The Office Boy Ch. 02

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This is my second story and I must thank Sexychik69 without whose help you would not be reading any stories from me.

My name is Glenn and I have worked in a major insurance company since leaving school almost 16 years ago. All those years ago life was quite different, I was a young and single bloke, so I took advantage of the more laid back attitudes that seemed to prevail. There has been a fairly large turnover in staff and as I have moved from section to section I can look back on several experiences with colleagues. I previously had told you about my experience with my boss Jenny, well it wasn’t long before I ‘encountered’ another colleague.

The meeting had been like all of the usual monthly team meetings that I had grown accustomed to since joining the company. We had discussed the targets, performance and any gripes. If I were to be honest most of it went above my head, then out of the blue an item that had been added to any other business quickly grabbed my attention.

“Finally, we are getting an additional body to join the team. Before any of you get too excited it will only be a temporary measure for now. Should it prove to be beneficial I have been promised that we will recruit at least one new person. Therefore we must make it work,” our manager Jenny told the team.

“Who are we going to get?” chimed in Wendy, who was the chief instigator of complaints and whinging. “My money is that we will get a piece of ‘deadwood’ from upstairs who they are desperate to get rid of.”

“Firstly, I don’t want any negativity with this. You have all been telling me we need more staff for the last six months. Now we have the chance to prove you guys were right so this must go very smoothly. Secondly, the person involved will not be from this office. In fact she’s coming down from our equivalent team at Head Office on Monday for two weeks.” The last thing Jenny said suddenly hit me, a new female colleague at last something interesting has come out of a team meeting.

Monday arrived and there was an air of anticipation in the office, the experienced members of the team knew we needed to look good when anyone from Head Office was around while I, as the only unattached male on the team, was expectant for an entirely different reason. When reception called Jenny’s office a palpable hush feel over the section. She was gone a matter of minutes but I swear no one moved from their desks and hardly a word was said.

Jenny walked through the doors accompanied by a young lady who could only have been a couple of years older than me. “Ladies and gentleman,” Jenny announced to us all “I would like to introduce you to Caroline who as you are aware will be with us for the next two weeks. I expect you all to make her feel welcome and as much a part of the team as any of you”

“Hello, pleased to meet you all” Caroline very confidently said looking at each and every one of us. She stood there in a smart business suit, white blouse, black heels looking ultra confident and extremely sexy. Her long black hair fell straight down to the middle of her back. She remained motionless in front of us and I could sense I was staring at her.

Jenny later brought her round each person giving a brief introduction and we exchanged a few words but for the life of me I could not tell you what we said as I was transfixed by Caroline’s deep dark hazel eyes. Later when Caroline went to lunch the girls took the opportunity to tease me mercilessly. “Hey, Glenn I don’t think Caroline noticed you mentally undressing her earlier!” sniped Wendy.

“Wendy please don’t be jealous, I can assure you that were you naked I definitely would mentally dress you!” I laughed back.

“Touché” laughed Sally “Glenn, I am not sure if we preferred you better when you simply blushed at any of our comments?”

That afternoon I was in the rest area making a coffee when Sally came up behind me

“Boo…… Make us a cup, Glenn.” She handed me her cup and plonked herself down in a chair. She leant forward and picked up a magazine.

“So tell me Sally, exactly what did your last servant die of?” I said laughing as made our coffee. “Here you go and I do not want to hear it’s not quite as good as

the drink you make”

“Cheers Glenn” She said as she put down her mag. I sat next to her and we both started to drink our coffees. “So honestly, what did you make of Caroline?”

“I think she seems nice” I replied.

Sally laughed “Imagine I’m one of your male friends. What do you make of Caroline?” She looked deep into my eyes and smiled. I knew straight away what she meant.

“I see I tell you and then everyone takes the piss for the next two weeks”

“No way Glenn.” She leaned forward and touched the top of my thigh. “I won’t say a word I promise. I think a lot of you Glenn and I honestly think of you as a mate. So why can’t we chat. You are cute and funny, who knows if I wasn’t with Avcılar Escort Paul…… well anyway, I am with Paul and I want us to be good friends”

I was aware that for once I hadn’t blushed. “Thanks Sally I appreciate that. If you were a bloke I would let you know I would love to take Caroline out.”

