The Next Time

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This story was written as a continuation to the fictional story ‘My First Time’, posted anonymously on a fetish newsgroup way back in 1996. 26 years later, it gets a sequel by a new author. Special thanks to the original author (whoever you are), and to Arthur Saxon for the inspiration.

So, last time I told you about my first panty pooping experience. Like I said, I couldn’t believe how much of a turn on it was. Since the first time I did it, I did it once in the privacy of my own home one evening. It was a few days after my first time, and though it wasn’t a large bowel movement (by my standards, anyway), it was my first time doing it on purpose. While it would be nice to have someone to share the experience with, I haven’t come across anyone, female or male, who I would dare tell about this new-found joy. Needless to say, I would be mortified if anyone I knew found out and figured I should just keep this to myself.

It was Monday, and the day started like most others. I showered, put on a matching white satin bra and panty set, molding to my every curve as if they were tailor made for me. I turned on the television as I blow dried my hair and makeup then put on a camisole and white pant suit, which is just tight enough to show off my tight ass and killer legs. I fixed myself a quick breakfast of oatmeal, yogurt and coffee, and made my usual commute to work. I parked in my reserved spot in the parking garage (one of the perks of the job), and grabbed my leather briefcase from the seat beside me. Walking into the lobby I saw the usual friendly faces, like Walt, the security guard who I’ve caught checking me out on more than one occasion.

I pressed the elevator button, glanced at my watch and stood there waiting when I saw Brad, one of our junior partners, emerge from the parking garage door. Ever since that day that I first pooped my panties in the stairwell, he’s been even more forward than before. He never said anything to me about it specifically, but it bothers me a little that he might know something. No one else has ever suspected a thing, and that’s the way I’d like to keep it.

“Good morning, Rhonda.” he asked. “How’re things going lately? Working on anything big?”

I certainly was, in a manner of speaking. It has been a week and a half since my last bowel movement, a new personal record. I was constipated for about five of those days, and since then, I’ve been determined to not let it go until it’s as big as it can possibly be. I thought it would happen last night while I was getting ready for bed. I was wearing my usual sleep attire, a white satin and lace nightie, with built in panties. I’d just finished applying some facial cream when I felt the firm mass of poop pressing against my asshole, ready to emerge. I was becoming so horny at the thought of filling my satin panties with a huge shit right then and there. In a rare display of self-restraint, I did my best to make it retreat. I was determined to have the biggest bowel movement possible when I got home from work, and spend the rest of the evening having some messy fun.

“I’m fine, Brad. Nothing I can’t handle, just another land transfer deal. Piece of cake.” I was, of course, projecting my usual confidence. I’m good at what I do and I’m not shy about it, but this deal is an important one to the firm. A recently deceased, very wealthy landowner with several holdings has left the titles to a series of beneficiaries that he named in his will, some individual and some corporate. One or two of the properties are tied up in litigation and dispute. Needless to say, this is a lot of paperwork even if it isn’t the most challenging case. The firm’s partners gave it to me because they know that I’ll work through it efficiently and without error.

The elevator opened and we stepped in, continuing to make small talk. Brad casually sipped the cup of coffee he was drinking and fiddled with his smartphone until we got to the 31st floor of the building where our firm’s offices were.

I waved to Brianna, one of our new interns who was the daughter of one of the senior partners, David. She hadn’t worked in our office for long, but seemed to be fitting in quite well. She always has a smile on her face and does her job well; everything you would want from an intern.

“Good morning, Brianna. How was your weekend?” I asked. She wore large, square-lensed glasses and sat with her legs crossed. Her shapely legs, rivaling my own, were visible under the desk. She had a fit yet curvy physique, and clearly worked out often.

“Oh, not bad. I think a few pieces of mail came for you.” She said in her usual bubbly demeanor. Her ass was probably as perfect as her legs, I thought, when she got up to retrieve a few pieces of mail that came for me from my mailbox on the wall.

Her skirt was so short, it just barely covered her butt. Her long black hair was pulled back in a ponytail and cut in bangs across her forehead. And the way she sat back down, slowly and leaning forward, elvankent escort I almost suspected she wanted whoever was watching to glimpse her round breasts behind her silky, loose blouse.

