The night I Found Out That I Am Bi


The Night I Found Out That I Am Bi

I stood there looking in the mirror at myself. I was dressed in my favorite sheer pink teddy and matching panties as I turned to look at my profile I cupped my 34D’s and smiled. I had not been fucked in 5 days and that is a long time for me so I was just plain horny.

I have two guys for recreational sex but Brad was fucking another girl for a while and Jason (who along with Monica rents a room in my house) was out of town so I decided to do what any red blooded american girl would do, masturbate.

I went to my nightstand, opened the drawer and got my favorite dildo, my clitoral vibrator, some lubricant and of coarse a towel as I am a squirter and can make a bit of a mess.

I pulled off my panties and gown and went to my favorite chair in the whole world because it is perfect for a girl to fuck herself in. The front legs extend through the armrests creating padded posts that I hook my legs around to keep me comfortably spread wide open.

Once seated I looked at myself in the mirror that I sit across from and began to massage my tits, gently lifting and squeezing them and pinching my now erect nipples. I smiled and laid my head back and closed my eyes as my left hand slid down to my pussy. “uummmm” I softly moaned as I slid two fingers inside me and began to twist them back and forth noticing how wet I was.

I removed my fingers and lifted them to my nose and I smelled my pussy and then tasted it. “You’re a naughty little girl” I whispered to myself as I put some lubricant on my hand and began spreading it on my pussy.

I took one finger and began to circle my clit first one way and then the other round and round as I felt myself relax and my pussy was tingling slightly. I closed my eyes and began to rub my cunt gently and slowly.

With my eyes still closed I reached for my dildo that I had put on the table next to me. Just as my hand closed on it I was surprised to feel someone grab my ankles. I inhaled sharply and let out a short yelp as I opened my eyes and saw Monica kneeling in front of me. “What the hell? Where did you come from?” I asked.

Monica just smiled and asked “Mind if I help you with this?” as she licked my labia.

“ahh” I said feeling her tongue lick my pussy and across my clit.

“Relax honey, I have watched you fuck yourself several times when you did not know I was watching. This time I decided to see if you would mind my …um….attention.” Monica said

Monica is a true lesbian, she will tell any guys that come around her that she does not do dick….EVER! I, of coarse, knew this about her but it just never crossed my mind to make love to her as I considered myself definitely a straight girl. Since that night I have considered myself bi.

She held my ankles down so that I could not free my legs from the chair as I looked down at her. “Well, um” was all that I could say.

She licked me again then said “I think you might like to try it girl-on-girl”.

I just looked at her and said nothing.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” she said.

I closed my eyes and laid my head back as she began to lick and suck my pussy eagerly. She was FANTASTIC at giving a girl head. I began to moan softly at first as I felt a much needed orgasm building inside.

My moaning increased in intensity and volume as I felt the first wave of orgasm crash over me. I began moving my hips in time with her tongue as she concentrated her tongue on my clit and began to finger fuck me.

“OH, OH GOOOOOD!” I screamed as my orgasm climaxed and I felt my cum squirt from me. I arched my back as I came and in doing so shifted the position of my pee hole and my cum hit Monica in the face.

She licked her lips and chuckled and said “I knew you are a squirter but…Jeez, honey”

I relaxed as my orgasm receded and settled back into the chair. Panting, I said “Jesus Christ you’re good at that!”

“Yep, I’m good at a few other things too.” replied Monica. “Relax, and hand me that dildo, I think you need to be fucked.” she said.

I reached down and began to rub my cunt gently as I smiled st her.

Monica winked and said “Jason will be back tomorrow and be fucking your brains out before you know it. In the meantime though…..” She left the sentence unfinished as she held my dildo up to my mouth and I kissed it.

I watched as she positioned the dildo on top of my labia and moaned softly in anticipation but she slid it up and down across my pussy, teasing me.

“Ahhh…oooohhh” I moaned. I wanted her to fuck me with it soooo bad, the “want” was quickly becoming a “need”.

Then she leaned over and gave me my first real “girl kiss”. It was so different from a man kiss. Her lips were so soft and I could smell her cologne and feel her tongue slip into my mouth. She a had a probing motion that went all over my mouth, it was a gentle probe rather than the penetration that guys like. She was warm and soft, it was really quiet erotic.

