The Observers


*This is a fictional story*

* * * * *

** Part 1 **

The heat of the mid-summer day baked my body as I laid out at my pool. Normally I would have been laying out nude, but I was expecting a very special delivery; I had ordered a custom-made bed, and it was due to be delivered today. Dreamily I thought of James, his wife Ellen and her sister Marie. If all went well, it was definitely going to be a fun night. I felt my pussy begin to tingle as I thought of taking James’ cock in my mouth. Suddenly I heard a delivery truck roll up into my driveway, and my dog began to bark incessantly.

I stood, and made my way to the front of the house, wearing only a red thong bikini. Two men exited the cab of the truck; one was African American, the other a youthful blonde, and both were wearing the gray uniforms of the delivery service.

“What they must think?” I asked myself. I am sure they didn’t expect a bald woman in a thong bikini to be approaching them in the driveway. I could feel their eyes upon me as we greeted each other. The dark man’s name was Randall, and the blonde’s was Kurt.

I invited them to follow me into my house so I could show them where the bedroom was, and in seconds we were in the bedroom.

“Yall don’t mind taking down this old bed, to make room for the new one, do you?” I asked.

“Sure, we’ll do it for you,” Kurt replied.

Both guys made their way back to the truck, and quickly returned with their tools. Work began on my old bed, and I relaxed in the kitchen. I made myself a vodka and cranberry, and lit up a cigarette. It wasn’t long before my old bed was dismantled, and the guys had set the pieces in the spare bedroom.

“Very good, guys,” I praised. “Care for something cool to drink?”

They both nodded, and I prepared two tall glasses of water, eventually calling them into the kitchen. Each drank about half of their glasses as I sat on the kitchen counter. They were very professional, although I could tell they were examining my body. They thanked me, and went outside to begin bringing in the boxes containing my new bed. Actually, it was just the special frame; the box springs and mattress would be the same as on my old bed.

As they laid the boxes in the hallway, I told them where I wanted the bed to go, and they began to assemble it. I brought a chair in from my computer room, and sat down with another drink to watch them. Randall was a tall man, about 6’4″, with a lean build, although nicely muscled. Kurt was about 5’9″, stocky and muscular. I began to fantasize about taking both of them right then, wondering if they would be game enough. Soon the metal frame began to take shape. One-inch by one-inch metal posts ran up the four corners, then horizontally width-wise and length-wise. Overhead, from end to end, ran a series of horizontal bars, giving the upper part the appearance of a jungle-gym set. Two pairs of metal rings were spaced on each side of the bed, and at the head and base. As I watched them put it together, I spread my legs wide, my pussy already wet. Randall and Kurt kept looking in my direction of course. They seemed to be rather speechless.

As they finished their work, the guys began to pack up their tools and clean up the mess left from the boxes and wrappings. Distracted for a moment, they didn’t see me quickly duck in and out of my closet, upon which I went to the kitchen.

Finally, their job completed both Randall and Kurt stood in the hallway by the front door. I called them into the kitchen and the site of me wearing only a black lace thong and black 6″ stiletto heels greeted them. My tits stood out firm and proud, my nipples hard to the touch.

“Oh Lordy!” Randall exclaimed.

“Holy shit!” Kurt chimed in.

“How much do I owe you guys?” I asked.

Randall fumbled with the bill of sale, and then sputtered, “$875.46”.

I quickly wrote the check, and stuck it in Randall’s pocket.

“Now, would you guys like a tip?” I asked, reaching out to massage each of their bulging crotches. They just looked at each other, not exactly knowing what do to or say. Finally, Randall nodded his head to Kurt, and the men began to massage my breasts together. I faced Randall, and pulled Kurt behind me, effectively creating a “”Leslie sandwich”. We began to bump and grind like this, until I suggested we all go for a swim. I kicked off my heels, and led them out the back door to the pool area. Randall and Kurt eagerly stripped nude before me, and I swooned at the sight of their nearly erect cocks jutting out from each man’s body. I peeled off my thong, held my nose and jumped into the deep end, swimming to the shallow end. Kurt and Randall each did the same.

I sat on the pool steps, donned my shades, and began to pinch my clit, motioning with the other hand for them to join me. In seconds they were standing before me, as if knowing already what I wanted.

“Okay guys, be good boys, and you will both be lovers of mine. For right now I just want to suck your cocks. Agreed?”

“Yes, kilis escort oh yes!” Kurt burst out.

