The Parking Lot Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Carwash

“Squeaky Clean Carwash – corner of North ),” flashed on Drea’s phone as a text message. Her heart skipped a beat as she thought back to what happened the last time her friend Karl sent a similar text about meeting behind the ice rink.

Oh, that was a hot encounter – without touching each other or getting out of their vehicles, they watched each other masturbate and get off. She could still vividly remember the sight of his hard cock being stroked as his cum shot all over his steering wheel and dashboard, and how much that turned her on. But at the same time, when he pulled away from the lot so nonchalantly, she felt a bit used. Aroused, but irritated by his arrogant assumption that he could toy with her only on his terms, she texted back, “Sorry, can’t, too busy.”

“Oh c’mon, you can’t break away for a half hour?”

“No,” she replied.

“Pleeeeease? I’ll make it worth your while…”

“Really, Karl? How so?” Drea was getting annoyed and starting to feel a bit flippant about his advances.

“My truck needs a wash – badly – ride through the carwash with me and my truck won’t be the only thing that comes out squeaky clean by the time it’s done. ;)”

Drea began to text a sarcastic retort back to him but she couldn’t deny the flutter in her belly at the thought of getting it on with hot, sexy Karl. As much as she wanted to punish him for the way he used her last week, she also desperately wanted to get her hands – not to mention other parts of her body – on that gorgeous, hot steely cock of his!

Sighing at her inability to resist what she really wanted, she texted back, “Ok, c u then.”

Drea set her phone down on her desk, closed her eyes, and reclined in her chair as she wondered what lie ahead. Meanwhile, Karl grinned broadly at the knowledge that he had managed to convince her to come play and would soon be getting kinky at the carwash!

* * *

When Drea arrived at the Squeaky Clean Auto Wash, no other cars were there. She parked over to the side and waited nervously. As much as she wanted to act casually around Karl, like it was no big deal, her soaked pussy betrayed her emotions. Back at her office, she had removed her panties, stockings, and bra, leaving the office with nothing more than her loose black skirt, red fitted shirt, and black and red spike heels. She pulled down the visor to check her make-up in the mirror and smooth out a few strands of hair when she spotted his truck pulling into the lot.

A bit of panic set in as she contemplated, “Do I act like a sex kitten, wild to pounce on him? Or should I act cool and distant, like I don’t care about him and I’m just here for the sex?” As soon as he pulled up next to her and motioned to the door, she quickly hopped out of her car and leaped into his truck with a huge eager smile on her face. “I never was very good at acting!” she giggled to herself. She wanted Karl in the worst way!

A big, sexy smile came across Karl’s lips as he looked at her and drawled in his Southern accent, “Hey Drea, you look HOT today – you’re driving me wild! Mmmm-hmmm!” He nodded in approval of her outfit, looking her over from head to toe, with his gaze lingering just a bit longer on her chest before returning his gaze to her eyes.

Drea blushed a deep red, embarrassed but also pleased. “You’re looking mighty fine there yourself, Mister!” she teased.

He reached out with his right bahis firmaları hand to touch her hair, never breaking eye contact, then trailed a finger slowly from her temple down her cheek, then followed the line of her jaw. As his finger approached the bottom of her jaw, her eyes closed as his finger lightly brushed her lip. Instinctively, Drea puckered her lips into a kiss on his fingertip, then Karl gently pulled her lower lip down with his fingertip as she wrapped her upper lip over his finger, sucking it into her mouth.

“Ohhh gawd,” he moaned, as she licked and sucked on his finger. “Baby we gotta slow down, we aren’t even in the carwash yet!”

Drea released his finger and opened her eyes, then gazed down at the obvious bulge in his pants. Karl continued to look at her wantingly, and couldn’t take his eyes off her magical lips, wondering what it would be like to have her sucking his hard dock. Sliding across the seat to get closer to her, he again put his hand on her cheek, cupping her jaw as he brought her lips up to meet his. The kiss began softly, just gentle contact on the lips, but when she slid her tongue into his mouth, the passion exploded and he began to devour her kiss.