I felt her hand on my tit’s as she began to massage my boobs and squeeze my now erect nipples.

“I have been wanting to get at these since I first met you” she said with a smile.

She kissed me again, a deep long French kiss that made me swoon. God, I was so horney.

I felt her take my hand and put it on her tits and I got the message so I started to massage her. It was very strange to massage another woman’s breasts, I almost did not know what to do. So I did to her what she was doing to me.

I felt her hand drop to my pussy as she began to gently stroke my clit and labia. I moaned softly as she pushed two fingers into me and began to finger fuck me gently.

I reached over to return the favor and found that she was just as wet inside as I was. My head was back and my eyes were closed as we just finger fucked each other. I found that I liked it when she moaned or cooed softly knowing that I was pleasing her.

I was not sure that she would allow me to do this but she seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was.

I raised my head as she Sex hikayeleri sifted and removed her hand from my pussy. I watched, wide eyed, as she took my dildo and pushed it deep inside me.

“OOOhhhh!” I whispered “That feels so good. I have needed this for a long time.” I continued.

She then began to fuck me deeply as she gently tickled my clit with a finger. She was bent over some so I reached out and began to rub her butt and run my hand along her pussy from the rear.

It was not long until my body reacted to her stimulation and I felt another orgasm building.

“Oh, Monica…ah….ah….this is going to be a big one” I said as I grabbed the handrails and let myself go.

My pussy began to squish with each of her strokes with the dildo. I felt a huge wave of pleasure wash over me as my pussy began to tingle. My thighs began to spasm some as my orgasm built to an incredible level. I leaned forward a little and watched as she slid the dildo in and out very rapidly. It was a very feminine feeling as she was fucking me very deeply.

I felt my orgasm cresting as I closed my eyes. Wave after wave of pure sweet pleasure crashed over me as I grunted and moaned.

I felt a hand cover my clit and top part of my labia but the penetration continued.

“OH…OH….AAAGGGHHH….OOOOHHHH!” I shrieked as I came explosively shooting my cum into Monica’s hand. I heard the splash and felt my warm juices hit my tummy and thighs.

She just kept fucking me….hard…. as she leaned down and began licking my clit.

“Come on, Ellen, cum again for me.” She said the resumed licking my clit first up and down then side to side.

She drove me into another orgasm at least as intense as my last. My pussy was squishing loudly now as Monica increased her speed with the dildo.

“Can you take it deeper?” she asked.

I could not answer as I was panting and grunting in the throws of another orgasm. I barely heard the question.

I felt her response though as the dildo penetrated me quite a bit deeper causing me to open my eyes and look at her as I plunged over the cliff of feminine bliss. The feel of the dildo so deep inside me with Monica licking me like mad set off one of the most incredible orgasms of my life. My head and back arched reflexively as I screamed with delight. My cum shot back over my head as Monica kept fucking me.

She slowed a bit as my orgasm receded and I settled back into my chair. She continued to slow down until she was fucking gently and slowly, bringing me down, gently.

“Fuck yourself for me, ok? I want to look at you?” she asked.

I reached down and took the dildo from her with shaking hands and I noticed my thighs were shaking as well. I looked up at her as I fucked myself and smiled. “Wow!” was all that I could say.

She stepped back and gazed at me then said, “You look so….well….fucked! Your tits, neck and face are flushed, you’re sweating some and the look on your face is priceless! I LOVE it when my girls look like that! Feel better?”

I could only nod at this point. The room reeked with the odor of my pussy. I withdrew the dildo from me and began to rub my pussy gently. I was absolutely drenched.

I watched as she lifted each of my legs over the post on the handrails and I noticed that my legs were still shaking some. Monica held out her hands and asked “Can you stand?”

“I’m not sure.” I replied softly as I reached out and grabbed her hands.

She helped me to stand, shakily at first. She took me into her arms and kissed me deeply once again. The feel of her tits pressed against mine was different but I found that I liked it.

She raised a thigh and slid it between my legs rubbing my cunt with it. This was all new to me so I did the same to her. I found that she was very wet and warm and that I actually wanted to lick her and please her, give her some of the joy that she had given me.