She handed me a few pieces of mail that came for me and I walked down the long hallway to my corner office with a jaw dropping view of The Loop. By the time I got there, my need to evacuate my bowels had increased even more. There was a twinge of doubt that I would be able to make it to this evening, but I was determined.

I opened and closed the door behind me, and bent slightly over to place my briefcase beside my desk. I swear, if I didn’t straight up again when I did, I would most definitely have shit myself right then and there. My office is by no means small, but if I shit myself in there, someone who walked in the door would instantly be able to tell (my poop tends to smell a lot). I paced in front of my high-rise window, looking at the intersections below packed with bumper-to-bumper morning traffic. They were so small from up here they looked like toy cars. I realized the pacing was not helping my urgency… I thought, maybe if I sit down it will help.

I exhaled ly as I sat down behind my desk. Thankfully, it seemed to provide some relief. I straightened my suit jacket, turned my screen on, proceeded to try and get some work done, but admittedly I didn’t work as efficiently as I normally do because of the massive distraction in my bowels, begging for release.

Fortunately, it subsided somewhat as I began to focus on my work, which I did for the next hour or so. I saw a calendar notification pop up on my screen, reminding me of a meeting I had with the other partners in fifteen minutes. I leaned back in my chair and stretched; my stomach tight against my blouse. I felt it with my hand, it seemed bigger than usual. Was I putting on some pounds there, or was it because of all the poop? I certainly hoped it was the latter. If so, this was going to be one impressive load of shit.

I swiveled my chair back to the opposite side of my desk, my pile of mail from this morning still unopened. There were three envelopes, all sealed. I took my letter opener from my cup of pens and sliced open each envelope with precision. The first two were memos from the senior partners. The junior partners use email for correspondence like this, but the senior partners are still stuck in the past and can barely work their smartphones, so they send a lot of interoffice memos around. Think of all the trees that could be saved.

As I sat there, the pressure in my bowels increased even further. At that moment, I was tempted to go and use the toilet, and just get rid of it. Just then, my Outlook calendar chimed with a five-minute meeting notification. Crap. I wouldn’t have time to get rid of this monster poop in the bathroom, even if I wanted to. No way I could be late, either. One of the other lawyers whose office is a couple of doors down from mine was late to a meeting once and was publicly shamed by David, accusing him of believing that his time was more valuable than everyone else’s.

David called today’s meeting to discuss the firm’s strategic plan, and if I want to make partner it’s very important for me to not only be present at these meetings, but to be well prepared and present well-thought-out ideas. I grabbed my folio and walked hurriedly down the corridor, past the reception desk to the elevator. I mashed the button several times in some misguided effort to make the elevator come quicker.

A minute later, it arrived, and I exited on the 60th floor where our company’s majestic boardroom was located. Before I entered the room, I tried to let out a little gas to ease the pressure a bit but the bulbous head of my poop was literally right at my sphincter opening, ready to come out with even the smallest contraction.

I was right on time, and followed the last of the partners in and closed the door behind me. I took my seat at the chair nearest to the door… Just in case. I sat down in one of the antique looking, padded leather chairs which creaked as I sat down in it, clenching my buttocks as I did. I opened my folio and pressed my butt into the seat which I was hoping would again help to offer some resistance.

“Alright everybody, let’s get started.” said David, who was sitting at the head of the large boardroom table.

“The reason I called this meeting is to discuss the profitability of our firm.” He said, taking a sip of hot tea. “Our costs are high, and we need to focus our efforts on building margins of operational and financial safety.”

Great, another ‘State of Firm Profitability’ address. It seems like we have the same meeting every other week. He was about ten minutes into his lecture when I felt a cramp hit me and I bore down even deeper into the seat of my chair, my knuckles white while gripping the armrests. I could feel my asshole begin to open involuntarily, and I realized I emek escort was losing the battle. My heart was beating fast and I debated whether I should just excuse myself.