As they continued to kiss deeply, Karl used his free hand to unbutton her dress shirt and release her tits into view. He groaned as his hand touched her bare skin, caressing the softest skin tipped with rock-hard nipples. Suddenly he realized they were still in public view and he broke the kiss and whispered huskily, “We better get into the carwash before anyone sees us.”

Karl slid back over to the driver’s seat and began driving to the entrance of the automatic car wash. Running his credit card through the kiosk, he selected the priciest wash, knowing that all those cycles of undercarriage blasting, power-washing, waxing, rinsing and drying would give him a solid 10 minutes alone with her. He pulled the truck forward onto the tracks, put it in neutral, and turned his attention back to her.

“Now where were we…,” he trailed off as he returned his lips to hers.

With his left hand, he slid Drea’s skirt up her thighs to expose her pretty pink mound. “It’s bare!” he cried out in surprise, “Me likey!” Drea smiled in approval as he continued to gaze at her pussy.

“Sit back against the door – put your left leg against the seat and your right up on the dash.”

Knowing that time was ticking and there wouldn’t be much time for foreplay, she didn’t resist his bold direction. Karl slid himself onto the floor and got on his knees on the driver’s side of the truck so that he could face her and be at eye level with her gorgeous pussy. He unzipped his jeans and slid his boxers down to release the pressure from around his throbbing cock. Giving his cock one quick tug, he resigned himself to the fact that he’d better get her off first then ask for return treatment.

Drea’s hot pussy was obviously ready for him – her arousal oozed out onto his seat. Karl easily slid two fingers from his left hand deep into her pussy while using his right hand to grope her left tit. Trying to stimulate her g-spot, he began wiggling his fingers in a “come here” motion while kissing first her knee, then her thigh. Drea moaned, “Ohhh Karl that feels so good.”

He continued to tease her with soft kisses around her hot spots, occasionally even gently licking a portion of her skin then blowing cool air on it to bring about alternating kaçak iddaa sensations. She rocked against his hand, trying to further the stimulation as she moaned. Using just the tip of his tongue, he licked her clit as she let out a gentle, “ohhhhhhh yeah.”

Karl pinched Drea’s nipple as he continued stroking her g-spot with his left and licking up her copious juices. “Drea you taste fucking amazing!”

“Karl, you have quite the talented tongue – shut up and keep licking!”

He chuckled as he returned his attention to her hot, silky folds. She breathed quickly with frequent moans as she began bucking against his hand. He would lick her swollen lips then run his tongue in circles around her clit, pausing periodically to suck her stiffening button into his mouth, then repeat the process. This served to get her worked up, but not far enough to bring her over the edge – he enjoyed watching her get more and more aroused by him.

He began finger-fucking her hard, feeling her juices drip out onto his hand, onto his leather seat. Knowing time was of the essence, he brought his right hand back down to wet his fingers in her juices while he returned to the “come here” g-spot motion with his left hand and concentrated his tongue on her hot clit. By her moans, groans, and body language, he could tell she was getting worked up and could easily be brought over the edge.

Suddenly, he moved the index finger of his right hand down to her ass and quickly slipped it inside. She cried out in surprise and he felt her body tense up, but the volume of her moans increased and Drea quickly relaxed back into it. “Oh God, Karl, I’m getting close, don’t stop!” she panted.

Karl kept up the rhythm until she cried out, “Oh yesssss yessss oh god yesssss oh my god… ahhhhhhhh!!!!” Her whole body tensed as she came, bucking against his hand and screaming in delight. He could feel her pussy contracting around his fingers as her whole body seemed to shake and shudder. Once he realized she was over the peak of her orgasm, he slowly eased off to a gentle massage while she continued to come down from her high. “Karl, that was unbelievable! Wow!!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Karl grinned like a Cheshire cat. “My turn?”