“Absolutely,” voiced Randall.

I grasped each guy’s cock. Their erections mirrored their bodies; Kurt’s was thick, about 5″ long, and his balls were tight against his body. Randall’s cock was long and of average girth. A close cropped patch of pubic hair graced the area above his black cock, and his balls seemed huge, hanging low. One last look into Randall’s wild eyes, and I began a slow swirling motion with my tongue around the crown of his cock. He groaned in lust at my warm tongue worked it’s magic, and then I quickly moved to Kurt. I flicked my tongue up and down the underside of the head, and in one motion took his meat entirely into my mouth. I gave him three deep sucks, and then moved back to Randall.

Up to now, I had had both of my hands on their cocks, but I couldn’t resist the pleading from my clit. My right hand moved to my pussy, and I still held Randall’s cock with my left. I began to work his cock over expertly, and I strained to take him all the way into my mouth. Sweat began to build on our bodies, adding to the excitement.

Back and forth I moved in this way, sucking each of their cocks, alternating my hands on my snatch and their cocks. On and on this went, all three of us in a crazed state of mind. Sucking their cocks was all I could think about, and it was driving me to the edge of a scintillating orgasm.

With both hands I brought the two cocks together, wrapping my left hand around the tips of both. They touched in my palm, and I lovingly kissed them as my orgasm burst from my pussy like water through a dam. I buried the first three fingers of my left hand into my pussy as I thumbed my clit, screaming into my cock-holding hand.

I wanted them to cum together. It was all that was on my mind. I began to jack and suck each of their cocks, begging them for their cum. I paced each of them until I knew they were ready. Jacking, sucking, jacking, sucking, jacking, sucking; on and on it went.

“PPPPPllllleeeaassseeee!!” Kurt cried.

“Oh my gawd!!” Randall moaned.

At that precise moment, streams of cum gushed from each man’s cock. My open mouth caught the first lines, and then I coated my bald head with cum, feeling it run down the sides, splattering it over my shades, and I felt it run down my body.

The guys seemed to cum for minutes, shaking and screaming in the throes of their orgasms. As their mumbling subsided, I used my feet to push them back into the pool, and then I followed them. They left after a few minutes, and I gave each guy my phone number. Walking back into the house, I picked up the phone, and dialed James’ number.

“Okay buddy, bring on the women. Get here about seven,” I told him.

** Part 2 **

At precisely seven o’clock, I heard a car pull up into the driveway, followed by the closing of three doors. I walked to the front door, and stopped to look at my reflection in the full-length mirror. Without any type of hat, my long silver earrings dangled brazenly from my ears. I had decided on a leather mini-skirt, which was my shortest, a matching leather bra (with peek-a-boo holes for my nipples), and the same stiletto heels I wore that afternoon. I was pleased with the way I looked.

I opened the door for them, and James walked in first, wearing only jeans and a t-shirt, without shoes. Ellen, James’ wife, wore a business-like dress, blouse, hose, and heels, which were all light colors. Marie was dressed in a pink Lycra thong leotard, white tights, tennis shoes, and her long hair was pulled back in a ponytail. They had followed my instructions quite well.

The living room was brightly lit, and James and I sat and chatted as the girls made a round of drinks. This was definitely the “getting comfortable” part of the night. Nearly an hour passed, and I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

I adjusted my make-up in the bathroom, and put on another layer of red lipstick. Upon returning, I sat in a chair away from my three guests.

“Ellen, come stand before me,” I instructed. She quickly did as she was told.

“Remove your top, Ellen.”

Deliberately, she unbuttoned her top, slowly pulling it out of her skirt. Her bra-encased breasts appeared before me as she dropped the blouse to the floor. James and Marie watched intently as Ellen dutifully undressed.

I love the sight of a woman in a bra. For a couple of years I worked as a salesgirl in a Victoria Secret’s, and I relished the job of providing lingerie for women.

Ellen’s tits looked as if they would burst from her tight bra.

“Ellen, what size bra is that?” I asked.

“38D,” she replied.

“Very nice. Now, off with the skirt,” I told her.

Unzipping the side zipper, Ellen let her skirt drop to the floor, kicking it over to where her top was. A white garter-belt rode high on her waist, and supported nude stockings. White panties were worn underneath kırıkkale escort the garter, making her compact body look even more succulent.

“Spin around slowly for me until I tell you to stop,” I dictated.

