The Objectification Room

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We are sitting at the table in the dining hall, going over the description in the catalog of the different events that will be taking place that weekend at camp. One that stood out, but seemed impossible to do..was the objectification room. I figured though, that I’d go in as a voyeur and see what happened. It was to take place Saturday night, but I didn’t really give it much more thought.

Over the next few days…we kept hearing little things about it. Jokes about what people would like to do with the ‘objects’ in the objectification room. I still didn’t really have a clear idea of what the room was about. ‘Objectification’ means people are treated as objects. But, to me, that means tables, foot stools, chairs….even lamps. But, with the giggles that were attributed to that room, I started thinking that maybe I was wrong.

Friday morning, My husband mentioned to me after his shower that I should participate in the room. That it had always been a fantasy of mine and I should give it a thought.

What? I hadn’t even allowed myself to think about participating in something so……intense. Especially since it was our first experience of coming to an event like this.

But, I thought about it. I looked at the picture from last year, in the catalog. I read the description again. I asked Fyre. She had seen it last time and gave me some more details about it. I started becoming interested and more curious. Could I really do something like that? Of course not. It was too extreme. Even for me. It was for the swingers and the nympho’s.

The next day, I found myself at the workshop that explained everything that was going on that night. They saved the objectification room for last. Savoring the moment. I could tell that this was a favorite of the presenters of the workshop. Later I found out that they had created this idea of an objectification room.

And after I heard about all the details, I could see why they were savoring. Naughty, naughty, naughty. This was a dream come true.

Details – The objectification room has 5 beds in it. A veil is hanging from the roof and hanging over the beds in such a way that ½ of them are blocked from view. People will lay nude on the beds with just their lower halves exposed. There will be a sign on the veil that says what you can do to the object and what you can’t do to the object. At the voyeur side of the room, there will be a guard/monitor. This person will make sure that the people using the objects are using safer sex techniques: condoms, lube, gloves, dental dams, etc. There will also be a person behind the veil that will take care of the objects. The objects will have a bell that they can ring if they need anything and she will take care of them.

Well, there is one of my fears that is laid to rest. Safety. A fantasy of mine that I never thought I could live out because of details….is being offered.

I asked them if they still needed objects. She told me that a lot of people had expressed interest, but she wouldn’t know until 9:30pm. The room was due to open at 10pm.

I started asking around. I talked to My husband. At 7pm I started looking for the creators of the room to see if I could sign up as a back-up. They passed me around for a little bit and I almost chickened out. The told me how to make up my sign for the room, but wouldn’t give me any hints as to what to put on the sign. That frustrated me because I had no clue what to expect and they weren’t helping at all. I made the sign, turned it in, and waited. Right canlı bahis şirketaleri before I was due to show up at 9:30, I sat on a set of steps and chatted with My husband. I asked him all the ‘what ifs’ that were running through my head.

What if he couldn’t handle me doing this? What if I couldn’t handle me doing this? What if I freaked out? What if I didn’t do it? And the big ‘what if’. What if no one played with me? We just rambled. Not really giving the ‘what ifs’ much power, just throwing them out of my head to be looked at.

I showed up at the cabin room at 9:30pm, thinking that the room would be full of volunteers and I may not have a chance to participate now that I’d made up my mind to go through with this. But no, I was the first one to arrive and she said that most others hadn’t shown up. So, my sign of ‘do’s and don’ts’ was hanging on the veil over bed number 3. She explained everything to me as I sat on the edge of the bed and waited for the other objects to arrive. The butterflies began. Excited and nervous.

The next to arrive was a beautiful, tanned girl that would be on the bed next to me. She was nervous, thought no one would play with her. I told her she didn’t have anything to worry about. Then 2 guys showed up. Finally, the girl for bed 1 showed up. We stripped and laid down in the beds, dropping the veil so that we couldn’t see our lower halves.

