The Night I Discovered a Woman


We have a routine when we meet new swingers. We like to meet for a drink. We have been doing this long enough to know that we shouldn’t even plan dinner. Dating was hard enough when it was one on one. When you are looking for chemistry between four different people it really is next to impossible.

It had gotten so impossible we hadn’t even really been that active. We had met too many people and had such limited success that we really just weren’t that into it. Still, their profile was nice and they were attractive so what the hell. We met at a wine bar not far from our house.

When they walked in, their pictures were not representative of what they looked like in person. This happens so frequently that we almost expect it now. We wonder how much different we look from our profile pictures. She was shorter and heavier than the pictures. He was older.

“That’s disappointing.” I told David as we waited to see if they recognized us.

“It’s on you then. I can tell he is older than you go for.”

I know it’s expected that the male half is going to be down to fuck pretty much whatever she looks like, but with David that wasn’t true. He had a problem with skinny. We are past forty and he hates it when women over 40 work out until they are skin and bones. It looks okay at 20, he thinks, but older he thinks they look like Skeletor from the old He-Man cartoons. I supposed, the longer I looked at her the better she looked. She had large full breasts and hips and a little bit of a tummy but she kept her waist thin enough that she had a true hourglass figure. She had Dark hair and tan skin and could be Latina. I guess it was up to me if I was going to take one for the team. We had pledged not to ever put the other one in that situation but of course, we had done it frequently.

He had gray hair and a gray goatee and could have been anything from a prematurely gray 35 to a fit 60. He wasn’t really my type but he was tall. The men typically will be the ones to recognize each other but tonight it was different. They scanned the bar for a moment when the woman, Jennifer, recognized us, elbowed her husband, and came towards us.

Drinks went well. He was charming. David was smitten with the curvy brunette and they frequently leaned in to each other to whisper something. It usually left her giggling. She was placing her hand on his thigh.

The topic of dinner was brought up. I suggested Appetizers at the bar. Henrick liked the idea. He was born in Germany he had said but had lost his accent when he had gone to high school in Indianapolis. We talked a little about how he had immigrated to America. He was nice. He was charming. Those things are important. I really need three things if I am going to want to play. 1. I can’t be a foregone conclusion. I think that’s why I hate house parties. I don’t like it when someone assumes they are going to get to fuck me. I have the pussy, you want the pussy, you better put the effort in. 2. I have to be attracted to you. I don’t like creepy or smarmy. I don’t want to hear about all of the orgies you host or all of the threesomes you’ve been in. I used to have fit as one of my requirements but I have learned, you can be a little chubby if you are sweet and charming. After all, my David is a little soft around the middle now. 3. You are going to need to hit on me. I really need you to come on to me. I want to hear how I am pretty and smart and how much you want me.

I guess we were lucky that Henrick and I were doing okay because I hadn’t seen David click with anyone like this. Okay, that is not true. I know he liked the woman Louise a lot. There was also Lora. The problem with both those couples was that I am selfish. We play when I want to play. I get very jealous when David actually hits it off with some woman and I am prone to throw a temper tantrum. I really don’t know why it didn’t happen this night but it didn’t. I was on a third glass of wine and had basically downed a bowl of artichoke dip on my own when he made his move.

“You are so pretty. We haven’t been experimenting with this very long and we really haven’t found any couples that we both liked. I guess I am picky.”

He had said that about right. It was time for him to make a move. He started nicely; he had placed his hand on my back. He went for the lower back, not straight to my bare shoulder or so low as to be grabbing my ass. I leaned back into Uzun porno his hand. He moved his hand up to my bare shoulder. His touch was pleasant. I was in.

David excused himself to the restroom. It’s at times like these it would be better if guys went to the restroom in groups the way women do, but they don’t. With the three of us at the table, Jennifer moved closer to me. She did like to move in close to talk but when she asked what she asked, I understood.

“So you aren’t really into the girl on girl thing?”

This question comes up a lot. I think at least half of the people that play are there because the woman half likes women. I don’t. I’m not even curious and I was a little disappointed because it could be a deal breaker. I didn’t even realize I was that ready for something to happen but I must have been.

“Nope. Not my thing. Sorry.” I was a little terse but I was kind of tired of it coming up.

I think we kept talking but the change in mood was chilling. David came back and he could tell. The discussion rolled back to places we had travelled. We talked about the nude resort in Jamaica.

“That is where I got attacked.” Said Jennifer. It was just awful the direction the night had gone and how quickly it had gone there. “I’m kind of like you. I never really have been into girls. We were all kind of doing our thing and I was right in the middle of it with her husband when she started trying to kiss me.”

“Oh my god! That same thing! Remember Honey?” I knew exactly what Jennifer was talking about. We had been with the couple. I really liked the guy but wasn’t all that big on his wife. David didn’t mind her though I guess.

“I mean, go down on me, sure. Its not like I care who goes down on me if they know what they are doing but I am not into kissing girls.”

