The New Mysteries Ch. 07

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**Thanks for all the awesome feedback! This is the final chapter in the series, and thanks for reading it through its almost 2 year duration!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to vote!**

Quieted moans of pleasure filled the candle-lit bedroom, mingling in the air with the wet sounds of sex. The smells of pleasure filtered about the room, with the scent of creaming pussy mixing with the odor of previously shot cum.

“Oh my god,” woman as she rose up, back arching, her short strawberry blonde hair flying in a blur with her movement. Its golden tones shimmered in the candlelight, the strawberry tones looking like fire as her hips rocked in slow circles on her lover below. “Oh god, you feel so good inside me,” she said, raising her hips rhythmically, enjoying the throbbing feeling of the thick cock in her belly.

“Deep inside you,” whispered her lover. He thrust up inside her, his strong back arching and lifting her nearly a foot off the bed.

“Oooh!” she moaned loudly. Her fingertips raked down his well-muscled chest, leaving red trails in their wake. “Oh god, I love it when you do that,” she cooed. He laughed gently and reached up to fondle her voluptuous, firm breasts. His thumbs played with her rosy nipples and their heaving bodies kept colliding sloppily in the flickering.

The man grabbed the young woman’s waist, his huge hands nearly encompassing the entire diameter. He pulled her down onto his stiff cock, burying it as deep as he could and then lifted her to slam her back down again. She moaned lowly in the pleasure as his cock popped out of her at the end of every stroke, her juicing pussy trying to slurp his thick manhood back into her womb. At the bottom of each rapid, pounding stroke, his cock buried itself to the hilt in her slippery velvet vice.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” she moaned loudly, her back arching to feel his cock slam into and along her g-spot..

“That’s the idea,” he whispered, his lips caressing her neck, his tongue flicking down it softly. She moaned again, and he could feel her pussy start to spasm around his thick cock.

“I’m cuming, oh my god, I’m cuming!” she moaned harder, her hands grabbing the sheets tightly. He listened to her scream, loving the sound, arching his hips against hers knowing that she would start to scream at the top of her lungs soon enough. The scream came, and her voice starting low, then going high, then disappearing completely in her rapture. Her juices flooded out around his cock, squirting noisily onto his crotch and coating their thighs. Five powerful gushes of cum shot from her hot pink box, soaking the sheets below them, as well. The man kept pumping away through her orgasm, her body shaking violently each time his cock nearly left her pussy, and each time it was completely swallowed up by it.

“I’m gonna cum,” he moaned, driving deeper and faster, their bodies slapping together wetly

“Oh god, Maxy, cum in my cunt!” the woman panted in mid-ecstasy, still shaking from the cum that she was in the throws of. “I want to feel it splash into my cunt, ” she purred, another orgasm rocking her body as her eyes burned with passion. His hands reached her turgid nipples and her tongue hit his massive, dripping mushroom at the same time. She pushed herself forward, rubbing her clit against his the root of his thick dick as it slammed in and out of her. She stared into his eyes, her hands gaziantep bayan escort on his chest, her nails digging into the meat of his pecks.

“Cum, Goddamnit! Cum in my cunt, you bastard!” she breathed, her voice gone feral and the burning passion in her eyes turning to engulfing lust. “Cum in my pussy, flood my cunt with your spunk. I want to feel it, I want it in my all goddamn day, and every time I think about your cock in my cunt, I want to feel your juice sliding around my fucking pussy!” she breathed harshly before biting Max on his collar bone.

That was all it took; Max exploded. Rope after rope of thick cum shot from his balls and raced through his throbbing cock, filling the pussy that was wrapped around it. He felt the cunt raise up as he shot, keeping just his pulsating head locked in its depths, allowing his seed to completely fill it.

“Mom!” shouted a voice up the stairs. “You’re going to be late for work, you hussy!”

Max’s body was still shuddering, in mid-orgasm as his mother rolled off him, her pussy popping open around his cock head only for a moment before sealing back shut. A thick drop of cum drew itself out and fell, silhouetted against the candle light behind her.

