The New Julia

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Julia looked critically at the 40-something woman she saw in her full-length bedroom mirror. The woman who looked back at Julia wore a plain white bra and equally plain white panties. Her figure was still good and the flesh of her thighs and buttocks still reasonably firm. Julia turned and studied herself from the side. She ran a hand slowly down her front, over the cool smooth nylon of her full-cut briefs, and thought with some satisfaction that even her belly wasn’t yet showing the telltale signs of middle age.

“You’ve still got it, Julia,” she said aloud to the woman in the mirror. And then she whispered to herself, “So how come you haven’t had a cock in you since your husband ran off with that tiny-brain big-boob secretary of his?”

Julia was dressing for work. She was about to put on the outfit her boss insisted be worn by all of his female employees — the gals called it their unofficial uniform – a simple white blouse and a neatly tailored mid-length dark blue skirt. Dark pantyhose and sensible low heels usually completed the obligatory look.

Julia was suddenly struck with the depressing sameness and blandness of the outfit — and of her life.

‘I want more than this’, she thought, thinking of her life rather than the clothes. ‘I want more excitement, more fun, more variety. And I want more sex. I need more sex.’

She went to her lingerie drawer and pulled out some sexy lingerie, a matching bra and panty set in black silk with strategically placed panels of black lace. And then, on a mischievous whim, she took out a garter belt and black net stockings. And high heeled black pumps.

The plain white underwear came off, and the sexy black lingerie and shoes went on. Julia looked again at the woman in the mirror, and wondered if this ‘new’ Julia had what it would take to seriously shake up her dull and boring world.

On went the same old blouse and skirt, but now Julia looked surprisingly different from the way she usually did at work. The most obvious thing were the oval cups of the sexy black bra, now clearly discernible through the sheer material of the blouse. Her nicely shaped breasts had always been modestly downplayed in a white bra under a white blouse, but now they were definitely up front and, she hoped, attention-getting. She liked the flash of black net hose moving below the skirt, and the high heels looked, well, like high heels are meant to look.

Julia walked around a bit, peeking back over her shoulder at the mirror, and liked the way the heels added to the naturally seductive sway and bounce of her buttocks in the snug skirt.

“You look fuckin’ gorgeous, babe,” she said aloud to her reflection.

“Yeah, you sure fuckin’ do,” came a voice from behind her.

Julia nearly jumped out of her shoes in surprise. She spun around, and there in the bedroom doorway stood her son Robbie. He had a big grin on his face and the unmistakable bulge of a half-hard cock in his jeans.

“I thought you’d already left for work,” said Julia.

“Why would I do that?” asked Robbie. “I’d have missed the sexy fashion show!”

“How long have you been standing there?” his mother asked, a bit afraid of the answer to her question. She was desperately trying to deny any possible connection between her sexy look and her son’s hardon.

“Not long enough, Mom,” he grinned, turning to go. “I think I missed the best part,” he added with a laugh as he headed down the hallway.

She took a long last look at herself in the mirror. She suddenly had a very naughty and very sexually arousing thought, a thought so lewd and nasty that it brought the familiar warm tingle of arousal to her pussy. What made her thought so powerfully erotic was that she knew it hadn’t been brought on by seeing her sexy new self in the mirror. She knew that what was turning her on was the fact that her handsome son, the one with the man-sized weapon between his legs, had seen her sexy new self and apparently liked what he saw. She slipped a hand down inside her skirt and slowly rubbed her pussy mound through her panties.

“Did you see that big beautiful bulge in his pants?” she asked the attractive woman in the mirror.

And she suddenly stopped touching herself and stared at her reflected self.

‘Oh God, what’s wrong with me?’ thought Julia, quickly removing her hand from her panties and feeling a sudden wave of confusion and shame. She shouldn’t be happy about sexually teasing her own son. Should she?

And then she realized that her feelings of sexual need were more powerful that her desire to abide by some silly social taboo. And what was that thing called, anyway?

Her hand found its way back inside her clothes, this time inside her black lace panties. She found her slightly swollen clit and pressed a finger to it.