The wax cycle was just beginning – there wasn’t much time left. She nodded eagerly as she motioned for him to get back in the seat. Sitting bare-assed with his cock standing at attention in his lap, Karl smiled as Drea got on her knees on the seat and leaned over his pole, taking it in her hands. He couldn’t take his eyes off her lips, hoping they would soon be wrapped around his cock.

“Ohhhhhh Karl, you’re so hard – and thick!” She cupped his balls in one hand as she stroked his cock with the other, bringing her hand up the shaft until it was over the bulbous head, watching the pre-cum leak out when she squeezed it. Seductively, she gathered some of the pre-cum on her finger then sucked her own finger into her mouth, licking off his juices while looking into his eyes.

“Baby you are so hot!” he groaned to her.

She kept looking into his eyes as she slowly lowered her face to his lap. She sucked one ball into her mouth, then ran her tongue up the shaft, making him shudder with want and need. He moaned and closed his eyes. Then she slid the tip of her tongue back down the other side of the shaft, until she reached the bottom and sucked the other ball into her mouth. Karl moaned his approval.

The kaçak bahis final rinse cycle was just beginning – less than two minutes left until they’d be back out the other side, into daylight.

Drea licked back up to the top, then circled the ridge of his head with her tongue. Karl put one hand into her hair and stroked the back of her head, resisting the urge to shove her face down, forcing his throbbing cock deep into her throat where he desperately wanted it.

She put her mouth over the top of his hard cock and opened her mouth slowly to slide the big purple head just past her lips, massaging it with her tongue. She sucked the head, then teasingly released his cock and stroked it with her hand. Drea could tell from his face that Karl was a bit disappointed, expecting a blow job but apparently just getting a hand job. But this was just part of her plan to tease him and drive him wild. Suddenly, she drove his cock deep into her mouth, covering it with warmth, saliva, and pressure.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah, baby, suck my cock…”

She rolled her eyes up to look at him as she bobbed her face up and down in his lap, feeling his cock twitch as she sucked it rhythmically while tugging on his balls. Tangling both hands into her hair, he pulled her hair into a messy ponytail and used it to gently guide her head up and down to the rhythm and speed he wanted and needed. Giving in, she allowed him to take the lead, fucking her face with his hot, horny cock as she sucked and tugged. Sensing that she would be ok with a little more aggression, he tightened his grip on her hair and fucked her face faster and harder.

The truck rolled to the drying station and Karl felt a sense of urgency. He sped up the pace with his hands on the back of her head as she sucked harder, making a “gah gah gah” sound every time his throbbing cock hit the back of her throat. Unable to hold back any longer, Karl lifted his ass off the seat and arched his back as he began to cum, shooting stream after stream of hot jizz into the back of her throat. Drea tried to suck and swallow every drop, but from the angle, there was no way to prevent some sticky cum from leaking out.

Karl relaxed his hands as the last few drops oozed out into her eager, hungry mouth, and Drea licked up what she could. The truck began to roll out of the drying station as sun hit the windshield. Drea sat up and scooted back to the passenger seat, smiling at him with a wet face. Her hair and make-up was a mess – so much for that professional-looking woman who entered the wash with him ten minutes ago! Her shirt lay open as the sun hit her tits, and Karl could feel her cum still drying on his chin.

“Oh shit, baby, that was amazing,” he said to the hot mess sitting beside him.

Dreamily, she replied, “Wow… I can’t believe we just did that. Just.. wow!”

Karl put the truck into gear and began driving towards her car as she buttoned up her shirt and pulled herself back together, wiping her face with a napkin she found in the door. Pulling up beside her car, he looked down in satisfaction at his limp, happy, wet dick and pulled his boxers and jeans back up. Drea was looking in the mirror, trying to tidy up her appearance a bit.

Karl leaned over and put his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close to him. He leaned in to kiss her once more, a friendly but affectionate kiss, before breaking it off and whispering, “Have a great day!,” with a wink.

She smiled back at him and responded, “You too!,” before sliding out of the truck and returning to her car. Drea shook her head in wild disbelief as he drove away, wondering if there would be a next time…

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