When she released me from the kiss she took both of my hands in hers and led me to the bed where she sat down on the edge and spread her legs. ‘Do you mind?” she asked.

“Of coarse not.” I replied as I knelt in front of her. The look and smell of her pussy up close was enticing. I leaned forward and licked her labia tasting her. She moaned softly and that made me want to please her even more. I felt her hands on my head as she pulled me closer to her pressing my lips against her pussy as she began to raise and lower her pelvis.

I was not entirely sure how to do this so I just did what guys do to me. I pushed my tongue between her labia and slid it in her as far as I could moving it around some. Then I moved to her clit and began to gently stroke it with my tongue.

Her moans got louder and more intense so I got more intense too. Her pelvis began to move around more but I stayed with her as I knew she was close to orgasm. She pressed my head to her as I felt her shudder and tense at the same time.

“DAAAHH….oh Ellen….YESSSS!” she exclaimed.

“Oh yeah, baby, lick me harder, faster…YEAHHH….that’s my girl!” she shouted.

I felt her spasm several times as I felt and tasted her cum with my tongue. I felt her pull my head back some and I looked up at her and my heart leapt as I saw a very satisfied smile on her face.

She laid back on the bed and said “Come up here sweetheart.”

I got on the bed next to her and she rolled on her side with me on my back and began to gently massage my tits. “You have a very nice rack there, Ellen, I mean that” she said as she leaned over and began to suckle me as she began to massage my pussy as well.

I laid there and just enjoyed her touch and a very strong afterglow. This was so much different from being with a man even her suckling was gentle and quite pleasant. At that point I knew that I wanted it again….I was bi.

“You girls put on quite a show.” A man’s voice said.

I yelped and flipped over to look at the door and there stood Jason.

“How long have you been there?” I asked a bit embarrassed.

“Pretty much the whole time, Sikiş hikayeleri sweetie. Here you go Monica, you won fair and square.” Jason said as he laid a twenty dollar bill on the dresser.

“We had a bet, Ellen, Monica said she could seduce you and I said she couldn’t, I lost.” he said smiling.

“I gotta tell you though, I have seen you cum what…a hundred times or more…but that last one….wow, sweetheart that was something to watch. It makes a guy……well” he left the sentence unfinished as he pulled down his pants and exposed his stiff hard nine inch cock and smiled at me.

“Stand up face the bed and bend over, honey.” Monica said.

“Take it like a big girl” she continued.

As soon as I got into position I immediately felt the head of his cock on my labia. I looked back at him as he said “Miss me?” and pushed his cock all the way into me.

“UUGGHH” I grunted, he felt WONDERFUL!

I felt him grab my hips and push hard into me as he said “Oh god, Ellen, you feel so hot, wet and tight and, yes, I missed you too, honey.”

“Tell you what, why don’t you eat Monica’s pussy while I fuck you.” he said as he began fucking me gently.

His cock felt EXCELLENT sliding so deep into me over and over. A dildo is fine but there is no substitute for a real man inside me.

Monica positioned herself properly and I began to lick her again. Now this was a bit different being fucked by a man with an excellent cock while tasting and smelling another woman’s pussy. It was exciting and I was extremely aroused by it.

“Fuck her gently, please, until she gets me off then you two can have at it” Monica said chuckling.

“Oh yeah, Ellen” Jason said “I did miss your pussy and I love it when you squish like this”

After a good orgasm when I squirt (I don’t always) my pussy contracts some and guys say that I am tighter. Well I don’t know about that but I do know that when a guy penetrates me when I am like this the penetration is exaggerated and it feels like he is much deeper than he really is. It is quite nice actually, I love feeling like a “girl on a stick” as he felt like he was in me up to my bellybutton.

For a while there was only the sound of my squishing pussy and Monica and I moaning. I finally found a rhythm back and forth from Monica’s clit to her labia that she liked and she started the same gyrations that she did before. I pressed harder into her pussy with my head and she began to groan louder so I licked for all I was worth. Not an easy thing to do with a nine inch cock sliding in and out of you I can tell you that.