“I will suck on a tit.” I admitted. “I just kind of do it for Dave, ya’ know, but yeah, no kissing.”

“Okay, so no girl on girl kissing. Do you guys have any other rules we should know?”

“No guy on guy kissing. I mean, you are cute and all but it’s not my thing.” David knew just how to deliver it and we all laughed. He had slipped back into his chair and Jennifer had moved back to his side. Her hand was below the table. I followed suit, putting my hand on Heinrick’s thigh. He joined in, except that I was in a sundress, not pants and his hand, large and strong was on my bare leg. I wanted him to move it higher. Heinrick was getting directions back to our house from David. It was on, fuck it. I let go of his leg long enough to move his hand up my leg until his fingers discovered I was not wearing panties. He moved his fingers expertly. Too expertly actually and it caught me of guard and I yelped loudly in the restaurant. We got looks.

“That’s one.” I whispered. The table giggled and David signed off on the credit card slip.

We left the bar in our regular pairings. David teased me about getting off in the restaurant. I really hadn’t expected it to happen. He teased me about being done but still having to get fucked by two men. He knew the very idea of taking two men was what got me off. The drive to our house was less than two miles and we hit every light green. We were in our garage, the other couple pulling in behind us in no time. Inside David poured wine and we all stood. It was somewhat awkward. Someone needed to make a move. To my surprise it was David.

I told you I get jealous. It is made worse when David makes the first move. Even at home on a Wednesday night David is not going to initiate sex. When he moved in behind Jennifer, pulling the strap of her dress off her shoulder and kissing her neck my reaction was subconscious and I had to fight it off.

“I love this part.” Said Heinrick and the large man moved up behind me. I turned and saw his eyes fixated on his wife being undressed by my husband. David liked watching me too. I tried to understand but just couldn’t wrap my arms around it. Rather than throw a fit, I decided to play along. I moved to my knees, pulling the kitchen mat from in front of the sink for comfort. I pulled a large cock out of Heinrick’s pants. He was only half erect. He also wasn’t circumcised. I hadn’t seen one like his in a long time, not since I was in college in Europe. I pulled the foreskin down and took him in my mouth. He placed his hands on my head. He didn’t do any of that porn Öğrenci porno stuff where they yank your head around. That would have pissed me off. He just held my head. It was welcoming and I worked to fit as much of the long cock in my mouth as I could, ignoring my husband and his guest behind me.

“Lets go where it’s more comfortable.” I heard David say. My brain processed that he was taking his date off to fuck and I again had to fight the jealousy. He had to know. He was such a sweet man because rather than disappear; I felt his hand on mine. “Dee Dee, should we go to the living room or the bedroom.”

I relaxed. “What do you think?” I looked up from my work and saw my husband, just as tall as Heinrick standing above me as well.

“Come here.” And I rose off the floor. He led me to the living room.

We had gotten the leather sofas and ottoman almost a year ago and although I had looked at the oversized padded footstool often and considered its material, padding and height, we had never taken advantage of it. I saw Jennifer, nude, reclined in the chair. Her legs were crossed.

“You have lovely breasts.” I observed. She thanked me and squeezed her left breast. It was large, full, and tanned with a perfectly shaped areola and nipple. If she were on top of David later I would suck on her tits for him. Just for his benefit though.

I was thinking of her tits when they collapsed on me. Both men, tall, strong, hairy, handsy, with hard cocks, joined forces to undress me. It was a blur and I know my mind went blank. Looking back I can only remember it as if viewing a slideshow of it. My tits were out, they each sucked one and my knees were weak. Then my dress was down. I remember propping myself up, a cock in each hand. Then I was seated. I remember hearing Jennifer talking. I remember looking back to see her legs spread, her fingers working her clitty. I remember taking a cock in my mouth. I remember getting my pussy eaten and coming with Heinrick’s long dick down my throat, and I remember getting fucked, I had been on my knees. It was hard to keep my mouth on David’s cock. It wasn’t as long as the other mans but it was fat. I remember Jennifer coming from the couch. She didn’t kiss me but her hand moved between my legs and I remember how hard I came when she fingered my clit while her husband fucked me.

I don’t really remember moving off the ottoman to the couch but I can recall sitting there, stroking Heinrick as David replaced me. He was on his back, Jennifer, her long hair pulled back felated him vigorously. She was bent over right in front of us.

That’s when it happened. That’s when I was turned. Not by a woman, but by a man.

“I love the way her pussy looks when she is bent over like that.” He said. It was true.

I don’t think pussy turned me on so much as I was turned on by her pussy. Jennifer’s pussy. Heinrick sold it to me, sitting on the couch, whispering in my ear, his hand easing my just fucked hole. He whispered. “I love how her plump lips close. It is so sweet. All of her secrets are hidden.”

I had to agree. That may have been it. It didn’t look anything like mine. Mine was blatantly a pussy. I had labia that stood out. Men said they liked it because they could find my clit so easily. I have to say I liked how easily they found it.