She began to spin in circles, showing her lingerie to me, rotating on her beige heels. At this point I could tell she was very open to all of my suggestions.

“Stop and face me,” I said. She did so instantly.

“Take off the bra.”

Ellen reached behind her back, un-clasped her bra, and dropped it to the floor. Her lovely tits sprang free, and the cool air in the house had an immediate effect on her nipples.

“How do you feel, Ellen?” I asked.

She paused, and the said “embarrassed, a little”.

“But you like it, don’t you? You like to be embarrassed, somewhat humiliated, don’t you?”

She could only nod in reply.

“And it turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“James, get me some scissors. Left-hand drawer in the kitchen,” I said.

Ellen’s face was flushed with embarrassment and desire. James returned with the shears, and handed them to me. I flicked them open and closed a few times, and motioned Ellen to come closer to me. She stood in front of me, and watched as I worked the shears up under the fabric of her panties. I slowly cut through them, snipping each side, and pulled her clipped panties off of her.

I stared at her trimmed pussy, and I could see her clit pushing it’s way through the folds.

“Hands behind your back, girl,” I told her. She was breathing deep now, her desire growing. I ran my fingers of my right hand up her slit, which was soaking wet. I stood, and brought my fingers to her lips, holding them inches away.

“You will do anything I ask, won’t you?” I said.

“Yes Leslie.”

With that, I pushed those wet fingers into her mouth, and she sucked greedily on them. Within seconds I removed them.

Pointing to a corner of the room, I instructed her to kneel on all fours at that spot. She obeyed my command. I sat in my chair again, and motioned Marie to stand and approach me.

She was a tall woman, slim body, pert breasts, and very attractive.

“So you are the work-out girl?” I asked.

“Yes, I like to work out,” she replied.

“Good. Let’s see 25 jumping-jacks,” I told her. “And count them off”

She began to go through the routine, her tits bouncing in front of me as she zipped though the jumping jacks.

“Very good. James, get my workout matt. I don’t want her to wear out the carpet.” I said. James quickly got my matt out of my closet, and placed it on the floor.

“I want to see you sweat, Marie. Jog in place, on the matt,” I said.

Marie stood on the matt, and began to jog. Her tits bounced up and down, and her ponytail bobbed to and fro. Her eyes never left my gaze. After about five minutes, a glistening sheen of sweat appeared on her face. A few minutes later, rivulets of moisture slithered down her face, eventually soaking the front of her leotard. I looked over at James, and he was rubbing his cock through his jeans. Ellen was still in her position on all fours, her hair hanging down over her face, her ass high in the air.

On and on Marie ran in place. She was obviously in good shape, and she was dripping with moisture now. I could see it darkening her pink leotard, outlining her breasts, plastering the fabric against her stomach. A dark spot also appeared at the V between her legs.

She had been jogging for fifteen minutes now. She began to grunt as her body began to give in. But Marie pressed on.

Her leotard was now soaked. Marie was slowing, but still jogging. She was groaning non-stop to continue. I could only appreciate her effort.

“Stop,” I ordered.

She stopped, and bent at the waist, her hands on her knees, breathing deep to catch her breath. As she stayed in this position, I stood, holding the shears, and moved behind her, snipping the sparse fabric of the thong portion of her leotard. I then cut directly up the back, and to the sides, and her leotard fell away in tatters. Reaching down, I grabbed her ponytail, and pulled her upright and spinning her around. Marie’s prominent tits heaved up and down as she fought to catch her breath.

“Be still,” I warned.

I worked the shears around the fabric at each thigh, separating the leg portion from the torso area. Then vertically up the front, in two cuts, and I pulled that section away, baring her body. Marie swooned at the feel of the air on her glistening body. Her clean-shaven look exposed her lovely labia, and her clit was the size of my pinky.

“James, I think they are ready,” I told him.

** Part 3 **

As we stood in the bedroom, I instructed Ellen and Marie to stand at the sides of the bed. James had stripped nude, and his cock bobbed high in the air.

“Guess what?” I addressed them. “You girls are going to get to watch!”

Ellen and Marie kırklareli escort looked nervously at each other across the bed.

“Grab the cross-bars, ladies!” I ordered.

They each did so, and James cuffed their hands into leather cuffs attached to the horizontal bar. Their arms moved out from their bodies at angles, looking very spread.

I handed James two sets of spreader bars from my closet. They were each four-foot long, and he quickly cuffed the girl’s ankles to the bars. Marie still wore her tennis shoes; Ellen her heels.