“When faced with declining revenues, I think the best way to grow profits and to defend against predatory competitors is to reduce costs at a faster rate. Maybe lose some people.” Brad chimed in, then turned my way. “What do you think, Rhonda?”

I probably looked like a deer in headlights at that moment. I said the first thing that came to my mind. “Well Brad, I believe we need to maintain the firm’s capabilities and preserve client satisfaction above all else. We need to retain the talent we have, but perhaps we should implement a hiring freeze for the time being.”

“That’s a good idea, Rhonda. A hiring freeze, at least for the short term, would help to alleviate some of the financial pressure we’re under.” David said.

I smiled, giving a single nod, and the conversation continued. If only he knew how much I wanted to alleviate pressures of my own right now. The closest person to me was Brad, but he was about four feet to my left. He would look over my way every so often, but I don’t think he suspected anything. The meeting continued for the next several minutes, and I was able to focus on little else than containing the enormous pressure in my bowels.

Although I was quite uncomfortable, whatever pain I was feeling was better than shitting my panties in a room full of my colleagues. The chair was keeping my poop from moving, for the moment anyway. The meeting seemed to be winding down now.

“Even though we’re still projecting good things for the time being, forces both under and outside of our control will attempt to erode those profits. We will continue to have discussions over the coming months and monitor the situation closely.” David got up from his chair. “Alright, that’s it everyone. Thanks for coming.”

I started jotting a few notes down in my folio and checked my smartphone, so it would not seem weird if I didn’t get up at the same time as everyone else. Once everyone had left the room, I slowly got up from my seat. I clenched my ass cheeks together with all of my might, and standing upright, I put two fingers under my asshole as extra insurance. Thankfully, there was no poop in there… yet.

My bid to emerge from the room without shitting myself was successful but I was feeling even more urgent, thinking “I’m literally bursting and going to poop myself at any moment.” As much as I didn’t want to, I was just going to go to the bathroom and rid myself of his monster. It was not worth losing my job over.

Thankfully, there was a set of his and hers bathrooms in the lobby by the elevators. I walked towards them at a frenetic pace, my heels clacking on the marble floor as I did. As I was about to push the door open to the ladies’ room, David emerged, double checking that he’d zipped up his trousers.

“Ah, Rhonda. Great job in the meeting today, your input was greatly appreciated. And I’m not the only one who thought so.” he said with a dry smile.

“Thanks, David. I’m just passionate about our firm and want to see us be able to best our competitors.” I said, with a smile and my hand on my rump.

“I was speaking with the other partners at our last executive meeting, and when Bill retires in a few months, there will be an open partner spot.” he said as a matter of factly. “Come, take the elevator down with me and we’ll discuss further.”

So close, yet so far. I couldn’t possibly tell the head of the firm that I didn’t want to take the elevator with him to talk about a big promotion so I could go and take a huge shit.

“Sounds good, David.” I said, pushing the button to summon the elevator. After a few seconds the door opened, and we stepped inside. David pushed the button to the floor where our offices were, and the doors closed.

“So, Bill pulled me aside a couple of weeks back and said he’s going to retire soon to spend time traveling with his wife, and I wanted him to stay but he was insistent that he wants to enjoy retirement and see the world… I can’t force him to stay, and I’m disappointed he’s leaving.” he said, and kept droning on and on about Bill wanting to retire.

I half smiled and then grimaced. I wasn’t even listening to half of what he was saying, I was just clenching my butt for dear life. All of a sudden, there was a loud thud and then, the unthinkable happened. The elevator suddenly stopped, as did my heart!

“Well, that’s just great, I’ve got a conference call that starts in a few minutes.” David said, checking his watch. The elevator was stuck. Honestly, I couldn’t even make this up if I tried, I was completely and totally screwed! I whimpered, breaking out in a cold sweat.

“You okay, Rhonda?” David asked.

“Y-yeah, I’ll be fine…” I said, trying to put on a brave face. The truth is, I’m claustrophobic and hate elevators even at the best of times. eryaman escort No matter what David did to the buttons, the doors wouldn’t open.

