The New Game Ch. 06

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Chapter 06 — Hearts in Armor

Sunday morning came very quickly. My eyes popped open sometime after 11am to the same eerie quiet I had gone to sleep to. I got out of bed and sort of crept my way downstairs. Penny was seated at the table in the dining area, drinking coffee and reading the paper quietly. She looked up and noticed me, then went back to reading without a word. She looked so cute just being herself that it made me very happy to be home.

I moved past her and into the kitchen in continued silence. I poured a cup of coffee for myself and stood in the doorway between the kitchen and dining room, staring at her intently. Finally, after several long, awkward moments, Penny could not take anymore of the unbridled attention.

“Can I help you with something,” she asked sharply without looking up from the paper.

“I missed you,” I responded.

“I know,” she said as she sipped her coffee again, this time looking up and grinning at me.

“Where’s Vivian,” I asked.

“At Emma’s, I think,” Penny surmised. “It’s messy. She never came home from Leslie’s. I am not sure what’s going to happen.”

“I am very sorry,” I expressed.

“For what,” Penny asked me directly.

“For not being able to be everything Vivian needed,” I disclosed. “For causing her pain enough to make her want to leave the game. I did not want that and I deeply regret not being man enough to see it and fix it before it came to this.”

“Are you retarted,” Penny asked me harshly. “She left because I was being a sneaky bitch and she caught me. I hurt her and I drove her out. Me.”

“I think you are being too hard on yourself,” I offered.

“OH NO,” she disagreed vehemently. “WE ALL were too hard on you. What a bunch of crabby bitches taking it all out on you because we were all too proud to go get you or to admit that we missed you so terribly. We could have consoled each other, but instead we drifted apart and we blamed you. Well fuck that. I am not gonna let any of them be hard on my man, anymore. I promise you that.”

“PENELOPE,” I snapped at her.

She stared at me in momentary fear which gave way to concern. She looked at me with her gorgeous brown eyes and I melted.

“I love you,” I said very softly.

She exhaled a very deep breath.

“Please don’t ever repeat that to any of the other women,” I requested. “Even if you believe it. Let them hammer me when they need to. I did this. Period.”

“That’s wrong,” she said in a low, soft voice. “You went home to take care of your family. You were needed and we were wrong to be that hard on you. You have been back less than two weeks and you have already started to reunite us when we were so lost without you. Don’t you see that?”

“I see that Brooke was woman enough to come get me to account for my misdeeds,” I countered. “I see a man that made a mess and hid from it because it was easier. Now that man needs to own up to each piece of making it right. That’s what I see.”

“She went to get you because she saw what being without you was doing to me,” Penny countered. “The only one that gave you a pass was Mindy. We all should have given you a pass, but we were so distant from each other while you were away. They have no right to blame you for their own undoing.”

“If they need to be angry with me or punish me to reunite with each other than I am ok with that,” I conceded. “It’s for the greater good.”

“I love you,” she gasped. “I refuse to let them hold this over you. I will not allow it.”

“Ok,” I conceded. “Let’s leave this here. This conversation has to stop. We aren’t getting anywhere and I would rather spend quality time with you than to argue.”

“Agreed,” she stated simply.

I spent most of the days running around the house. I wasted the hours, never getting to far from Penny for too long. I just wanted to be near her. Even if we weren’t touching, I could feel things from her. It was almost perfectly peaceful, just being there. Seeing her smile inspired me. I wanted to be a better man for her. I certainly did not want to fail her the way I felt that I had failed Vivian.

My eyes again sprang open on Monday morning. I was very happy to get back to a routine. I showered, dressed and got to the office before anyone else. I was excited to be back. I was also quite happy that the security code had not been changed. I made my way to my office and it was as if I had never left. I started my day, as I had many times, with sunlight spilling through the blinds and onto my desk. It was wonderful to be back here.

I settled in and went through some paperwork on my desk. I tried to outline what had gone on while I was away and what state the firm was in. Things seemed to be going rather well and I was pleased with a lot of the things I found. The ladies arrived at the office one at a time and each sort of waived or yelled to me. It was very normal and comfortable.