The scene was intense. Two lovely women, attached to my bed, leg spread, arms out. I moved behind Ellen, reaching under her ass to touch her pussy from behind. She groaned and began to rotate on my fingers, obviously needing some kind of stimulation. I brought her just to the edge, her body seeming to shake on my fingers.

“Oh yes, please, please, please, more,” she begged.

She groaned in disappointment as I pulled my hand away. I moved over to Marie, and did the same. She strained against her bonds, her tight ass writhing. Again, I massaged her clit, bringing her to the brink, before I cruelly ceased the stimulation. I moved to the end of the bed.

“Look at each other,” I told them, which they did.

“You desire each other, don’t you?”

They stared, taking in each other’s bodies. Ellen seemed very still as she gazed at Marie’s tits. Marie was squirming in her bonds, thrusting her hips forward. Frantically, they both nodded in reply to my question.

“Perhaps one day,” I replied. “Perhaps tonight, if you are good girls.”

Slowly, I began to strip. My bra first, and then my skirt. I wore nothing else. I let the women take in my body.

“Leslie, I need you so bad,” Ellen begged.

“I need it worse,” groaned Marie.

“In time, my pets.”

I pointed at James to lie on the bed. His cock was hard and beautiful. I knelt between his legs as Ellen and Marie looked on.

“Do you both like this cock?” I asked.

They both nodded, wild-eyed.

“It is very pretty, and James is fucking you both, isn’t he?”

Again, they nodded furiously.

I stroked his cock as James watched his wife and sister-in-law. I moved my lips closer to it, and teased them again.

“I know you would like to suck it, right?”

And now they simply babbled on together, rambling on about needing to orgasm, to cum, to be touched.

“Oh well,” I replied. With that, I took him deep into my mouth. As Ellen and Marie writhed and moved like snakes in their bonds, I sucked James’ cock, using all the tricks I know. Occasionally I would look up at Ellen or Marie, teasing them, letting them get full views of his big cock in my mouth. My ass was high, and Ellen seemed to be looking there more, instead of at my cock-sucking talent. Marie, and the other hand, was fully focused on James’ cock. My pussy was moist, and I wanted to feel his cock inside me.

I moved up onto his body, and straddled him. I began to rake my nails along each woman’s chest; massaging and tickling them, watching them jump.

“Girls, don’t you wish you could ride this cock?” I teased.

“Fuck him Leslie, oh yes, fuck him,” Marie pleaded.

“Please baby, I need some, please,” Ellen ranted.

I sank low onto his erection, feeling it enter my body, feeling it’s heat. James grabbed my round ass, and we began to fuck with abandon. I could feel Ellen and Marie’s eyes on me, and I loved it. I rode him like a rider on a horse, nearly jumping up and down. I couldn’t believe I was going to cum so fast. It hit like a thunderclap, and I fell forward, screaming, into James’ arms, burying his cock in my pussy. On and on I rode my orgasm, whining, screaming, moaning through it all.

James was ready to explode. I dismounted him, and began to stroke and suck his cock. In seconds, his body arched, and with both hands I stroked him to an orgasm. His cum flew in all directions, splattering onto my face and tits, flying sideways onto Ellen and Marie. They were crooning quietly, resigned to their fate.

Then it all subsided. James lay with his eyes closed, recovering. I moved to Ellen, and gave her a cum-soaked kiss, and then did the same to Marie. Then I sat back down, raising my hands to each woman’s pussy. They jumped as I massaged their clits.

“Are you both ready to devote yourself to me?” I asked.

“Yes,” Marie screamed.

“Oh yes Leslie,” Ellen cried.

It didn’t take much stimulation. I pushed fingers from both hands into their pussies, and stimulated their clits with my thumbs. Ellen through her head back, and screamed again. She pulled on her cuffs, arching her back, soaking my hand with her juices. Marie, upon seeing this, moved her hips to and fro, fucking my hand, finally receiving the stimulation she craved. Her orgasm came from deep within her. Both women were cumming together. On and on they rode my hands, writhing, rocking, fucking. James just looked on in total amazement. Finally, the climax’s subsided, and I moved off the bed. Both Ellen and Marie were limp in their bonds. I grabbed James’s cock, and pulled him to me.

Ellen and Marie looked up at us, drenched in desire.

“Good girls,” I addressed them. “You should both do well. We will be back in one hour.”