Oh yes, Incest. Incest was what it was called. She knew, almost in a moment of enlightenment, that she and Robbie were about güvenilir bahis to enter a new phase in their mother-son relationship. An incestuous one, perhaps? No. An incestuous one, definitely.

She fingerfucked herself in a rhythm that matched humping movements of her hips. She felt herself helplessly caught up in her own horniness. She had to sit on the edge of the bed to keep from losing her balance and falling.

She knew that despite her misgivings, she was going to find ways to tease her son more and more. She wanted to find out what her son’s cock looks like … (damn, that feels so goooooddd) … and how it tastes … (oh shit I love you Robbie) … and how it feels stretching the walls of his mother’s hot and needy pussy … (YESSSSS!) … and then she lay back on the bed and let her whole body be shaken by the most powerful orgasm she’d had in a long time.

‘Oh, Robbie, you sweet stud motherfucker…’

When she regained her composure, she straightened her skirt and left the room..

Julia smiled all the way to work. She was confident in her decision to let her life move in an exciting new direction. The New Julia looked great, and she felt great. And she smelled great, if you liked the fresh smell of a pussy that has just flooded itself in a violent spasm of raw lust.

‘Oh yes, Robbie my love’, thought Julia. ‘You’re going to learn to love that smell.’


Everyone at Julia’s workplace noticed the way Julia had slyly gotten around the company’s silly dress code. A few of the women expressed their eagerness to do something similar themselves. The men gave her a mixture of admiring glances, approving compliments, rude stares, and even ruder requests for quickies in the stockroom. She basked all day in the unusual and (mostly) welcome attention she was getting. She wondered what her friends might have thought if they could see what she had on underneath ‘the company uniform’.

When she got home after work, Julia started to change into the casual around-home clothes she usually relaxed in, a T-shirt and jeans, but she wanted to avoid falling back into the rut of her ‘old’ lifestyle.

To start with, she chose a stretch T-shirt and a pair of very tight jeans. She hadn’t worn either of them in some time, partly because they were a bit too sexy for everyday use and partly because they revealed the little flaws that were starting to show in her maturing body. But now she wanted to flaunt her generous curves, and to draw attention to her newly rejuvenated and proud sexuality.

She wore a thong panty under the jeans, and went bra-less under the shirt as a sort of experiment.

She usually wore jogging shoes around home, but they just wouldn’t do now. High-heeled shoes would look out of place, she thought. But what if she wore boots? They’d be almost entirely hidden under the jeans legs, but they’d still enhance the movements of her lower body nicely while still keeping her casual look. She tried them on.

She checked herself out in the mirror again. The effect was just what she wanted.

She put her hands on her shirtfront and cupped the swells of her breasts. She lifted them gently upward, and then forward, and then slightly apart, and then closer together, and finally she decided that they looked and felt just fine without the added support of a brassiere.

The jeans were perfect. They flared out boldly from Julia’s waist to her hips, flowed smoothly over the gentle rounding of her belly, and were utterly skintight over the generous curves of her buttocks and upper thighs. They were so tight that they revealed everything — the crease between the cheeks of her ass, the separation between her legs at her crotch, even the twin bulges of her camel’s toe pussy lips which framed the entrance to what her ex called her ‘honey pot’.

Admiring herself in the mirror was turning Julia on. Just studying the way her nipples poked out at the tightly stretched fabric of the T-shirt made them tingle a little, and she felt the need to press them and roll them playfully between her fingers.

“Oh, Robbie!” she gasped, imagining that it was her son’s hands there and practicing her feigned surprise at his boldly intimate caress.

She ran her hands slowly and teasingly over her jeans, never taking her eyes from her reflection in the mirror. Through the denim she squeezed the flesh that jutted back from where the top of her legs met the underside of her ass cheeks. She gave her bottom cheeks a slap or two to reassure herself that they could still bounce and shiver without appearing flabby. She moved her hands down both sides of her belly, bringing them together as she reached her pussy bulge. She rubbed the mound a little, and cupped its fullness down between her legs.

“Do you like the look of your mother’s nice ass and hot pussy, sweetheart?” she asked, watching the woman in the mirror as Robbie would be doing if the woman in the mirror was türkçe bahis the one asking the question.

