The Nurse – Chapter 2


I’ve been seeing the same Doctor for over five years now at a large medical group. It seemed like every year she would have a new medical assistant. Some of the women I’d still see in the “pod,” now working with other doctors, others never to be seen again.On a recent visit, I was sitting in the waiting area when the door opened and I heard my name, “Grant,” after a short pause, “Grant Michaels.”Having my back to the door, I raised my hand as I started to rise from the chair. As I turned around, I made eye contact with the young woman who called my name. There was a jolt of adrenaline through my entire body.Holding the door open stood a beautiful forty-year-old woman. She had long black hair which was curled as it cascaded a foot past her shoulders. Her eyes were dark brown, with natural lashes, and perfectly arched brows. She had work-appropriate makeup and a perfect pearly white smile, and she wore turquoise scrubs with Crocs. This beauty was average height, a bit chubby, and had big full tits which strained the fabric of her top. She was a cute curvy Latina, my kryptonite.As I approached the door, I smiled and said, “You must be new.”“Not really, I transferred from pediatrics. I’m Arianna, and I’m a Registered Nurse,” she said, pointing at her name badge. It read Arianna Garcia, BSN RN.As we moved down the hall she told me, “You know the drill. Take a seat and I’ll take your blood pressure.”Arianna did all of the tasks of blood pressure, body temperature, and pulse, and then finally had me step on the scale. “Good news, you’ve lost ten pounds since your last visit two months ago.”I smiled, “Yeah, I’ve been eating better and hitting the gym four or five days a week the last few months.”“Well, you’re looking good, Grant,” she said with a smile. “Follow me to exam room C.”My head swelled a little bit since it had been a while since a woman complimented me. I was now down to 235 pounds on my large six-foot two-inch frame.  As she asked me the usual questions, I could not help but notice that my cock was growing in my pants. I laughed to myself, “Down boy. This hottie is out of your league.”I was shocked back to reality when she asked, “Are you still taking Cialis for ED?”How embarrassing! Here I have a beautiful woman asking about my occasional ED issue. I could feel myself blushing.I stammered, “Uh, yes. I’m fifty, it happens.”Without looking up from her clipboard, “If you keep losing weight you can get off the blood pressure meds, and I bet that ED issue will get better too. But ask Dr. Sex hikayeleri Williams about that. She can give you more information.”My face must have been a bright red by now. As she looked up, she noticed how flush I was, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”“I’m only embarrassed because you’re such an attractive woman,” I whispered.“Thank you. Dr. Williams will be see you in a couple of minutes,” Arianna said as she left the exam room.After ten minutes with my doctor, Arianna returned with the appointment recap report and my flu shot. When we were done, she said, “Ok, follow me and I’ll walk you out to the waiting area.”As I walked behind Arianna my eyes locked on her nice booty. With each step, one cheek would rise and the other would fall and giggle a tiny bit. She’d obviously been at the gym working on her butt in search of a Kim Kardashian ass. I was in a trance.I didn’t realize we had made it to the end of the hall when she turned around and saw my eyes locked on her booty. I looked up and knew I was caught.I mumbled, “Nice to meet you, Arianna.”She smiled, reached out, and lightly grabbed my forearm as I tried to pass her in the doorway. “I do squats every night at the gym, thanks for noticing,” she said with a wink. “I’ll see you in eight weeks.”As I walked out, I looked her in the eyes, “I look forward to seeing you again.”**I continued my weight loss journey with diet and exercise during the next eight weeks. I also gave up alcohol as we were in the holiday season. I hoped to lose another ten pounds during the two months before we hit the new year.On this day, a Wednesday, I purposely sat so I was facing the door that goes into the doctor’s exam pods. I wanted to see Arianna’s face when she opened the door.As the door swung open Arianna had a smile on her face, which caused me to smile as well. As our eyes locked, she nodded her head and said, “Grant, it’s your turn.”As I walked the twenty feet I told her, “So nice to see you again.” When I was next to her, I whispered, “That purple looks great on you,” referring to her scrubs.“Oh, thanks,” she said.“Then again, you looked great in turquoise on my last visit,” I said.“Oh, you’re such a charmer, Grant. OK, let’s get your blood pressure,” she said.“I’m sure it’s running a bit high, something got me excited.” As I stepped up on the scale I told her, “I’m hoping for ten pounds.”We both watched intently as the digital scale numbers flashed quickly. “Two-hundred twenty-four,” she whispered. “Let’s see, that’s Sikiş hikayeleri eleven pounds. Great job!”As we talked in the exam room she finished up with a personal question. “What’s been your motivation to lose weight?”I quickly told her that I’d put on twenty pounds over eighteen months during covid and that I wanted to try online dating again in the new year. I explained that I’d been divorced for almost six years.