The Model Next Door

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Phil quickly learned what everyone else in the neighbourhood already knew. He’d just moved in next door to a goddess, a real-life professional model. She was friendly, older (well older than his 18 years) and drove a Mustang. The only thing better than seeing her heading out for a run in her compression pants and crop top were the days when she washed that car.

Lawn mowing turned out to be his first step toward friendship with Ellie. There was no fence separating the front yards of their respective houses so when he was cutting his father’s lawn he offered to cut hers as well. Ellie had been glad to have Phil cut her lawn and even offered to pay for the privilege. He would have done it for free, but hey, why turn down the money?

Phil was cautious despite the urging of his friends. They all seemed to think he had an obligation to try and live out their fantasies just because he lived next door. Some of their suggestions were downright ridiculous whilst others, like breaking in and installing cameras were both laughable and criminal.

That’s not to say that he didn’t think about it. He was almost as obsessed as they were. The fact that he was actually able to hold a conversation with her kept him from trying anything silly. He didn’t want to forfeit that for some random act of stupidity and instant gratification.

In the end it was the panties that unraveled him. His friend Stan had suggested that if he could steal some off her washing line that he’d pay twenty bucks for them. Phil laughed and told him to fuck off, but the thought stuck with him.

It stuck with him enough that the next time he was mowing her lawn he did something he’d never thought he’d do.


Phil pushed the mower down the last stretch of Ellie’s back yard lawn. He noticed the clothes Line. It was in the sun on the far side of the house from his and some of Ellie’s clothes were hung out to dry. His teenage eyes immediately picked out the underwear amongst the wash.

He glanced around the yard nervously. No one could see him. Ellie had gone out for a run when he’d started mowing. He stepped up to the line, letting the mower die. The sudden absence of the engine noise was startling. Nervously, his heart beating rapidly, he ran his finger over a bra. He pulled the strap down to read the tag. 34D. Victoria’s Secret it proclaimed and just touching it had his cock stiff as an iron rod. There were a couple of panties hanging on the line too. Two were thongs (one lacy, one cotton) and the third was a cotton bikini cut. He fingered them all, even running his finger through the crotch, imagining where it had been and how wonderful it might be to touch her there.

“Was that a noise?”

His heart raced faster and guiltily he quickly restarted the mower and finished the lawn.

“That looks so much better!” Ellie said as he was pushing the mower toward his house.

“It was no trouble,” Phil replied, his eyes straining to meet hers rather than survey the sight of her in her running gear.

Ellie followed him down the side of the house. She took a pair of twenty dollar bills from her purse and handed them to Phil.

“Thanks for doing the lawn, it looks as good as usual.”

“No worries, I’ll come over and do them again in a couple of weeks.”

“Excellent, thanks again.”


That night Phil lay in his room thinking about the panties he’d seen on the clothes line. He thought about what Ellie’s pussy and tits might look like. He was rock hard and masturbated, imagining just how hot his neighbour must look naked.


The next time he was mowing the lawn, Phil once again came face to face with Ellie’s underwear. Phil couldn’t help himself. He checked out the panties that were hanging on the line and removed a thong. It was pink cotton with white polka dots. He quickly shoved it in his pocket, dropped the peg back into the bucket that dangled from the line and went back to mowing the lawn.

When Ellie returned, he was worried that she would somehow know what he had done. He got away with it though.

That night, alone in his room, he wrapped the thong around his cock and wanked. When he came, he used the thong to catch his load.


Ellie pulled the washing in after Phil had gone home with the lawn mower. She smiled as she did so. He was a good kid. She was happier giving him the money and helping him out rather than having some stranger with a business do it. Besides, he was cute. She enjoyed the way he looked when he pushed the mower back and forth across the yard. She made sure that she wasn’t always out when he did it. She’d even had a few guilty fantasies about being the older woman who took the young guy’s virginity. He wasn’t cut like someone who got stuck into weights, but he was naturally athletic and a bit taller than her 5’9″. She’d certainly enjoyed the way his sweaty t-shirt had clung to him when he’d been mowing the lawn. His dark hair was just a bit long and a little curly; it off-set his piercing blue güvenilir bahis eyes. Those eyes and his nicely cut jaw-bone really worked for him.