“That all!” she laughed.

“I’d love to shag her of course,” we both laughed.

“You never know Glenn, she’s a girl from London down on the coast for a couple of weeks. What have you got to lose? If you ask her out and you have fun good, if she says no she’s gone soon so where’s the problem?”

“Guess so,” I said thinking it over. “Anyway we best be getting back or Wendy will tell everyone I am taking you up against the coffee machine!” We both laughed and returned to our desks.

That week I never really had chance to speak with Caroline and the time was never right and before I knew it Friday had arrived. A suitcase accompanied Caroline into the office as she was back to London for the weekend. I thought I had blown my chances. The following Monday I was at my desk when my telephone rang. Picking it up I realised the call was from Jenny. “Glenn, can you come into my office for a moment and please try to be subtle.”

I tapped the door and was called in. “Thanks Glenn sit down I need to have a quick chat with you. I’ll be brief its about Caroline, as you know she went back home at the weekend and returning for another week has made her realise how lonely she is down here. Now you remember how you felt when you arrived here?”

“Yes” I replied guessing where we were going.

“Well, we know how I helped you. I would appreciate it if you are friendlier with Caroline. I mean your single for Christ sake if you can’t ask her out for a drink who the hell can?”

I laughed “I want to ask her out. It’s just she won’t look at me will she?”

“If you don’t ask how will you know. Please for her, and me, Glenn please take her for a drink tonight.”

“I will do my best, I promise”

When I returned to the office I waited and kept an eye on Caroline. She went to the rest area and I decided now was the time. As I walked past Sally she made to accompany me. “Sally, please not this time can you stay here and try to buy me some time alone with Caroline at the coffee point?”

She smiled “Sure, go for it but hurry”

As I arrived Caroline looked up from the cup of coffee she as stirring. “Hi” I said “We haven’t really chatted have we. I am sorry, being fairly new I should have made more of an effort to be friendly, as I know it can be hard to settle on this team”

“Its okay” she replied but I could see from her face she was putting on a front.

I quickly thought what could be a non-aggressive way of chatting “So guess this is different from Head Office. Look I’ll cut to the chase Caroline. Would you like to come for a quick drink tonight after work and we can have a chat, that is unless you have anything planned”

Caroline laughed “I think I have a gap in my schedule. Its really kind of you I would love to but surely you have plans?” I smiled and shook my head.

“Nothing I’d rather do, honestly” I was careful not to look to thrilled. “Do you want to go straight from work?” she nodded and left to go back to the office.

At that point I felt a hand pinch my bum. As I spun round I was surprised to see Sally. “Well done Tiger, very smooth. My god the boy’s becoming a man!”. We both grinned.

The afternoon flew by and at five o’clock I went to the reception area in accordance with a note that Caroline had left for me. I waited for the next ten minutes and was passed by each and every member of my colleagues. As Sally passed she stopped walked over to me and put her hand on my shoulder and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Be gentle with her, unless…..she asks you not to.” She winked and walked outside.

Another couple of minutes went past the lift doors opened, I turned and my heart sank as it was Jenny. She was always last to leave and I guessed Caroline had got cold feet or a better offer. I decided to call it a night and turned to leave. “Where are you going young man?” Before I could reply Jenny said “She’s about to come down, she wanted the coast clear and didn’t want an audience.” I smiled and as Jenny left I heard Caroline cough behind me.

I turned and saw straight away that she had added a light red lipstick. “You look very nice Caroline” I said and offered my arm in an attempt to appear gentlemanly.

She took my arm “Sorry for the delay but didn’t want to create a fuss or a scene. Don’t think I didn’t want to be seen with you, I just felt it was better this way”

“No problem” I said “I only want you to feel comfortable. Hopefully we will have a bit of a laugh tonight. Would you like a drink?”

“Please” she replied and we left the office.

Over a couple of drinks we chatted Beylikdüzü Escort and got on well. The conversation started on work but quickly we abandoned this getting to know each other better. I took great care not to overstep the mark but it was all very relaxed. I asked Caroline how she was enjoying Brighton. She confessed that she had mainly walked between here hotel and the office and had seen little of the place.