I felt her hands on the back of my head and I knew that she was close to orgasm as she pressed me even harder to her now soaked pussy. She arched her back slowly as her orgasm grew until the only things touching the bed were her head and heals.

I opened my mouth and covered her clit and part of her labia as she her orgasm crested with her screaming in ecstasy. I felt and tasted her fluids again as I licked her to keep her clean as she lowered herself back to the bed.

Jason had paused his fucking me to watch her finale but he was fully in me and I grunted as she came. It was strange to be fully filled with a man as I brought another woman to what had to be a fantastic orgasm, smelling and tasting her all the way through it. It was strange but fun!

“Oh god, Ellen, you were perfect.” Monica said as she recovered and began massaging my head. I continued to lick her gently as Jason resumed fucking me.

After a few minutes Monica extricated herself from the bed and stood watching as Jason laid into me. He was fucking me hard and fast. I wanted to turn and look at him but all I could do was lower my head to the bed and let him have his way with me.

I was grunting in time with his thrusts until I said “Oh YEAH Jason fuck me harder with that MAGNIFICENT cock of your’s. Oh god, you sure know how to fuck a girl!”

I felt him slow down after a while and then I felt Monica’s hand lubricating my butt as she said “Might as well clean all of her pipes there, Big Guy.”

I playfully pouted a little as I felt Jason’s cock slide out of me so I turned around and knelt in front of him, looked up at him and asked “Before you do that, may I suck your dick?”

He smiled down at me and said “Be my guest, babe.”

I took his cock in my mouth as far as I could and I could taste my pussy juice on him. I grunted softly as I began to stroke him with my mouth as I circled his cock with my fingers and began stroking him lightly with them in time with my mouth.

After a short time I heard him grunt softly and he said “Oh yeah, Ellen that’s perfect……ah, honey that feels so good…..girl, you do give a terrific blowjob.”

He was so hard that when I stopped briefly to look up at him and smile at his compliment his cock slipped from my hand and bumped against his pelvis.

Taking him back in my mouth I worked even harder on him. I have given Jason many blowjobs and I knew what he liked and I really wanted to please him. I began circling the head of his cock with my tongue and gently squeezing his balls.

I reached down and began to finger myself with my free hand. Stroking my drenched pussy I started to get a tingly sensation in there in anticipation of what was to come.

I began moaning softly around his cock as I gently stroked my clit. I sucked him for several minutes before, finally, I felt his hands on my head.

“Stand up and turn around, sweetie.” he said.

I did as I was told and when I turned around Monica was back on the bed and she said “Lick me again, please, while he fucks you” as she spread her legs and spread her labia with her fingers.

I felt Jason spread a little lubricant on my butt as I bent over to eat Monica’s pussy.

I had licked her just a few times when I felt Jason’s cock press against my butt. I looked up and waited for him to push into me again.

After a moments hesitation, I felt him enter me and push deep into my anus.

“AAHhhhhh” I muttered Erotik hikaye softly as I felt his penetration. I really don’t mind anal sex really, it is not my favorite but it’s not bad. There is obviously no clitoral stimulation but I really do enjoy the penetration.

I resumed my assigned task on Monica as Jason got into his rhythm.

Again there was not much noise except for Monica’s moaning and the soft slurppy sound of Jason’s cock gliding in and out of my butt.

I felt Monica’s hands on the sides of my head as she began to pull me tighter to her pussy. I had learned that this was a sign that she is close to orgasm so I intensified my licking and sucking.

Jason also began fucking me harder and faster causing me to grunt some, god he felt good. Monica began her undulations with her hips and it was a challenge to keep up with her while I was being so vigorously fucked in my butt.

“Ah….Ah….Ah….AAWWW GOD” Monica screamed as she was cuming.

I felt her shudder and tasted her cum as her orgasm crested. Her thighs were shaking as she held my head firmly against her pussy.

Jason, meanwhile, was still fucking me hard and fast as Monica pulled away from me rubbing her pussy and panting. I just put my head and chest on the bed and enjoyed him.

After a bit he began to slow and said “Girls, this is a BLAST! We should have been doing this long ago! Ellen, your butt is terrific! Nice and tight I like that”

He playfully slapped my butt and asked if I was ok but all I could do was grunt softly in time with his thrusts.