As she folded the washing something seemed to be missing. She was sure that she’d hung out the thong that matched her pink bra. She shook her head, putting it down to the Washing Machine Gods that stole single socks and random bits of underwear. It was only a small thong after all and easily misplaced.


Toward the end of the week, after masturbating with the same thong every day, Phil found it was starting to lose some of its appeal. It wasn’t quite enough. He wanted more. He was thinking about the black cotton bikini that he’d seen and wished that he’d taken that as well. He did worry that Ellie would notice if her underwear collection were suddenly halved though.

He wished the lawn would grow quicker.


The mower grumbled to a stop. Once again Phil quickly headed for the washing line. Jackpot! There was more underwear. This time he snagged a blue cotton bikini decorated with little green hearts and a blue and white horizontally striped thong. It must have been a big wash load; there were still five other pairs of panties on the line.

As soon as he’d finished mowing he headed back home, showered and headed for his room. He grabbed the blue and white thong and rubbed it up and down his cock. Not much later it was as full of his seed as his head was of thoughts of Ellie.


This time Ellie wasn’t imagining it. There was definitely underwear missing. Would someone really be stealing from her line? It wouldn’t be that surprising, she sighed. It was one of the risks of being the model in the neighbourhood.

She decided to find out who could be stealing her underwear. She set up a camera to watch the line. It was out of sight, in the corner of the laundry window and wouldn’t be visible to a casual observer who was focused on her washing.


“Hey Phil guess what?” Ellie called out to him happily one Saturday morning.

“I have no idea,” Phil replied.

“I bought a puppy! You should come and meet her.”

“Sure,” Phil smiled.

Ellie led him into her house. He tried not to appear as excited as he really felt. For the first time he was being asked inside Ellie’s house. He gazed about desperately. He was inside a model’s house! It was spotlessly clean and the décor was modern and chic compared to the mundane stuff that his parents had and there was some nice artwork on the walls. Other than that though, there was a disappointing lack of anything that shouted that a model lived there.

When they reached the living room Ellie opened a little gate that she’d put up and was enthusiastically greeted by a little terrier pup, wagging its tail like its life depended on it.

“This is Missy,” Ellie told him, picking up the little dog and hugging it as she introduced her to Phil.

“She’s gorgeous!” Phil said, offering his hand for the pup to sniff before ruffling its head affectionately.

“She is!” Ellie laughed, returning her to the floor. The puppy sniffed around their feet and played happily.

“So I have a favour to ask if you don’t mind?” Ellie asked Phil.

“Sure, name it.”

“Well I have to travel around quite a bit for work, so buying a puppy was kind of self-indulgent and quite possibly silly of me. When I saw her I just had to take her home though. I did worry that I’d not be able to look after her properly, but then I realised that I had this wonderful guy living next door who would quite possibly be kind enough to look after her when I had to travel?”

“Damn, I didn’t realise that you were so close to the Pinkerings,” Phil replied with a sigh. “If you’d asked me I would have said yes in a heartbeat!”

Ellie gave his shoulder a playful shove.

“Old man Pinkering is not the wonderful guy I had in mind you idiot,” she laughed.

“Oh so I’m wonderful?” Phil asked with feigned innocence.

“Maybe, but I could just be buttering you up so that you’ll do it.”

“Well I have a pretty busy schedule, but I think I could possibly add a couple of doggy visits in if you’re desperate.”

“That would be awesome, thanks so much Phil,” Ellie gushed, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek.

Phil nearly swooned. She’d kissed him. Sure she had barely brushed her lips against his cheek, but being that close, wow. Her hair smelt wonderful as she came in close and even the brush of her lips seemed to leave an indelible impression. He had to wait for a moment before adjusting his crotch when she wasn’t looking.

Ellie offered him a drink and they sat in her kitchen chatting while Missy played around on the floor or snuggled on Ellie’s lap. Phil would have been jealous of the dog if he hadn’t been overjoyed to simply be sitting and having a drink with Ellie.

“Thanks again, I’ll let you know when I need you,” Ellie said at the front door when she saw him out.