“Drink up then and if you like we can go down to the seafront and I will show you the sights”

Caroline smiled “I’d like that Glenn”

We left the pub and we soon were walking along the promenade. Although the temperature wasn’t warm this did not seem to ruin matters. The lights from the pier reflected and rippled on the sea.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“A little.”

I laughed “Well you can’t come to Brighton seafront and look at the pier without eating chips. How could you face people in London if you haven’t done that?”

Caroline smiled “Okay, you really know how to show a girl a good time.”

We eat our chips sitting on a wall down on the promenade. I became aware that when she sat down she did so that we were so close that our legs touched. “I have to say Glenn that this is quite romantic, chips aside you understand. You are so lucky living here I guess most tourists don’t see this sight.” She had a point as the October evening was colder but the lights on the pier and their reflections contrasted with the almost full moon that shone down on this clear peaceful evening. “What would your girlfriend say if she knew you were here with me?”

“Sorry?” I said.

“Your girlfriend, I take it there is a girl in your life……. There isn’t is there?” she said looking surprised.


Caroline rested her head on my shoulder “You just seem so confident and I have had a really good time tonight. It’s a real waste that no girl has you.” I looked into her eyes and held her hands.

“What about your boyfriend?” I said hoping and praying she would confirm that there was no one.

“Nobody at the moment Glenn.” I lent forward and gently kissed her lips. I felt her hand cup the side of my face as her tongue slipped smoothly into my mouth. She broke away and smiled “I am getting cold out here, mind if we get going?”

“No problem” I said feeling a little disappointed. “Where to now, it’s the Lady’s choice”

“My hotel okay?” she asked smiling and without waiting for a response she leaned forward and kissed me. She then broke away again and laughed grabbing my hand and dragged us until we ere running along the promenade.

The company had put Caroline up in a very good hotel and her room was very nice. She asked me to make myself at home as she wanted to use her bathroom. I looked round the room and felt guilty that she had been left to this on her own last week. No wonder she had felt isolated. I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn’t hear the bathroom door open.

“Glenn, what’s up?”

“Oh nothi……………” the word failed as I saw Caroline standing there before me in just her white lace bra and panties. Her long black hair fell and covered her breasts. “You are beautiful,” I said feeling that I couldn’t express how really beautiful she was.

“Thank you” she replied “It’s just, please don’t laugh, I haven’t really been naked in front of a man before.”

I stood up and walked to her. I put my arms around her carefully stroking her soft skin. Our mouths met and we kissed with increasing passion. I could feel Caroline fumbling with the buttons on my shirt and then my belt. We parted and I looked into her eyes without a word being exchanged she nodded understanding that I wanted to be sure and I gently swept her into my arms and cradled her as I took her over to the bed.

Placing her on the bed I quickly stripped down to my boxer shorts before lying next to her. I stroked her face and her jaw line. She pulled me close to her and we lay side by side kissing and stroking each other.

“I have a confession Caroline, I have not been naked in front of a woman before,” we both laughed at our relative inexperience. It became clear that while neither of us were virgins we had not done much and what we had done was limited to quick furtive sex.

I started to kiss my way slowly down her neck. I gently moved her long black hair from her chest and my attention began to focus on Caroline’s lovely breasts. I lifted myself up so I could see her body better and in turn pay more attention to her. I could see her firm boobs rising and falling with every breath she took and as I looked down on her I noted how her breasts also moved slightly apart as they rose. I licked her cleavage feeling the soft yet firm swell of her boobs, her breath became a little laboured as I ease my hands under her and unclipped her bra. This was easier said than done and I apologised for my clumsiness. Caroline Bahçeşehir Escort opened her eyes and smiled saying “Its nice that your like me, a beginner.”

Having removed her bra I gently licked her and noticed her tiny nipples getting very hard. I suckled on these, Caroline gasped begging me to be rougher with them, which I did. Placing my mouth over her nipple I flicked my tongue furiously backwards and forwards. As her bud stiffened I felt it offer more resistance to my flicks. My fingers gently rolled her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Caroline began to moan and pant, I looked up to her face. Seeing her eyes closed she was obviously enjoying what I was doing as her painted lips were parted and her tongue ran over her teeth. Her mouth was just begging to be kissed.

