt now?”

“Oh god, yes, please.” Croaking, mouth dry, tongue thick.

She laughs and spreads her legs slightly, bending her knees. Her nightie falls open at the front and with the fingers of both hands she pulls her wet pink gash open for me to see.

“Now Jim,” she orders, “Eat my pussy. Lick my cunt and suck my clit. Taste me and smell me!”

I don’t need a second invitation. I just bend forward and stick my face in there, licking all up and down her lips and then sucking hard on her clitty. I breathe in hard sucking down that cunt smell. Man that turns me on! I have hardly got going when she pushes my head away and she turns around. She pulls her arse cheeks apart with türkçe bahis both hands and says, “I want to feel your tongue in my arsehole Jim, lick me there too!”

I stick my tongue way out and lick my way up and down her crack from her cunt at the bottom all the way up to the top of her arse crack, tasting and smelling her. Then I stick my tongue into her hole as deep as I can, reaming her out. She enjoys it for a few moments and then she moves, walking on to a door on the left and going through.

I follow her and inside I find her stripped off on a big double bed. Her legs are wide open and this lady is lying there like a slut. “Get your clothes off and fuck me.” she says. ” I want your cock inside me.” I strip off in a flash and my cock pops out of my trousers like a bloody crowbar. I bend down to start sucking on her cunt again but she almost yells at me, “No, I said fuck me, I want your cock in my cunt, I want to be fucked!”

I crawl up her body and shove my dick right in, no foreplay. She is sopping. My cock just slides in like it is greased, right up to the hilt and I start to fuck her like there is no tomorrow. I am ramming it in as hard as I can, our pubic bones are banging together, my cock tip is hitting her cervix and she just keeps yelling in my ear, “Fuck me you fucker, ram me, hurt me fuck, fuck, fuck. Come on you fucking wimp!” That pisses me off somewhere inside and I want to fuck her so hard that it hurts but whatever I give her she just soaks up. Finally she gives this incredible scream and starts to shake violently, thrashing all over the bed. It is only her legs locked around my waist that keeps me inside her. Then it is all over for me too. It feel like my cock is exploding and I just pour my cum deep in her pussy as I hold my cock in as far as I can

I collapse on the bed next to her, our two sweaty bodies trembling with exertion. Then I hear a groaning sound that seems to come from the far corner of the room. “What the fuck is that?” I shout.

Angela grips my arm, “Relax Jim, its only Arthur.” She turns toward a curtained alcove in the corner of the room and calls out, “You can come out now Arthur.”

“Yes dear,” says this voice from behind the curtain and I watch in amazement as her husband comes into the room. He is stark bollock naked and he has his hard dick in his hand. He has obviously just shot his load, there is cum all over his belly, and his cock and his hand are dripping. He sits down in a chair a few feet away from the side of the bed.

“Arthur likes to masturbate while he watches other men fuck me, don’t you Arthur?”

“Yes dear,” he replies.

This is turning a little weird but I think, “What the fuck,” and lie back and relax. Angela curls up next to me and softly strokes my chest while I hold her close, my arm around her. Arthur just sits in his chair and says fuck all. Some time later Angela starts to nibble my ear and her hand closes around my soft cock.

“Do you think you can get it up again dear?” she whispers in my ear as she strokes it.

“Yeah I reckon.” She bends down and takes my shrunken dick in her mouth and begins to suck it and roll it around in her mouth. Her tongue is like a living thing, licking all the most sensitive parts. This bird could bring the dead back to life and I’m a long way from dead so it’s not surprising when I gradually get harder and harder till my pride and joy is again standing straight güvenilir bahis siteleri up.

Angela looks over at Arthur and asks, “Do you think we should ask Jim to fuck me in the arse?” and she whispers in my ear, “He really does love to see a lovely thick cock up my hole.”

“Yes dear, I do,” he replies.

“Hasn’t he got a lovely thick cock, Arthur? I would really like that in my arsehole. Why don’t you ask him to fuck me there?”

“Yes dear,” and he turns to me and asks, “Please Jim would you fuck Angela in the arse?”

Man this is getting so fucking weird, but, what the fuck, I should give a shit, so I say to him in my best artificial posh accent, ” Certainly Arthur old chap, I would love to roger her delightful arse.”

Angela gives a silly bloody giggle and then yells at Arthur, ” What are you waiting for you fool, pass me the KY jelly!”

“Sorry dear,” and he gets a tube of KY from the bedside table and passes it to her. She squeezes out a generous blob into the palm of her hand and smoothes it up and down the length of my dick. She gets on to her knees and bends forward, holding her arse cheeks as wide as she can.

“Go on Jim lad, what the fuck are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?” I learn fast me. I don’t need a second invite before I am kneeling between her legs and the head of my fat swollen tool is pushing at the tight ring of her hole. I give a push and nothing happens so I just ram it at her and, bang, the head pops in past her ring and she gives a little squeal. I just keep going, pushing it in slowly, deeper and deeper until my balls are dipping into her cum soaked snatch. She clenches the muscles of her arsehole and my cock just loves it. I know I am not going to last any longer than a rabbit trying to multiply but I don’t give a toss. I just start pumping away at that magical tight shithole. My cock is stained brown as it comes out and goes back in. My nose picks up the smell and I hear her moan as I keep up a smooth even rhythm. In the background I hear Arthur panting a little and I catch sight of him beating his meat at the same pace.

I don’t give a damn who cums with me but I’m ready. I ram it in one, two, three and then I hold it there buried as my cum just pours out of my cock deep into her guts. I know Angela hasn’t cum but she still yells at me, “Yes Jim, fill my arse with your cum, empty your balls in me!” I tremble and shake a few times and then pull my dick out with a sucking sound before I flop onto my back on the bed.

She leans down to me and whispers in my ear, “That was great Jim, now be a good lad and fuck off, its Arthur’s turn.” Bloody hell this is a bit sudden and I am about to ask her what the hell she is playing at when I see her face and she goes on, “You’ve had yours, don’t spoil it now. Arthur deserves a bit as well. Go on, get dressed and go. I will see you next week.” Ok, fair enough, and as I am getting off the bed she adds, “By the way, your milk money is on the hall table, pick it up as you go out.”

I am still getting dressed and Arthur has climbed on the bed. He is crouched behind Angela, who is still on her hands and knees, and he is tonguing her, all the way from her cunt up through her arse channel. I can hear him sucking down my cum from both holes and I can see how she is already getting really hot and bothered again. He is stroking his very hard cock, which I know is going into that sopping wet hole any second now.

They don’t even notice me leave. A few minutes later I have my money and I am sitting in my wagon, thinking about next Saturday and wondering how the fuck I am going to get the smell of sex off me before I get home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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