Her hand rested briefly on his forearm türkçe bahis as she said goodbye. Phil wanted desperately to lean in and give her a goodbye kiss, just a peck on the cheek but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.


Ellie lay in bed in the hotel room, bored. She wondered how Missy was getting on. She already missed her little puppy and was glad that Phil was there to look after her. She knew that he’d give her the love and attention that she deserved.

She thought more about the sweet young kid next door. She pictured his face, his lean body. She remembered his smile. She thought about the way he would look at her. It was a hungry look, but not lecherous. He tried so hard not to be the kid who perved and stared at her tits all the time, but he was only 18.

“And I do have amazing tits,” she thought to herself, chuckling.

For some reason she liked it. It wasn’t like a stranger checking her out and for all his peeking, he never tried anything, just looked.

The more she thought about the way he looked at her, the hornier she got. Minutes later her panties had been cast aside and her fingers were teasing her clit. They dipped down between her lips and smothered the juice they found back over her little love button.

Her nipples tightened and her body came alive as she masturbated.

The whole time she thought about Phil. She indulged in a fantasy where she’d cook him dinner and she’d get a little tipsy, maybe even pretend to get a little tipsier than she actually would. She’d stumble into him, crush her breasts against him, steady herself with a hand on his crotch … end up in bed.

“Oh Phil!” She cried out when she came.

She climbed into bed and slept.

“What a naughty, delicious little fantasy!” she thought as she dozed off.


Ellie watched the footage from the camera she’d set up to monitor her washing line. She nearly died of shock when Phil came into view and took a thong from the line.

“What the fuck!?”

She was crushed, her trust betrayed. How the hell would she deal with this? Did she confront him? Part of her wanted to just storm over to his house and tell him exactly what she thought. She fumed for hours before she was calm enough to consider alternatives. Rational thought came slowly, but when it did, she tried to come at the problem from a different perspective.

Phil was a really nice kid. He was also only a teenager. He probably hadn’t thought about just how much of an invasion of privacy and trust that this would be to her.

As a model she’d been worried about stalkers before, but so far had managed to avoid any real trouble. Phil didn’t seem like a stalker. He didn’t go out of his way to annoy her or anything, but this simply wasn’t acceptable.

Eventually she decided to try and find out what was going on before it got too far. At the risk of crushing the boy, she had to make sure that she was ok first. She had to go away for a few days and decided that she’d address it before she left. She’d invite him over to discuss looking after Missy again and find a way to broach the subject.

“So you’re all good with everything for Missy?” she asked.

“Yeah of course, Missy and I get along great,” he smiled.

In the back of her mind she kept thinking, “He’s stealing my panties!” but he was so normal it was hard to broach.

“Phil, there’s something I have to ask,” She eventually managed.

The worried look on his face was like an announcement.

“It’s not easy and it’s a bit embarrassing, but well, have you um, been stealing my panties?”

If he’d looked worried before, he instantly looked mortified. His face flushed a brighter red than Ellie would have thought possible and he didn’t know where to look. He tried to say something and then burst into tears. It was admission enough. He looked ready to flee the room.

“Wait, stay Phil, I need to talk to you about this,” Ellie insisted.

Phil hesitated, then sat down, struggling to meet her gaze.

“I’m sorry,” was the first thing that he managed to squeak out. It was barely audible.

“Ok, well that’s a good start,” Ellie assured him. “Can I ask why?”

Phil took a few moments to get some small measure of composure. He met Ellie’s gaze, thought a bit longer and then started talking. It came out in a flood of words. “It was silly really. I have a friend and when he found out I lived next door to you he went on and on and on about how amazingly hot you are and about how every man and boy in the neighbourhood wished they could claim you as a date or girlfriend.”

Ellie looked worried. Had Phil been giving her underwear away … or worse, selling it?!

“I’ve kind of had a crush on you since the first day we met,” Phil sighed. “That first day when I mowed your lawn, there were panties on your line. It wasn’t long after my conversation with Stan. You are such a goddess and the thought that you had worn the panties … I dunno, it excited me. I just wanted to touch them. Fuck, güvenilir bahis siteleri this is so embarrassing.”

“What did you do with them Phil?” Ellie asked nervously, her mind spinning as she pondered his possible responses.

