The Night After the Battle

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Cynoscephalae (actual Greece) – 197 BC

Portia stood up from the bed and stretched in the dimly lit tent, the light fabric of her tunic rustled around her legs and opened in the middle to reveal well-rounded legs whose pearly skin shone in the candlelight. She carefully helped herself to half a cup of wine and topped it up with water. The scent of wine reached her nostrils, there were rosemary and lavender in there for sure and a good helping of honey. She took a tiny sip and licked her lips.

Noises from the outside reached her. It was the sound of inexpert musicians whose hands have been lubed up by a good helping of sweet wine and laughing, drunken warriors with their happy partners.

Portia took another sip of wine and closed her eyes, waiting. Suddenly, the entrance flap of the tent rose up and a muscular man stumbled inside. He was still dressed in his battle outfit, the heavy chest armor stained in blood and sweat, a red mantle covering his back. Her hands rose in silence to offer her goblet to his thirsty mouth. He took it and went to sit on the bed.

The wooden structure welcomed the heavy warrior with a squeak and Portia knew better than to start chattering. Instead, she kept silent and waited for Kaius to take a sip of wine. Only when she saw his shoulders lower a bit under the armor she walked closer, her tunic flowing with her steps and barely hiding her body.

Her fingers went directly to the leather strips and buckles of his armor and released sex hikayeleri them, then she lifted the heavy metal and put it away on one side of the bed. In the light of the braziers, she sat at his side and kept silent.

Kaius took more sips from the goblet and his features relaxed a little bit more.

‘It was…’ He paused, ‘…amazing.’

Portia smiled. Given the feisty soldiers outside the tent, there was no doubt it had been a success.

‘They settled into a phalanx and didn’t stand a chance. Rome will be pleased.’ Portia refilled his goblet and sat at his side again. Her hand started to wander on the dirty garments that Kaius was still wearing. Blood had clotted over a cut on his arm. Her fingers touched it lightly and Kaius’s eyes closed.

‘I’m so tired’ he sighed. She did not talk, but pulled the sleeve of his tunic. He got up, removed it and let it drop to the ground.

For a moment he stood in front of her, his wide chest carrying old and new scars. Portia’s eyes followed along a long one that went from his gluteus down his entire thigh. His slightly engorged manhood told that the battle had not exhausted him yet. Portia took his hand in hers, inviting him to lie down on the bed and walked to a table to pick up a bowl full of clean water and a cloth.

Kaius let out a moan of pleasure when the fresh cloth touched his skin and tried to take it, but Portia’s small hand pushed slightly on his chest.

‘Leave it’ she told him and he relaxed on the bed, closing his eyes.

The cloth brushed against his beard with a scratching sound, cleaning away adult hikayeler the sweat and then Portia moved it down to his chest. Kaius adjusted himself on the bed with another moan; she saw his manhood growing bigger. Concentrating on his arm, she washed away the coagulated blood around the cuts and applied her special ointment. The aromatic scent spread through the tent and tickled his nostrils.

Portia spread the ointment on his wounds and more on his shoulders. Her fingers explored his skin and pushed lightly to find tenseness. She massaged his sore muscles releasing the knots. It was deeply satisfying for him to lie under Portia’s hands and he moaned with pleasure.

Then she moved the cloth lower, washing his stomach and legs. As soon as she touched his thighs, his cock sprang up fiercely. He did not seem to be bothered and still kept his eyes closed; Portia smiled in appreciation. She dropped the cloth on the ground and laid her hand on the base of his cock in the furry hair, stroking his pubes lightly. His cock throbbed and precum made the tip glisten in the light. Her hand moved slowly to embrace and hold him, held him tightly in her hand and started moving it slowly. The warrior under her arms growled in evident appreciation and she knelt between his legs to take him in her mouth.

Portia’s lips opened to welcome his cock, almost too big to swallow; she sucked the head and slowly moved over to take it all in her mouth. Then she withdrew and glanced at him. Kaius was staring at her, enjoying the sight of his mistress bent over his hard swollen cock, clothes barely sex hikayelerin hiding her body and hair hanging loosely on his legs.

She smiled and her mouth returned to his manhood, her tongue ran around the tip while stroking the shaft, then sucked it in her mouth massaging the red, smooth tip with her lips then more…Kaius felt blood rushing away from him and surrendered to his mistress.

Portia’s mouth received his cock once again and held it in her mouth with her hand; Kaius groaned at the feeling of being swallowed, then she massaged him hard and swallowed him again. His breath had gotten heavier and his cock was as hard as ever. Feeling he was close to coming, his hand reached down to pull her up and return the favor but she shook her head in silence and smiled back at him. Portia’s tongue ran all along his cock, exploring and tasting every millimeter, then swallowed him again. With a hand she gently cupped his balls, feeling them swollen under her touch. She knew it would not be long before he would reach his pleasure, so she welcomed his cock once again and stroked it hard with her hand, stroking and swallowing, until she felt the warrior tremble under her fingers and his semen shot out in her mouth.

Kaius’ hands clawed the mattress under them and shook, possessed by his pleasure. His cock kept spurting semen inside her mouth and he got a glimpse of her lips closed around his manhood, her long hair scattered around and untidy, ‘Gods!’ he murmured.

Portia swallowed all and kept his cock in her mouth, moving softly, until it was spent and soft then she crawled up to him and kissed him hard. Kaius explored her mouth and tasted his own semen; his lover could beat him with her mouth better than an army of Macedonian warriors. He smiled contentedly and pulled Portia to lie at his side and rest with him.

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