The Movie

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We’re laying on the couch watching a movie, laying on our sides, she’s in front of me, I have my arm around her, hand on her perfect tummy. She says she’s cold, gets up to grab a blanket. She comes back with it, drapes it over both of us, and I pull her closer, kiss her neck, and tell her I love her. She snuggles back into me and giggles.

The movie continues, and I can tell she’s getting restless. She moves around under the blanket, I can’t see what she’s doing, then she tosses her pants on the floor, and leans back into me close, turns and kisses me, and we go back to the movie. She loves to tease me, and as much as I hate it, I love it at the same time, so I’ll play her game. My mind races as I think of all the things I want to do to her, and as my imagination runs wild, my cock starts to rise.

A few minutes pass, and she starts moving around again. She sits back up, throws one of her socks in my face. I catch it and take a quick whiff, she smiles and shakes her head. She indulges my fetish from time to time, I’m lucky to have her. I toss her sock to the floor by her pants, and she tosses her panties at me now. I can smell her juices before I even catch her little thong, and my suspicions are confirmed when I catch it, I can feel that it’s damp already. She snuggles back canlı bahis şirketaleri into me again, and I put my hand back on her stomach, lightly moving my fingers around, ever so slightly.

It feels like an eternity before she starts grinding her cute butt against me. She can feel what she’s doing to me through my shorts, and it drives her wild to feel it pressing against her. She reaches back and tugs at the waist of my shorts a little, and I know what she wants. I pull away a little bit, and pull my shorts off, releasing my hard cock. I cuddle back up with her, pressing it in between her cheeks, up to her lower back. It feels electric to be pressing it up against her soft skin. I hear her sigh in appreciation, and it brings me a smile.

After a short while of softly pressing it against her, I move back slightly, and she lets out a sad, quiet “aww” which quickly turns to a happy “ooo” as I slide my cock between her legs, near her wet lips. I hold it there, pressed between her thighs, and she can feel it twitching, so aroused by her soft skin.

She tries to shift to slide down onto it, but I hold her stomach so she can barely move. I put the head of my cock against her lips, but I won’t enter her quite yet. Two can play at this teasing game. I let my hand canlı kaçak iddaa drift down, brush in between her legs, find her little clit with my middle finger, and rub it ever so gently, making her sigh with pleasure. I can feel her whole body gyrating against me, and it’s an intense pleasure for me to make her squirm.

She tries to get me inside her, but every time she pushes down, I pull away slightly, not wanting to spoil the fun just yet. I keep the head just barely touching her wetness, so she can feel it there, and I can feel the tip getting wet with her juices, my finger still teasing her clit.

I whisper in her ear “Tell me what you want baby.”

She whispers back “I need you inside me so bad, please fuck me.”

I kiss her roughly, and slide my cock all the way up inside her, making her gasp with pleasure. I had to gasp myself, I didn’t realize she was so wet. I stay still for a moment, to allow both her and I to enjoy that first rush of sensation, before I slowly withdraw from her all the way, and then ever so slowly slide back inside. I start thrusting into her, almost pulling out completely before pushing back in, the way I know she likes. She moans with every thrust, grunting and her breathing gets heavier. My finger leaves her clit, I slide my hand canlı kaçak bahis up her shirt, and tweak first one nipple between my fingers, then the other. she presses her back against my chest, and I nibble and kiss her neck, and keep thrusting my cock deep inside of her. When I nibble her neck, she goes wild with passion, so I love to do it to her.

It’s not long before she moans that she’s going to cum soon, and I tell her I’m not far behind. I speed up my thrusting, my hand still cupping her breast and pinching her nipple, and I can feel her pussy starting to tighten around my cock, and I know she’s about to cum. As I feel her pussy start to spasm, and hear her moaning louder and louder, I know she’s having a really good orgasm, and I can feel my balls tighten as I get ready to explode. Halfway through hers, I feel my cock explode, filling her up with my hot cum, I keep thrusting and keep cumming, it feels like it will never end. After I finally finish my last spurt, we’re both out of breath, and sweaty.

I know better than to pull out of her, she loves to keep me inside her as long as she can, so I gladly oblige. I can feel her pussy still contracting a little bit, aftershocks from her powerful orgasm. I can feel her legs trembling a little, and I know it isn’t because she’s cold.

I pull her even closer to me, and kiss her neck, and just behind her ear, and tell her that I love her more than anything else in the world. She tells me she loves me too, and we go back to the movie, which we had all but forgotten about…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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