“I’m divorced too. I got married way too young. I was only twenty and it only lasted two years. He turned into a controlling jerk” she confided.“Are you in a relationship now?” I asked.Arianna looked at me before answering. “Why do you want to know?”Her question shocked me. Thinking quickly, I said, “One, I’m curious. Two, if you’re single, I’d like to take you to dinner this Saturday.”“Dinner? Let me think about it. I need to get the next patient,” she said.“So that means you’re single, right?” I asked.Arianna didn’t answer as she left the exam room, she just smiled and winked.My appointment with Dr. Williams went well and she congratulated me on my continued success. I was now down at a total of thirty-eight pounds in seven months.When Arianna returned, she stood by the exam table, not sitting down at the computer station. “I’ve never dated a patient. But it’s not against company policy. Here’s my phone number,” she said handing me a post-it note. “Text me tonight at 8:00 pm.”**I waited until 8:12 pm to text as I did not want to see too eager, although I was super excited. “Hi Arianna, It’s Grant.”Her reply was quick, “OK. Call me.”She answered my call instantly, “Hi Grant.”We made small talk for a few minutes asking a few generic questions about each other; what area of town we live in, where we went to college, how long we’ve lived in Oak Valley, etc. I finally built up the nerve and asked the sixty-four-million-dollar question.“Would you like to go to dinner Saturday night? I’ve already booked a reservation at Little Italy, 7:00 pm,” I told her.“Little Italy? That’s a really nice restaurant. I’ve only been there twice,” she said. After a short pause, “Yes, I’ll meet you for dinner.” She then made it clear that she would drive herself.We discussed the restaurant’s Saturday dress code, and I reminded her that I had to wear a blazer or suit jacket. Little Italy is one of the two really nice fine dining places in our small town of 60,000 residents and it is sort of a throwback with white linens on the tables, servers in black skirts or pants, and white Erotik hikaye dress shirts. The interior is very classy with a lot of dark cherry wood and Italian art on the walls.On Friday morning I texted Arianna, “Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night,” with the flower bouquet emoji. She replied later that hour with a smiling emoji. Just after 2:00 pm, I received a text from her, “You’re so sweet! Thank you for sending the flowers! All the girls are jealous.” She attached a photo of her holding the bouquet.**As I got ready for dinner, I found myself a bit nervous. It would be my first date in six months since I took a break from online dating sites. I was also very interested in the attractive Latina. Would the ten-year age gap be an issue? I refocused, changed my mindset, and got dressed. I chose my “lucky” black and white houndstooth blazer, black slacks, and a white button-down dress shirt. It’s a classic look that I’ve worn many times over the years.I learned from my father as a child that if you’re on time you’re late. I arrived at the restaurant at 6:45 pm. I impatiently waited in the outside garden sitting area for Arianna to arrive. Just before our reservation time, I saw her walking through the parking lot.“Wow! You look stunning, Arianna,” I said. “I love the pops of color.” She was wearing a classic mid-thigh LBD (little black dress) with shiny red high heels and a two-inch-wide glossy red belt around her waist. She wore simple diamond stud earrings and carried a small black clutch purse. While very traditional, she looked stunning.She smiled as she approached, “Well, Grant, you clean up pretty well. You look very handsome.”I froze for half a second unsure what to do next. Do I go in for a hug? I sort of blacked out and the next thing I knew I was putting my arms around her for a quick embrace.After we ordered dinner, we enjoyed a small antipasto plate as we talked and enjoyed a bottle of red wine. I gave a quick recap about my marriage and divorce, and she told me of her short marriage and her two five-year relationships. Arianna told me she had been single since early 2020, just before covid.As we ate our salads and entrees our conversation flowed easily and had several spots of flirtatious talk and sexual innuendos. I made it clear that I thought she was very attractive when I first met her two months ago. As we finished, I asked if she wanted to do something else tonight. Arianna mentioned that she’d love to go dancing, but it wasn’t even 9:00 pm yet, so she didn’t know of any spot in town that had live music and dancing until 10:00 pm.“We could go to Starbucks or maybe back to my place and continue our conversation,” I said.“And all you want to do is talk if we go to your house?” she said in a sarcastic tone.