“She keeps it so smooth. I can just imagine now it would feel on my tongue. It’s as smooth and soft as a peach and it tastes just as sweet.” I had never understood the peach simile but looking at her wonderful little mound of flesh, I understood. I wanted it to taste like a peach. I wanted it to be sweet and juicy and soft on my tongue.

“When you kiss it, she purrs. I like to lick her and listen to her purr. She is like a kitten. If you stroke her and kiss her just right, she comes softly. She whimpers as you touch her.”

I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t stoned. I was sober, horny, and wanting to lick that pussy.

“You should touch her. Feel how soft she is.”

Never, ever, could I have imagined touching another woman’s vagina. I just remember being in a daze, seduced by the man’s gentle voice. I moved to the floor behind the woman. I moved my hand up her thigh. It felt nothing like a man’s thigh. It was soft and smooth, like running my hand over fresh sheets. When I finally touched her, finally felt her lips against the tips of my fingers, they too were soft. This was nothing like holding a dick. It was the exact opposite. My fingers moved over her, separating her perfectly plump smooth lips until I could slide my finger into her. I heard her moan, her mouth filled with cock.

My hand job had to go on for an eternity. Everything was new. I had to explore my first pussy. I felt inside of her. I felt smooth folks of flesh and the rough texture where I came to realize her G spot truly existed. I hadn’t intended to make her come so hard but she did. I felt it in her legs and ass, I felt it as her pussy tightened around my finger, and I heard it as she struggled to keep the fat cock in her mouth.

“Isn’t it wonderful.” Heinrick cooed in my ear.

“Yes!” My whisper sounded more like a hiss.

“You should taste it. You should hear how she will moan when you lick her.”

“Oh god, I want to lick her. I want to eat a pussy.”

“Jen, come here for a minute.”

I didn’t even consider that I was interrupting David’s blowjob. I didn’t even consider that I was doing what I said I never would do. In that moment I knew only that I wanted to eat a pussy. The woman moved to the love seat. She spread her legs for me. Her tight plump lips parted just so slightly and I saw the deep red fold just at the top of the thin dark line. I leaned forward. I used my fingers to spread her open for me. I laid my tongue on her and she did purr, just as he said she would.

I tasted her, I smelled the scent of a woman and I only found myself wanting more. The more she purred the more I had to make her come. The men gripped my tits and fingered my clit and rubbed their fingers inside my pussy until both of us, moaned. I felt her orgasm around my finger and as she whimpered I too felt mine wash over me. I moaned into the woman’s wet pussy and she pulled my head to her, pressing my tongue firmly into her.

“I need a dick.” I heard her moan some time later. It could have been seconds or minutes, I have no idea. I watched David fuck the woman and then watched Heinrick fuck her as she cleaned the cum from David’s cock.

We all sat naked on the back patio. Jennifer it seems smoked and I found myself mooching one for the first time in at least a decade. It was closing on midnight and they thought they should probably get going. Jennifer pouted about leaving and we broke a rule as David took her into the bedroom alone. Heinrick and I sat talking. We planned to get together again. It might be a couple of weeks but it was definitely going to happen. We ended up making out, our naked tired bodies pressed together. That wasn’t so much against the rules as it was just something that had never happened. He was a charming motherfucker.

When Jennifer emerged from the bedroom she was dressed. David followed her out in a towel. Heinrick dressed and we walked them to the door.

“That was new.” David commented as he closed the door and we retired to the bedroom. He brought two more glasses of wine and I was happy to partake.

“Hold your horses, buster. Don’t get excited. That was like a onetime thing.”

“But you liked it.”

I thought for a moment. I did like it. “Actually, I loved it.”

“Really?” He was honestly more curious than anything else.

“I mean, hers is special. It was different than most. I don’t think I want to do that to just any woman.”

“But you want to do that to her again.”

I was quiet, I knew the answer but wasn’t sure I wanted to vocalize it. I took another long swallow of wine. “We have plans for a couple weeks from now.”

“Really?” Again, he seemed honestly surprised.

“You liked them though?”

“I liked them a lot actually. That isn’t good usually.” He understood my jealousy and was actually pretty good about it.

“Maybe it’s different if we share her.” I said flirting. I moved on top of him. It was a rule, after we played, we always had to make love. At least we had to try, sometimes he was worn out. I felt his cock between my legs and rocked until I felt it slide into me.

I rode my husband vigorously. I was surprised at my own energy. Maybe it wasn’t that late or maybe I hadn’t had as much to drink as I thought but really, I think it’s that I was imagining eating a pussy as I rocked on top of him. I thought of her spread wide for me. I thought of being coupled of to her, eating her pussy when she ate mine. I came hard. It took David a while to catch up but finally I felt him fill me. I climbed off and kissed him. Curled up beside him I dreamt of cocks and pussy and licking. I could be a dirty little slut at times.