When Nikki arrived and she was settled in, we spent close to two hours together going over the office affairs that were currently open and a list of items I needed Beylikdüzü Escort to meet with Emma or Leslie about. I was making an immediate contribution and I felt like part of this great team again. The day was flying by until just after 2pm when I was sitting at my desk and Nikki appeared in my doorway once again.

“We have a meeting in the conference room,” she informed me.

“Great,” I announced as I jumped out of my chair to follow her.

I was rather surprised when I walked into the conference room and everyone was there, including Mindy and Vivian. This was a game meeting, not a business meeting. Nikki and I sat down at the table with everyone else. I waited for it to begin.

“On Saturday night, I made a statement,” Penny said, as she stood from her chair and began to pace behind it. “I said that anyone who voted ‘no’ would have the option to withdraw from the game without penalty. With that in mind, I want to let you all know that Vivian has withdrawn from the game.”

My heart sank in my chest as I heard those words. I could not look at her. I was sick to my stomach as Penny continued.

“She is leaving us with dignity and grace,” Penny added. “This is her own choice and we all wish her well, I’m sure. She has been a friend and much more to each of us at one time or another. She has played this game with elegance and class. On behalf of each of us, Vivian, we thank you and wish you the best.”

Penny moved back around to her chair and sat down. This felt like a retirement ceremony but it was not that at all. Vivian rose from her chair and stood as still as a statue. She looked at me and then away.

“I want to thank all of you,” she began. “This has been a very interesting experience and I have grown from it. I will cherish all of our times together and I don’t blame anyone for anything. It’s just my time to move on. I will keep you all with me wherever I go.”

She sat back down and glanced around the table from person to person. The knot in my stomach reached an unbearable size as no one else said a word. I stood up, looked around the table and then walked out of the conference room. I went into my office and shut the door. I sat in my chair and stared out the window with my back to the closed door, knowing at some point it would open.

It didn’t take long for that to happen. I heard the door open behind me and then close again. I knew whoever had entered was standing there, but I was not about to turn around, I was still too conflicted. I waited to be addressed.

“Are you angry with me,” Vivian asked me.

“No, I’m not,” I confirmed. “I’m angry with me.”

“Why,” she asked gently.

“If I had not gone home, things might not have come to this,” I suggested, still refusing to face her.

“First of all, you had to go home,” she reinforced. “You did the right thing for your family. Don’t let the rest of these women make you feel bad about that. They are proud and stubborn, but that doesn’t allow them to beat up on you for their mistakes. They could have stayed strong while you were gone, but they didn’t. They drifted amongst themselves. That’s not your doing. So stop letting them bully you.”

“Thank you,” I accepted. “So, will I see you at home?”

“No, you won’t,” she informed me. “Even if you had not gone back east, it would have still come to this. I love you and you don’t feel the same way. That’s not your fault and you have always treated me with respect. Seeing you at home, in love with Penny everyday is something I can no longer handle. So I am moving out. Someone will be over to get my things later in the week.”

I turned my chair around to face her. She looked at me intently, wondering what I would do next, I supposed. I stood up and walked to where she was standing next to my desk. I extended my right hand slowly towards her.

“Can we at least part considering ourselves friends,” I asked.

Vivian put her hand on my face and looked into my eyes. She leaned up and kissed me gently.

“Good luck with this game and these girls,” she said as she pulled away. “You already know that you need it.”

Vivian turned and walked out of my office, leaving the door open behind her. I watched her pass Nikki’s desk and head for the front door. As she disappeared through the front door I knew that I would not see her again. It was a horrible, empty feeling that I was unsure what to do with. I sat back in my chair and tried to get her off my mind. That was not an easy thing to do.

The rest of that week seemed to occur around me, as if I were not participating in it but merely just watching. The office was lifeless and lacked energy, or at least that is how it felt to me. There were very few conversations about anything other than work. Going home each night was no better as different people came by each night to get more of Vivian’s things. Piece by piece she was disappearing from our world. I was still internally conflicted about what happened and how matter-of-factly it went down. It was as if I was the only one feeling Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan any emotion about this change in dynamics. We just lost someone we all cared about and the women took it ever-so-perfectly in stride. Was I that weak?