“I took them home … and um,”

Ellie had to prompt him several times to get him to continue.

“Shit. Ok, I masturbated with them.”

Phil looked crushed by the admission. Ellie was almost relieved. She’d started to fear that there was a network of perverts trading her underwear.

“Anything else?”

“No that’s it, I just … well I just used them to fuel the fantasy of what it might be like to have someone as amazing as you as a girlfriend. I’m so so sorry. I promise I’ll never do anything like it again. Shit, I guess you can’t trust me now.”

“You have to understand how this looks from my perspective,” Ellie said. “Beyond the invasion of my privacy, it’s pretty freaking out there. Look, I think you’re a good kid. You’re sweet and you’re nice, everything that a girl could look for in a boyfriend. And hell, I was a teenager once too you know. I did some pretty silly things. I don’t want to ruin your life over this, but trust takes time to establish and seconds to destroy.”

“Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to extend you my trust again. Missy loves you and other than this thing, I haven’t seen any evidence that you’ve done anything irresponsible … at least that I know of …”

Phil assured her that he hadn’t. The look of hope on his face spoke volumes about how much he realised he’d fucked up. It reaffirmed that she might be doing the right thing.

“So, tomorrow, I go away, you look after Missy and you stay out of my underwear ok? I mean, when I say out of, don’t go pinching my washing or wandering into my bedroom or anything creepy! If you can’t tell your mother you did it, then you shouldn’t do it! Clear rules?”

“Super clear,” Phil said, relieved, embarrassed even amazed that he wasn’t being thrown out on his arse or reported.

“Right then, let’s work on forgetting this ever happened ok?”

Phil left and went home and hid out in his room. He couldn’t believe he’d been busted. He hadn’t even thought to ask how she had found out. He pulled out the yellow thong that he still had hidden in the back of his wardrobe and stared at it. He should throw it out. He certainly couldn’t give it back. He’d snuck the other pairs back here and there when he visited Missy, but now he felt that he couldn’t. She’d probably missed it and now when she saw it she’d know exactly what he’d been doing with it. He hid it again, not quite able to let go of his last trophy.


Ellie was awake in her hotel room, thinking about the conversation with Phil. Even though she should be outraged, she thought she really had done the right thing. She couldn’t get out of her mind the fact that he’d been using her panties to masturbate. Even though she’d done some underwear modeling, she’d never really thought about the underwear itself being erotic. She assumed guys found it erotic because it looked so good on the actual object of their desire — the woman wearing it.

She struggled to sleep. She kept thinking about Phil masturbating with her underwear. The more she thought about it, the more she wondered exactly what he did. Did he just cum in it? Did he wrap it around his cock? Maybe he did really put it on.

She was strangely aroused.

“Must be something about it being so kinky,” she thought to herself.

She thought about her last trip away, about her fantasy. She’d masturbated and she’d been thinking about Phil. She’d been fantasizing that she’d been his first. She was rubbing herself again. Her nipples were aching and she could feel a wet spot in her panties.


She did it again.

She thought about it a lot on her way home.


“How was Missy?” Ellie asked Phil after her trip away.

“She was fine, though she definitely seems happier now that you’re back,” he told her. Ellie noted that he was being very reserved and clearly wasn’t sure where he stood. She kept having flashes of her fantasy in her mind. She didn’t consciously pursue them but she couldn’t sahke them either. Maybe it was just the right time of her cycle or something, but for whatever reason, Ellie was getting horny.

“Phil, come with me for a minute,” she said, leading him to her bedroom.

Phil followed her even more nervously than when he’d entered her house for the first time.

“I want you to do something for me.”

“Um, what?” Phil asked.

“I want you to show me how you masturbate with my panties.”

Phil just stared at her. Had she really just asked him that?

“You’re just fucking with my head right?”

Ellie laughed.

“No, I’m curious. I don’t know what you do. I want to see what you did with my panties when you stole them.”


“No?” she asked, actually seeming disappointed.

“Well not no, just shit. I’ve um never done it in front of a girl before? I mean I’ve never even done it with anyone’s panties but yours and certainly not in front of anyone. It’s kind of embarrassing.”

“Ok,” Ellie said pensively. “Do you want to tell me how you do it first?”

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