Julia never heard the answer, because at that moment she heard Robbie come through the front door and head for his room to freshen up before dinner.

Julia went to the kitchen to get things ready. She caught Robbie’s eye and gave him a big smile as she passed his open door, and made sure that he got a good look at the seductive swaying movement of her bottom in the tight jeans as she moved away down the hallway. She glanced back just as she reached the kitchen, and was pleased to see that her son was standing outside his bedroom door, watching her. She gave him another big smile.

‘It’s been a weird and wonderful day,’ thought Julia. This morning she’d given her son a sexy underwear fashion show, quite unintentionally, and this afternoon she’d given him a sexy casual wear fashion show, quite intentionally. And in between she’d shaken up her workplace in a way the staff would be talking about for days.

Julia was right, of course. The day really had been both weird and wonderful. But it was also far from over, and for the New Julia and for Robbie the most amazing events still lay ahead.


Their dinner conversation followed its usual pattern, as if the familiar routine would ease the tension they both felt. Julia asked Robbie about his day, and Robbie asked his mother about hers. But this time the questions weren’t meant just as polite conversation. Both of them had experienced something new in their lives that day, something new in their relationship to each other.

For the first time Julia saw Robbie as the sexually aware and desirable young man he had become. She liked what she saw. She knew that he wasn’t a virgin, and she knew that she’d been treating him as an innocent boy for much too long. He had reacted to her sexual teasing as a man does. Her sexual frustration and her son’s natural drives would probably get them both into serious trouble if she didn’t take steps to avoid it. She didn’t want to avoid it. She wanted Robbie. It was incest, and she wondered for a moment why that didn’t hold more shame for her than it did right now. She wanted to have sex with her own son.

Robbie had for some time suspected that underneath his mother’s demure exterior was a sexually potent woman, and for the first time he had seen her erotic nature revealed in exciting and fun ways. He liked what he saw. His masturbation fantasies had sometimes included his mother, and rather suddenly those hazy visions were coming into sharp focus. He had tried hard to imagine what his mother’s tits and legs and ass might look like, unhidden by her clothes, and now he had a much clearer idea of their beauty. He’d now seen his mother’s terrific body clad only in seductive lingerie. And later her full curves had been proudly paraded before him, apparently with the intent of turning him on. And he was turned on. He wanted to fuck his own mother. But he knew that just wasn’t going to happen.

After dinner Robbie went to the Living Room to watch some TV while Julia did the cleanup chores in the kitchen. Neither of them seemed able to concentrate on what they were doing. Julia finished up the dishes, having washed some of them twice by mistake, and went to join Robbie on the Living Room sofa. She asked him casually what he was watching, and Robbie realized that in fact he didn’t have a clue what he’d been staring at for the past several minutes. All he could think about now was that his beautiful mother was sitting close to him, her hips nearly touching his, in those damned tight jeans that fitted so snugly over her shapely hips and ass cheeks. His cock was already stirring in his pants. He glanced over at her, and saw the little bumps her nipples made in the front of her stretch T-shirt. My mother is so fucking hot, he thought with amazement. His cock kept growing, and stiffening, and would soon become uncomfortable. He shifted his position slightly, to give his cock a little more freedom, and his leg accidentally brushed against his mother’s. He drew his leg away quickly from hers, mumbling a lame apology for his clumsiness.

“Don’t be silly, dear,” she laughed, and gave his upper leg an affectionate little pat and a squeeze. She couldn’t help but notice the bulge in Robbie’s pants crotch.

“We need to have a serious talk,” she said.

She picked up the remote control from the coffee table and switched off the television set. Robbie said nothing.

“About this morning,” she began.

“Oh shit, Mom, I didn’t mean to …” Robbie started to say.

“Shut up,” Julia said firmly, but with a smile. “Let me finish.”

Robbie sat quietly, afraid that he was in for at least a lecture, if not something worse.

Julia went on, looking straight ahead rather than at him. “I wouldn’t have left my bedroom door open when I was changing my clothes if I’d known you were still in güvenilir bahis siteleri the house. And you should have knocked to let me know you were there at my door.”

“Yes, Mom,” said Robbie meekly.

