The New Year’s Party


What follows is Part 3 of the Swenson Manor Chronicles. Several months have passed since I last submitted a story. I hope you enjoy it, and will provide me some feedback both by submitting your vote, and sending comments.

Chapter 1

The sky was overcast, dark, and gray with a temperature in the low thirties, and the air holding a scent suggesting the imminent fall of snow. All in all this was not an unusual situation for late December in a part of the country where a white Christmas was very much the norm.

“Buzzzz” went the doorbell.

At the door was a man from Brown (UPS) with a special delivery envelope. I signed for it, and returned to my seat at the dining table looking out the patio window toward the sky and the first snowflakes. The envelope was exciting, but my Jasmine tea was getting cool so I took a sip before continuing.

Without further delay I opened the envelope, and there was something I had waited six months to receive; in my hands was a coveted green envelope. With no additional information I knew in this envelope was an invitation to some upcoming event at Swenson Manor; a place of fame in this part of the country. The same Swenson Manor where last summer I spent a weekend in attendance at a most decadent sexual gathering. That weekend, thus far, was the best sexual experience of my life.

Inside the green envelope was a matching green invitation with gold lettering inviting me to attend an extended New Year’s Eve party. The party was scheduled from Tuesday evening (New Year’s Eve) thru the following Sunday afternoon. An RSVP was required, and I could bring a guest. On the left face was a handwritten note:


I told you to look for you own envelope, and here it is. A long time has passed, but I wanted your next visit with us to be something special. Jo has her own invitation so if you desire feel free to bring someone else.


Paula is Paula Swenson. She is the wife of John Swenson, and the mistress of Swenson Manor. Paula is a beautiful lady who is willing to try anything for sexual pleasure. Jo is my good friend Jo Bayley to whom I am forever indebted because it was as her guest that I attended the June Swenson pool party.

Who to invite? It was late notice with just ten days before a New Year’s Eve party. Most of my friends already had commitments, but one whom I was sure would like to attend whether she had commitments or not was Darla Minks. I met Darla at the Swenson party in what was a weekend of sexual awakening for her. Darla discovered the pleasures of sex, and with my help arranged for her “scumbag” husband to experience the wonders of forced, dry anal sex. We found him passed out drunk, shackled him over a padded sawhorse with his butt in the air. When he awoke we each fucked him with exceptionally large dildoes, and then attached a sign next to him inviting anyone and everyone to have a piece of his ass. This was a small payback for twenty years of sexual oppression. Darla was now divorced with a very lucrative settlement, and a very sexually dynamic and adventurous lifestyle. I asked, Darla agreed, I responded to the RSVP, and we arrived early Tuesday evening for what I hoped, in fact knew would be the best New Year’s Eve party we had ever attended.

A wonderfully resplendent groomsman greeted us at the door. After checking the invitation he directed us up the stairs to the changing room to don a costume, and then to the main receiving room to meet Mrs. Swenson. In the changing room there was an array of sexually provocative costumes. Each costume was designed to reveal, or allow access to a woman’s breasts, as well as the genitalia and anal orifice of each sex. An alternative was to go nude with the exception of a decorative eye mask. After a few moments of looking Darla elected a white suit such as Victoria the white cat from “Cats” would wear, but I wanted more freedom so opted to go naked with a blue satin and white feather mask. Before going downstairs we applied to each other a generous amount of anal lube, pinched each other’s nipples to make sure they were erect, checked for drippy pussy, kissed, and then descended to an expected sexual frenzy below.

The main reception room was decorated to establish a festive mood. Bright lights and streamers welcoming the New Year were everywhere. There were several large tables with food, and a bar behind which were stacked several cases of Champagne. There was music in the background. It was lively, but not loud enough to make intimate talking difficult. The evening was young so only a few people were present, but those few were actively engaged in the true purpose of the party; sex, fucking, copulation, deviance.

As we entered the room Paula Swenson saw us, somehow recognized us behind our costumes, and waved that we should join her near the bar. Normally a host comes to greet their guests, but as we neared I understood why she did not come to us. Paula was sitting on a unique high bar stool, and kneeling in front of her was a blond lass rapidly licking her pussy. The stools were unique çekmeköy escort in that to each them was attached either a single or double headed dong. Everyone who sat had a choice of a one-hole or two-hole fuck. Another feature was an electrical cord indicating the dongs did more than stand up stiff.