It was beautiful on our side of the veil. It was dark but with xmas lights on the ceiling and walls. Very exotic feeling with the veil in front of our faces. We could see each other and chatted a little. It’s really hot to see the upper halves of yourself and 4 other people, knowing we are totally naked on the other side. Most of us were breathing hard and our eyes were starting to sparkle as the anticipation built.

What would happen to us? Would anyone show up? Would anyone be brave enough to use the objects? If so, how would we be used? I stared at the ceiling fan, knowing the girl next to me was going to get most of the ‘business’. She was beautiful. I just hoped that I would get played with at all. It would be really embarrassing to be left there alone.

The butterflies really started flapping when the announcer double checked with the monitors that the objects were ready for business. He walked out of the cabin and yelled over the banister of the porch that the objects and other rooms were open for business. I expected to hear feet running to the cabin, but didn’t hear anything. They must have done something to the door to make it quiet, because I hear the monitor telling someone about the rules of the room and the safety precautions that had to be taken. Everything was quiet. Then I see the tanned girl next to me suck in her breath. Someone was touching her. I watched as she moaned and shook and clamped her eyes shut. I could see a slight shadow through the veil. They were playing with her and she was enjoying it.

I then feel fingers on my thighs. They push my thighs open, roughly play with my lips, slide into my cunt hole. Ah, it’s My husband! Nice!!! He plays with me for a little longer, and then I hear the glove snap off and get thrown into the trash can. Oh, I was so hoping he was going to show people how slutty his slut could be. I loved how he made me feel.

I saw the faces of others as slowly, the each were played with. Then I felt fabric brush across my legs. Mmmmmmmmmm, how sensual!!! I wondered what else they had in mind. But, then it was gone. *sigh* I was slightly canlı kaçak iddaa scared when I first showed up, but now I’m watching everyone else get played with and I’m laying there.

Wow, tanned girl is getting ridden. Hard. There are at least 2 guys working her over. The guy on the end has been put on all 4’s. I’m not sure what is going on, but have a pretty good idea. The guy next to me, has peeked through the veil one too many times. They remove him. And the girl in bed 1 can’t take a breath they are using her so hard. I’m staring at the ceiling fan.

Again, I feel fingers on me. Light, questing fingers. Spreading my legs apart and brushing my mound. Squirting a handful of lube on me before even checking to see if I need any. The play for a little bit as I moan and twist, trying to get more of their fingers involved. But, instead, poof, they are gone too. Everyone else is still busy. The girl next to me is being ridden so hard that the monitor on our side of the veil has to sit on the edge of the girls bed because the bed rises up in the air from the pounding. I’m still laying there, staring at the fan. I decide that I’m going to count to 30 and if no one touches me, obviously I’m not the right type/size to be considered desirable. Maybe I should have left my skirt on after all, to cover my belly.

The tanned girl was used so continuously that she was worn out. She leaves the bed and cabin. I’m glad she had a great time, but now maybe people will see that they have to settle for me and give me a good time. I get to about 28, almost asleep at this point from staring at the fan above me. Finally, I feel fingers on me. More lube. More fingers. Spreading my lips apart. Fucking me with their fingers. Then climbing on top. I can feel the fire starting. I can’t remember if they told us if we were allowed to make noise or not, but it doesn’t matter because I can’t help myself. The person is on me, thighs spread, breathing heavy and moaning. I slides his cock into my pulsing pussy. Oh yes!!!! Ride me, show them you don’t judge by looks and because of that got the cream of the crop. He pounds hard and fast. And then explodes inside of me. Exactly how I dreamed of being used!!!! Not for my pleasure, but for theirs. (Just writing this makes me want to experience it again!) I hear him pull off the condom and throw it in the trash. I feel the wetness of the lube between my thighs. I want more!!! I want to be used again and again.