Finally, Friday arrived and everyone seemed to have regained some of their energy in my view. The office sounded like it was buzzing and there seemed to be renewed life around me. It was inspiring and I always work better when things were like that. Maybe I was just feeling better and paying more attention. Towards the end of the day, Nikki poked her head into my office.

“Meeting, now,” she informed me.

As usual I followed her into the conference room where the rest of the office was waiting. We sat in our usual chairs and it seemed very ordinary.

“We have a problem,” Emma stated, staring directly at me.

“What’s the problem,” I inquired gingerly, unsure of where this was heading.

“Your living situation is the problem,” Emma declared.

“Vivian provided balance at home for you,” Leslie added. “Now that she has moved on, there is no balance. That is not fair to the rest of us.”

The good cop and bad cop routine that Emma and Leslie seemed to continue to fall into was getting old to me.

“We are working on a solution,” Penny assured me.

“Right,” Emma agreed. “But until that solution is established, we have to make a minor adjustment.”

This conversation was happening around me as I watched the women volley the topic around the table. I sat there in the middle of a whirlwind.

“How minor,” I asked.

“You can live at home during the week,” Emma conceded. “But you will have to stay with one of the rest of us on the weekend.”

“That’s interesting,” I offered as I digested what I had just learned.

This was not a minor adjustment, but it also wasn’t as drastic a change as I had been expecting. Where was this going? How was spending the weekends at someone else’s home providing balance?

“Ok, so who am I spending this weekend with,” I asked.

“That would be me,” Leslie replied.

“Right,” Emma agreed again. “You will go home, pack some things and report to Leslie’s tonight.”

“It’s just that simple,” I clarified as I stood up. “Thanks for the notice.”

I went back to my office and began shutting down for the weekend. This was an interesting turn of events. Spending actual living time with Leslie would be fun. She was great to talk to you, very insightful. I started to look forward to it as I walked out the front door of the office and headed home to pack.

When I reached home, I changed my cloths and threw some essentials into a bag without much delay. I was almost ready to leave when Penny arrived home. She waited for me in the dining room and I noticed her immediately when I came down the stairs.

“I hope you are not mad,” she said to me.

“Not at all,” I assured her. “This should be fun.”

“Good,” she said, relieved. “We will figure this out quickly. I promise.”

“No worries,” I told her as I kissed on the cheek. “See you Monday.”

I turned and headed down the stairs and out the front door. Penny had a great look of confusion on her face as I left her. I hoped in my car and was off. I stopped and picked up a six pack of beer and a pizza for dinner. I arrived at Leslie’s a short time later. I rang the bell and she let me in immediately. She looked great, as always, still dressed in her suit from work. I assumed that she had only been home for a few moments as her briefcase was still at the foot of the stairs. Leslie had a phenomenal body and her suits hugged her curves perfectly. I dropped my bag in the living room and proceeded into the kitchen.

I put the pizza on the counter while Leslie got out some paper plates. I put the beer in the fridge, minus one for myself. Leslie had already poured herself a glass of wine, so she was all set. We sat together for a while, watching the news, Sportscenter and then Jeopardy as we ate. We talked about current events and other things to pass the time before I found an old western on one of the cable channels. Leslie used it as a perfect excuse to leave me.

She grabbed her briefcase and disappeared up the staircase. I sat there watching her walk away from me until she was out of sight and then I turned my attention back to the movie on the television. My cell phone rang a moment later and I wondered who would be calling me. I checked the caller id to see Penny’s name in bright letters staring back at me.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Hey you,” Penny greeted me with a giggle. “You left here before I got a chance to tell you something important.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I offered, not really taking her all that seriously based on her playful tone of voice. “What important thing did you forget to tell me?”

I would have bet money that I knew what Penny was about to say.

“Well, we have changed the rules,” she informed me. “Since the game is back on and we want to get back to normal, anything goes on the weekends Esenyurt Escort now. Have fun.”

I was wrong. I had no idea that was coming. Penny had floored me and I had no idea what to think as she hung up on me. That part felt very much like getting back to normal. I put my phone down and sat there, wondering why the rules had changed. This was an interesting turn. I wondered if Leslie knew about this.