“Hi girls. Hope you will understand why I didn’t come to greet you. I have waited a long time for this lovely creature to lick my twat. If you will have a seat I will talk with you in a few minutes.”

Darla and I each selected a double-dong stool. As I slid down the shafts I felt them begin to vibrate, and the heads start to twirl. In my present state it was not enough to get me off, but there was potential for a very exciting ride. This was evidenced as I observed Paula and her blond clit-licker.

“Oh, God! Gentle baby, I want to build some more.” Paula said to her companion. “That’s it; nice and steady right there.”

Paula’s eyes were closed, her head laid back. She used her right hand to pinch her nipples while her left hand ensured the blonde’s face stayed close to her pussy. Her momentum toward orgasm built steadily, and as she neared her climax her feet pushed on the rungs of the stool to make her body lift and fall on the dildoes lodged in her pussy and ass. The blond adroitly kept pace with Paula’s movements indicating this was not the first time she had licked a moving target.

Paula began to moan signaling her nearness to a substantial orgasm. “Oooooo God. Do it Baby. Lick me hard now. Lick me very hard. YES! YESSSSSSS!” With that she collapsed onto the stool seat as if she was a limp bag of rags, but the blond did not stop licking, and very shortly Paula was on the climb again.

Over the next fifteen minutes Paula came five times, but at last she put a stop to the blonde’s lingual laving of her clitoris. “Stop! I can’t take anymore!” The blond pulled away leaving Paula physically drained.

The girl sat on her knees for a moment waiting for Paula to regain some composure: “Did I do okay Mom?”

After a moment Paula responded: “Yes, Alyson. You did okay. You little bitch you know very well that what you just did to me was fantastic. Jo has taught you well.” The blond made no attempt to move until Paula told her to go sit on the couch.

“Nancy and Darla, I am so glad you came. Actually, have you cum yet? No of course not. You have done nothing but watch me cum. That lingual magician is Alyson, my youngest daughter. This is the first time we have allowed her to attend one of our parties, but I think she has a very good future licking pussy.

You know the rules around here. Incest and anything else consensual goes, and in your case Darla some things that are not consensual. What you did to that schmuck was beautiful. I heard the other day someone saw him over on South Street offering money for people to fuck his ass; such a change from the “he-man” I knew before. Enough about him, what do you want to do?”

Darla answered: “First, is there anyway to change the speed of these dongs I am sitting on?” Paula showed her the control box, and then Darla with a certain wiggle to her hips continued. “That is much better. Oh, yes that is much better. Um, my goal over the next few days is to ring in the New Year by fucking often, and with as many different people as I can.”

Paula looked at me: “What about you Nancy?”

“I plan to enjoy myself, but as to how I don’t know yet. However, what you were doing looked fun. Do you have any objection if I get intimate with Alyson? Will you introduce me?“Alyson, please come here. These are my friends Darla Minks and this is Nancy Jones. I told you about their exploits at the June party. Nancy has asked if I object if she gets intimate with you. I have no objection. Would you would like to fuck with her?”

I didn’t see the satisfied grin as the blond nodded and immediately knelt in front of me running her tongue along my slit. It was a wonderful feeling, and seemed like fun, but I had something more intimate in mind. I wanted to feel this luscious young body next to mine, and to do that we needed to go some place else. I pushed her away, lifted my body off the double-dongs, and stepped down to leave. Without warning, but with an uncanny reading of my desires, Alyson caressed my ass-cheeks then reached behind, and between my legs and inserted two fingers into my cunt and slipped her thumb up my ass; she understood the concept of continual stimulation. With my arm around her shoulder we proceeded to find a more comfortable area.

“Just so you know that was the first time I ever licked Mom’s pussy. I think I did a pretty good job.”

“I agree. Based on Paula’s reactions I would say you did a very good job. That and the fact you are so beautiful is what stirred my desire to enjoy you fully; where are the toys kept?” Alyson led me to a table on which were placed a wide variety of whips, shackles, dildoes, vibrators, anal plugs, and other assorted toys. I selected a few items, and Alyson led us to a comfortable space in a remote corner.