Julia turned to face her son directly, and she looked deep into his eyes. She rested her hand on his thigh again, and this time she left it there.

“You’re not a child any more, and seeing your mother in her sexy underwear probably had an effect on you that I didn’t intend. I think I may have excited you … sexually … but I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

Robbie just nodded. How could she have known that she’d done that?

“But I’m not sorry it happened,” she added.

“Huh?” thought Robbie. He could only stare at her in stunned silence.

“I didn’t mean to turn you on this morning,” she said. “But then I didn’t mean to turn myself on, either. But that happened too.”

Julia’s hand on her son’s leg moved in slow circles, caressing him.

“Did you like the way I looked?” she whispered as she leaned forward and let her mouth just briefly touch his.

Robbie couldn’t answer. He seemed to be having trouble breathing.

“Did you think I looked sexy, Robbie?”

“Uh … you looked terrific, Mom,” he managed to blurt out.

Her lips touched his again, this time more lingeringly.

“Did you like seeing your mother in her black lace bra…?”

She paused, noticing the strong effect the words were having on her son. Why is it that the names for women’s everyday garments are exciting to men?

She kissed him again, this time more firmly.

“And her black panties…?”

She put her arms around her son and pulled him to her. One hand moved to the back of his head and held his mouth close to hers.

“And her garter belt straps … and … stockings … and high heels?”

She let her tongue glide slowly along her son’s lips, and then flicked it between them for an instant. She felt Robbie move his tongue to meet hers, and she teasingly pulled hers back just before their tongues touched.

“Did you get big and hard down here,” she whispered, her hand moving to rest on the bulge his cock was making in his pants.

“Ohhh …. Fuck…yessss,” Robbie groaned.

“Do you like what I’m doing, Robbie?” his mother went on, teasingly. ” Or do you want me to stop?”

She gave the bulge in his pants a rubbing and then a firm squeeze.

“Oh, shit, no…uh…I mean …please don’t stop,” he begged.

“You can touch me too, darling,” she said. “I won’t break.”

She took one of Robbie’s hands and drew it up inside her T-shirt and under her bare breasts.

Robbie found a nipple to play with.

“Yes, that’s nice,” she sighed. “That feels good.”

Julia covered Robbie’s mouth with her own, boldly thrusting her tongue deeply into her son’s mouth and drawing his tongue back into her own. Their mouths drew slightly apart, but their tongues continued to dance together.

Julia pushed Robbie onto his back on the sofa and lay down on top of him, her legs astride his hips. She ground her belly over her son’s cock area. Her breasts flattened against her son’s chest. She felt Robbie’s hands move to grip the upthrust globes of her ass cheeks through her jeans.

Julia held her son’s face in her hands, continuing to kiss him wetly. She looked straight into Robbie’s eyes as she said the words that would make turning back impossible.

“Do you want to fuck me, Robbie?” she whispered.

Robbie didn’t immediately answer, dumbfounded by her question.

“Do you want to put your hard cock up inside your mother’s warm wet pussy and fuck her until she begs for mercy?” she asked.

“Oh, God …yeah, Mom … oh shit yeah,” was her son’s reply.

“Then let’s go to my bedroom and fuck,” she said matter-of-factly. “I’ll let you know when I’ve had enough.”

Julia helped Robbie get up off the sofa, and they staggered awkwardly down the hall toward the bedroom, kissing and groping and struggling with zippers and buttons along the way.

Robbie had had several young women before, with pleasing enough results, but with his mother he felt he was truly experiencing good sex for the first time. Julia was obviously happy with what they were doing together too. She was able to bring out the best in him as a lover, and he was able to bring her to heights of passion and depths of wantonness that she hadn’t visited in a long time. There were moments when both of them felt that they had just experienced something that past partners had never given them, things that future partners probably would never give them, things that no other partners could possibly give them. What they were sharing was perfect in ways that they couldn’t possibly describe.

Their future would give them many opportunities to enjoy each other, and they would always have those precious moments to remember as their sexual lives’ journeys led them to the other lovers that their unleashed carnality inevitably brought their way.

The New Julia was better, and a whole lot happier, than anyone could have ever dreamed she’d become. And no one was more pleasantly surprised by this than she was.

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