I don’t know if it was the fear that put me over the edge, but I couldn’t hold it for even a second longer. I bit my lip and my eyes watered slightly as I felt my asshole dilate, and the thick column of shit began to crown. The thick, rounded tip of this massive turd was now sandwiched between my butt cheeks. After another few moments, its tip touched the seat of my panties, which were offering some resistance, along with my pants. Its knobby tip felt like it was made of tightly packed together marbles, and felt nearly as hard coming out. My asshole felt like it was stretched to the max, easily a few inches. There was no detectable smell… yet. I prayed that I had some time until the smell would become noticeable.

David was on his cell phone, talking to the security desk. Apparently, elevator malfunctions have happened before, that’s what I get for working in an old building. Hopefully David didn’t suspect or smell anything. There was now a solid mass of poop in my panties, and it was holding me open. If I were to cough, sneeze, or do anything other than continue clenching, it would be moving out of me quickly and there would be no hiding it whatsoever.

When David looked the other way, I covertly reached under the seat of my pants to feel it. I now had a bulge the size of an orange between my cheeks, and there was absolutely no way that this would go unnoticed. If someone looked at my ass they would know something was there as these pants already left little to the imagination. Worst of all, I still felt very full and knew this was just the beginning. I desperately wanted to continue pooping but knew it would be the end of me if I did, so I held on tight.

I stood as still as I could, clenching for dear life, my back pressed up against the elevator wall. If I couldn’t stop pooping, then maybe I could slow it down.

“So, the elevator’s just stuck between floors. It shouldn’t be long before they get us out, so you can relax.” David said.

I did my best to maintain my composure, clenching and squeezing my legs together. Along with the resistance from my tight pants, this thankfully stopped the turd from moving out even more… at least for the moment.

My eyes wandered to a placard to the left of the elevator door, which read: “Should the elevator doors fail to open, do not become alarmed. There is little danger of running out of air or of this elevator dropping uncontrollably. Please use button marked ‘alarm’ or telephone (if furnished) to summon aid. Elevator companies are on call 24 hours a day for emergency service.” Well, thank goodness for that.

I backed up so that I was on the opposite side of the elevator from David, my butt pushed up against the perimeter handrail. Several minutes passed, but my feeling of urgency did not. The feeling of being held open by this massive turd was rather uncomfortable, and I so desperately wanted to alleviate the discomfort. I wouldn’t dare while still being trapped in the elevator with the head of the firm.

I looked down at my phone and saw that I had a text from Brianna.

“The crew is working hard to get you unstuck – it should only be another few minutes,” read the text. “Just hold on.”

I was trying to stave off my panic, and trying to play it cool.

“So, I guess we have a few minutes, we may as well chat while we’re waiting.” said David, as he put his phone back in the breast pocket of his suit jacket.

“With Bill gone in a little while, I was thinking of promoting you to partner. You’ve been with us for a while, and are very diligent and good at what you do. You’ve brought significant business to the firm, and it would be our way of rewarding you on a job well done,” he said, and smiled.

If I wasn’t trying to keep myself from shitting my pants uncontrollably, I would have been overjoyed with this news. The firm’s partners up until this point were all men, and this was the big break I’d been waiting for after years of hard work.

“I thought you’d be more thrilled.” said David, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, I am. I’m just claustrophobic and having a hard time–” and my words were cut off by another large thud as the elevator jerked back into motion, and was traveling unencumbered again.

“Well, that was fast. Maybe I won’t be late after all.” David said, “Rhonda, let’s continue this discussion another time, okay? I’ll come see you later this afternoon. Maybe we’ll have lunch next week. Please book something with my secretary – anywhere you want.”

The elevator binged and stopped on the floor where David’s office, as well as those of other partners were situated.

“Sounds good, David. Thanks so much.” I said, waving as the doors closed as I nervously rode down to my floor alone. As soon as he exited the elevator, the panic I’d suppressed finally hit me as my breathing intensified, and I exhaled deeply, relaxing as the massive turd continued moving into my panties… Six inches, eight inches… my goodness – and it wasn’t getting any narrower, either. I felt my butt again, and the bulge underneath it. It was getting to be a size that was impressive, even for me.

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