Alyson’s cevizli escort claim to just barely legal status was supported by her young appearance. She stood roughly 5’5”, with what were easily 36C tits. Of course at her age those beauties stood straight out with no sag. Her areolas were a soft innocent pink from which rose nipples that jutted outward almost one half inch. The blond hair that fell in wavy ringlets to just past her shoulders accented her brilliant sapphire blue eyes; the same color as mine. She was a natural blond based on the stripe of pubic hair lying on her pubic mound. With the exception of that stripe she was devoid of hair in her groin area.

In our corner was a mattress and as we reclined I kissed her then said: “You know why we are here. We can go slow or fast your choice. Do you want to kiss for a while, or would you prefer one of us take the lead?”

Alyson looked at me with a Cheshire grin of satisfaction: “If you don’t mind I would like to lead. You just enjoy.” With that she crawled between my legs so that she was now facing me, her fingers and thumb still within my vaginal and anal openings. Since they had never come out this was a very awkward position so she altered the scene withdrawing the pleasure-giving digits and bringing them to her face. Alyson sniffed each one then inserted one finger into her mouth. After a momentary suck she moved her hand to my face and rubbed her fingers beneath my nose. Alyson then placed the unsucked finger and thumb at my lips. With no hesitation I surrounded them with my lips to taste the essences of my body. The heady earthy aroma of her anus-encased thumb was a powerful aphrodisiac that raised my stimulation level a notch higher. After a moment of tasting and smelling I pulled Alyson toward my lips and ardently drove my tongue into her mouth. Our kiss was intense, passionate, and sensuous, and while I hated for her to leave I was confident greater pleasure waited.

Alyson rose over me then reached toward my mask and paused: “Mother told me you were coming and she said you are beautiful. Do you mind if I look?” Without waiting for my reply she removed my mask. She then began to kiss and lick her way down my body leaving tongue trails to mark her descent. On her journey she missed not one sensuous point; eyes, ears, lips, neck. Each received attention. At my nipples she circled with her tongue, sucked with her lips, and lastly nibbled with her teeth sending chills up and down my spine. She then continued southward toward my almost totally shaved pubic mound and the pleasure sites beyond. Only recently had I let this little patch grow above my clit hood. It was time for a change and this was a little change.

At last she arrived at my pussy lips, and pleasures I doubted could get any better in fact did exactly that. Alyson stroked, caressed, and laved both outside and inside of my labia. She licked the entrance to my vagina, and did things to my clit with her lips, tongue, and teeth that generated orgasm after orgasm.

“Oh, holy fuck! More! (gasp) More!” I whispered as my head rolled from side to side, and my hips continually humped up and down in rhythm with Alyson’s assaults on my sexual pleasure points.

At last she granted me a momentary respite during which I could do nothing but lie there with eyes closed my body heaving with heavy breathing. Alyson backed away from my body moving toward where we had placed our toys. She returned wearing a toy previously unbeknownst to me (not that I saw it with my eyes closed). Alyson grabbed my knees gently guiding them backward to touch my breasts, and spread them as wide as they would stretch. What more could this creature from heaven do to me? “Nancy, I’m going to fuck you now.”

Again I felt her fingers enter my body. She slipped her thumb into my cunt, and two slick fingers slid past my slick anal sphincter. Slowly, at first, she moved back and forth ensuring my openings were prepared for the assault to come. I felt pressure and pleasure. Spread wide and exposed I was in a vulnerable position, but I was confident this lovely creature would cause me no harm; I was body was tense, but I was unafraid.

Alyson removed her hand, and I experienced pressure at the opening to my pussy. I thought here it comes, but Alyson backed away, kissed me, repositioned slightly, and then rammed the double-headed dildoe strapped to her groin deep into my pussy and ass.

I wanted to yell something, and while my mouth was open wide no sound was heard. The sensation was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Not really pain as much as an unexpected pressure stretching both my openings to previously not experienced, and certainly unanticipated widths. Alyson gave me no time to consider what I was feeling as she withdrew the offending objects and again rammed them into my body. Repeatedly she struck the depths of my canals, and pounded her pubic mound on to my clit.