“She’s right, baby, I will be late. Besides, you and your sister have to get packed for college,” Max’s mom said, kissing him lightly on the lips, her tongue licking softly along his soft lips as he panted for air. “I meant it though, I love feeling your cum sloshing in my cunt all day,” she said and turned around, sticking her ass out and flexing, posing for Max before she left the room. “What am I going to do with you gone to State?” she sighed, leaning against the door frame for a moment, her perfectly formed tits standing our from her skin, her nipples standing proudly.

“Might have to go back to fucking Dad,” Max said, looking at his cum-covered cock before sitting up. He was coated in her juice, his blonde pubic hair matted down and he could feel it under his ass on his parents’ bed and on his thighs. His mother laughed, blushing in the dim candle light and walked out the door to the bathroom. He heard the shower start and he smiled broadly, lacing his fingers together behind his head and laid in the bed, enjoying the afterglow. It wasn’t 5 seconds later that Sara burst in the room.

“For fuck’s sake, I thought she’d never leave!” Sara said, springing on the bed. She plunged Max’s wilting rod into her mouth and moaned as she sucked her mother’s cum off her brother’s tool. “And you thought she’d be pissed if we got caught,” Sara said, letting Max’s stiffening prick pop free from her mouth for a moment before engulfing it and humming in pleasure. Max shivered in response, his sweat-covered body glowing in the dim light. She blew him sloppily as his dick returned to life, all 9 inches of it standing proudly from his golden nest of pubic hair.

Sara’s hand softly stroked her brother’s rod as she gave his crotch a tongue bath, licking their mother’s cum from her brother’s thighs, ass, and balls. She’d been going at it long enough that they both had lost track of time. Max heard the shower stop and he shoed his sister away from his crotch.

“Hey, she’s coming back soon!” Max said quietly.

“Big. Fucking. Deal,” Sara said between bobbing her head on Max’s cock. She’d gotten good enough she was gaziantep escort bayan almost swallowing all of his thick cock, but then she’d had plenty of practice lately. Max swung his legs around, his sister’s mouth still glued to his dick, her head still bobbing as his entire length disappeared down her throat.

“Hey, Goddamnit, Sara! You lost that bet, you know he’s mine this week! You can have him at State all you want, you little trollip!” their mother said, walking back into the room naked, her towel drying her short hair. She stopped, legs apart, her freshly shorn cunt glowing in the flickering light.

“But I have a present for you, Mom,” Sara said, standing. Max sat straight up, watching his sister and mother fight over him. Again.

“What is it, baby?” Daphne sighed heavily. Sara giggled and stepped sideways in front of her brother. She began to sit, and before Max could even react, she reached down and grabbed his dick, guiding it to her pink ass. She guided it inside her nether channel, letting his full length go into her ass, loving the feeling of it twitching inside her clenching ass.

“I have a whole load of Daddy’s cum for you to eat,” Sara said leaning back. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, opening her cum-streaked pink core. A thick dollop of cum started rolling out of her pink slit, and Daphne’s eyes were transfixed as she watched her husband’s cum roll out of her daughter’s glistening twat.

Daphne fell to her knees before her daughter, keeping her legs close together to keep her son’s spunk deep in her womb. Her tongue snaked out and slowly, lovingly, licked the cum off her daughter’s snatch. She watched as her pussy clenched and released, knowing that Max’s cock was buried deep in her tight ass and was enjoying the same feeling as her own tongue when her daughter squeezed her husband’s spoo from her depths.

“Mmmm, hot and fresh,” Daphne moaned. She started sucking on Sara’s clit and moaned louder, making Sara moan loudly and she convulsed harder issuing another glob of cunt cum and jizz from her pink hot box. “I can’t complain about the packaging, either,” Daphne added and lapped the cum up like a kitten getting its first taste of milk.

“I think I’m gonna blow,” Max said, listening to his mother and sister, feeling her tight hot ass trying to coax more man milk from his balls. Sara started flexing her sphincter faster and moaning louder.

“Mom, you want another load of cum in your slutty pussy?” Sara breathed out. Daphne drew Sara’s clit into her mouth and pinched it between her lips, pulling it tight for an instant and she stood up.