As he slowed to a stop I lifted my head and looked back at him. He was a bit damp with sweat (us girls don’t sweat we …..glow? Lol) and he said “Sweetheart, I’m going to cum soon, do you want it back here or in your pussy?”

“Deep inside my pussy, please, but I want to be on my back.” I replied. I wanted to be on my back so that he would give me some clitoral stimulation as I was about to explode, I really needed to to cum again.

“Ok, well roll over then” Jason responded.

I rolled over but covered my pussy with my hand and said “Hey, you know the rules. Wash first, please.”

At first I thought that I had made him mad from the look on his face but it softened and he kissed me and said “Ok, be right back, keep yourself hot for me.” as he laid my dildo on the bed.

As he turned to go Monica picked up the dildo smiling at me as she gently pushed it into my squishy pussy.

I laid my head back and closed my eyes as I relaxed enjoying what she was doing to me.

It was not long before I felt her withdraw the dildo and I felt Jason’s cock replace it deep inside me. He began to fuck me gently at first as I opened my eyes and looked down at pelvis. I could see part of the shaft of his cock sliding back and forth glistening wet.

He leaned over and put his hands over my shoulders and began fucking me much harder and deeper. I was moaning loudly as another orgasm built inside me. He began fucking me even harder and faster as he could tell that I was about to cum again.

“ah…ah…AH…AH…AWW GOOODDD….JEEEEEZZ!” I screamed as my orgasm was cresting.

I balled hands into fists and beat on the mattress as I came hard. I raised my head and looked down as I came and saw and felt my juices squirt from me. Jason was pounding me now harder than he ever had before and he kept going for another few minutes.

“Come on, baby, one more like that” Jason said still pumping me.

I was staring at him wide eyed and my mouth open as I tried to recover from my orgasm but I just felt another building. “ugh…..ah….jaSOOONNNN!” I shrieked as my back arched and I came yet again.

I felt him slow quite a bit and he put my ankles on his shoulders. I knew from experience that he was now ready to cum and I grabbed the covers to keep him from pushing me across the bed as he pushes pretty hard when he cums.

He leaned over me again pushing his cock as far in me as I could take. I actually felt him press against the back membrane of my pussy.

“Oh, GOD!” I said softly as I knew what was coming as he has done this to me many times.

I watched as he paused deep inside me and then withdrew and thrust in me and pause again and then thrust again. He began to grunt the way men do when they are cumming. As he thrust once more and paused and let out a loud groan.

“uuhhhGGGHHHH….uuhhhGGGHHH” he grunted.

I felt the most exquisite eruption in my pussy that caused me to yelp softly as I was surprised by the force of his semen. He squirted me several times, each causing me to shudder and moan softly as he came so deep inside me.

When he first squirted me my head flew back and Monica told me later that my eyes rolled partly under my eyelids. It was an intensely feminine moment as I felt his white hot semen spread inside me.

There was total silence in the room for a while as we both need to recover. I felt him begin to relax inside me as he bent over and kissed my forehead. Not a word was spoken but the look on his face spoke volumes, he was pleased and satisfied. We just stared at each other, unable to speak.

We were both glistening with sweat (ok, I was glowing really bright) and he withdrew from me. He leaned over me, kissed me and said “Ellen, sweetheart…..I don’t know what to say, that was FANTASTIC!”

It was awkward but I was speechless and just nodded slowly and stared at him.

When Monica spoke it startled me some as I had not noticed that she had been there watching the whole thing, she said chuckling “Jason, I think she has had enough, for now any way.”

Jason caressed the side of my face with his hand and said “Yes, I think so but we gotta do this again, girls!”

“Oh, you can bet we will.” replied Monica.

I was still on my back on the bed with my legs spread some and my wet pussy exposed as my head went from Jason to Monica as they spoke.

Jason collected his clothes and headed for his bedroom when Monica took my hand and said “Come on, sweetie, you are sleeping with me tonight, this bed is a disaster, you can clean it up tomorrow.”

I was still a bit shaky as I got to my feet but I followed her hand in hand to her bedroom. I slept like a baby, cradled in her arms.