At about that time, I feel more lube being added. I feel fingers probing. The stroke my clit and pinch my lips. The fuck me with one finger and then two. Deep, wiggling their fingers. I’m twisting and turning. The monitor behind me grins when she sees my face. I hump the persons hand. I beg with my moaning. I feel their legs brush up against mine. The headfuck is amazing! I have no idea who this person is. I’ve just been fucked by someone else. I have no clue if this person touching me is male or female. I have no clue who is watching if anyone. I have no clue what their plans are. All I know is they are getting pleasure from using me. They fuck me deeper. They slide their hand up and down my slit. Spreading the wetness around. I was so hoping they were preparing to climb on. But, it didn’t seem that was the case. It felt like they wanted to make me cum. But, I didn’t want to cum. I moaned and writhed and panted. Then they leaned their crotch into my knee. I felt lace…either panties or an underskirt, but definitely lace. And then a bio cock under the lace. It canlı kaçak bahis was a guy wearing panties and getting off on playing with my pussy and pressing his hard cock against my knee. I rubbed my knee against his lace covered cock as he played harder and harder with my cunt. The monitor asked if I needed a glass of water. Oh no, don’t interrupt me now!!!! I could feel the orgasm building. I so didn’t want to cum and did my best to hold off. But, this man was determined. So, I let my body relax, gave up trying to control it and let go. The orgasm was amazing!!! The guy climbed off and I heard him pull off the glove and walk away.

I barely have time to catch my breath again before someone else is fingering me. They play and play, but there is no way I can cum again. I’m loud and moaning. But, thinking about leaving the room. Once I cum, I’m usually done. But, I figured I’d play a little longer.

A pause. A breather. Then a male voice. ‘Ah, this one looks like she’d be fun to play with. Ummmmmmm, look at that cunt.’ Rough hands grab me and spread my legs apart. Fingers dive inside and pound me for a secone. ‘Mnnnnn, wet and juicy like a good cunt.’

Then, I hear a girl whisper. He tells her to kneel at the end of the bed and reach in and see how wet I am. She does so and I hear more whispering as she gently touches me. I move a leg so that she can get a better reach. He makes a comment about how ready I am and how much of a slut I must be. He holds the leg in the air as she pokes and prods. He tells her that since I have a large pussy, that I can probably take more than her little finger. I feel 2 fingers and then 3. They are twisting and turning. I’m on fire. She pulls out her hand. Oh man, don’t tell me she’s done!!! I spread my legs wider. Physically begging. Showing how willing I am.

Then, I hear him giving her directions on how to fold her fingers so that she can get them all in me. They are whispering, but when you can’t see anything your other senses become more sensitive. I feel her again. But, he brushes her fingers aside and grabs my pussy. ‘I bet you like it rough don’t you?’, he demands. I can’t help but answer. ‘Yessssssss.’.

‘Ah, it has a voice, ‘ he snickers. I can tell I’ve pleased him.

She works on my pussy again. One finger, two, three and then four. She has a smaller hand than he does so is able to slide in without too much trouble. Then I feel her thumb slide it. I feel electric shocks shoot up and down my body, from clit to nipples. She starts fisting me. Oh how I wish I could cum for them. I ride her fist. I’m sweating and moaning and begging for more. She gives me all she can. I get so close to the edge but just can’t fall over it. She pounds and he pinches my clit, still talking to the girl about the object she is playing with. I can tell he’s excited by the whole situation.

He then tells her it’s time to move on and she slowly pulls out. I start crying a little. I hear the glove come off and tossed into the can. They move on. I pull my legs out from that side of the veil and sit on my side of the veil. Can I take any more? I’m shaking. No, it’s time for me to find My husband.

I shakily get dressed and the monitor gets me a cup of water.

Then I hear, ‘hey, what happened to number 3?’. Part of me wanted to strip and slide back under the veil, but the other part of me knew I was worn out and it was time to spend the rest of the evening with my husband.

Once we find each other, he takes me into the orgy room. He walks me around the room and then finds a clear mattress. But, instead of letting me lay on it, he bends me over so that my hands are on the mattress and my ass in the air. His cock is super hard and he takes me from behind. Slamming into me. Treating me like his slut.

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