I heard Leslie on the stairs and when she reached the bottom landing my mouth fell open in awe. Leslie had on a zebra striped corset that was tied up the front. It had garters that were attached to sheer, white, thigh high stockings and she was not wearing any panties so her beautiful, bald pussy was in clear view. Her black, open-toe 5 inch stiletto heels with an ankle strap completed the look that gave me an instant, raging hard-on. My cock swelled immediately as it became abundantly clear that Leslie was well aware of the new adjustments to the rules.

As she walked across the room towards me, her gorgeous tits almost burst from the tight fitting corset. I was speechless as I watched her move. She separated my legs and stood between them in front of me. I began to lean forward on the couch, to get closer to her but she forced me backwards with her hands. I decided not to move again unless it was absolutely necessary.

Leslie knelt between my knees and undid my belt. She pulled my jeans off of me quickly and ensured that I was naked from the waist down in no time flat. I pulled off my shirt so that there was nothing in the way of her doing whatever she wanted to me. Leslie stood up in front me with my cement shaft pulsating in front of her. She reached out with her hand and beckoned me for mine. I extended my hands to her and she grabbed them firmly. She used our joined hands to balance herself as she raised her right leg and began to slowly, smoothly stroke my dick with her heel. I groaned loudly as she ran the heel of her sexy shoe up and down my pole. Clear fluid ran from the tip of my tool and down the length of my member rapidly. Leslie then placed her foot in the center of my chest with the heel just above my stomach. She pulled me to her with her arms and pushed me away from her with her heel. It hurt a little but I was so turned on by it at the same time. I felt that I might reach a spontaneous orgasm at any moment.

Leslie put her foot back down on the floor and let me sink back into the couch as she released my hands from her own. I stared at her, waiting for whatever she had in mind to do next. Leslie returned to her knees in front of me and began to fondle my organ with both of her hands as she moved her head closer to me. She found the small, circular mark that her heel had left on my chest and began licking it softly. I knew I was covering her hands in gallons of precum.

Leslie continued licking the mark for a moment before lowering her head over my shaft and engulfing it. My rod slid over her lips and into her mouth very easily. She went into a frenzy, sucking my cock frantically. She moved her head up and down on my pole as it passed in and out of her mouth swiftly. Her saliva heavily lubricated my prick as she ingested it over and over, hungrily. She sucked my cock at this rapid pace for another few moments as my orgasm built quickly.

All of the sudden, Leslie stopped sucking me off and stood up. She sat lightly on my right leg and leaned into me. She kissed me on the cheek and then bit my earlobe.

“I want you to agree to do something for me tonight,” she whispered to me.

“What would like, my dear,” I asked lightly, slightly curious about the answer.

“I want you to fill me up,” She said. “I want one load in each of my three holes. Will you do that for me?”

“I would enjoy nothing more,” I replied.

Leslie wasted no time in going back to her knees and resuming her ridiculous pace of sucking my engorged shaft. I groaned loudly when my cock reentered her mouth. She devoured my pecker with reckless abandon as I ran my hands through her lovely black hair. I lightly forced her face down onto my rod.

Leslie seemed turned on by the guidance of my hands and began sucking me harder and faster. I groaned again and pushed her head down onto my meat harder each time. Soon I was jamming her mouth onto my flesh-pipe until I erupted suddenly inside her mouth. I shot jet after jet of sticky, white semen into her gullet as I held her head still. Leslie swallowed every drop before allowing my tool to escape her oral cavity.

Leslie eased back and gazed at my freshly milked member lustily. She grabbed it firmly with her right hand and began pumping it aggressively. My tool sprang back to life under her touch as I grew harder and harder in her hand. Leslie stood up and looked down at me, sternly. She walked across the living room and into the hall. I heard her heels snap on the wood floor as she climbed the first two stairs to the small landing.

“Come get me,” she called to me.

I got up and moved to the stairs, as Leslie kept pace ahead of me. She looked down at me when she reached the top and I laughed. I continued to follow her to her room. She stood at the edge of her bed and smiled at me as I entered the room. I moved to her and then around her. I threw myself onto the bed and rolled onto my back, allowing my still firm shaft to stand up straight.

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