“Oh fuck yes!” Daphne said lustily and laid down on the bed beside her kids. She drew her knees up to her chest and pulled them apart, rolling her ass up off the bed as she did so, her pussy separating. Both kids marveled at how much it looked like Sara’s cunt, glistening in the dying light. Sara stood up and stood on the bed, kneeling over her mother’s face, letting the last of her father’s cum drip onto Daphne’s mouth. Max watched his mother eat his sister out, drinking the remnants of their father’s cum from her tight, juicy pussy as he put his cock at his mother’s entrance.

Daphne unclenched her pussy and her hole opened up, showing her cum flooded cunt still swimming in Max’s spunk.

“Do it, son, do it for your escort gaziantep bayan mother. Cum in my cunt!” Daphne moaned between licks on her daughter’s slit. Sara leaned forward and pulled her mother’s pussy farther open for Max and started slowly stroking his rod. It didn’t take too much for Max to shoot his load in their mother’s cunt for the second time in ten minutes. There was only a few shots this time, the first three almost splashing against the cum already in his mom, the fourth hosing down her slit from clit to asshole. Daphne started to cum and Sara let her pussy close, holding her hand against her mother’s mound.

“Now, now, can’t have you, oh, God, right there….we can’t have you cuming your son’s cum out of your pussy, can we, oh my God you’re soooooo good at that Mom,” Sara said, her pussy twitching over Daphne’s face.

Daphne’s impending orgasm subsided and Sara let her up. She quickly pulled on some panties, not wanting a single drop of Max’s cum to fall out of her twat. After the Old Mill, she re-discovered quite a few things about herself, and the feeling of a quim full of cum was one of her long-lost loves.

Daphne dressed quickly and she French kissed both of her children as she stepped out the bedroom door. A few seconds later, they both heard the front door open and then slam shut.

“Gonna go and give Jess a good-bye fuck?” Sara said, flopping down on the bed beside her brother. Max was still trying to catch his breath.

“I’d like to skewer her and her mother, but since Shagger’s back in the picture I can’t hardly get Velma to fuck me, and when I do, she’s so stretched out from Norville’s cock that it’s not that much fun for either of us,” Max said dejectedly. He sighed deeply. “I guess I’ll have to settle for fuckin’ Jess.”

Sara sighed deeply, mocking her brother. “Must be rough.”

“Well if you wouldn’t break your toys,” Max said, chiding his sister. He looked over at her gorgeous naked body and felt his dick trying to stir back to life.

“It’s not my fault! How the fuck should I have known that the baseball team would actually make the State Tournament. Besides, Jade’s forgiven me for that by now,” Sara said, stretching out on the bed, teasing her brother with her candle-lit body.

“Yeah, but not for getting her pregnant like that,” Max added.

“Not my fault!” Sara said defensively, waving a finger at her brother. “That was Lynn and Amber’s fault. Besides, they both got what was coming to them, too,” Sara added, shifting her gaze to the ceiling.

“I hardly see how them getting pregnant the same night as Jade is ‘getting even.’ If anything it makes it worse,” Max said, flopping down next to his sister, his right hand softly tickling along her pelvic ridge.

“I think it’s funny,” Sara said, her hand finding its way down her brother’s chest to his semi-hard rod. “This however, I find just fuckin’ awesome. How does this thing stay hard all the time?” Sara asked, rolling over. Her hand finished wanking her brother’s tool back to life and she spread her thighs, her right foot sliding up her left leg until it was at her knee, giving her brother’s hand full access to her freshly-eaten snatch.

“I don’t know, I just know that I’m the luckiest man on Earth,” Max said, looking into his sister’s eyes. She batted them at him and blushed.

“Then between you and Dad,” she said, rolling over on top of him, rubbing her open pussy against his fleshy rod. They both enjoyed each other’s heat as she slowly stroked his entire length from sack to head with the entire length of her slit. “I must be,” she said, sliding the tip of her brother’s cock into her dripping cunt.

“Oh God,” they both moaned, their voices joining the slow slurping noises of their sex in the candle lit room.

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