For me there was no time to experience a single orgasm; my body rapidly ascended into a continuous orgasm unrelenting in its building erenköy escort intensity, and pleasure. Alyson fucked me repeatedly driving the double-dong deep and powerfully into my body. In and out at an indefatigable pace she fucked, driving me continually into the surges of orgasm.

I know not how long the assault continued, but at last it slowed and I was able to emit sounds of moaning pleasure. There were no words. All that came out was senseless groans and babbling. I was in a state of euphoria that could feel no better, or so I thought.

Alyson suddenly recommenced her pounding into my body. She fucked me hard and fast driving me into a state that exceeded continuous orgasm. There is no way to describe what my body experienced. There is no way to describe it, and unless I was very fortunate I doubted I would ever experience such intensity again.

My body was writhing in pleasure, and we were both shimmering with perspiration before Alyson ceased her pounding into my body. She gradually slowed, then stopped, and with a creeping pace withdrew the huge man-objects imbedded in me. After removing the dildoes, and while keeping my knees high and wide, Alyson lowered her face to my crotch and gently licked my perianal area. The movement of her tongue was comforting, relaxing, and provided an intense, but very different pleasure. Only when Alyson sensed I was calm and relaxed did she lower my legs and gather me into her arms. This woman-child might technically be a neophyte at adult sex, but she understood its working. Alyson possessed me with innate sexual knowledge and skills beyond her years.

“That was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced in my life. Thank you.” I said. It was only then I heard the applause coming from all around us. I looked to see a large number of people clapping in appreciation of the sexual exhibition they had witnessed. Alyson blushed with embarrassment as she acknowledged the crowd.

“I hope you understand that I am too exhausted to return the favor right now. No one has ever taken me where you took me, and quite honestly I don’t know that I could do it again. However, if you will give me some time I would certainly like to give something back to you.”

“Nancy, you are the first woman I have ever fucked. I’ve had sex with females my age, and of course you saw me eat my Mom, but you are the first woman I have made love to and fully fucked. I don’t know what happened, but everything worked exactly right. You rest, and I promise we will get together later.” Alyson leaned toward me and passionately, but with great tenderness kissed my lips. As I drifted off to sleep the last thing I heard was Alyson, unaware than I could still hear, say: “You don’t know it yet, but I am the reason you were invited, and you are the reason Mother allowed me to attend this party.”

Chapter 2

I was confused as I awoke; it took a moment to reorient and realize where I was. Then the memory of the most fantastic sexual experience of my life came rushing to my consciousness. Also came the realization that a warm body was snuggled to my back with an arm across my body in such a manner the attached hand could cup my breast. Not only was the hand cupping my breast, but the fingers were tweaking my very aroused nipple.

Around me the room was bright with daylight. I could see that many more people had arrived than I remembered as present last evening, but most appeared asleep. Staff members were preparing the meal tables for what I was sure would be a sumptuous buffet.

“Are you awake?” a soft familiar voice close to my ear whispered.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Be still and don’t roll over. I need to tell you some things. Do you agree?” I indicated my assent.

“Please take what I am about to say in the most complimentary manner. It is my fault you have not received an invitation before now. You see this is the closest party to my eighteenth birthday, and you are a birthday present from my parents. I saw you at the June party, and was taken by how dynamic you are. How you helped Darla become a sexual being. How you orchestrated the assault on her husband’s ass. And of course how beautiful you are. I talked with Mother that Sunday evening and told her what I was feeling, and after much discussion over many weeks she said if I still felt the same by New Years she would invite you just for me. So you are my birthday present.”

“What do you mean you saw me in June? I thought this was your first party.”

“This is the first one I have attended as a participant. The parties were never a secret. I have known about them all my life, and over the past few years I was encouraged to watch if I desired; took all the fun out of sneaking around.

There are ways to watch everywhere in the manor; either live or by remote camera. The folks have films of every fuck that has occurred at a party for at least the last fifteen or twenty years. I was watching the monitors when you and Jo arrived, and I watched everything you did until you departed. I was also watching the monitors for your arrival this evening. Nancy, Mom and I set you up. That is how she knew whom to wave at when you came down the stairs. In case you are wondering Mom wasn’t faking those cums. They were real, and it was my first time with her. I hope none of this makes you angry”