“Rub my pussy Glenn.” Caroline whimpered. My hands very cautiously found the white lacy briefs, my fingers feeling a very damp area at the front. Applying gentle pressure Caroline’s body bucked up to meet my fingers. I started to kiss her again and she seemed to suck on my tongue and this increased as my hand rubbed her. I felt Caroline’s hand for the first time on my rigid erection as she rubbed me through the material of my shorts. She broke from the kiss “That feels so sexy Glenn.” I thrust my hand under the top of her knickers and snaked my fingers through her soft curly pubic hair. Then the tip of my finger brushed the top of Caroline’s clitoral hood and engorged clitoris.

My hand dove deeper until I had inserted a finger into Caroline’s pussy I pushed it in and out. I curled my finger up to push on Caroline’s G-spot and this had her bucking her hips. Her face was flushing and she started to bit down on her lower lip. Please make love to me,” she said and added, “can you put this on?” handing me a condom.

I took my shorts off and Caroline let out a little gasp as she saw my penis for the first time. “Wait” she said and before I slipped the condom on she took my cock in her hand. Gently she ran her hand up and down drawing my foreskin backwards and forwards. Her hands felt to soft and small. I noted the brilliant red on her immaculate nail polish as her hand jerked me. Caroline was handling my penis and balls and appeared to be taking great time and care of me. I assumed that she was savouring the time to look closely at a hard cock. Without any warning she leant forward and placed her tongue on the head of my penis, it twitched as she made contact. Placing her mouth over me she sucked gently. As quickly as she had put me in her mouth she withdrew it. “Please put the condom on.”

I placed it over my cock and she slowly rolled the rubber down the length of my shaft. Caroline then laid back and lifted her hips and eased her knickers down her legs. Whipping the panties away we were both there naked and looking at a naked lover for the first time. Caroline’s pussy was glistening and she had a little tuft of black pubic hair that had been trimmed back. I lowered my self down on her and as she parted her legs I felt for her opening, I felt her hand touch mine and we both slowly placed the tip of my penis at her warm wet lips.

Very slowly I rocked forward and felt her vaginal entrance resist then slowly I entered her feeling her tight vagina pull my foreskin back. Caroline smiled and pulled me close to her and we silently rocked together. She panted and gasped as I started to get a rhythm going. Her pussy clamped around me was so wet I could hear slurping and sucking noises as I pushed my penis deeper and deeper in her. Despite how good this felt I was aware that I needed to be careful not to cum to soon. I lifted my weight from Caroline and began to rub her clit with my finger.

“Oh Jesus that’s so good…….yes keep rubbing……….oh yes I’m close Glenn …. I am going to cum………….I don’t believe this…..Ohhh MY GOD, Glenn fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…………Yyeeeessss I’m cumming Glenn I’m cumming…. JJJESUS YES.”

At this point I felt her vagina clamp tight on my penis, her hand pushed my hand from her clit as she pulled me tight against her. Her body was trembling and she was bucking her hips encouraging me to thrust into her once more. Caroline dug her scarlet nails in my back and I felt the sting of pain as she broke the skin and my sweat ran into the small scratches. I began to thrust furiously and felt my testicles tighten and knew I was going to cum. As I came Caroline grabbed my arse and I felt her nails sink into my cheeks as I filled the condom.

We lay panting on the bed as we recovered with my penis slowly wilting within Caroline’s pussy. I then realised that Caroline was still shaking and as I turned her face to mine I was aware she was crying. “I’m sorry, what did I do. I thought you wanted…..”

“No, no nothing’s wrong. It is just that, that was beautiful, I just wish my first had been like that” she slowly stopped crying and we lay in each other’s arms.

“Can I ask a question?” She nodded “When did you get the rubber?”

She laughed, “I’m not supposed to say. When I was in the loo at work I was chatting with Sally. She knew I liked you, when I told her about our date, she slipped it to me just in case.”

To be continued…………

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